Doot doot g/fur

doot doot g/fur

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>>830884398bap the kat!

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>>830884547hiya snarf.

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>>830884547mewmewmew>>830884680boop the cat~

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>>830884775how ya doing wem?

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>>830884744>>830884775Today sucked.

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>>830884912im sorry to hear that snarf.

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>>830884858i okays. watching the tele and potaotohow you?>>830884912what happend?!?

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>>830885241im the next week off work so thats going for me.

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people avataring anime pics in gfur need to kill themselves

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>>830885302yayyy! I get the end of next month off for two weeks holiday in Montana

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>>830885103>>830885241Woke up with fever and chills after only sleeping for 3 hours, went and got Covid tested since my mom was heading that way, so I bummed a ride with her, though they weren't sure if it was Covid or strep. Took a 6 hour "nap", so now my sleep schedule is further fucked up. And won't get results until Monday, so have to isolate all weekend.

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>>830885555AgreedAlong with people in the past

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>>830885606D: i hope its just a cold

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>>830885563that's awesome!time off to relax.~>>830885606oh jesus.I hope you don't have covid.fingers crossed for just a cold, and at worst strep.

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Stfu wem fucking weak cunt

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>>830885707gonna go hunting and horse riding and photograph some stuff. it'll be lit

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Suck my ass cucks

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>>830885966sounds like a fun time.being out in nature is fun.i hope you get some good wild game.

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Oh yeah you got laid at 15 and I still havent at 28 so you make fun of meFUCK YOUYou mean NOTHING to me then FUCK YOU

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>>830886040mostly hoping to do some varmint hunting.

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>>830886165i still wish you luck on your hunts!

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Miss me with your faggot dominance shitInstead FUCK YOUFUCK YOU

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what the hell is thatit stinks so bad ughhhit smells like........virginity gross

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Suck the shit out of my asshole wem FUCK YOU

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>>830886493FUCK YOU

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>>830886493Kitty, use your magical powers to make me feel better.

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magic kitty

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>>830886797His booty is magic.

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Fucking hate you too dashEat a fucking bullet FUCK YOU

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>>830886798why are you so madgo get laid and come back when you have calmed down

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>>830886836hiya dash.

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>>830886968Heya Foxy, how are you?

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>>830886928FUCK YOU

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>>830886992im alive. how have you've been?

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>>830886964FUCK YOU

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>>830887026Meh, I'm okay. Stoned, tired because I'm not sleeping well, had a headache all day for some reason. I think I'm gonna go make some tea, and try to get to sleep a little earlier tonight.

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>>830886523that looks hard to do! suck theur dick while fucking :O>>830886679I iwll send you three hugs to be taken at dinner>>830886797mewmew>>830886836hi~

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>>830887104Hi wem, how's it going?

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>>830887103FUCK YOU

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>>830887103i understand that. sorry if my spelling is bad tonight i've had a bit to drink tonight.go get some rest when you can hun.>>830887104looks hard but fun!imagine, getting to take someone and blow them at the same time.

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>>830887183I wish I were drinking with ya, weed isn't doing it for me anymore :/

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Fucking hate you wem and dash FUCK YOUEat death and drink fuckFUCK YOU

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I just want a warm wet mouth on my freshly shaved cock and balls. Gimme the suck

>>830887313wouldn't mind having a drinking buddy.

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>>830887383FUCK YOU

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>>830887383Damn.. lowkey wish I could help

>>830887122it's good~ what kind of tea you gonna make?>>830887183you could do that ;3

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>>830887462with my flexible body i probably could ;P

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>>830887462It's some kind of chamomile and lavender tea, with like Kava kava, St John's wort, spearmint, skull cap and something else I think. It's actually really good. My mom turned me into a tea addict lmao.

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>>830887461Cant stop getting hard since I did it. Need to bust a fat nut so I can sleep

looks like we have a heccin grumpy pupper in the thread hehehewhats wrong smol puppo,all pent up ? :3

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>>830887552murrrrr~>>830887559whats poppin sauce dad?>>830887569oh that sounds really good! is it somethign you can get at the store? :3c

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>>830887383I wish I could be your cock-and-ball sucking buddy

>>830887757such a lewd chee

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>>830887808Would use you often to keep my balls drained

>>830887656Show cock

>>830887757Yeah, I think my mom gets it at Sprouts farmers market, not sure if it's in normal stores. It's called 'Calm Buddha Blend' by Buddha Teas. I drink their Sleepy Temple kind sometimes, but it's just chamomile, lavender, spearmint and cinnamon or something, not as good as the other one imo. I feel like the Calm Buddha Blend helps my anxiety more and makes me more sleepy because of the kava kava and other herbs and stuff.

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>>830887689Post your butt to spite him.

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>>830887811lewd for a fox ;3>>830887987I'll see i've i can get some :3c

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>>830887973Old pic

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>>830888184I hope you can, it's sooo good and really does help my anxiety and stress :3I want to try pure kava kava, I bet it's nice~

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>>830888184I'm sure this fox would love to tease you ;P

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>>830888238i never heard of kava though. >>830888316oh do more than tease please

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>>830888465if you were closer i'd love to do more.might have to show just how flexible i can be

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>>830887757saucin, ya know

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>>830888465It's a plant that is sedative, anesthetic, and supposedly mildly euphoric. I don't know much about it, but I do know in some places there are kava bars where people go and drink to chill, similar to how alcohol is. It's a whole culture in the Pacific Islands, and it seems very similar to kratom. I'm all about plants that make you feel good and calm :P

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>>830888535*runs there right now>>830888561spicy boi~

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>>830888709i actually taste like strawbs, or coconut if you were into ass eating

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>>830888709bring it cute chee~>>830888824I enjoy how he is being guided to take more down this throat.

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>>830888975Yeah, I've really been in a dick sucking mood lately :/Wish I had a cute bf, or at least a femboy fuck buddy

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>>830889167same, or at least someone i can chill with and be comfortable around. just a fuck buddy to not have to wear pants around and if anything happens it happens.

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>>830888682oh whoa a bar would be interesting to go to :Oi like tea houses those are fun~!>>830888828i love both those things mmm>>830888975hehehe~~

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more like this at yiffspot DOT com

>>830889327If you weren't so far away I'd love to hang out and stuffI'm a lonely boi, and the only one of my 4 siblings who's never had a partner, makes me feel even more sad and lonely :(

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>>830889343cuddly cute chee~>>830889442oh i know that feeling. my siblings both are married now. I'm the last one without a partner.

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>>830889529I know you'll find someone some day, stay positive and keep trying :3I'm in the middle too, I'm 23 and my younger brother is 18 and already more successful than me, and much more attractive. Nobody wants to be with an ugly weirdo metal head like me, and the only thing I have going for me is that I'm intelligent and nice, which doesn't seem like anything people care about anymore...

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>>830889667you'll find someone as well dash, You'll find someone who wants you for you.

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>>830889789Maybe, it seems like society is just getting worse, and people care less and less about love, relationships, and being a good person and partner, just meaningless sexIdk, maybe I'm just wrong about everything and everyone...

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>>830889529bed time for me chee. see ya~>>830889789>>830889667foxy speaks truths. someone for everyone

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>>830889932Sweet dreams kitty :3

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>>830889890nah a lot of people are fake nowadays. all they care about is sex, money and fame.but if you can find the few that don't then its worth while.>>830889932night night wem im heading there as well~sweet dreams!night everyone~!

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>>830889932Night, kitty.

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>>830890038Sweet dreams Foxy~

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Good night, Snarf

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Sleep is for the weak.

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>>830888025post ur face

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>>830897032No, now post your butt.

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