Celeb thread

Celeb thread

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>>830891129Dumping some Tay

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Yes goddess Tay

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>>830891507No faggotry please

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>>830891571Post her leaks user

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>>830891207Taylor thigh thread

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>>830891638Girl abusing a sissified male =\= faggotry


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>>830891636Yes Tay

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>>830891736She could literally crush your head like a watermelon

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>>830891884I need to take cock for Tay

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marry, impregnate, snuff?

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Why do Taylor Swift fans always ruin these threads with their degeneracy

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>>830892026Marry Ana, fuck and impregnate Avril, throw Kesha into a river

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>>830892094Thank you Tay

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>>830891129Jerking on kik to her. anyone up?

>>830891894I would love to go that way. She looked so hot in that video

>>830892179right answer

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>>830892216No. I'm asleep


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>>830891684Can’t do it.

leak em already

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>>830892312That's fine Tay I will cum from anal only

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>>830892368Please user

>>830891684Actually, here’s one.That’s all you get though.

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>>830892402Brie’s ALMOST nudes are better than most actuals

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>>830891553Thread derailed due to nigger-posting. Abort abort.

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this is now a make niggers cry thread

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>>830892179thats my waifu though!!

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Marry, Impregnate, snuffdisney edition

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>>830892692>>830892951these are terrible edits tbh

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Been jerking off to only Brie the last few days and things have been going better well!

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>>830893245Kik? Need more of her.

>>830893125>disney edition

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>>830893316I’m okay with this


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Breaking eggs in the hot sunI fought the clock and the clock wonI fought the clock and the clock wonI needed children cause I had noneI fought the clock and the clock wonI fought the clock and the clock won

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Never forget

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>>830893286no deal

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>>830893125hard pass on all


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>>830893184>hmmm a new corvette or some leotard pics of peyton listhmmmm hard decision

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>>830891611i am pretty short it would be cool to get a hug from that giant monster and have my face squeshed into her meat pillows

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>>830893431yeah that ask is stupid, so hopefully they leak at some point

Do you think hairy pits will make a come back?

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Abbi > Ilana

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>>830893738Abbi has the ass

>>83089324810/10 tits

>>830893860Absolutely. Very hard to get shots of it though.

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A-As y-y-you c-c-can s-s-see m-m-m-my g-g-girl i-i-i-is v-v-very beautiful... I-I d-d-d-don't kn-kn-know w-w-what t-t-to s-s-say... S-Some m-m-m-men c-c-c-cannot e-e-e-even g-g-get a-a-a-a-a regular gf...

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>>830891129Taylor Swift's pussy stinks

>>830894195Oh god don't do this to me user, i just jacked off an hour ago

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>>830892026bro its fuck marry killyou obviously have sex with all three regardless

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katy perry big tits anyone?

>>830891581I completely don't understand you gigantic fags. Post attractive photos of Yay Swift, but God damn what with all the omg I wanna suck dicks etc. Fucking ridiculous.

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>>830895353Yes please

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>>830894631bit to old for for these kinda thread anons, might want to wait until the vintage threads, nice choice though i did use a pic of her recently>>830893860i never saw it but people keep saying this

>>830895456i was just asking if anyone else has any oop

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>Marty, you seem so nervous. Is something wrong?

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>>830895526I was born in the 90's, I just happen to find young Agnetha extremely sexy.

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>>830895362lurk more pussy

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>>830895683me too user, but i think she’s a bit too good for these threadsshe was a 10 in her prime, came to this pic recently, christ

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>>830895869Very beautiful and cute

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>>830896261Fuck they are nice

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>>830891760Absolutely based and red pilled.

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>>830895769Suck more dicks you enormous faggot.

>>830895362just couple of fags playing it up like they r an army


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>>830895560Shen went crazy and married her stalker I hear she use to ahit in cans and keep them

TayTay makes me dress up like a girl and milk cocks for her

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>>830896639>still alive at 70 and lives with her son's familythat's a success

>>830891129Thicc legged Tay Tay - I like that

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>>830896653she makes me eat my own cum

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>>830896695Holy shit


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>>830896738Yea same, I do it every time now

>>830896566Sexy butt

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>>830896728sticc tay best tay

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>>830896780no shortcuts. just procrastination #notworthit#justbusiness

>>830896761I'm ok

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>>830896765mmm strawberry jam

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>>830896830just breath

>>830896858Killing me user

>>830896882mind your own business

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>>830896912which is pleasing cocks for tay tay

>>830896974Please mine. Twice.

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>>830896997As often as you want

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>>830897037That could be alot

>>830897016Oh my god

>>830897019how come pedos always become obsessed with one girl that they spam in every thread? is it just a bi-product part of whatever is wrong with them? why not mix it up a little at least?

>>830896974.00001 sheckels has been deposited into your fathers account

>>830897065Good >830897110success

>>830897106>Jordyn Jones was born on March 13, 2000 (age 20 years),

>>830897106She has the face of a toddler, but she's 18+, so he can convince himself he's not a creepy diddler, even though literally everyone else in every thread knows he is.


>>830897219By that definition it would be alright to be attracted to a 10 year old with a mature face?

This really isn't the place for racia discussion, but basically, whites are between eight and ten percent of the world's pop, and their women of breeding age constitute just two or three.Due to the poisonous influence of feminism, very few whites have more than one child a piece. Race mixing is like kicking a dying animal for fear it might try to get back up.

>>830897370A 10-year-old, with a 10-year-old's body, and the face of a mature woman? That sounds utterly terrifying.