Chubby girls thread

chubby girls thread

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>>830888740>>830888953My wife needs to get her nips pierced.

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>>830889436she took it out after a few years.probably better off not getting pierced. they often get weepy and tender.

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>>830889689Too bad, they're so sexy. That his her worry too though. Her sisters took a whole year to heal


>>830889088I recognize her. More?

Any interests?

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>>830889845she also had her pussy pierced for a while too

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>>830890371nudes on all

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>>830890379Nice, I don't think either of us could handle that though.

Honest question, do they all have smelly pussies? I get turned on by the idea of chubby girls but can't stand the smell. Felt like i had to scrub the skin off my dick for a week just to get the smell off me. I've only fucked 2 of them but both were significantly worse smelling than smaller girls I've been with. Not sure if I'm just unlucky though


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>>830890613fuck off with your shitty facebook pics faggot

>>830890284perfect, disc?

>>830890541she took that out also. and to be honest. its better out.

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>>830890637Great ass!!!

>>830890688Agreed, it's the idea of someone down there piercing her is pretty hot

love thick thighs

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>>830890637>>830890613let's see them all nude

>>830888740she looks just like my sexfriend! HOT!

>>830890850love her ass

>>830890806her getting pierced

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>>830890961I agree. Great body!

>>830890991Hot! She doesn't look bashful at all

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>>830890961more of her ass

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>>830891164so juicy


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>>830891034she really isnt. she loves attentionhere is some public flashing. guys standing behind her in the distance

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>>830891392what a sexy fat slut

>>830891392Love whore wife's. When we were younger, my wife was pretty wild. Streaking/skinny dipping several times a year was pretty common. She liked flashing truckers on road trips too.


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>>830891609Would love to eat her ass and lick those soles

>>830891490Why'd she stop?

>>830890637>>830890613More. Tits?!

>>830892855After kids and gaining a couple pounds, she just isn't as much of an exhibitionist as she was. Unless we're really far from home, got her to wear a thong swimsuit at a beach in Florida.

>>830889740damn. name?

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>>830891647You don't have to tell anyone that. You can just think it.


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My gf goes gym like this

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Chubby ex

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>>830894481more pls


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>>830894737>>830894713shes so cute. perfect size too.

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>>830894347Fuckking hell giant aureolas 0_0Got more user? Fully nude?

>>830890865Shes cute as fuck

>>830894953>>830894347she's a real cutie, nutted inside her, dont want a kid yet but wouldn't have minded knocking her up, got ass, closeup of tits, bent over, watchu wanna see?

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>>830894779she totally is the perfect size, and so willing to send shit

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>>830895345>>830894953love this pic in her white panties, after we fucked said she only dated/fucked white guys, had me reloaded instantly

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>>830895392Shut up.

>>830895307All of it haha, bent over?

>>830895392Perfect body.


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>>830895392Was hoping you were white, I'd like to fuck a nice black pussy like her. Good for you user, do you still bang her sometimes?


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>>830895620>>830895607>>830895574ofcourse, someones gotta breed her

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>>830894347You really makin' me miss black bitches so bad right now.

>>830895724Absolutely everything you're saying is complete bullshit. Stop talking.

>>830895765>>830894953ive got a bad case of jungle fever, cant help myself lmao

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>>830895805how so? y u mad?

>>830889088those are the tits of a mother

>>830890850Love redheads, more?

Is my wife thick?...

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>>830896272in the head, ya bitch built like a f150

>>830896272More fully nude.

>>830895827Any of her spread eagle or pussy/ass from behind?

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>>830896495these were all requested by me over snap, so i was mainly just focused on gettin my nut so no actual good ones unfortunately, working on another night to meet up, if it happens ill make some vids/take more pics in person

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>>830895827You and me both, bro. It's terminal.


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Anyone have more of this ass?

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>>830896609Hope to see more in the future.

>>830897377Same here

Anyone got more of her? She was posted a week ago roughly.

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