Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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>>830881795I'd hit it

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>>830881795Trap streamers has to be a thing right?What do they #tag themselves?

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Moar of the blonde?

>>830881795did she get a boob job?>>830882026cute asf!

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Thinking about becoming a sissy whore for horny men. Should I do it ?


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Anyone have the webm of the trap in a blue dress revealing cock?

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>>830884964This is trippy, how did she take it?Science side of 4chan, can you help me out? Edit: this is my highlight (You) count, than ^_^


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>>830882404>>830885401I watched an hour long video of her on ph where she talks politics and then gets naked at the end. Best fap session

>>830885224clearly there's another mirror, that the camera is pointed directly at, you can even see their finger partially covering the lense in the bottom right of the image

>>830885224there's a micro camera hidden in her penis

a rare but true Pov

>>830882156Mannish superior crotches have no place here.

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>>830885688I know, but at what angle frome the direct mirror? I'm confused

>>830886157I’m not into tattoos. But I ever were to get one, I’d get the same one he has.

>>830886157damn that's a true trap...i'm fucking gay dammit

Traps are not real. They are fake.

>>830886157trap of all traps ah more

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>>830886157who is this

>>830886727Mannish belly. I’m not judging. I’m just saying...

>>830886157dude we need more and his twitter


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>>830886157found him cutiepii33quinn ya welcome bois

>>830887082This guy says what we are all thinking.

>>830884506who this


>>830887555>/>>830887407and i always deliver

>>830886157That’s it, suck sissy

>>830887751Who are you and why aren’t I on my knees in front of you right now?

>>830886727I’d play with you

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Traps send me some love asdfbe kik sc hahathatguy

>>830888293I’d like to hear the story about that ludicrous tattoo


>>830881795Who dis?

>>830882026gimme the sauce bitch

>>830882156I’d love to shrink her with a cage.

>>830888869He’s a lost cause. Nobody with a dick like that would ever succumb to a big pussy like you.

>>830888407It's a stick and poke a friend gave

>>830889185Well, that was a let down.

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>>830889586Masculine and gross. But I love that hair.

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>>830888840She's just a redditor


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>>830888958You’re sad

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>>830882270>>830883775i want to kiss you and eat your cute butt


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>>830892727Nice ass

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>>830893134Fuck shes hot

>>830893142Keep going

how about some feminine penis?

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>>830893134Sexy soles

>>830893298fuck yeah

>>830893142This u?


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None of you are feminine at all. Wtf are you guys even doing in this thread?

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>>830893467Can we get a time stamp? Or sharpie in pooper

>>830893807Instead of laughing, it looks like hes screaming in pain and terror

>>830893777Thanks : )

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>>830884506Her tit job is fucking terrible though.

>>830893910Post more please

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any traps in the San Diego area?


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>>830894384fucking thicc

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>>830894384>>830894415who doesn't like a thicc ass every once in a while ;)

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>>830893142I see

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>>830894647i love thicc asses. would lick and fuck for hours tbh.

>>830894647God damn

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>>830894647show more bent over

Kiks?Im trying to talk to a cute trap rn ngl

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>>830894880>>830894898like this?

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>>830894880Fuck that hole looks so tight

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>>830895124God damn, I would love to fuck your cute ass

>>830895124no , kinda like a POV pic where youd be bent over in from of me

>>830895124>>830895173it's pretty tight>>830895278;)

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>>830885676>this nigger out here not posting sauce

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just wanted to post this one somewhere

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>>830896105Show butt

>>830896263yea yea

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>>830896309Need more

>>830896185what y'all really wanted to see?

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>>830896419Just keep going, got me too worked up to sleep.

>>830896400are you thirsty user?

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>>830896584Would drink from those soft milkies


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>>830896665used to breast feed my boyfriend each night before bed to relax, sadly he dumped me for a female

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>>830896837post soles

>>830896918no faggot

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>>830896890That ass looks so good stuffed


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>>830896837>>830896939here i go falling in love again


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