Drawthread: no spam edition

drawthread: no spam edition

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Requesting this giirl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a large snake.>Shes riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out.

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>>830882723do you have a life???

>>830883191Indeed I do

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>>830883363cool dude for real have you ever got a delivery for that long ass request???

>>830883363Yeah, a few, but never to a fappable quality

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>>830882680Requesting that...cat? girl dressed like a street whore working on the streets.

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>>830883569tough shit being honest i would commision that because i dont think you will get what you are looking for here

Requesting these two obsessed little vampires sucking off their idol during their after concert pls

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Is Frog drawfriend in here?

>>830883774I've thought about it and am actually looking for a good artist that's open for the right price. But making a commission to an artist, finding the right artist, it's a process that can take months, even up to a year. In the meantime, I still post it here. Doesn't hurt anything in doing so

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>>830883963You’re not sicklr

>>830883963Digging the red sicklr

Requesting someone edit the socks off her so I can see her in this outfit with bare legs

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i decided to emigrate here, any reqs???

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>>830884476Bill Cipher using a computer reacting in disgust.

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Requesting 'The Man in the Mask' molesting Luke from the Strangers. Either feeling him up or fucking him while tied and gagged.

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>>830884476Don’t know if you saw but Requesting Tomoko giving a footjob to a big dick

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requesting her as a wholesome christian tradwife. try to keep the style as similar as possible.

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>>830883363Shield --> ThunderHammer --> LightClaws --> NatureI dunno what to do for the rest

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>>830884649just for spamming i refuse to do it

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Yeah wild young Ram Ranch cowboys

Requesting a conjoinment of Princess Shokora and Queen Merelda like in the reference

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Requesting a furry female with a close up of a deep hole in her soiled diaper, creating a fleshlight of filth that ends at her dirty tight butthole, beckoning the viewers to stick his dick in. Heavy focus on her 4K HD dirty anus within and a centered pose that promotes penetration by the viewer instead of the sideways angle of the reference. Please.

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>>830884801fuck off fernando isnt here

Requesting Cream low angle missionary presenting her deeply spread pussy with visible cervix. Bonus points for pulling off a pantyliner that is stuck to her cooch as the friction spreads her pussy.

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>>830884069haha what>>830884307oh

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>>830882680My mom

Requesting this girl as a futa

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Can someone draw my A.I. generated waifu doing the same pose and masturbating with the same objects as the reference? Thanks in advance.

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>>830886784shitty generic waifu

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>>830887042Sicklr are you taking lewd requests


>>830884519was busy im back

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i would like a hug right now

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>>830887116what is it>>830887194oh

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>>830887482How'm I supposed to do that, stupidYour ass is in BC

>>830884572>>830887921Por favor

>>830887921Hello sicklr-requesting Pitou getting angrily rape fucked by Gon

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>>830887482Draw trans Orion


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>>830887921Requesting your rendition of this

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>>830887977>>830887921Tagged the wrong person —- (OR here) a Dog’s dick would be *chef’s kiss*

>>830888328can we be crack head friends?

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>>830888453Ok give me regular Orion showing the middle finger


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Requesting for someone to draw a version of this whrere Ebola-chan and Corona-chan masturbates with a Corona beer bottle, yuri style.

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>>830886892Don't care, didn't ask.


/R/ draw this in The Loud House style please

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>>830886784>my A.I. generated waifuLazy.

>>830888757Oh man. I can’t believe your luck. I’m doing pussy studies right now AND I like Ebola-chan and Corona-chan.



>>830889094Are you a drawfriend? Mind doing that one, please?

>>830889118Being able to quote doesn’t change the fact that you’re lazy. Didn’t even bother to think up a new dumbass response. No wonder you need AI to dream up an “original” character for you.

>>830889123B/c I’ve tried drawing it myself for the last 30 times and every time it looks ugly so I need help

>>830889141Your luck is unbelievable because despite all that, I’m still not doing your request because I’m just about to leave.

