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poast feets

>>830885227Jordyn is a toy for older men to use

>>830885140uoy knaht

Attached: madelaine` (428).png (1080x1080, 1.06M)

>>830885227JJ nudes when?


Attached: 88.webm (1080x1140, 1.99M)

>>830885140Oooh, I love getting lewd for Kate

Attached: arielwinter.jpg (1365x2048, 272.17K)

>>830885351fuck yeah

>>830885335She had a nip slip the other day.


Attached: SF (1).webm (960x1340, 1.36M)

>>830885254for all men to use>>830885335>soonthe nip slip wasnt enough for you?

Attached: 1568924993242.jpg (1440x1439, 183.9K)

Attached: 1561467630284.jpg (1080x1168, 93.38K)

>>830885355shut the fuck up you LARPing aspie>HURR LEWD UWU DADDY'S CUMMIESeat an entire cactus and die

>>830885498I bet she's such a submissive little cumrag.

>>830885534HE MAD LADS


>>830885590she gets horny when guys spit on her face

Attached: 1568989978893.jpg (1536x2048, 790.25K)


Attached: bdsmlr-707735-ICIKyIaUsK-og (1).jpg (916x1799, 185.88K)


Attached: 1582251918280.jpg (351x322, 14.8K)

>>830885669brainwash me for Kate

>>830885657I don't doubt it. Her only purpose is to be fucked.

Attached: 1283887019092.jpg (2085x2100, 973.96K)


Attached: 1236941682335.jpg (640x486, 51.45K)


Attached: Screenshot_20200626-012104_Gallery.jpg (1080x1625, 760.21K)

>>830885733Imagine wanting to be brainwashed for Kate Upton. What a faggot

>>830885914you don't like big tits?

>>830885478Doesn't count, because you can't see anything. I want full frontal, uncovered, uncensored, no bullshit nudes. Tits, pushy clefts and face for proof.Those are the only nudes that are acceptable. I'm headed to work. I'll be back in 10 or so hours. Leak any and all JJ nudes while I'm gone.Thanks.

Attached: 1592025358197m.jpg (589x1024, 72.54K)

>>830885989I never said that I didn't like big tits. Where did you get that from?

>>830885895>Oops, I didn't mean to show you guys what you've been wanting to see for the last eight years. Please don't repost that video, it was an accident!

>>830886039well part of being brainwashed for Kate Upton is giving into the power of her big tits...


Attached: 1503002504517.gif (270x200, 1.99M)


Attached: 1586358729839.jpg (1440x1440, 335.33K)

>>830886125I don't like Kate Upton though. And I typically love big tits. So what would happen when you've been brainwashed for Kate then...?

>>830886248What always happens when I am brainwashed for big tits, I become submissive. I'm sorry you don't like her.

>>830885637>>830885607>>830885841>you madis a response to someone you've trolled. this is your actual honest to god cringe personality that you can fuck all the way off with you LARPing autists

>>830885669this is psyops level bullshit

Attached: hahaohwow.jpg (562x437, 40.03K)


Attached: 1579860116615.jpg (720x853, 121.3K)

>>830886279It's fine user. I have a brainwashing fetish and I typically get weak for big tits and feel submissive.... but not for Kate's

>>830886380no shortcuts , only procrastination


Attached: 2fags.jpg (300x222, 14.9K)

>>830886398>i get weakyet another LARPing aspie

>>830886398Maybe I could teach you a thing or two? Which other big tits do you like to brainwash you?

>>830886409They aren't arguing, are you fucking retarded?


Attached: 1580803202896.jpg (480x455, 61.61K)

>>830886433That could be useful I guess. I like Kat Dennings, love her tits. What about yourself, any others?


Attached: raging-faggot-meme.jpg (510x419, 40.98K)

>>830886581Kat Dennings has some very enjoyable tits.......Lucy Pinder does things to me so does Kylie...

>>830886622logic=faggotry?u dum

>>830886635She really does... fuck, I love them so much... never stroked to Lucy before, and everyone knows about Kylie...

I ain't had any cell service in like 3 hours

Attached: official_laneya_grace___ByX6ZzIB5TV___.jpg (1080x1350, 272.42K)

>>830886715Maybe I could teach you about Kate and you could teach me about Kat..?

Attached: madelaine` (2).gif (498x280, 1.17M)

>>830886489you aren't cute

>>830886781I don't know... I don't usually feel aroused by Kate... fuck it, what's the worst that could happen? Where do you want to go...


Attached: who.jpg (1060x795, 208.19K)

>>830886891Where are you most comfortable? Wickr?

>>830886388;____; TFW back pain.

Attached: 1589368428855.jpg (1080x1080, 169.1K)

>>830887025That's fine... just created an account. My username is Unknown22551

>>830887162I will be in contact shortly...I hope you are prepared to be aroused for Kate

>>830887196Hmmm... we'll have to wait and see about that

>>830887261>>830887196But I am looking forward to Kat... do you want me to add you instead... or do I just wait...

thread dead

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Attached: I don't wanna be buried... in a pet semetaryyyyy.jpg (1080x1223, 101.25K)

>>830887543Thread is kill.

