How the hell can I dual boot Linux on this Asus motherboard?I've been trying to dual boot it for just over a month now...

how the hell can I dual boot Linux on this Asus motherboard?I've been trying to dual boot it for just over a month now, and I'm stumped on what the problem could be.

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>>830891459Check the drivers. Some drivers are proprietary to windows only. Idk why ur having a rough time with the mother board. Just use a boot disc out of usb, create partition in the HD and install drivers... if that doesnt work just use damn small linux. Ubuntu is a personal fave though. Gl user

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Because it is set to run only windows UEFI

>>830892283The problem I'm having is that my motherboard only recognizes windows as a boot drive. I tried dual booting by manually making a partition and it doesn't even show up. I also tried turning off fast boot, and secure boot with no luck.

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>>830892141I'm liking her, so I'll help. What is exactly the problem? Detail it as much as you can, please. I mean, do you get to grub? Do you drop to a cli? Or you can't even start the live usb?

>>830892283Asus will not let you boot Linux from the default setting. He needs to turn off secure boot. It will not read a flash drive or any other media if it is from a non UEFI os

>>830892398No you turn off secure boot and change the usb to legacy leave fast boot alone

>>830892398What distro? Make sure to install a 64bit one with EFI support, and disable secure boot (sometimes there are two check boxes to disable...). If it doesn't show as bootable, it has to be something EFI related.If all else fails, set it to legacy mode and deal with it later.

>>830892504I have an asus lappy and a my main pc is an asus ROG board. Trust me I knoiw all about Windows and its bulshit UEFI

>>830892544The usb will show up and you can change the boot order and all will go fne Then you boot up and the godamn W10 fn screen is still there lol Run MX op it is the shit

>>830892449I have a problem where after I manually install it to a partition and restart it, it just boots into windows.>>830892481I have secure boot turned off.>>830892504>>830892544Here's a screen of boot types, anything I should change?

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>>830891459Have you tried turning it off then back on?

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>>830892742I tried that once, my computer almost caught fire.

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>>830892398I can post a screen shot of my settings if need be OP. just turn off secure boot put usb to legacy or auti, change the boot order or over ride boot order to usb and you'll be god

>>830892726Turn off UEFI only

isnb;t ity a drop down menu? Then change it to legacy

>>830892835A screencap would help me.>>830892883K, will try that then boot up Ubuntu.>>830892965Come again?

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UEFI is for Window based OS so you want that off and some Bios has two places i needs to be done

>>830893032yhe screen shot you posted the selection you had selected that a drop down menu ..meaning are there other choises then UEFI?

>>830893036>>830892883The only other option is legacy and ignore, which one to turn it to? Legacy?

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>>830893105Yeah, check out above this one.(I'm Starting to run out of puppygirljenna)

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>>830893179*Check the post above this one

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>>830893179That is a very interesting girl. I thought she was insane as fuck but not is all iyt seems there. I just discovered her last wek ...any way you can try ignore after legacy ...

>>830893293Yes. It's a drop down menu, and the other options are legacy, and ignore.Good photoshop skills btw.>>830893351Alright, gonna try installating with legacy. Might take a minute.And I discovered her a couple days ago, and I'm starting to like her a tad bit, ngl.

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>>830893179Sorry im old and slow as fuck lol

>>830893403it'll work op. Just make sure you use a linux based USB flsh drive program like Yumi or unibootin. Rufus will fail a third of the time. and please do try MX distro. It is legit. I'll check back in on you in a bit Kind regards FOT

This will probably take a bit of time since Ubuntu is hella slow when getting past the download update screen during the install process. I also forgot I have Ubuntu installed in a partition, and I gotta make sure I don't screw anything up.

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>>830893612are these pics from the onlyfans dump on mega?

>>830893606I did try to install mx Linux a few months ago, but it wouldn't boot into the installation screen. But now that I have a new motherboard, it'll probably work. Gotta wait until the 6th of July tho, my WiFi is over.

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>>830893734They aren't, i can't find it anywhere.

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>>830893612Ubuntu is by far the worst distro out there ...only one worse OS out there and that is Windows. Sparky linux or linux lite are a way better choice. Ubuntuu is just full of inflated sit you don't need and ububtuu will creaye the partion for you during the install

>>830893735Where are you located...Approx of course lol

>>830893790It is one of the most basic distros out there, I'm more of a solus user personally.I'm all out of puppygirl>>830893843Located? As in country?

