New shouldn’t share thread and request

New shouldn’t share thread and request

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>>830891437Hot as fuck. Share with face?

>>830891537Don’t have any with face

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>>830891689Man she’s bangin. Keep sharing please!

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>>830891888lovely tits, moar?


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More of her

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>>830891915Still need to see her tight little body dicked down...

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>>830892029Cute, more in this outfit?

>>830892038She like having those big juicy tits felt up from behind?

She's in another room actually

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>>830892038Yes but prefers my dick sliding between them then cumming all over them

>>830892067She looks great. Who is she to you?

>>830892038More of her tits though

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>>830892143She use her mouth while you fuck her fat tits? She clean you off?


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>>830892249Pants off give her ti me


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>>830892153thankscoworker that i fucksends me pics

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>>830891980very nice, got more?

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>>830892045she can handle a huge dick

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>>830892384good fuck ?

>>830892384More tits with face? She’s hot af

Anyone want more. From last thread

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>>830892487Yes. Kik?

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>>830892487Pretty white Girl from college/hs? Sure. More tits

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>>830892492Stroking ....fuck she is hot

>>830892455I fucking bet she can, she was built for taking big dick. What holes does she use...

>>830892477>>830892461really goodcan really take itbut super tight pussy you really gotta work it

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any incest?

>>830892512That whore like being filmed sucking cock and shared?

>>830892574All holes but i would go anal. you?

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>>830892581facial fan ? anal ?

>>830892612>>830892581You cum on her face or in her ass?


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>>830892675>>830892696>>830892673Great minds think alike

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>>830892696In her pussy, she was on BC. Always wanted to face fuck her more tho>>830892724

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>>830892492Less on

>>830892757Where from?>>830892779

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>>830892568What do you like about her?

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>>830892834Love her cute face and tight body


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>>830892779Did you get to once at least? Throat fucking is legit. What other kinda pics do you have so we know what to ask for? BJ? How was anal with her?

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>>830892455More ass pics of her pleaseGF ?

>>830892871You cumming for her tonight?

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>>830892779feet goddamit


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>>830892671Mm I don't know where I'd start but I'd definitely finish with her mouth, make her clean me off and then either have her swallow me dry or press her tits together and I'll cum on those.Would love to see her pussy

>>830892612Kik me throwawy6209

>>830892950I hope so

>>830892825>>830892913Buncha random stuff but mostly regular nudes. Tried to put it in her but once but she yelled at me lol>>830892961I'll see what I can find

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She have any fans ? Started a xvid account for her

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>>830892897Horny bitch couldn't even wait to find a proper cock to stretch her out. She looks like she needs to be filled more than that.

>>830892936>>830891915>>830892013ass is huge let me find one

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>>830893048u know this gets saved right

>>830893107Sexy thighs. Who is she?

>>830893048Post vids to vola?

>>830893048All the feet I got sorry bruddah

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>>830893048Really couldn’t handle anal. Sad. More tits hanging?

Anybody got more of this slut? Got shared a bit in the other thread. Girl looks like somebody I know.

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>>830893107please !!wife ?


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>>830893128Yeah that's the whole point right?>>830893141I'm too lazy sorry anons>>830893149

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>>830893097Hope you have more ass pics


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>>830893236Now that's a nice ass


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>>830893519Shes great

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>>830893511Fuck this chick doing it for me. Keep it up! Massive bumps

>>830893454Fuck your girlfriend has some sexy thicc legs, I want to bury my face between them and have her squeeze my head off. She like having her ass shared like this? Dirty girl


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>>830893511God dam man

>>830893607Fuck I love her in that skirt. Slut loves having her ass photographed eh? Bet she loves having her ass grabbed even more

>>830893097She looks so much like a former fuck buddy, does her name start with a d?

>>830893674i don't get it, i see everyone wearing calvins...they're so fucking expensive tho

>>830893674My kik is Time597, if you want to share vids sometime


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>>830893674P sure her parents got her the calvins

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>>830893665Thanks! I'll gladly get choked between her legs in your honorAnd I enjoy sharing her pictures, we've had sex with more couples in the same room so it's a mutual turn on

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>>830894008How many pics do you have?!?!?


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>>830891915>>830892013>>830892455That ass and everything looks just like a girl I used to fuck... does her name start with a D?

>>830894043Keep posting pls

>>830894094I hope you spend plenty of time making that ass red and sore

>>830894191ur welcome

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>>830894157Strip her

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>>830894447Nice looking tits

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>>830894043Make her grind her pussy into your face in my honour too lol. I see her fucking sexy body sitting like that and all I can imagine is making her squeal.

>>830894324>>830894334>>>830894094 (You)>I hope you spend plenty of time making that ass red and soreShe loves ass grabs and spanking so I got that covered

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The wife’s clevage

>>830894572Forgot pic

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>>830894508Haha I bet that dirty girl loves having her ass spanked, she certainly knows she's got a great ass for it... You bend her over your knee and spank her til she cries?

