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>>830891381>most of which are in liberal statesGo Ahead and tell us how NY is a success story despite amounting to a 1/4 of the nations deaths

I'm coked up and drunk

a young latino kid ( 20s ) told me today - yeah but can you imagine how bad it would have been if Hillary was president!kind of made me laugh. People are just fucking stupid.


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>>830891450it's also the biggest city in the country

>>830891450>tell us how dumb ass conservatives states that have had months to prepare are still seeing spikes in deaths

>>830891482Deathtoll globally is nearly 6%.Also thanks for the selfie.

You do understand he cant control people as individuals right like you know how flu like virus' work right?

>>830891617how come literally everywhere else(except for shithole 3rd world brazil)is doing better than the country that can afford to wipe their ass with gold

>>830891529In a country of 320 million people, a single city shouldn't make up for 25% of the deaths

>>830891681you seriously cannot be this stupid. They don't have nearly as many test and you think these other shit holes are producing proper numbers hell with media bias' you think the numbers coming from your country are legit. dude a suicide with covid counts as a covid death dude wake the fuck up

>>830891703That percentage will continue to drop daily as the red state's take center stage. As it is NY accounts for only around 16% of the country’s total cases

>>830891703Says who? It has a population density of 22,015 per km. You have to go to Los Angeles to find a population density of 8,963 per km.All the extremely dense areas are being hit pretty hard.

>>830891617no but he can tell "his people" to slow down the testing

>>830891381Can anyone explain to me what Donald Trump is meant to be doing exactly, is he supposed to be going around to 47,000 people and giving them masks?

>>830891796The every other country is a shithole argument is getting pretty tough to defend given how we’ve shit the bed with this. Time to take a hard look in the mirror

>>830892297How bout fucking wear one and not say that the only people who do are just trying to make him look bad. It’s just not that hard

>>830891557Lmao what? I bet you cant substantiate that claim

>>830892297He is actively defunding Covid research, and he hasnt allowed the Covid Task Force to convene in over a monthIts not so much about what he can do, now that all the damage is doneIts just a stark reminder of him failing to the highest degree He didnt save the market, or the economy with the stunts he pulled, and he just made the outbreak huge

>>830892617t. actual retard

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Fucking hilarious how you say the media is lying about global statistics and you believe the same media statistics about NY.

>>830891703Highest pop/sq mi in this hemisphere dipshit

>>830891482Testing does not create cases , it finds them , you need to find people with the virus or they wont know they are speading it if they arent showing signs of having it , death rates are based on people are recorded to have the virus , 8-9% of ppl who catch it in the U.S. end up dying from it

>>830892784>literally anyone who dies during Corona is counted as a Corona death.


>>830893156yeah if they die from coronavirus-related issues you fuckin dolt

>>830893156>literally anyone who has corona has corona

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>>830893156sounds like something that moron (you know who) would say

>>830891381As confirmed cases increase, and deaths decrease, the survival rate will eventually hit 99.9%

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>>830892784And this is going down, down , down. Just a couple short months ago, the world-wide death rate in closed cases was 17%, from that very site. How is it that all these cases are springing up, but the death rate is sinking like a nigger trying to swim? Oh I know, because so many more people are being tested and their infection is MILD. Get rekt you fucking retard.

>>830893427looks like the death rate is climbing again though but as ppl go back to work and older ppl and medically compromised ppl stay isolated , the cases will go up and the death rate down , healthy ppl have more chance to 'shake it off'

>>830893427Right now the survival rate is 96%

>>830893536Yes, we are handling this poorly. Mayors around the country have been forcing the elderly into nursing homes, knowing they are sick, thus maximizing risk, yet it's all relative. The cases will increase, and the deaths will decrease relative to the cases. The only way to decrease the survival rate is by intentionally creating hotspots for vulnerable people. We have a survival rate of 96%, and it's only increasing the more cases we find.

>>83089353811% of people who are so sick from it that they have to go to hospital , end up dying from it , in the U.S.

