Where do you stand on the issue of women being raped ?

where do you stand on the issue of women being raped ?

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>>830883266Over to the side, in the shadows, so I can watch without been seen.

>>830883266Most of them fantasize in being rape so i would gladly help them

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I think rape should be punishable by removal of half of the penile gland (like cutting the tip back halfway) and to be put in a permanent, welded chastity belt that's connected to a thick stainless steel butt plug. A colostomy bag would be installed permanently, teeth would be removed, all body hair shaved and the rapist would be forced into becoming a blowjob cum slut in prison.

>>830883266imagine being so deranged you think being pro rape is a sensible position.

>>830883799Just for borrowing someone else's vagina for 4-5 minutes? Jeese okay Karen, overy-act much?

>>830884019This entire website is a containment sphere for those with profound psychopathy. I say this as a homosexual black man.

>>830884165It's projecting self replyer.

believe women

>>830884308Use English on an English speaking board bro.

>>830883266What issue?

>>830884165Seek professional help for your undiagnosed mental disorder.

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>>830884308>replyer..I don't think that's a thing that exist man.

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>>830884511Is this a real photo of Mike? Fucking hell that's gross. Him and his content really went to shit when his old man died

>>830884262nigger faggot.

>>830884681Yup, that's BlimpBehindACamera. The absolute state of him.

>>830884582>>830884679Oh shit... nope i was wrong.That was a replyer.

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>>830884582Can I borrow that? I've got a little something something that's stuck in a very particular place. Make it snappy, I have customers waiting.

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>>830883266Behind them. It's too easy for them to take a swing at you when you're standing in front of them.

>>830883266what issue?

>>830885391I guess if it's a real thing or not, or just some made up social construct.

A girl I dated for a while in high school told me she was raped by this guy she had dated before me. A little time goes by and she starts talking to him again.I obviously lost my shit.>Wtf! Herapedyou!.etcI tell her this for a couple weeks. She's talking to him everyday. She eventually says she liked it.Okay.I tell her it's him or me. Basic shit. She keeps talking to him. But FML I feel in love. Gay,I know..Find out the guy is a sociopath. Legitimately.I find out where he lives and told her, "I know where the faggot lives. I'm going to kill him."She begs me to stop while I'm walking out of the door sorry a handgun. 38 special for those interested.We're married now.Christ. Just as I was typing this I realized how much of a white trash piece of shit I am.

>>830884720Yeah, he already said that stormfag. Why are you being redundant?

>>830885531Does it hurt?

>>830885605Yes. More than I thought it would. I know she hasn't cheated on me though.

>>830885687Are you okay now though? Sucks that happened to her and you were made to feel that way, but hopefully things are looking up. Also, fuck that rapist cunt.

>>830883266This webm makes me sad. I feel so sorry for that girl. She's stupid as fuck, but you can't blame her. It's the way she was educated. And that dude deserves to have his hands chopped off.

>>830885991Don't kink shame faggot.

>>830883266In favor.

>>830883266better redditcom/r/AmateurGirlsHugeDicks/

>>830883799Can i use your boy pussy lil angry cumslut>>830883799


It's bad

Just curious when did Holla Forums become so soft

>>830883730I sincerely regret downloading that.

>>830883266I don't think it is okay to rape a woman. Unfortunately there are some cases were the woman is asking to be abused. I met this crazy bitch from adultfriend24 dot com a couple of weeks ago and she was basically asking me to beat her up during sex. Needless to say I didn't do this as I didn't want to have a rape charge on my ass after I dumped her. She was a good lay nonetheless and called me daddy all the time. What was really striking about her is that her body had scars all over it... I was kind of a turn on but I just deleted her number after the meeting to be on the safe side. lol>pic kinda related

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>>830887297Why don’t you go shit in the sea?

>>830887154I was thinking the same thing it's my first time back in 4 years and everyone's a little bitch now


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Some girls need it

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>>830887401I like everything about her except her disgusting arms. I’ve never been turned by arms before.

>>830883266As long as he's attractive I would not mind being raped and dominated. I think it's in our primate genes for females to submiss when grabbed by a decently attractive Male but if he's disgusting I wouldn't want to procreate with him and I'd probably try to fight it


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>>830883266Best sex I've ever had so, I don't have much problem with it if I'm the one doing it.

>>830887692Dont stop Holla Forumsro


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>>830887770Used up bitches make me hard.


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>>830887297>I just deleted her number after the meetingThat did way more damage to her, than what your limp little bitch wrist could have managed to do... so, good job user?

where do you stand on the issue of guys being raped ?I mean most of them are just gagging for it! Fuckin cock teases the lot of them

>>830887878Me too, I'm always on the lookout for some nice damaged goods. Luckily they are easy to find online if you know where to look. Just never get into a relationship with them and move on to the next one early. They can't be repaired and can turn into psychos pretty quickly and then they often become very clingy.

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>>830888029I don’t know where to look. Advice?

>>830887937wtf how am I the one to blame for her bad past. I didn't take advantage. I just had some fun and moved on, nothing wrong with that...