Requesting follow up to this image. Don’t care what you have fucking her or whatever you want her to do

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>>830889267Lmao wtf. Cucked that requester hard


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>>830889315Sorry forgot to mention- don’t care if you make it a he or her, just retain the original hotness


>>830889405>inb4 I made an edit

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>>830889405ram ranch it rocks

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>>830889517Objectfag stfu

>>830889517Lmao wtf. Cucked that faggot hard

>>830889620>Objectfag stfuSeethe

>>830889634>>830889659Now watch as this doxxer goes back to his old ways. Not mention he’s samefagging as well lmao

>>830889738>Now watch as this doxxer goes back to his old ways. Not mention he’s samefagging as well lmaoSeethe

Requesting Pandemonica dominating an user with her sadistic secretary flair

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>>830889945You have taste

requesting this girl crying in your art style

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>>830888558>music that i want everyone to listen to:youtube.com/watch?v=E331hguMl3Mhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_dXp0eF8s0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgy69St5aS0

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>>830891642That’s rude you piece of shit

>>830891642Ew These types of songs should have died along with the residents

>>830882680some undertale style shit i drummed up for an nes game i wanted to make

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>>830892372why don't you go listen to top 40 radio if experimental music is too sCaRy for you

>>830891642Cool how you organize it from shortest to longest track but 6 minutes of ambient intro then DUHDUHDUHDUH is not a good hookHere lemme trym.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3LNH1pomGMhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9imCm6CrNZ8https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JpWHluM-aOMhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cQcE4_7-X78

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>>830892442Secret chiefs 3 and estradasphere have class other compared to That type of music


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>>830883363Broadsword/Axe had to be Fire or Earth bc of Golden Sun.

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Requesting Harvey Beaks naked and masturbaiting

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>>830892637>not fire shield>not ice hammer>not thunder whipall this failure just to include cuck knuckle weaponwhy not mace? retard

>>830893664anon please stop hurting my feelings

Requesting Hilda skinny dipping

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>>830886101hey sicklr how are you tonight

>>830892637>wind whipanon... are you retarded?

>>830893785everyone hates my cool weapons

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Would you make-out with a loli that just sucked a shit-turd out of an animal's butthole and ate it?[ironic_spoiler]I would.[/ironic_spoiler] Especially one as cute as this

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smurf delivery

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I request a feral Merfae Mammy looking back with her pussy being presented. She has 5 stripes on the topside with 2 being the same color & 1 separate color on the underside. The colors are swapped on the tail compared to the head but match the back hair.

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>>830894022anon what is wrong with you

I request CoronaChan & an Ebolable presenting their pussies to a coughing person. Also give Corona Chan's clothes the symbols like in pic related.You can choose whether you want CoronaChan to say "you know you want to be infected" or not.

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>>830883363>>830883363Some of these are kind of vague but I think this set is cool>>830893703>>830893858I think it was cool that you experimented, chief. Some of those sucked but some were cool. Now observe a superior set.

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>>830894104I'm horny

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>>830894075No thanks Rider, I still remember your Fluttershy dorse.

>>830894075Offer still stands if you ever wanna draw her eating shit out of a horse's...or a dog's butthole since I know you don't like the vore. Would love to see her with a mouthfull of shit, swallowing it down, and ready to kiss her onii-chan right on the lips!

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>>830894075This was hot but the legally-distinct Krusty Krab hat made the orgasm 10% better.

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Requesting a female feral Performapal Whim Witch with her pussy being presented while winking back.

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thunder dagger>>830894022for a scooby snack I would

>>830894296Good thing he can't physically deliver Scooby snacks.

>>830894296>Dormouse eating a turd from Scooby Doo's butthole>Shaggy high as a kite calling it a scooby snack>Dormouse swallows the big turd>Gives Shaggy a deep kiss with tongue

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>>830894186Who made this one and why do you do this

>>830894240I'm crying

>>830894410how is this funny this is disgustingI'd suck a turd from my waifus butt

>>830894410You can't tarnish Shaggy Rogers & Scooby like this.

>>830894485It's too late, user>>830894461Grow up

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Smurf delivery

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>>830883669>thinking that's a girlAnon, you should know by now, OP is always a faggot.

>>830894430For the lulzWhy else?