>>830893672Right, but that's because the united states is handling this poorly, specifically in highly populated democrat cities. Local Government is responsible for handling it, and the democrats have handled it poorly. On a global scale, 96% of confirmed cases end up surviving. As cases increase, and deaths decrease relative to the cases, the survival rate WILL hit 99.9%, sooner than you think.If you want to increase the survival rate in the United States, maybe these local leaders should take advantage of the MEDICAL WARSHIPS and TESTING CENTERS Trump set up. In a protest to Trump, they refuses help, force the vulnerable into high risk environments, and use the media to promote fear and panic.

>>830893672The largest number of Covid deaths in the US are located within highly populated Democrat run cities. It's THEIR responsibility to save their people, not Trump... Trump tried and they refused his help.


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>>830891450Wtf are you talking about, here's the top 10 states of new cases, only 2 can be considered liberal by any stretch and one of those currently has a republican governor.

>>830893919Wtf are you talking about?

>>830894081Forgot to attach

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>>830891381Meanwhile in Canada we're at sub 400 a day and getting better. I hate comparing but the longer your dumb ass president keeps being a retard the longer our border stays closed, and im out of a job. Honestly the individual state leaders need to step up more, seems like this is the one time ever you guys can't actually rely on a president... ever...

>>830893864Don't get me wrong i hope the deaths hit as close to 0% as possible , but what the U.S. needs is leadership and they don't have it. The President doesn't listen to his own health experts and does things that do not show the population the example they need. I feel if he doesn't change soon , it's going to get a lot worse before he finally reacts or just walks

>>830894081they just spew bullshit like a fountain

>>830891465Racista. He didn't say that she would be inherently worse, just that it would be bad. He didn't say Trump was better.

>>830894199Hate to break it to you, our state leaders are shit too. Governor Kemp in Georgia was the first to open the state back up after mandatory quarantine, and this was what, 3-4 weeks in?Even Trump distanced himself from that decision, and that says a lot about the stupidity.

>>830893864Hey, backwoods hick, remind me again which party thinks that this virus is a hoax? I think they're the same retards who throw autistic fits anytime they're asked to wear masks.

>>830894199and to add to this, it's very obvious this guy gives literally 0 fucks about a citizen in an unfortunate situation. Its quite obvious to us in outside countries he's trying to weed out the poor and less fortunate, only the middle class will properly get through this.

>>830891381Stop protesting shit in huge groups then.

>>830891381What are you even saying? Cases of what?

When the shit started, many people claimed that America would do best among all countries. Stupid statistics have been shown that show how well America is prepared for a pandemic. The rest of the world, of course, knew it would be different. I hope your arrogance and stupidity will cause many more deaths. America gets exactly what it deserves and the whole world laughs at it

>>830894395OK, I got it now. But how is corona the president's fault? He can't will us into practicing proper social distancing. I'm having issues keeping some idiot extroverts from visiting my family.

>>830894395do you live under a goddamn rock

>>830894490right can't force people, also can't force the police to not murder, why do you cunts have a state again?And how do you think germany did it?

>>830894392Pretty sure it was the states trying to "reopen" that led to this spike

>>830894490starting off the bat in February by saying it wasn't a big deal and that it was a hoax, even after advisers in January told him about the catastrophic impact this will have. then in March continuing saying it wasn't a big deal and it was under control.then saying that the " summer heat would kill it" so we don't have to worry about it.then setting an improper example for his cult by not wearing a mask himself to close quarters events.

>>830894639Don't forget his aggressive pushing for the states to reopen cuz muh economy or something

This is what happens when whites vote for a president

>>830891450>>830891482>>830891703>>830891796>>830892297>>830893156>>830893427>>830893438>>830893919All of this is pure fucking bullshitAnd considering it's 5am est but it's noon in Moscow, I think we may know who's making these posts

>>830894490if he reacted earlier to the intelligent people around him and people actually respected what he said to be gospel , then it would definitely be better than what it is , but WTF , i'm just dreaming !!!

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>>830891450Arizona is a liberal state? Get real nigger.

>>830894561That didn't make sense. You can't force police to not murder, but they can't force courts or whatever to not charge them.

>>830892032The blue states are taking the highest numbers today.. rioters/looters/BLM.virus is spreading.. time to light up these rallies with gasoline. I hear Corona hates gas

>>830891381I mean if people didn't just have a mass fucking protest with thousands of people you'd probably have been okay.

>>830891465He wasn't wrong.

