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Stuffed beaver

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Looking for cub Holla Forumsros on wicker to skip captcha with. Zettairyoiki

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>>830884076The fuck is wicker? >>830884215

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>>830884283Cute set tbh. I'd bang them

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>>830884283Kinda like kik but with less cancer. A LOT less cancer

>>830884361Ur a cute set

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>>830884532Benefits over any of the alternatives other than Kik? Cause I didn't like Kik at all ever

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>>830884842No public groups, and encryption thats end to end. And so far,no random dick pics.

>>830885312Moar like dis

>>830887052No public groups kinda sucks. Telegram has channels, for example. Mods can post images. Then you have groups as well.IDK man, I'm hesitant. Good luck finding someone

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>>830887189Oh plus you can set your msgs to auto destruct on the receivers end after a certain time

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try yiffspotdotcom


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m-muh cublets


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How can this shit be so cute...

>>830893237How could it not be?

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>>830893237More like how can they be so ugly

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>>830890810o-ok, i think i understand the suggestion

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What about boys?

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>>830895703Boys are straight

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>>830895901boys can be whatever boys want to be, Capisce?

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Of course the faggots had to show up and ruin the thread...


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>>830896120>ruin the thread>implying the s/cub dumpers were still contributing anything

>>830895901Yeah. Who's not straight?

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>>830896120I'll ruin your anus

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sitting here wonder if this will be another 12 hour thread that miraculously reaches 150

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>>830896603If only more people posteded stuffs, it wouldn't hafta be this way

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>>830897075I'd normally help but I'm tiredmaybe just a few

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>>830897236Why do you have over 6000 sketches of gaoru

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>>830897357Why wouldn't I? Just look at her, she's adorable

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>>830897382Good point

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