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>>830894175how rude>>830894186i'll pass also gotta go work on some stuff>>830894240epic

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>>830894537>haha shit>grow upadult zone ITT


>>830894597Ok whatever. Tell me the artist please

Her giving head to a dude who has his lower half in the water & his upper half on a beach OR...Her giving head to a dude with his whole body on a beach & her lower body in the water.

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>>830894607Is her foot supposed to be that large?

>>830894607I'll hit you up next time for it thenThough, I may switch it to this >>830894410>>830894612Have a sense of humor, sperganon>>830894669>

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>>830894075rider is a treasure lmao

Request this girl get missionary pose sex

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>>830894696I really really wish I could see you up close and personal. Just to study your new whatever the fuck kind of strand of autism. Pls tell us your precise location so that I can get some researchers to figure out how you became retarded

>>830894803With a horse fucking her missionary *

>>830894790He's one of the few drawanons actually keeps improving and is worth a damnDude's fixin to be the next Shadman. Just you wait and see>>830894866>Pls tell us your precise location so that I can get some researchers to figure out how you became retardedUp your mom's arsehole

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>>830894803Requesting this girl giving missionairy style sex with a strap on to user who is a faggot

>>830894138>water daggerexplain this or betathe rest of your weapons is extremely good

>>830895023>>830894897>>830894803These are all good

quand c’est ?


I come here wanting to draw but all I see are the same requests or the same types of requests. Maybe I should just go to /i/

>>830895163Draw the existing requests, and they'll disappear and make way for new ones

>>830889945>>830895163My first time here. Maybe I should go there too

>>830895086>explainSwish swish

Requesting short Smurfette on the ground a view of her blue pussy. Don't make her like a human. No swollen garbage.

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>>830895163You consider avatarfagging?Either way you have no obligation to draw, and you can wait for a request you like to come along. Personally I'm digging the element/weapon thing VF posted, I might do a few doodles based on them.

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>>830895163Draw a fish but inside out you bitch

>>830895260ok I am sold your weapons are peak>>830895266swish swish rr

>>830895358No thanks.

>>830895222checked. I don't find the current requests interesting OR I don't like the person requesting *cough* but I guess you can't be picky here>>830895256In a similar artstyle or?>>830895356sounds fun, how do I start?>>830895524not the best at anatomy lul

I don't see what is so hard about posting 2 deliveries if your claims about me having 3 is true.


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>>830895674Yes similar artstyle if you can

>>830895731Here’s your other delivery

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>>830895748yo, this is a mad draw, good job, user>>830895809I'll try what I can, I'm infamous for not delivering because I'm never satisfied with my work so don't hold your breath on it

>>830895731I don't know what's so hard about using the archives to find your request and the image replies.

>>830895748I’m not the OR but that’s really good. You have a Twitter or something?

>>830891403you still don't have the artist tag on e6 ; - ;


>>830895674>how to start?All that "avatarring" is, is just, posting something consistent that people can recognize you for. Technically you could just add a signature with no image and it'd have the same effect. The avs who are super confident have been here for years, and have refined their characters over that time. Some people use existing characters (YV uses Yung Venuz, Bruh uses Captain K'nuckles), some people use more than one of their OCs (if Siegmund is the person I'm thinking of, then, Siegmund does this. I think nines does too? Oh and Dante). Some artists don't have an official avatar, but you can recognize them for their style or filename (paperanon, uhh, there are more I just can't remember. Sm1ly?).But yeah there's options. And you can change your avatar or your name anytime. Little to no commitment. Have fun.

>>830895868I already tried it & I got nothing but pic related.>>830895835Very high doubts...

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>>830895851>yo, this is a mad draw, good job, anonThanks!>>830895874Nah. I'd post like once a month if I did.

>>830895163Which draw user are you? I’ve only been here for a week

>>830895088>>830896011Any of these would suit you I think

>>830896011>Nah. I'd post like once a month if I did.Different user here, nothing wrong with that. Some anons just like to have an archive of our works.


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>>830895674What does your art look like?