>>830894601I'd like to fuck your wife's tits and have her suck my head while I do it. Think she'd be down?

>>830894671On you no, on me yes

>>830894601We need to see more. She looks like a dirty girl.

>>830891980Amazing butt!Moar!?

>>830894702Lol how can you be so confident when your wife is as slutty as that? I bet she'd love to suck me off

>>830894503No doubt I will - her facesitting gets me hard just thinking about it>>830894628Mostly grabbing her thighs, waist, ass and of course spanking her ass, from behind or while riding, make her jump up and down. Best shit ever

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Friends slut wife

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>>830894879Mmm she could sit on my face till I suffocate, I'd wear her like an N95... She like showing off for the other couples? You ever share her?

>>830894911keep going

>>830894911How'd you get that? Slut share em with you? Friend sounds like a cuck

>>830895043>>830895081She did, and he is

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My cuck sub wife who's into being degraded. Pic related

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>>830895169Keep sharing

>>830895137Heh she looks like fun, what do you make your friends slut do?

>>830893051I love that girl. You sharing anything new?

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>>830895169Ugly whore got a new nose. Would love to fuck her face and make you watch.

>>830895042Not really into sharing but we enjoy the company of other couples in the same room, or fucking in public with no one watching, or with people around not noticingTit pic to change things up

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>>830895169That whore looks like she has some nice legs. I'd like to make them shake while I push her face against a wall and spank her ass

>>830895137she suck you off yet?

>>830895301Damn shame... Imagine her riding your face while groaning on someone's dick... Maybe their partner would suck you off or play with her perky tits.That's a nice pic but I'm still imagining being smothered by her ass

>>830895169I don't usually post her face because she's been recognized by a co-worker before. But she's in our bedroom getting fucked by a guy we found on FetLife and I'm horny listening to her moan from down the hallwayPic related is all she was wearing when he came over for the first time tonight. She started sucking his dicks as soon as he walked in the door.

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>>830895228She just get drinking some nights and likes showing off>>830895400Haven’t done anything with her

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>>830894065Why risk it getting caught posting her pics here.

>>830895441Fuuck you have a well trained little slut there, knows how to show off her ass. Why aren't you making her moan on your dick? Bet her little mouth feels amazing

>>830895402Got ass for days, don't worry

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>>830895457Heh how do you think she'd feel knowing I was jerking off to the pics she shared her cute tight ass and tiny tits

>>830895299She doesn't have a gag reflex and would gladly deepthroat you if I made her how else would you use her?>>830895302She was molested when she was younger so rough sex is her favorite. If you are rough with her she'll call you Daddy and be your slave

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>>830895564She’d love it, she loves guys getting off to her

>>830895553You ever eat that ass? I wouldn't be able to stop myself from spending time on both her holes if she was riding my face

>>830895457What were the circumstances of her sharing these with you? Did she do it while you were with her? What was the context?Also, dump all you got she's hot as fuck.

>>830893602Willing to kik any more vids?

>>830895624Mm then next time she's feeling drunk and horny. you should be sure to let her know she's got me hard and stroking...

>>830892008More please

>>830895638You're goddamn right I eat that ass. She loves it, even though she was hesitant at first. Loves me eating her out while she's in doggy

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>>830895517I was fucking her for a half hour before the FetLife guy arrived guy arrived. He sent pics and had a pretty huge dick and says he would bring coke and fuck her for hours. He even brought poppers so he could fuck my wife in the ass easier. My wife also said she'd let him fist her. He's probably been doing that for the last ten minutes because my wife has been screaming non stop. I'm going to wait till he finishes and then fuck her while her holes are raw and sore.

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>>830895623Describe the guy shes fuckingDoes she do anal

>>830895623Fuck she sounds like a perfect submissive little fuck toy. Would love to make this slave bitch whimper and gag on Daddy's dick while groping her little tits. I'd have her bobbing up and down on my shaft like a lollipop. Would love to grab her hair while she does it. Kik?

>>830895745Fuck dude you better make her love having her ass eaten, she deserves to have that ass rimmed and stretched. You play with her pussy while she's got her ass in the air? Or does she get off on having just her asshole played with like a slut?

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>>830895760Show just one pic of her with 2 guys you larping retard.

>>830895760Mmm sounds like a plan, the bitch will be so fucking stretched out and raw by the time you get to her she won't be able to do anything but moan while you fuck her holes again. Where would you finish? I'd fucking cover that face in cum.

