Kinda hot

Kinda hot.

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Fuck that, wheres the mare pussy at?

>>830883947You mean super hot

Where’s the good vids of horses ramming girls

was always curious to play with a horse's dick. seems impossible to find someone willing to help though, i used to post on CL looking to suck dog and horse dicks and do pee stuff but all i ever got was hatemail or guys pretending to have a dog/horse but never actually organising anything

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wish I had stables full of hung stallions with genetically engineered veiny cocks, taunting them with horse puss daily, keeping them well hydrated so they get sexually frustrated building up massive loads for days, then bring out a fresh mare into the center so they can all watch and let them out one at a time taking turns on her

I used in a trailer on someone else's farm and there were two horses fenced in a gross muddy pen nearby. They were kind of an afterthought for their owners (the landlords kids/grandkids) and these two mares never got played with or walked. I'd visit them during the day and feed them grass. I'd come back in the dead of night and pet them and the two of them were so horny and lonely that they'd turn their asses towards me and push back towards me and into the fence wire. I was only 16 at the time and there was no internet for porn and I was a virgin so I was happy to double finger bang these two mares and then I would jerk myself off and cum into some grass and feed it to them. This went on every night for about a year and it became like a nightly ritual for us. It was mutually pleasuring for the three of us and I've never since had such a bond with mares or any other animal beside humans. After I moved I never saw them again but i still get hard remembering those chilly nights that me and these two horses would snuggle, nuzzle, and get each other off.

>>830885931wholesome and u put a boner in my pants bro

huge here redditcom/r/AmateurGirlsHugeDicks/

>>830883947I think girls fucked by horses or fucking horses is really hot. On the other hand anything related to dogs or other animals is just gross. Exspecially dogs as they are so smelly lol. I know of a girl in real life that is rumored to have had sex with her dog when she was drunk on different occasions. Then I knew a guy irl who jerked off his dog in front of us when we were teens. Lastly I recently met this bitch from adultfriend24 dot com who was into animal fucking and told me all about her fantasies of huge horse penises and such lol... she was a great lay but pretty fucked up mentally.>I want to see a lady play with pic related, anyone has any sauce of this?

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I think this belongs here

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>>830884657Let's be honest here... who wouldn't?I'd just be afraid that the damn horse kicked me.

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>>830886381>I'd just be afraid that the damn horse kicked mesame

Any sites??

Add me on Wickr: girllover14

>>830886027I still would like to find another willing mare some day. I regret never trying to go farther with either of the two mares. Next chance I get to fuck a willing, hot, wet, mare pussy I will creampie her for sure.


>>830885081There is literally a job where you clean horse penises. It's called sheath cleaning or something like that. My wife has a few friends with horses and she has helped them do it before.

>>830886159damn that's nice, where can I buy a dildo like that? can anyone tell me?? Is this legal to buy in the states?

>>830885081if you were a woman it would be very easy to find someone to help you

>>830883947Hotter than men.>>830886381Hotter than women.

>>830886381I would be more concerned about someone seeing me do it

>>830886381>>830886542Agreed. Any good horse porn? Shit is retarded when the horse isn't active

>>830889471That's true about everything though.

>>830886381i dont see the point arent they meant to take like 18 inches even if youre hung its like ficking the couch itll still feel good I guess

>>830886159>adultfriend24 dot com>>830887297>adultfriend24 dot comis this an attempt at viral marketing?

too bad normal people don't have animal genitals

>>830890356unless youre me then youve got a fat horse cock HEH

>>830890397Animal genitals are just better at breeding, biomechanically.

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>>830886159dog or a horse is far less disgusting than fucking a nigger but just as degrading

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>>830890220Theyre much warmer than any girl and feel amazing

>>830884795Never seen one. They can never actually fit. It's disappointing.

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>>830889367its just a Bad Dragon toy, they're totally legal

>>830891812Saw a vid of miniature horse ramming a lady home and that miniature wasnt so small, but im sure an actual horse would of killed her, still hot though.


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Requesting animal genital image dump, no furry shit (maximum 2 out of 5 on the furry scale)

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>>830892876mare puss?

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>>830893089first i'd like to say FUCK THESE CAPTCHAS WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK its an RV not a fucking bus you retards. Takes 10m just to upload a pic with this horse shit.

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Most equine fathers try to fuck their kids within a month, weird, huh?

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>>830891969God no the horse looks so much better.


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>>830892657Wym with furry scale

>>830892514Who made this tho

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>>830893873would love to taste that doggos dickthe horse i could leave meh

>>830894249Not even the reverse?

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>>830894080There's already a thread for furries, this is bestiality and animal genitals. "Knowing is half the battle">>830894237skuddbutt>>830894237pic related

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>>830894311wait are those both males

>>830894368pic related

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>>830894371Male dog/ Female Horse in the first picture you replied to.Male Horse/ Male Dog in the second picture.Male Draft Horse/ Female Cow for scale in this one. Any requests?

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>>830894532yeah I wanna see the dog fuck the horse

>>830892514>>830894161skuddbutt uploaded other stuff as well

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>>830894644Only vids of that unfortunately, and those can't be posted on 4chan due to filesize/filetype

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>>830894731Too much effort.

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>>830894828donuts are pretty great. What's your favorite picture of one?

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>>830894532I just wanna see big thick horse cocks and possibly some cum gifs

>>830891969its afraid...ITS AFRAID!!!!!

>>830894958I'll post just a few cocks for you next.

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>>830894928I never saved any pictures, just videos. Gotta hear the shlick.

>>830895048A shame! I was gonna post some of my favs in return

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>>830893701I FUCKING CAME

>>830894958All my good gifs seem to be too big

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Ahh. The usual white people thread. Nothing to see here.

>>830893966not gonna lie, this is fucked. poor fucking dog having to live with some dude with brain damage

>>830895234I love this set.

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>>830895323After a diligent cleaning. There's one more.

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>>830895368Shit you're right, sorry.

>>830885630That mare would HATE it but it would be hot


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>>830883947Not kinda, definitely. >most of family is from countryside, always visited their farms>curious about animal penises, ask my cute cousin (who did the old show and tell with me) if she's seen any>says sometimes when she's washing the horses they get hard and giggles saying they're huge>long story short have her stroke "her" horse and convince her to put her mouth on it>like 20 seconds later cum explodes out her mouth and nose and all over her dress>got kicked in the balls and she had to get dirt on herself and say she fell as an excuse to shower and changeWorth it.

BRAZILIAN GIRLS...HORSE CUM...NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK!!!!

>>830895541Holy shitYou've seen what most of us only imagine

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>>830895701Yeah. The secret?I'm brazilian.

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>>830894249Doggo tastes a bit metallic if not taken out regularly. Otherwise I'd describe it as slick yet rigid.

>>830895323What's the powder?

>>830895781They feel like extra firm versions of those nasty jimmy dean cheap sausage links.

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>>830895935It's not powder, it's jizz in a ziplock, it's just cold so it's clumping.The original post was the guy bragging about how he had a stallion that had fathered 1k+> mares via sperm donor, and he did it by hand for every one, then cleaned the horse akin to the photos after.

>>830883947for animations way too large to post

>>830896144Why doesn't this one have any of his newer videos? He's got 3-4 since then right?

>>830896134mmmm clumpy jizz just like mom used to make

>>830886381Damn I'd be tempted that pussy looks so inviting.


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>>830895989not wrong

If anyone has OC Kik me at nenery

God damn I neaded this thread, yesterday while driving to work I saw a hung stallion, his cock must have been 35 cm or so, got so horny

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>>830896402Fuuck would creampie/10 never realised horse pussy was so hot any more?