Hot conservative women

Hot conservative women

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Someone's gonna post Blaire White and it's gonna piss me the fuck off

>>830889103i thought you said hot


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>>830889362You're gay if you wouldn't fuck this.

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>>830889103More of right

>>830890268Looks like an alien and is a man, you're gay if you're lonely enough to convince yourself to fuck a dude.

>>830889103Damn I love these two blondes. They remind me very much of this aryan bitch I met off of adultfriend24 dot com a couple of weeks ago. She was real wifey material. Unfortunately, while the ugly single moms are very easy lays, you've got to really work on this prime material. So more often than not I just go with the easier option of the two. lol

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How are any of these women conservative???

>>830890766politically conservative you fucking autist

>>830890766I think OP means right wing. That's Conservative not conservative, they have too few clothes on to be old school knitting n church conservative .

>>830890837How is politically conservative conservative?

>>830890859oh so what he means is racist bigot women.

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>>830890674more pics of this girl?

>>830889103all these simps. lol. muh queen hates the negros so i will gladly give her attention in hopes i can fuck her. lol.

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>>830890268she looks like crazy you wouldn’t stick your dick in

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>>830890932Yep, if you want put it in plain English. Horrible cunty bitches.

>>830890766Put it this way, see any men hating, white hating, socialist, antifa? See tats and piercings covering bodies? Look like church goers to me

>>830890932Or idiots with a flag. Same same.

>>830890678trevor noah definitely fucked her

>>830891212No just fake tits, fake hair and way too much make up. Just as the good Lord intended. Just because someone gies to church does not make them a good person. Silly, easily blagged American.

Brandy "Jisel" Ledford.Penthouse Pet turned actress.Yep...she's Conservative.

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>>830891233ahhhh i get it like these two?

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So women with daddy issues? Oh wait that's most women

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>>830891430Left is much less likely to suicide bomb the train station.

>>830891585No she would just drop her bombs from drones.

>>830890932Found the nigger jew

Mindy Robinson.Randy Couture's girlfriend.Running for Congress in Nevada as GOP.

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>>830891673White European background sorry...

>>830891634she wouldn't, but the military, ordered by her president, might.

>>830889103I can like see these girls when they get old. Gonna grand ma so fast. bad genes. the worst.

>>830891430>racist bigot women

Stacy's Mom has got it goin' on...!Rachel Hunter

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>>830891794yeah true as well

>>830891430Girl on the right is in a country that promotes firearms as a tool for martyrdom and violence. Girl on the left is in a country that promotes firearms as a tool for self defense and sport.

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I'd turn this maga bitch into a freeuse cumdumpster

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>>830891430- muslim will hunt you for being an infidel, would suicide for the religion> american will ask you to stay the fuck away and you would be fineany questions?

>>830891841she's conservative? didn't know

>>830891902are you sure?

>>830891920Yeah that doesn't check out last I knew Americans were all over the world telling people what to do.

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>>830890674This is legit an advertisement

>>830890674How fucking stupid are you?Lauren and her sisters families last name is Simonsen.They are Jewish and die their hair blonde to appeal to white men that are too stupid to tell the difference.Also Lauren isn't conservative or right wing.

Leftist spergs you resent yourselves your families and your forefathers.. Eat your heart out. haha

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>>830891925She's a registered Republican, advocates limited government, card-carrying member of the NRA, & is a staunch anti-abortionist.

>>830891430The one on the left is probably Christian, unlikely to blow themselves up or strap explosives onto their children to martyr them. She is ruled by the media because she believes in God, freedom, marriage and family values. Must be a racist white supremacist Nazi that starves African children and Afghani babies according to the left.The one on the right is the one most likely to walk into a busy shopping mall, scream something about 'A llama crack whore' and blow themselves up killing innocents but is portrayed by the media (and Marxists) as being a victim, is deemed as anything but an extremist, and was probably 'mentally ill' for wanting to destroy the west. But certainly not anything to do with Islam (insert numerous week-long platitudes about religion of peace etc here)

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This one is pretty obvious...

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Lauren Chen (political/cultural youtuber)

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>>830890268Tuck game is strong

>>830889959I'd grab them by the pussy

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>conservative women>dress like whoresthis is why the west has lost lmao

Ashton Birdie

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>>830892796west has lost so much more from all the gender fluidity and confusion--keep that growing and humans will go extinct.

wow, nobody posted amber hahn?you neocon fags can't do anything right

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>>830893653more of her?


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>>830889103are they conservative because they are white and blonde?

>>830893819she's got a cute smile and nice rack, keep posting.


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>>830893934more bikini shots please...she's a bit thicker, but still very cute


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>>830893934front view of her in a bikini?

My wife.

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>>830894060>>830893934>>830893819>>830893653any more of her?

>>830889103Fap 4 the southern sisters

>>830891430Left is way hotter

>>830890268I'd blast Blaire's dookie factory with the force of a million exploding suns.

>>830891430One is christfag, one is Islamfag, pretty much the same thing except the christfags gang has invaded more countries recently. Both fucking idiots.

>>830891585And her brother is more likely to shoot up a school


Ive seen her wear a necklace that has some dudes nut in a glass is that about...

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Women who pose for nude photos are hardly conservative. Actual conservatives would consider them sluts.

>>830890932>anyone that doesnt share my opinion is a racist bigot Fuck off back to plebbit you so overdosing twunt

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>>830896901No one said that. You are assuming that. That makes you silly .

>>830896911I bet she plays a mean skin flute

>>830896983She can play mine allllll day

>>830889103>OP>"Hot conservative women">Posts an outright whore and her sister who is an outright whore with more STDs in her mouth than most of ChinaFucking eh OP you're a fucking faggot.

>>830890268It’s literally the opposite you degenerate coomer.

MAGA pleasure hole

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