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>>830893735Well ubuntuu is gonna suck the life outta that weefee when it goes to update its depository

You really arent providing enough info. Is Linux on the same hdd as windows? Are you trying to boot from a usb live disc? Etc etc.

>>830893890I don't plan on keeping it installed. The only reason I downloaded it was because the other distros were giving me trouble.>>830893922It is on the same hdd, and I'm using a USB to install it.

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>>830893871Yes country and basic yes and so bloated ...look at the size of the fucking ISO lol. Most distros (the main ones are 1 or 2 gigs) What is Ubuntuu at ?

>>830893922OP stated that earlier read much faggot

>>830893765just checked and a few crossover

>>830893977And most of them will but not the new MX, sparky linux or PClinux nor POP nor linux lite. They have all started to cater to Windows users

>>830891459Dude just install windows normally, then install ubuntu or whatever, partition the drive in setup (may have to do this beforehand in windows) and then install GRUB2 when ubuntu setup asks... then every time you boot youll get a list of options with the ability to set automatic default boot option after timer.

>>830893977I use Ubunuu for my server no that is a fn good distro. Bare bones no crap like Windows forces down your throat . Any way lmk know how it goes op or you can email me at [email protected] com if you need any more help. Regards FOT

>>830894001I'm in America, and I really don't want to use more data than I already have used.>>830894131I already have windows installed, and Ubuntu is in the installation process. I will report if it works or not.

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>>830893977Have you tried a differant usb port? I had issues booting a usb but when I moved it to a differant usb port it worked.

>>830894131Fuck off faggot. Windows set to UEFI WILL not boot any other OS. Dumb nigger

>>830894274if not you should be able to install grub after the fact and it will replace the windows bootloader. It should have already asked you think though... Something along the lines of do you want to replace the windows boot... with grub... you say yes

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>>830894032Well wtf is he talking about usb then if hes already installed it. Like i said info he is providing is insufficient.

>>830894287It isn't a hardware issue it is in the Bios settings

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>>830894353Retard it will not boot to any thing that isn't UEFI why are you niggers so fn dumb. If op installs grub they could end up in a boot loop and remove the MBR and then its a cunt to get back ..So shut up with you're careless advice

>>830894432Some versions of Ubuntuu come UEFI enabled you DUMB NIGGER OPS OBVIOUSLY DOESNT YOU STUPID NIGGER

cool thread, i see Holla Forums is just as retarded as /g/. long story short - if you installed windows using uefi boot mode same must be done with linux, otherwise you wont be able to boot into linux even tho its possible to install it using legacy mode. despite what one user said rufus is best tool for you in this case. make sure to set "target system" to uefi when creating your boot drive and when booting your thumb drive do it in uefi mode, not legacy. if youre new to linux get mint, most things will work out of box and its lighter than ubuntu. if you want similar feel to windows get cinamon version.

So I tried to install it, but now this shit popped up. I might have to manually fix the partitions in windows, or try another distro.End me.

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>>830894767You dont need to create a partition first Ubuntuu should do it for oy uas i said lol

>>830894892why not both?

>>830894767East you got it to boot to the usb ...the rest you should be easy ...

>>830894978Lol. hey a got the usb to boot so no way am one of these niggers lol

>>830894938I tried that before, but it wasn't showing up for some reason.>>830894767Idk why it's upside down.

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>>830894544>>830894621Im just saying it can be done its not rocket science. just google that shit. the motherboard shouldn't matter. Bios settings might but that should be part of any tutorial online. LMGTFY how to dual boot windows and ubuntu


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>>830895084I just own two Asus boards. Both came without Bios so i felt ops pain lol.

Alright, I quickly deleted a bunch of unnecessary partitions that spawned out of nowhere. Gonna try it again and see if it works.

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>>830895209That would be ubuntuu creating the needed partitions it needs to run. Just follow the screens and let ubuntuu do its thing.

>>830895330There were several duplicate partitions that were made, so i had to delete them.

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>>830895209Where in the US btw op I'm just up north of you. Alberta

>>830895408In the south in ok.

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And the fucking crashed happened again. Goddammit.Well... It looks like I'll have to try again tommorow/later. With a better os next time, I fucking hate Ubuntu.

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>>830895589Hmu at [email protected] if ya need any more help OP. Take care now Regards FOT

>>830895679Will do op. Bye.

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>>830895589>And the fucking crashed happened again. Goddammit.Happens every third time with rufus I kid you not