>>830894890I'm sorry that you never advanced past the "oog oog club you to death" caveman mentality

>>830891381It's worse than that. He enjoys having the power to contribute so much to the death toll, and get away with it while still being worshiped by millions of tards. It simply isn't possible to perform so badly without the ingredient of malice.

>>830894919bad, not nearly this bad.

>>830893438BLM is the reason... It's time to start blaming them for the corrupt, racist, virus spreading clowns they are... The tables are turning.

>>830894890how about the trump /MAGA rallies , oh no , they're ok , right!!


>>830894639China was covering it up or trying to hide it.Here's the first result I got, the title acknowledges there was a cover up.youtube.com/watch?v=2WvzHvN6mCMAlso, I'm not trying to imply a single politician isn't corrupt.

>>830895012umm , it was spreading way before the rallies moron , but you are right , any type of rally is not a good idea ATM

>>830895030to be fair, BLM protestors outnumber Trump's rallies by a substantial amount

>>830895012>>830894909You're racist! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!Logic hurts me.

>>830895129true , but your of fucking president is organising rallies .... your own president DERP!!!

>>830895095who cares what the fuck China, or the WHO for that matter said about it, AMERICA's intelligence went directly to the administration and told them the facts. so if you say China was covering it up and that's the reason Trump didn't react, you are essentially saying that Trump trusts China more than our own intelligence.

did anyone really vote for trump non-ironically? (no troll)

>>830895095i feel they still are , i find it hard to believe they have it under control in their country as well as they say

>>830895212yeah I'm not arguing against that, just rubbing salt in the wind that Trump's rallies are pathetically numbered now

>>830895230We all thought it wasn't series until now. China knew before hand the seriousness and had progress they had no interest in sharing. It matters in the context of shrugging corona off like it was nothing. There were mixed reactions. You didn't read.

>>830894561They cannot compare these countries. Every American thinks only of himself. Whenever someone dies they look for an advantage for themselves. Like hermit crabs looking for the largest shell on the beach, everyone is only looking for their own advantage. For the world it would not be a loss if they all disappeared

>>830895328Everyone only thinks for themselves. You're just another generic racist. I say that as an Hispanic in another country. I've been homeless for most of my life in my own Hispanic country.

>>830895324we didn't think it was serious because our own leaders kept it under the fold. Not just the Trump administration, but even the Senate was cashing out their stocks before telling anyone about how impactful this would be. Also, refer to my examples above about how Trump kept saying everything was okay. Another reason why Americans weren't and still aren't taking it seriously.

>>830895391at this point you're just giving people ammo to make fun of you and your country


>>830894480Honestly, i'm seeing a video right now and it's "Anti-mask Convention" that happened recently. America is too obsessed with their freedom and rights, i've traveled so many places... none are as far up their own ass haha.

everyday i open the newspapper and hope there is a new school shooting on the us, i find it very funnyi hope they all get big weapons and start a civil war

>>830892242Which he never did.. and was verified . Clearly joking.. fuck, it's not like he was talking to retarda like yourself, his folks know what's jokes and what's not. Fuck outta here.

>>830892784This number does not account for people who contracted the virus and either had no symptoms or very mild symptoms. Because most of those people don't go get tested.Therefore the ACTUAL death rate from the disease is likely around 1% or less.In other words the danger is roughly the same as the flu.Statistics are a hell of a thing.

>>830895012Where there no no demonstrations in New York?Have you heared of Texas and Florida?

>>830892766Not true at all . The governor's are responsible ultimately. If they need additional help , he can step in. Otherwise.. look towards your democrat gov for answers.. did he tell you to wear a mask? Dick-less?

>>830893242You're wrong.. there are many documented cases of this

Neo-nazis are the nicest people I've met. They got rid of my fucking Jewish neighbor and his weird rituals to unlimited pagan gods.

>>830895391Your problems are different, your country most likely has culture and isnt separated by 50 states with differing opinions. The Whole concept of their country is fucked. No other country is as divided, maybe china but their gov has good control over their population.

>>830895595Do you think the military would follow Trump if shit hit the fan or would let natural selection do it's thing

>>830894890So where there more demonstrations in Florida then in NY? NO! So why do the cases go up in Florida and Texas, but not in NY?

>>830895599well I'm super glad for your cult that you guys can laugh about 126,000 fellow countrymen dying over a span of a few months.

