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>>830890692Heya, what's up?

Attached: cb933ac4367e87a0c55dbda8c7b0a258.jpg (1694x1250, 770.28K)

>>830890769Not a lot, been doing some drinking, doing some buying. Nothing wild. Checking impatiently for some guns I bought a few months ago hoping the tax stamps clear but I doubt I'm about to get those back any time soon.I feel like this place is dwindling, a lot more than I'd ever have been comfortable with. what's up with you?

Attached: 1446603646542.jpg (915x1280, 408.88K)

Attached: 1445560029003.jpg (2696x1678, 1.66M)

>>830890855Sounds cool, hopefully the tax stamps clear soonYeah, there are fewer posts and threads but I think people like closetfag and random anons coming to argue about stupid shit without contributing are what drive people away. Sfur feels like less and less of a community, and more like every other thread.Not much new for me, went driving for the first time in a year yesterday but that's it. Still struggling with severe depression and anxiety, insomnia, chronic back, neck and shoulder pain from falling a couple times last year. Same shit as always except society is just getting more fucked faster than I ever expected which makes it especially hard to improve.

Attached: cb1456e8e5c61435bb5a109e2e1a130a.png (1500x1000, 650.45K)

>>830891138>but I think people like closetfag and random anons coming to argue about stupid shit without contributing are what drive people away.

Attached: sad_cat_feels_attacked.png (1047x1047, 304.33K)

Attached: 1446767706583.jpg (1213x1280, 176.4K)

>>830891138Also near constant headaches, and I don't know if it's because of stress or what. Having such high empathy while the world is completely fucked, and feeling powerless to do anything stresses me out a lot. It's hard caring about everyone.>>830891388You seem alright tho. Definitely smarter than most people here with your apparent love for sciences and articles, and I appreciate that.

Attached: cb01658cd41200b4d16906a7f36de23b.jpg (1076x1280, 92.57K)

>>830891138Just lay back and let me jerk you off

Attached: cb4447d7ebc57e690ad4a48035809ed0.png (458x1024, 262.58K)

>>830891559No because you aren't female

Attached: cb5964e33128bae6974c71267afa12ec.png (537x741, 300.65K)

>>830891138I hope. NFA jail sucks and so does spending tons on shit just to have it tied in bureaucracy.>closetfag and random anons coming to argueIt's always been that or something else. It's never just the way it was. We aren't a community anymore, we haven't been for a long time. That went away for whatever reason years ago. We hang on thread by thread, no pun in tended. The teething problems of society happen generationally. We're at one right now. It happens. We'll either learn and move on or we'll clamp down and things get worse. Remember information travels at the speed of a tweet or facebook post. These things have always existed, it's just that now we get to experience them instead of learn from them or see them in a historical scope.At the very least it sounds like you're getting outside and doing better. That counts for something, even if it may not be much.

Attached: 1446774659073.jpg (935x791, 471.11K)

Attached: 1447127173492.jpg (1249x1280, 134.47K)

Attached: Sfur thread dead ahead.gif (346x195, 1.99M)

Attached: 1446920578583.jpg (668x850, 86.96K)

Attached: 1530903352.chesta_ychshowoff.png (1500x900, 720.75K)

Attached: 1450761275949.png (904x1280, 1M)

>>830891744I don't feel like much is going to get better. It feels like a repeat of the 1920s but on a much larger scale where everyone has access to tons of information which most people are too stupid to even rationalize what goes on beyond the limited scope of what they believe and who is loudest. It's just sad because I genuinely want to do good in this world. I have no reason to be alive other than to help others, in my opinion.Eh, I'm kinda doing better. I think I'm going to spend my birthday money on pickups for my old 1969 Precision Bass, and get an audio interface to record. I should save all of my money for a 4th gen Firebird but whatever, it'll be so long before I have enough that I may as well do something else productive in the mean time.

