What's your favorite fetish? Doesn't have to be extreme, just whatever is your absolute favorite.Size difference for me...

What's your favorite fetish? Doesn't have to be extreme, just whatever is your absolute favorite.Size difference for me. Small woman, big man. Big orc + petite girl or fairy + human man are the best.

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Futas are kinda hot, but I'm really vanilla when it comes to porn/hentai

>>830879768Exact same thing as op I love that shit.

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Redheads, they are gorgeous

>>830879768How do I find more of this

I have a strange fetish for horses. I know it's REALLY weird. I don't want to fuck a horse by horse cock and pussy is just kinda sexy.

>>830881943I like using Sankaku Channel

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>>830879768Size difference is nice, but my top tier fetish is Tomboys (preferably in spats)

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Posting some fairies for OP

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>>830882202This comic sparked my fetish

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Oh and just in case you've missed it (I don't know how you'd managed to) go read Bondage Fairies by Condom

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>>830879768>>830880279You wouldn't happen to have the artist for these ones?

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Loli, specifically megumin

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>>830879768I like anal

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Pedophilia... /hebe. And rape/abuse.

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>>830883401Fuck off with that shit.

hair up in a bun

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might I suggest Monster girl quest, it has fairies in it

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>>830882261Any link to share pls???, I love this fetish, but I've never found anything about it


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>>830885261Do you know how to get past sadpanda?

Girls putting Roombas in their ass. If anyone has pics please post, I've been searching for more for a very long time.

>>830885526vroom vroom.

>>830885481No idea what are you talking about :c

>>830879768For me i like watching women being massaged

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my fetishes are gay and none of you would like to see them

>>830885899Those Japanese lesbian massage videos are pretty great

Guys I really need the Roomba in a girl's ass pics please.

>>830879768REAL size difference redditcom/r/AmateurGirlsHugeDicks/

>>830885933Too late, elaborate

>>830885960Yeah they are, but i don't like the ones that just rush into sex

Girls wearing anything leather, no matter how big or small. I don't know what it is about it. The texture and smell really get to me

>>830885986i'll find some if i can, no promises

>>830886068Thank you

>>830886004orcs. head to toe, enough that i am that guy that commissions MYSELF in situations with them. it's just like, they are the epitome of masculinity to me, i've had a thing for them for too, too long now.

>>830886041I like the ones from 1919gogo.xvideos.com/video20696687/3223881_massage

>>830886170Couldn't find anything except youtube.com/watch?v=fP1hrGcpjwQIts just so specific

>>830886216It seems interesting, its cool that it seems realistic, i don't like the ones where you can tell they're just porn actors, and the pov one handed stuff


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>>830879768this guy got a song and everythingyoutube.com/watch?v=W0Xc_XRyH48

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anything femdom and chastity related>cumming in chastity>pegging in chastity>feminized in chastity>toilet slave chastity

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Uhh body hair

>>830886199Not the weirdest thing in the world

>>830888468Like small scale body hair or pic related

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>>830879768my fetish is asian women dancing like sluts in high heels. another strong fetish for me is seeing cum in/on a girl. Some korean bj girls combines these two fetishes by dancing with lotion squirted on their ass and tits and drooling and stuff. fuck, that stuff is epic.

That little bitch is about to get some mad dicking

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Japanese women buying drinks from wending machines naked

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>>830879768Interspecies.>you mean bestiality?Nah. I like it when different fictional species fuck each other. Fairies fucking saiyans. Koopas fucking moblins. Stuff like that.

>>830879768Old women.

Prioritizing the female orgasm.I like it when the male body is a means to an end, and the end is 'make the pussy feel good'.

my cousin and incest stroies


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>>830883254Yea loli and horse shit here.

my favorite fetish is a girl who likes me back

>>830880279Can I ask why you think you gained this fetish? Not judging, just curious. Do you think you can pinpoint it to an experience, or did it just kinda happen inexplicably?

Straight Shota, not really because I'm turned on by the shota body type, more so that I'm turned off by men's bodies, their bone definition, muscle, hair, I don't like it. With straight shota I get body types that I'm either attracted to (the women) or neutral on (the shotas) with a sprinkle of femdom.

>>830894632To be honest I think it's because I like shorter women, and somehow it got to this point. don't know how I actually got into the fetish, but that's my idea.