>>830895581Been to a few countries and so far all I can say is lmao you clearly haven't spent long in them

>>830895068Yes, you seem to have that. Thanks for pointing it out.

When China releases SARS-Cov-3, it's will be good to have immunity to SARS-Cov-2 since it's half of China's bio weapon.

>>830895164Racists... Ahhh.. yes BLM seems to be much worse than the KKK. Maybe they can join up , or at least fight to the death.

>>830895721As an introvert, perhaps biased, but I'm glad. Fucking people can't just fuck off.

>>830892381You realize the type of masks people are wearing only stop spread if the wearer is infected right?

>>830895633>In other words the danger is roughly the same as the fluEven Fauci wrote that in an editorial back in March, too bad he never told anyone else that doesn't read the NEJM.

>>830892784>die in a horrendous car accident>body mutilated beyond identification>need to use dental records to ID>”he had a cough a few days before he died”DEATH FROM COVID-19

>>830895738So what is your explanation for NY still being on the decline case wise, but Florida and Texas aswell as Arizona exploding? Is that because they had so much more BLM demonstrations there?(Or is it maybe because they reopened too quickly?)

>>830895643Yes... And those are for early openings. so we have a combination of idiots from black lives matters and it from a couple red states that opened too early. Combined, we have what is the United States of America. Let's get any more protestors in cages and have them Corona each other out.. and we won't need to hear are their mindless babbling while we are in our next shelter in place .. those fuckers will be dropping like flies soon.

>>830895776Has the KKK even done anything in in the last decade? Violence is not what I meant, it's the inherent disregard for social distancing. If the person killed wasn't black, nothing would happen. If the cop were colored and the victim white, nobody would care, but that's off topic. Fuck me, please. I love you.

>>830895599actually, when he was asked if he was joking, he said "I don't kid." So remove that bullshit from your line of thinking if you don't mind.

>>830895846That's a retarded lie. But really have you ever thought about it? By your standard you might say nobody ever died of HIV, as they normally die of the consequences, not the viurs directly. This distiction is without a difference, and fox news propaganda.

>>830895009Oh shit... Easily 5x worse .. no doubt. Democrats have a hard enough time choosing bathrooms, let alone deal with pandemics

>>830895633Quote:CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza seasonCorona Virus:2.5 million confirmed cases (so far , 6 months??)127,000 deaths .... wow , roughly the same

>>830891381Hillary would have made a vaccine by now.

>>830895783so you were happy for 9/11 and the occasional mass shooting? If so, you may need to get some help.

>>830894975Oh I'm good , Mr. Nigger.. I just point out the more than obvious.

>>830895937you're forgetting Ebola and swine flu and bird flu already and it hasn't even been a decade hardly


>>830895030Oooohhh..one rally.. maybe 10k people? All checked out OK with thermal guns, etc .. compares to hordes of dark beasts and their light skinned alien (10's of millions) not checked.. wearing masks half the time... And screaming their disgusting mist in the air.. it's time to let them sleep.

>> >>830895920Explain why heart attack + stroke rates have all plummeted then. [spoiler] they’re not being recorded as heart attacks or strokes [/spoiler]

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>>830891465The one good thing you can say about Hillary being president, is that there would have been no pandemic.

>>830895967It wouldn’t have happened if Hillary was in power. Hillary would have killed all the bats in china, and closed all the wet markets in china by close of 2018.

>>830895736Spent enough time to see how every american lives their lives like they are entitled to the same rights as royalty, thats the problem when you form your country on the basis that its the land of the free. People take liberty in that, could you imagine if the whole world had the same premise? Everyone would be at eachother.

>>830895971Wrong person. Oops.Not happy, I just actually didn't care. There wasn't hysteria here.

>>830895975yeah I bet you were a hit with all the ladies in your middle school debate team

>>830896168Well, can't blame you for being desensitized. But being happy about the coronavirus death toll isn't a good look for anyone mentally.

>>830895695We all got a chicken-duck-woman thing waiting for us.

>>830895500>>830895883More white people are killed by cops and nobody apes out..blacks think they are special (ProTip, they're not)... And they think this will help them, but it's quite the opposite

wow libdick, its just a common cold. if anything america is #1. that's a fact.