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>>830887937Said the beta incel

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>>830883266It's not rape if you make them cum

>>830887297gotta love these crazy borderline bitches

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>>830888271I wonder why this is such a turn on?

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I personally love rape, or any beating videos. Even consensual if it's hard beating. But there's nowhere to find good videos


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>>830888356Because it is female genitalia.

>>830888528but the fact she's damaged is the turn on... as well as her pussy of course lol

I fantasize about being raped at least twice a week. But in reality I am confident I’d hate it real bad if I got raped for real.

>>830888198First day on the internet?Or did you just learn about those words?Did you learn what they meant?I don't think you're using them correctly. Perhaps, use the internet or a "search engine" to look up the individual meanings.Also, since I know summer is out, and you probably don't "technically" have homework right now, it's never a bad idea to do a few English sentences everyday, so you don't forget what writing and legibility are. Complete sentences are required for when you graduate the ninth grade and want to get a job in today's economy.

>>830888356Because it's satisfying to see sluts being used like the cock pleasers they are. This whore gets soaked at the idea of her holes being used to please men. Proper submissive bitch.

>>830888611She doesn’t look damaged. She just looks wasted.

>>830888638are you a woman?

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>>830888663Last time I checked.

>>830883266If you are going to be accused of it at some point anyway, then might as well be guilty of it!

>>830888662she has to have some serious self hate and be in mental pain if she cut up herself like that

>>830888681When you fantasize about it, are you usually into it in your fantasy? Or do you struggle and fight and get off on that?

>>830888681My ex fantasized about guys with masks raping her in the woods lol.. but she also didn't want it to happen in reality. I think it's a very common fantasy for women.

>>830885531Wait... did you get married to her? Or did you go over there and get raped as well and also fell in love with him, and you are now married to him?

>>830888681Different user, but to answer your first question, you would hate being raped. It's awful and not the fantasy in your head you think it is. But don't feel guilty about said fantasy. It's great in small doses and a trusting partner. Very VERY common kink among women. Our biology hasn't caught up to our societal and social behaviors yet. So, your body might even welcome a good rough rape, but our minds and societal cues turn against such thoughts to the point of being half the danger. You'd feel depression, self loathing, and guilt over the pleasurable parts. Not worth it, but the act itself isn't "bad" unless someone permanently scars you. (Very likely if you bring the emotional aspect in.)


>>830887297hot! more!

>>830888830Same. Except replace ‘woods’ with ‘my car.’

>>830888979what kinda bullshit is that? GTFO my /b

>>830889049It's spam, report it and move on.

>>830883266On their neck usually


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Rape is stupid, just like the Sand Niggers and Niggers that do it. Do you want to be like a black man, user?

>>830889048in your fantasy does he empty out inside you?

>>830883266Roughly where I stand on the issue of faggots coming over from Holla Forums and AIDSing up the boards. Faggot.

>>830889711Always. While choking me. Which is another thing I think I’d probably hate in real life.

>>830883266On the issue of rapping women, I stand for it like most men do. What's the issue here?

>>830883266rape is just another bs social construct, fuck any girl you want whenever.

>>830890027>>>830883266 (OP)This.

>>830889864is he an attractive guy? or an absolute creep who blows his rancid wad in you like you're nothing?

>>830889864From behind or do you look at him? Does he have a face? Are you physically dominated or forced under threat? Genuinely curious.

>>830887297>adultfriend24 dot com>>830886159>adultfriend24 dot comis this an attempt at viral marketing?

>>830890363He has a face. I know the common thing is a ‘faceless’ man. But in my fantasy I know exactly who’s choking me. (Spoiler....it’s not dad. I’m normal). And...yes... it’s the physical domination Thing that burns me up. But like I said, it’s just a fantasy. A common one. But thinking about it happening in real life is a vision of hell I don’t want to think about.


>>830888638rape fantasies and real rape are completely separate things. Real rape is painful, terrifying and stressing. A rape fantasy is erotic due to the loss of control, not the treat of death. At the end of the day, a fantasy is particularly marked because you know you will go out maybe bruised but overall unscathed. With real rape, some times you on't know. Advice: Find someone into rape fantasies, get to know them well and when you trust them enough, make a consensual non-consent contract. Doms feel at ease when the sub is willing to make a contract when it comes to consensual non-consent. BUT MAKE SURE YOU TRUST THEM WITH YOUR LIFE

>>830890828Well yeah the biggest thing about real life is there's no consent whatsoever. Fantasies at least you can opt out of at any second. I can understand the appeal of being physically dominated, there's plenty of safe ways to play that out. You ever do roleplay, or is this strictly a private in your head fantasy?

>>830883266Get help you sick fuck

girls lost being abused, just not by small cocked fucks who are being cucky about it.

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I think the ones that say they were raped and weren't should be raped. I also think all women who have an abortion that's not medically necessary should be raped continually.

>>830883266usually on top, legs spread at a 45 degree angle, and about 7.5" deep in...oh, you mean like how do i feel about it...it feels pretty nice ngl, the added Adrenalin helps

>>830885687>I know she hasn't cheated on me though.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

>>830883799You're trying to hard

>>830883266Their neck

>>830887221return to god