Attached: cb7456ae2604d3710ea98fe32c7aabec.png (1000x1166, 1.28M)

Attached: 1583625749.gradieshawnty_gradiebuttywatermarked.png (908x1280, 918.21K)

Attached: cb07675e82ae89f897f3ca205c9e6264.jpg (1280x832, 271.02K)

>>830892011It is, we tend to repeat ourselves. Things will get better, but that doesn't mean it will be easy. At some point things will change, either due to conflict, or understanding. that's cool man, sounds like a good way to gift yourself. Cars will always be around, even if they're hard to find or if you have to wait. They won't just disappear anytime soon. just put away a good part of your paycheck and call it good

Attached: 1448227525253.jpg (1280x960, 130.09K)

>>830892281bitch are those carrot sticks

Attached: 1448385635366.jpg (900x582, 584.93K)

Attached: 1447102043918.jpg (600x1200, 392.71K)

Attached: kittell_(artist)-2281332.jpg (944x761, 58.83K)

>>830892287Honestly, I've been looking at cars for months, from Firebirds to Corvettes to CTS-V's, and the Firebirds definitely seem like there's almost half as many up for sale as there was earlier this year, and are selling quick, Corvettes are selling quicker too. I don't know if people are spending their Trump bucks on cars, or this just happens every Summer because I've only been looking seriously since this year.

Attached: cb22811a8a2ae9a36089c7db576e74f2.jpg (970x1200, 691.12K)

Attached: 1527698682.tril-mizzrim_keep-calm-and-just-watch-web.png (1280x838, 1.45M)

Attached: cb40643ce95ef9f5bd26cda7a59782c6.jpg (950x676, 268.62K)

>>830892459There are, people are holding on to what they have. It's not just private sales, but dealers too. All of my connections back home are exactly like that, sales are at a crawl at best. I doubt a two week minimum federal wage check is enough to make someone spur to get a car or not. It's probably people like you who are ready to buy and buy as soon as they see something. Summer time is usually buying time, the FY ends in September and that's why there are so many sales events during the Holidays. Things are slow

Attached: 1445046529953.jpg (1084x1600, 474.61K)

Attached: 1451969549163.png (1280x1699, 1.36M)

>>830892748That makes sense. I guess in my mind I expected some people to be like, "welp, the world is fucked, better get something fun lest I lose my fucking mind while I can't work or do anything else interesting". I just want to start working already, there's too many people at our tiny store, and I won't be able to work from home for another month or so. Ughhhh.

Attached: cb71042ff3c3ed67ca1bce68caae2d05.jpg (900x665, 338.71K)

Attached: 1523550019.lycangel_online_size_version_1.png (1280x905, 603.23K)

Attached: cb187938e37f1164ec06a773d0c97119.jpg (750x600, 197.42K)

>>830892956I mean that may be part of it but generally the summer is high volume car sales. There's usually one or two sales events a summer at most. Everything else is regular volume sales. So go to work man, unless those people are employees.>>830893102Innit this Zoe's sister?

Attached: 1448392180634.png (865x1280, 379.66K)

Attached: 1443988645530.png (1000x547, 687.48K)

>>830893213Yeah, we have like 9 employees, I think like 6 or 7 any given day, and everyone has to help customers. Nobody has time to price stuff, and there's really nothing to price right now because my parents usually go to shows to buy more stock 6 times a year, but that hasn't been possible this year because of the pandemic. So, I'm going to have a hell of a lot of work to do once August rolls around.Anyway, I need to be heading to bed now. Good night my man.

