God no real

God no real.

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be it as it may, there may be a God and there may not be a god. for all books written taking either side, a person who has studied them all knows as much as a person who has not read anything.

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>>830891618i think someone that reads knows a bit more than one who hasnt...

I think we can all agree that god is a man-made fantasy which has served its purpose and must now be excised from our society.

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>>830891960agreed, so long as we can still have the neckbeard atheists

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>>830891960Where do morals come from?

>>830892171society understanding right from worng. aka:kill people, hurts society : badselfless acts that save others, helps society : goodfairly simple. how does your family make rules? the exact same way. some families have different rules, but are still families, and still have their own rules.

>>830892171>served its purposeLearn to read nigger Also : if you need an imaginary bully threatening you with eternal suffering to actually have morals in the first place, you're a subhuman and deserve to die

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>>830892171The book where slavery is considered moral

>>830892346nice .gif

>>830892346>>830892394Where do morals come from?>>830892319Is morality absolute?

>mfw not one atheitard has been able to prove that god doesnt exist>mfw

>>830892501You cannot prove or disprove gods existence, he is a leap of fate that is fucking useless and stupid.

>>830892501If you'd have more intellect than a plastic spoon you'd know proving a negative is almost impossible. You're the people claiming something exists, the burden of proof rests on your, albeit subpar, intellects.

>>830892488Fucking nature you God dammed retard.Do animals have morals? Why do they not rampage around and kill everything in sight and eat their own children? I hate you religitards so much

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>>830892488>is morality absolutei wouldnt think so... kinda how i stated in my comment... if you would read...there can always be an instance where something normally bad could be good.doing "bad things" for good reasonsbut that is just my world view... >>>what does morality have to do with a god?

>>830892687jfc, did you not notice the >dumbass


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>>830892681Prove it, lol.>>830892687Not once did I claim God did exist. I'm just asking you to prove he doesn't. A very reasonable request. You should prove a thing before you go around claiming it's fact. Inability to prove something shouldn't make it true by default. If that was how it worked, we'd still be living in caves. I just find the hypocrisy funny.

>>830892752A lot of them do.>>830892769So morality is subjective? Is morality is subjective, as in each individual can determine what is right and wrong for themselves, morality as an actual concept cannot exist. You don't actually believe morals really exist. They are constructs, but for whatever reason, fear, convenience, desire, you behave the way you do. Can a society last for many years predicated upon the position that morality is subjective?

>>830892905You clearly have to conception of how proof actually works. Go back to school kid

>>830892905ok then. prove that unicorns flying in outer space dont exist.your request is fucking stupid. you dont ask people to disprove things you make up in your head. thats retarded. if you think something exists, you must demonstrate it. its not up to us to disprove it. retard

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>>830893116Ill answer the question that is completely opiniion bassed if you answer mine... >WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH A MAGICAL FLYING SKY FAIRY?

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>>830893218thank you, logicalanon

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>>830893234its very simple, and yet works because people fail to prove their claims, yet expect others to believe it, lie/ deceive others to make them believe, and if you are smart enough to not believe, they say you will go to hell to scare you into belief.


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>>830893225>WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH A MAGICAL FLYING SKY FAIRY?This is more of a question of whether or not there is a definite truth. Is there proper behavior? Is there justice? To understand the concept of a god, you must abandon your cartoonish conceptions of divinity. I know these conceptions are pushed by the religious fanatics, but they're not terribly profound as we both know.While this isn't to say that a god exists, the existence of a god, or at least that impression upon society, solves the question of subjective morality by placing justice outside of the hands of individual men. Morality becomes unmoving.

god can be perceived as obvious for those who can see (the symmetry that repeats itself everywhere) .could be proven by logic too (hint: consciousness nature is the key)but an atheist is not a sane person, therefore is useless to argue with them.

>>830893333CheckedMotherfucking based

>>830893535so basically, it has nothing to do with a god, and im wasting my time, nice

>>830893600checked again!