>>830895624>>830895457no next time she is drunk and horney he should tease her tits and pussy


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>>830895038She’s cute af

>>830895882She loves me moving my tongue up and down, alternating ass - pussy, and from time to time I finger her while eating her ass, sometimes stick a finger in there as well. It's fucking great

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>>830895816She loves anal. She's into being degraded and is very submissive. If the guy she's fucking doesn't make a move shell usually tell him to put it in her ass. >>830895820I'd make her put on her leash as tight as it goes and tie her to the bed while blindfolded. I want her holes to be used and punished. I've arranged gangbangs for her like this and never told her how many guys fucked and came in her throughout the night. I've never seen her orgasm so many times.Pic related was her pussy when we started

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>>830896012What’s life without risk

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anyone got pics of their sister or cousins?

>>830895985Can't believe this horny slut shares these pictures. The dude is such a fucking cuck.


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Attached: ABC721DD-8B1C-40B8-BE3C-A6FE14A7271E.jpg (750x1197, 631.21K)


Attached: SkEIzhU.jpg (756x830, 51.56K)

>>830896079Keep going

>>830896058Ass pics of her pleaseGF or wife ?

>>830896001I bet that slut loves having both her holes worshipped and played with... You ever fill up both her holes?Also again, fuck, that ass

>>830896029Pic related was her pussy the next day. She was wearing a ball gag for an hour and I left the room for awhile. I guess one of the guys who came was fisting her brutally while I was not in the room. He came in her ass and left before I noticed. When I went in the room she was crying and there was a little blood on the sheets. I never invited that guy over again but still get hard thinking about it.

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Attached: 92DD7113-FF86-4746-B177-F01B26537C33.jpg (960x960, 99.17K)

>>830896096I'd molest the shit out of her. I'd ravage her pussy in that outfit.

Wife stripping for me

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Attached: 4314BC5A-4F64-4A05-B9C9-4BE53E7CE3AC.jpg (960x1280, 357.36K)


Attached: f5b1958f-f859-40bf-85f3-3e1a4a1580d1.png (901x1600, 990.74K)

no hs grl or incest when did these threads become so gay smh

>>830896143nice and wet, just how I like em

>>830896143Damn that bitch is soaked thinking about men getting off to her perfect pretty pussy. Any way you can let her know what a good little slut she is sharing those?

>>830896125We get distracted fucking and haven't done anal the proper way yet, just a lot of ass licking and a finger here or there. It's certainly not put of the question, just hasn't happened yetAnd oh yeah, I think the same thing when looking at her ass

Attached: SAVE_20190219_241851.jpg (1280x1010, 90.48K)

>>830896129I want to see this slut take dick

Anyone have the rest of her album

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Attached: 1445838752528.jpg (1024x768, 96.27K)

>>830896322Fuck she has me stroking

>>830896286That ass needs to be fucked, yesterday. Get on that ffsThat pic is hot as fuck, share another like it and she'll get me off asap

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Attached: e1a1a9b9-09a4-4b5d-a9dc-76cd13729457.png (833x1600, 1.07M)

>>830896140Always wanted morr of this beauty

My girl exposing her tits. She has no idea how visible they are.wwyd?

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Attached: 1446073496852.jpg (1600x1200, 305.25K)


Attached: 064F6F91-CD52-4A6D-AE5F-F2896EE0163A.jpg (750x1082, 659.79K)

>>830896286Looks kinda like my gf. She doesnt like face riding which breaks my heart

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>>830896322Yes wtf

>>830896499Shes beutiful more

>>830896322>>830896529Please post some. Vola?

>>830896375There you go

Attached: SAVE_20190219_241856.jpg (687x1280, 62.04K)

Attached: 1463640150121.jpg (416x625, 23.08K)

Meet Talya

Attached: ee059448-131a-4a6c-adf4-ab0d4b6c1d4b.png (443x960, 352.95K)

Attached: 5RY29kNLMw7775.jpg (1200x1600, 185.21K)

>>830896588More! Gf?



Attached: 1469301585553 (1).png (555x740, 414.25K)

>>830896499Full frontal user shes great

>>830896375And one more just to be sure>>830896504Damn dude that fucking sucks. Being smothered by the ass and pussy is one of the best feelings ever. Hopefully you can turn it into something she'll enjoy as well

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Attached: 1487823165578.jpg (720x873, 529.43K)

>>830896672Ikr she just struggles to cum while shes saddling my face. But those thicc thighs neeed to be smothering meYour girl mixed?

>>830896564Fuuuck user I have to get off soon but would love to see more of your girl and her incredible ass and tits. You got kik?

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>>830896732I want to seeN u t on her face

Attached: 5c8310db-b5e0-42b1-af17-70afae3c9abf.png (1222x1600, 1015.32K)

Moar ?

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thoughts/requests gf

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>>830896672That'll do it, her ass in that position with just a bit of tit showing is fucking amazing. Thanks for sharing

Tell me your sin

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>>830896804why shouldn't you share this???

>>830896783for sure!

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my gf

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>>830896818Rocking bod! More please

>>830896818>>830896953thread is full. request her in the next one if there is one

>>830896529Post them

Continue here probably. >>830897207