>>830896055don't have a name, I just come to draw, though I only save if I think it's good>pic related

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Requesting these two in a 69 position, Flonne's tail deep inside Mist's throat ejaculating semen.Mist: harvestmoon.neoseeker.com/wiki/MistFlonne: disgaea.fandom.com/wiki/Flonne#D2

Attached: Mist & Flonne.jpg (550x417, 129.37K)


Attached: 1.png (722x1000, 364.91K)

>>830895976Be happy with that pic then you sperging smurf fucker



Attached: 2.png (722x1000, 389.59K)

>>830896201Thanks for letting me know you're too stupid to post images all of a sudden.

>>830895163Good thing you noticed early. The sooner you accept that Holla Forums drawthreads are just exactly the same 30-50 people talking to each other every single day, the easier it'll be for you.

Attached: cirno from League of Legends.png (1097x953, 623.6K)

>>830896248You too, my dear: >>830882723

Attached: 10.jpg (1842x1302, 850.33K)

>>830896248hey, i know you from twitter, aren't you Venger or something? Something something defaults to cirno, not favourite touhou

>>830896157That’s pretty good art. Btw don’t get your expectations too high here. When it comes to Holla Forums you have to take the good with the bad e.g. the spammers and vorefag

>>830896157For your consideration:>>830886784

>>830896303no i am not

>>830896303Post the twitter

>>830896315thanks man, I understand, esp when you see repeated requests such as:[ >>830896332], makes me want to just go to a different board. Except Vorefag, I will 10000% draw that when I get the time>>830896384Don't have social media, I enjoy anonimity


Attached: Nigga..jpg (216x225, 6.26K)

>>830896248Something about your line work makes it look really nice. Do you take lewd requests?

>>830896438>inb4 repeat requesters flood in when they say yes

>>830896427>Except Vorefag, I will 10000% draw that when I get the timeYou're posting here, so you obviously have time.So put up or shut up, user.

Attached: 55822823-4B43-4673-8467-7923DE9C4A3A.png (1000x563, 199.91K)

>>830896427I mean if you make the retard’s request so well to the point where he will stop his autism forever then I support that but don’t tell me you’re doing it to genuinely please this waste of life scum

>>830896488I haven't requested because all the drawfriends that are here every day have already delivered.

>>830896427t. vorefag

>>830896488I think you can definitely weed those few out but sure

Attached: 78523EBB-4381-4A24-98C5-4B182F39EC09.jpg (1088x612, 61.48K)

>>830896541Please, more vore

>>830896248>same peopleI wanna second that point. At first I was really nervous cause it seemed like there was an infinite number of people coming in and out. It took like 3 and a half months or something to build my confidence cause I realized it's the same 4 people who tend to get real nasty. Most anons/newcomers are chill.

>>830896606What type o' vore you in the market for today, snookums?

Attached: 004.jpg (853x1200, 1.08M)

>>830896438Depends on the request tbh.I've been feeling jaded lately and I'm just looking for something that will get me back to my groove. It's why I've been really picky when checking out requests.

Attached: a child.png (953x532, 120.94K)

>mfw still no object-insertion deliveries

Attached: 318c1999bf9d690a6af5324fac025175.png (400x416, 148.76K)

>>830896591I kid, user, it was my lame attempt at humour.>>830896541please have mercy>>830896547The way I see it, I draw for people cause it might make them happy, but I understand if the requester isn't the best person. Anyhoo, someone give me the rundown on repeat requesters in these threads?

>>830896715You forgot one, user: >>830896278

Attached: 005.jpg (640x800, 125.46K)

>>830896715you're a touhou nibba, so draw that werewoof touhou doing something swag cash money gen z hipster

>>830896658Name or tag some of those, I’ll start with 3: Vorefag, Objectfag, Smurfag

>>830896749>vorefagrequests dormouse being vored. is a massive asshole.>objectfagrequests female characters inserting objects into their pussies. is a massive asshole.>poltfagrequests polt being fucked. is alright.>redbloodrequests furry raccoons shitting while wearing diapers. is a massive fag.

>>830896749Does this look like the face of mercy? HUH????