>>830893562First of all : learn to English you fucking Philippino subhumanSecondly : there have never been any gods and never will be. Humans created them back when we were basically animals, if you feel like perpetuating a practice humanity developed in fear and ignorance thousands of years ago.. go ahead and keep being a retard..

>>830893562>god can be perceived as obvious for those who can seedemonstrate this claim (define obvious and see, clearly not used as the normal definitions)>(the symmetry that repeats itself everywhere)you mean the things like... idk, very vague>could be proven by logic tooflawed logic maybe...>but an atheist is not a sane person, therefore is useless to argue with them.demonstrate this claim please, also, fuck you

>>830891328is that scott pilgrim?

>>830893649Atheist prime motherfuckers

>>830892346>if you need an imaginary bully threatening you with eternal suffering to actually have morals in the first place, you're a subhumanThis.

>>830893719>when we were basically animalswe are still, and will forever be animals...

>>830893636Illiterate I see

>>830893769is this a checked? i mean, based and good Y and Z

>>830891328Wow, OP, what a faggot you must be! Whenever anyone debates me, they are literally just debating me.Why would I need to summon the thoughts or truths of others in order to be the sole source of debate and rhetoric?>SOLIVAGUS IN EFFECT!Mood music for faggot OP: youtube.com/watch?v=9_gkpYORQLU

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>>830893800you are just spewing nonsense that has nothing to do with a god... this doesnt prove a god, and is a different topic... morality and theism are DIFFERENT, and independent.you can be morally better than someone that is a theist, as an atheist...independent, so, my point still stands. remember, this thread is about atheism vs theism

>>830892171Regular beatings.

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Read thisProcess itThen try and refute it

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>>830893995thanks, i like the format

>>830892171Nowhere. Morals are just random things we made up.

>>830894059thanks, fellow nigger hater

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If God doesn’t exist, then objective moral values and duties do not exist.With no objective reference point, all you’re left with is socio-cultural relativism. (I.e, “It’s not advantageous tI do x, therefore it is immoral”)Which would mean morality is subjective, and your opinion regarding what is right vs wrong is no more valid than any other persons.For example. We would all agree that child abuse, racial discrimination, murder are all morally wrong (I would hope!).This isn’t just a personal preference or opinion.I’m not convinced it is, and am more inclunced to believe that objective moral values and duties do exist, and therefore point to a reference point such as God.

>>830894167like god

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>>830892394I'm not entirely convinced that its not. Lets be real here, black people have NOT handled freedom well. Everything they do turns to shit. They are violent and impulsive and while morals may be relative, they do not understand how to handle themselves in a modern society. Where slavery went wrong was in selfishness and cruelty. A more enlightened form of slavery, where whites care for blacks, tell them what to do and keep them from harming themselves or others would be beneficial for both races.

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>>830894208what does gods existence have to do with objective morality? can you show the mental gymnastics you did to come to that conclusion?also, greentxt would be nice

>>830894256holy fucking based...

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>>830893936You cannot be morally greater than a god, a definite measure of good and evil. Man cannot be the measure of all things.

>>830894208No we wouldn't all agreeYour premise is biasedA few hundred years ago they had the same gods and morality was completely different, as mentioned above: slavery was moral back then.Given that it's still the same bible, how do you explain morality evolved?

>>830892488>Is morality absolute?Nope. Just as a fun little exercise I have constructed hypotheticals in which both rape and murder are the morally just thing to do, just to see if I could.

>>830894425KekWhat you just typed makes literally zero logical sense

>>830894425>Implying a single creature (or group) or depiction of one is.Man isn't the center of the universe.

>>830894425again, has nothing to do with that. you also cant be as cool as yotsuba... but shes fake, and better than you in every way

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I don’t know if God exists. I hope there is a god. Ive gone to christian school rn and I just don’t know :/

>>830894507So you think rape and murder are morally justified?