Attached: 1582083540649.jpg (1900x2438, 762.29K)


Attached: 1588440421617.jpg (1080x1350, 297.33K)

>>830887614if beadys back was boobs... it would be those boobers cuz FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

>>830887734Das literally the only pic I have of that B. (._ . )Tryna make a change :-/

Attached: 1578544714745.jpg (2081x3000, 870.67K)

>>830887906Bitch you won't change.


Attached: madelaine` (426).webm (1090x570, 760.81K)

>>830887650what are we gonna do with you kiddo

Attached: JLC&LJ.jpg (1278x1920, 592.91K)

>>830887934I did say tryna... (._ . )Tryna make a change :-/>>830887964OOOOOOOOOH MUH PHALLUSTryna make a change :-/

Attached: 1565497930296.jpg (2603x3660, 484.63K)

She returns.

Attached: Alison Brie 1XX.jpg (1200x1500, 348.17K)

>>830887906>>830888093POWER NUTT

You guys are weird.

>>830888073I will be ridding myself of all the nonsense soon... (._ . )

Attached: 20200626_205203.jpg (4032x1816, 1.09M)

>>830888253Don't lump me in with these heathens.

>>830888255let me get a beef jerky bag

>>830888093im gon power nut as well if thats okay with beady

Attached: ts67822.jpg (1208x1920, 305.66K)

>>830888162>>830888350Well unfortunately any time I try to get pics in these threads I just get shit on so I'm not about to start posting a bunch of pics for other people.A big part of why I've not spammed recently is cause I've given up trying to get pics in here. Now I just drive-by shitpost. (._ . )>>830888329Okie. :B

Attached: 2645421906488347.jpg (2001x3000, 1.31M)

>>830888463>he mad

Any lily James?

>>830888463good you should leave


>>830888255wait what is all that for? you heading into the deep woods lad?

Attached: GHlettinthefartescape.jpg (1027x1369, 80.05K)


Attached: 03c7241348016942.jpg (2550x3300, 1.95M)

Attached: 1568895974219.jpg (1281x1920, 1.44M)

>>830888671She’s cute

>>830888697Fuck sake

>>830888697Big dumb tits


>>830888509>>830888569My point exactly... you guys are how I imagine all Anons are. Unfortunately I can't tell the good ones from the bad ones so I have to treat them all bad so that I don't accidentally treat the bad ones good. Guilty until proven innocent. (._ . )>>830888614Not the deep woods no, I'm gonna be taking off from here and cycling to a warmer city (so I don't die in the winter). I'll pitch a tent on the outskirts and see where that leads me. This life ain't working for me here and I know no one cares. I gotta take the reigns on this one. (._ . )

Attached: 3294676240571875.jpg (3000x2032, 534.87K)

>>830888845>>830888862she is perfect

Attached: 1568927388118.jpg (1281x1920, 1.39M)

>>830888906Meh, her 15 minutes are up at this point.

>>830888901That is a retarded stance to take. I treat all anons good. Who gives a shit. You are one of the bad ones it seems.

>>830888901your and idiot

>>830888906>>830888862>>830888845I love to get weak for big tits... but not hers unfortunately

>>830888945i dont even care about the celebs but i still jerk off to their tits.

Attached: 1568399757739.jpg (1416x2124, 411.24K)


>>830889084Nudes or no dice.

>>830887196Anon, are you still here?

>>830888587Don’t be mean


>>830889084Fuck they are big

>>830888901well shit fire dude. you've got a buncha cash saved up tho yeah? so you'll be alright in terms of food and getting a room here and there. that's a pretty drastic change but sometimes that's what it takes I suppose. why not join the army? here in the states they require a HS diploma or GED but they help you get it if you're serious. dunno how it is up there tho

Attached: LCohmy~01.jpg (1280x1959, 170.25K)

>>830888901You will die on your journey and people will laugh.

>>830889621i love lily

>>830889621I need her butt

>>830888978Right, I'm one of the bad ones cause I expect when I try to be polite and get people to post celebs I like that I see them posting and instead I just get ignored. It's not difficult to reply to people who want to talk to you. You noticed how earlier when someone commented about Rita and I said that's all I had? I could have just ignored him but I'm not that much of a cunt that when people reply to me I make an effort to reply to them back. I wish other people offered that same courtesy to me. Instead the best way to get pics in these threads is just to go MMMMMMMMMMMM MY DICK. You already know the story. Done replying to you.>>830889621I have lots of savings, I could live in this apartment with internet well into next year but what's the point? I'll just end up leaving next year with far less money. No one gives a fuck about me and everyone just wants my money. I'm done paying rent, I'm done working 40 hours a week so that the government can pay people $2000 a month to sit at home cause of the Holocough. Honestly just fuck the government in general, I hate it here. I'm done wage slaving so that I can pay someone else's mortgage.I'm half expecting I'm going to be on drugs by the end of the year. You have no idea the disdain I have for the government here. They're replacing us.People say "see a therapist" lmao, so they can tell me to get a wage slave job so I can bust my fucking ass while my single mother upstairs is making more than me sitting on her ass. Fuck this place.It's not your problem to deal with, it's okay. I'm sure I'll be fine, maybe moving somewhere that isn't where I've been stuck for over a decade will help put some life back into me.