Attached: dormouse03.jpg (450x916, 209.58K)


>>830896852This is quite a naive question but, why are they assholes? All I know about these guys (except poltfag, no idea who that is) is that the repeat request>>830896869it was nice knowing you anons

>>830896802>>830896852>Sperganon really going all out tonightWhen will you anons learn to be more chill?

Attached: 1591777339146.png (894x870, 305.02K)

>>830896715If you're taking requests can you draw a cat getting pet :3

>>830896802You just committed a lie, show me those other 2 & I'll stop posting that. I can't be a repeater like Redblood when I didn't ask for the same thing with multiple characters.

>>830895956Yo what the fuck happened to paperanon? That nigga was posting like everyday and then just left.

Can someone draw a version of this where Hilda spreads her pussy with the Pokedex inside it? Thanks in advance.

Attached: Hilda-02022020-16.jpg (1786x2500, 774.27K)

>>830896963the hell, i thought no one saved that

>>830896950Nip artist. What do you expect?>>830897005I save all fanart of my little, mouse girl. Especially the good ones ^_^

Attached: 1463884612477.gif (330x236, 196.99K)

>>830896958I know that object fag once sperged out and doxxed a drawfriend. Now he’s putting up his facade of innocence and reformity.>>830896993>>830886784These two are him

>>830896802Feels bad to namedrop under user, so for the record I'm Eggwater.I'm alright with VF but he got pretty nasty a few months ago. I've only been here since the beginning of 2020 so I don't know if he fluctuates.Copypastanon can sometimes get mad but if I'm respectful towards him he's respectful towards me so that's fine.Obviously YV is deliberately nasty and whatever, he's one of the guys who really tears into anons.Objectfag was pretty rude at first but he seems alright for now.Can't think of anyone else but there's one guy who's always under user and always super hostile, or maybe he's in a good mood sometimes but I can't tell cause anonymity.That's all I can think of at the moment.

>>830896958they're only assholes if other people are being assholes to them. both vorefag and objectfag are alright requesters.

>>830889581Cowboys love big hard throbbing relationships with Christian women and dedicate thier lives to god.

>>830897090I didn't dox a "drawfriend". I only scared someone by posting pictures of random places from Google Street View. In my defense, they started it.

>>830897090>>830897119>>830897108AAAAAA, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE

>>830896715Idk if this’ll put you into the groove but requesting Mio from Nichijou giving a footjob with a slightly disgusted look

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>>830897158Hi, objectfag here. It is true that I did try to scare someone by posting random addresses but it's not necessarily doxxing. Still, it was pretty shitty of me for acting that way and I am trying my best to redeem myself. Nice to meet you, by the way. Welcome to the Holla Forums drawthreads.

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>>830897158Hahaha I've been in that boat chiefForm your own opinions, cause everyone here has different viewsGreat example is Shitstain and Rider, some love em some hate em.Other people will seem cool but consistently suck ass when you actually talk to themShitstain and Obfag are very very very hard for me to talk to- EW

>>830897214>Apologizing to Holla ForumstardsRespect lost

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>>830897248I prefer to not start any argument, man.

>>830897259I'm going to assume you replied to the wrong person because I have no idea what you're talking about>>830897299Not an argument. Just advise. Stick to your guns. Don't take shit from no one

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>>830897230I guess so, I still don't think I can take most repeat requesters seriouisly, Anyway, requests?

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>>830897328See first response >>830897320

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>>830897320Yes, I did. Sorry on Holla Forums.


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>>830897320Yep, I've learned that the hard way.

>>830897335For your consideration:>>830886784

>>830896993Why is most cartoon porn about pokemon? Not complaining, but-

>>830897230Haha agreed. Those two are just pathetic in a offputting way

Requesting Beatrice with her panties halfway down and her skirt lifted posing like this.

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>>830897409Cause Pokegirls are cute and for many of us, nostalgic.Misty eternal waifu

>>830897409>Why is most cartoon porn about pokemon? The Pokemon fan communities are run by pedophiles. This has been well documented. Connect the dots.

>>830897409Yeah, I know right? Touhou as well.

>>830897177I ask because I liked the way you drew the feet on cirno and most draw anons here hate feet>>830896248

>>830895748OR here and I have to say, I love thisThanks