Attached: cb482829acad912a4f25644ef71f6888.jpg (900x1218, 242.6K)

Attached: 1448062630334.jpg (640x637, 139.47K)

>>830893213Something like it

Attached: nnecgrau-my-beautiful-girls.jpg (1280x823, 800.57K)

>>830893350Ahh okay. That's different than. Take care dude, see you around.>>830893465I like Zoe, and I like her sister too

Attached: 1446609621354.png (1066x1280, 624.79K)

Attached: 1446848163097.jpg (750x1000, 106.15K)

Woof woof

Attached: 1447812462818.jpg (1280x1280, 141.98K)

Attached: 1448156503734.png (1250x1280, 1.42M)

Attached: 1449094437043.jpg (1200x1200, 418.28K)

Attached: tumblr_o1szeu6L681s4t4dfo1_1280.jpg (798x1380, 507.61K)

>>830894302I still do love her

Attached: 1440375295039.jpg (926x1100, 516.77K)

Attached: 1387645342.was1_shalinka_shara_shibari.png (627x900, 723.86K)

Attached: 1447870828392.jpg (789x1000, 379.47K)

Attached: 1455219650960.jpg (830x1280, 172.28K)

Attached: 1430438354.donyakavetta_donyakavetta_by_crimsonsnows-d8ri1er.jpg (958x1280, 126.44K)

>>830894433Moar bondage?

Attached: 1468627912239.jpg (1626x2850, 1.7M)

Attached: 1447812961080.png (864x1188, 1.29M)

Attached: 1447812964733.png (839x942, 499.35K)

Attached: 1445574228.kittydee_neoshark02.jpg (1280x836, 140.22K)

Attached: 1447812999305.jpg (1545x2000, 1.97M)

Attached: 1447813001172.jpg (466x624, 104.71K)

Attached: 1356308641.inuki_xmas_color.jpg (688x1000, 403.2K)

>>830890855>I feel like this place is dwindling, a lot more than I'd ever have been comfortable with.Where were you for the last decade?

Attached: 1447813101347.jpg (1143x2000, 811.01K)

>>830894877I think he meant sfur in particular, which has struggled significantly since 2016.

Attached: 1447813106329.jpg (1545x2000, 1.91M)

Attached: 1447813153775.png (1275x1650, 1.11M)

Attached: 1458528092.kittentits_bdsm2bykt.jpg (818x1280, 164K)

Everyone who was here, isn't anymore. It's not the same. The communitywe had is gone, dead.

Attached: 1447813172032.jpg (1545x2000, 1.12M)

Attached: 1447813200368.png (1500x1000, 1.74M)

Attached: 1505320100.ozi-rz_30.jpg (840x1280, 117.75K)

>>830895071Now this I like.

Attached: 1485904905.f-r95_artica.jpg (1280x973, 171.57K)

Attached: 1469758118239.jpg (683x811, 173.23K)

Attached: 1448389872848.jpg (1100x804, 259.34K)

Attached: 1386256825.jaynut_1386255377_kittentits_ychbondagesinglebykittentitsresized.jpg (1280x853, 155.58K)

Are you guys into real life zoo? If the answer is yes, were you into zoo and then furrys or the other way around? I'm not judging, I like this shit too, just curious.

Attached: 1403051385.cuteancuddly_nopleasefa.png (909x959, 1M)

Ahh~ much better now I can go back to sleep

Attached: 1876799_Lichfang_kurayaminosketchpost.png (879x1066, 868.84K)

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Attached: 1397886180.porin_ych4-small.png (1076x975, 1.59M)

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Attached: 1444154038641.jpg (1680x1050, 432.44K)

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Attached: 1444189764432.jpg (1600x1181, 1.07M)

Attached: 1444239456649.jpg (2000x4000, 1.31M)

>>830895786This looks too much like Phoenix from Camleback Mountain on the PV side

Attached: 1444240279393.png (841x1250, 842K)

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Attached: 1444241753223.jpg (927x1200, 1.02M)

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Good morning s/fur

>>830897217happy saturday

>>830897237Indeed oh thank god for that.

>>830894913Does anyone have the comic where puzzle and diamond take turns fucking patrick after he gets out of the shower?

>>830897283def>>830897323I do not, even if I did it would need to be in the next thread