Attached: 7082411051746880.jpg (1150x1725, 365.68K)


give milkers mommy

Attached: 1568897555062.jpg (1281x1920, 1.09M)

>>830890239You need therapy badly dude.

>>830890308For fuck sake, no...

>>830890344First thing you noticed?


Attached: 1543136095679.jpg (2483x3200, 955.98K)

>>830890440What's that got to do with anything?>>830890586She's so overrated. At least post Kat or someone

>>830890684i want to suck them dry

Attached: 1568898628819.jpg (640x960, 126.5K)


>>830890684What did you notice first?

>>830890731That's weird>>830890819Her overrated tits. Why? What are you going to do, brainwash me with them?

>>830890898i want her to suffocate me with her big titties

Attached: 1568891156507.jpg (1281x1920, 1.31M)

>>830890898Do you WANT to be brainwashed with those big tits?

>>830891021What makes you think you can...

>>830891091The fact you are a slut


>>830891123Go on then. Brainwash me. I dare you...

>>830891262no shortcuts. just procrastination

>>830891262I mean you are already staring at them so Its halfway there

>>830891320>Its halfway thereI doubt that very much. And I'm not staring at them... I mean, my Wickr is in the thread if that's any use...

>>830891404Admit you are staring at them and it might get some use

>>830891473Okay, I'm staring at them... that doesn't mean anything, though


>>830891702What do you mean, bullshit...

>>830891722You are staring at her tits for a reason

>>830891768same reason you are constantly staring at me. does that mean you are going 2 give me my money? honest i rest my case.

>>830892217Kill yourself Tnig



Attached: Winston Duke Ariel Winter2.jpg (674x431, 116.13K)

>>830885254>Jordyn is a toy

Attached: Jordyn Jones 1257.jpg (2705x1365, 819.38K)

>>830892852Pretty based image you got there I'm sad she's not a teen anymore though.

Attached: 1-s2.0-S2214442019302049-gr1.jpg (335x388, 40.7K)

>>830893254Still cute.

Attached: Jordyn Jones 134820.jpg (1125x1119, 1.01M)

Attached: 1-s2.0-S2214442019302049-gr3.jpg (335x410, 54.77K)

>>830894015Yes she is. I want my cock between her adorable tits.

>>830894443>Yes she is. I want my cock between her adorable tits.

Attached: avatars-000332331559-4wo4qb-t500x500.jpg (500x500, 41.86K)


Attached: Jordyn Jones 1195.jpg (1080x1079, 1.46M)

Attached: 3-Figure3-1.png (852x1168, 898.97K)

>>830895201She never disappoints. That body is just flawless.

Attached: EWperfecta.jpg (1042x1302, 75.38K)


Attached: Jordyn Jones 1032.jpg (1080x1920, 142.24K)

Attached: 312365.fig.003a.jpg (600x491, 182K)

>>830895411Her tits are perfect little handfuls.

>>830895480LOL what a creepy little man you are


Attached: Jordyn Jones 1128a.jpg (1288x1038, 282.02K)

Attached: 180713-weinstein-hero_vdukk7.jpg (1566x881, 163.43K)

>>830895689HRNG they're so cute


Attached: Jordyn Jones 13348.jpg (1089x1918, 111.8K)

>>830895953Just want to slap my cock against that face. It must feel amazing to be defiling a face that cute.

Attached: 13017_2018_187_Fig3_HTML.png (894x1089, 518.18K)

>>830896007meant for>>830895740

>>830896007>a face that cute.

Attached: Jordyn Jones 1091.jpg (1080x1350, 109.08K)

>>830896245And of course, letting her deep throat my cock would be just as pleasurable.

Attached: B2C5L2FYGFD45NKSA52RBWC5AQ.jpg (1200x800, 78.95K)

>>830896283>letting herHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>830896283>just as pleasurable.

Attached: Jordyn Jones 13285c.jpg (1080x1350, 265K)

Attached: b1962ad0526138a54413bd3e623fb23a05-05-harvey-weinstein-3.rsquare.w700.jpg (700x700, 87.86K)

>>830896486She needs to be my sex toy. That's her purpose in life.

>>830896594>That's her purpose in life.

Attached: Jordyn Jones 13439.jpg (1080x1350, 145.31K)

Attached: Debridement-for-Fourniers-gangrene-wound.png (850x566, 306.94K)

Attached: Jordyn Jones 1273.jpg (1633x922, 77.64K)

Attached: download.jpg (1486x1129, 196.52K)


Attached: 34.jpg (830x621, 63.21K)



>>830897120eat shit namefag

Attached: 39.jpg (1023x764, 76.91K)

>>830897027oh no is he ok