>>830893116I don't even think morality is subjective. I think a better term for it would be to say morality is fluid. In a subjective sense each case would be taken by its inherent features and judged too be just or not within its framework and I see that as flawed. I believe an act can be seen as both morally right and repugnant simultaneously based entirely upon the person making the judgement or upon any number of variables that make up the observer's reality. That leaves a lot more freedom of interpretation than merely calling it subjective, I think.


>>830893756this shitty site has fucking "deleted" my post two times already. if you really wanna understand you could pass another mean of contact. also maybe that will show the interest to understand instead of proving yourself correct.

>>830894425You are Nagungo now!The responsibility is yours!

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>>830894686wonder if thats why we have s court system to see if someone is in the right or the wrong (case by case)?good answer!

>>830894749im not trying to prove myself correct, but its awfully convenient of the site to only delete your shit

>>830894677There are cases in which both rape and murder can be morally justified.

>>830894677No.. I'm saying they used to be, and they believed in the same bible back then.How did "god" provide morality then?

>>830894900elaborate! i nned these answers user!... for science... deff for science...

>>830894900Murder, sure.Rape though? Unless its one of those 'At least 50% of people involved in rape enjoy it' type deals.

>>830894873maybe a coincidence or even reality organizing itself. whatever it is, i'm not lying.will give a last try in the next post

>>830894974They do it all the time in the middle east. Allah justifies torture and murder of gays. Rape and murder of women. Happier?

>>830891328In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.

>>830895085Yeah... But the middle east is pretty much Mordor and arabs are pretty much orcs. No moral there, just barbarism.

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>>830894974Both of these have pretty specific and extenuating circumstances. In the first suppose there are only 20 humans left. Of those four are women of breeding age and six are men. One of the women simply refuses to fuck. At this point humanity's genome is already extremely limited and limiting it further for no reason is simply put untenable. For the good of humanity those five men must rape that woman.Second scenario. In this case we must take into account fairness in an interspecies context, rather than merely being concerned with only humanity. If you look at current trends you may notice that as a direct result of mankind we are losing something like one species per year to extinction. This is simply not acceptable. All signs point to the majority of species recovering if humanity were to cease its pesky existence. Since humanity is but one species, when counted against the rest it should be clear that genocide is the morally correct move to make.

>>830895035>Rape though? Unless its one of those 'At least 50% of people involved in rape enjoy it' type deals.You are simultaneously thinking too big and too small.

>>830895178Lol nice picThe premise is god does/doesnt existNot which one is right or wrongAnon stated that gods bring morality, that its through their books that we learn morality and that we know murder/rape isn't moral. My statement refutes that, no need to go furtherBtw : if asked they would say it's your religion that is immoral in not taking the actions they take, thus fueling the eternal circle of my imaginary bully is more divine that yours

>>830893756"see" as in information acquired with your senses"obvious" as in you need to be retarded to not perceive (i were in here, sadly for my ego)> very vaguesacred geometry> demonstrate this claim pleasetwo ways of seeing1(common)-: reality works as a cascade of reactions and only consciousness beings can create actions (dependency of the first reaction)2(real logic)-: the entire reality starts from the same movement (black sun). god can't die as death spits life out (duality), so he makes himself in many, starting in three (father/logic, spirit/abstract and son/mix), to run away from deathi did a more complete answer the other times, but got tired to repeat the third time. anyway if you have a brain you will be able to have this a start point

>>830895321Ah. That makes sense. Allah would be Sauron in this example.

>>830893333checked and atheistpilled

If God is real and "good" then why do we have niggers?

>>830895369Didnt I tell you to fuckoff you phillipino retard? Keep your stupid Hinduism for yourself cocksucking shemale

>>830895618> t. retardeddon't worry, if you don't perceive reality by good will, there's another way : )although there's no merit in returning because of despair

>>830895543Sin's work, not God's

>>830895714You seriously need to learn to English Half of what you type is gibberish

>>830895369you are implying that god exists, yet have failed to demonstrate... your evidence for something can not imply that he first must exist... thats like defining a word with the same word.

>>830895714PROVE WHAT YOU CLAIMdemonstrate gods existance before claiming that he must exist. i see no reason that he must exist