Type " new cases" into Google, quotation marks an all. This whole lockdown is bullshit.

>>830891482in UK the bars are gonna open next week and we're all wearing masks and only about 200 people caught the virus in the last few daysUK had the worst response of all of europe and compared to the USA we're almost back to normalUSA is totally fucked - gonna burn a US flag on July fourth

>>830895892See.. that's what I'm talking about . He plays you clown bois like fiddles and we all get to laugh at you.. thanks for playing.

>>830891617>Cant control people as individuals>convinces all his supporters not to wear facemaskskek

>>830896025Yes..those we're all shit shows.

>>830891796Hahaha it's the medias fault

>>830895794Which means everyone should wear one I to prevent spread, because asymptomatic and presymptomatic spread has been found to be the primary driver of community infection in most studies. Which is what we've been trying to explain to these fucking morons all along. They keep crying 'but they won't protect me' and every time we try and explain. OF FUCKING COURSE NOT BUT THIS IS BIGGER THAN YOU DO YOUR FUCKING PART.If you don't wear a mask, you're a cunt.

>>830896255Yes.. that be trueBanananass

>>830891381Because we expect any president to go manufacture a vaccine?

>>830896382USA may be fucked, but it ain't the Americans. It's the fucking commies! Don't burn the American flag, just take a shit on Karl Marx's head.

>>830891381The US isnt even in the top 10 for new cases per day per capita or new deaths per day per capita.Fuck off euromutt.

>>830895391You're wrong ... I've lived in America for a long time and I've been to many other countries. I find the attitudes of most Americans (of course, not all of them are like that) small-minded, stupid and selfish. I'm sorry for you being homeless but that has nothing to do with the matter

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>>830896083you do realise you can be a spreader without a high temperature , right .... and it's not a great example when your trying people to physical distance

>>830896389You're looking for any and every excuse to defend what he says. If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny.

>>83089645360% are asymptomatic, what are you going to do? Stand out the front of 180,000,000 people’s homes and make sure they wear masks?

>>830896370You tried this yesterday. Only had single state result from may for 546. You then said try xxx which returned some form fill backpage templates which you will find for pretty much any figure that is regularly updated, for example, type "FTSE up xxx"Not feeling the conspiracy energy from your reaching bullshit.

>>830896544Yes it does, people didn't care I was homeless.

>>830896412if those were shit shows, then what's this? they're incomparable. we were so much better prepared for them then.

Daily reminder that anyone pushing corona propaganda is either a kike or a reddit user, both should be ignored.

>>830896089It's because people are not going to the hospital, these people are dying at home.

>>830891381OP is right, if we had democrat leader we’d be in a total police state by now and no-one would have been allows outdoors for months.

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>>830896651Maybe if the president of the United States were being less of a cunt and telling people they should be wearing masks to slow the spread, his cultlike following who are the majority of those refusing to wear masks would start wearing them. That could make a massive difference.I wouldn't have to stand in front of millions of Americans' homes if the president weren't being a cunt and spreading his cunty conspiritard attitude.

>>830896746....which would still be a recorded death would it not?

>>830894199menwhile youre in canada and canada is gay and everyone in there is a huge cuck faggot. so what now bitch? go fuck your moose ass and have fun in the 1 week you have summer. fucking lil bitch i PISS on canada. you fucking losers

>>830896703So , have you consumed bleach or shoved a bright light up your ass yet???

>>830896089Maybe because the demographic most prone to those is doing of pneumonia before they can get a stroke or heart attack.

>>830896801Does the Trump cult have flagellants yet?BLM cult does

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>>830896917Upper-respiratory infections/complications such as those from covid-19 would be more likely to cause stroke/heart attack prior to pneumonia.

>>830896681Yes it does! I'm sorry and I really mean it ... But you didn't understand my view of America.they believe that their country is a separate world and everything that happens outside has no influence on them. when the forests burned in cannada they laughed about it and said that a country surrounded by water should be able to put out a fire. They don't help anyone, not even among themselves

>>830895945Hit by a car, die.. blood test at morgue positive for coved.. died of covid

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>>830897190Do you not realize that medical professionals have to write up Cause of Death reports when they register deaths? A cause of death from a car impact would read *died from a fuckin car*