Steam Summer Sale 2020.It's that time of year again.Give reccomendations, talk games, gift or beg, whatever

Steam Summer Sale 2020.It's that time of year again.Give reccomendations, talk games, gift or beg, whatever.

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Other urls found in this thread:>My[U:1:162782536] Dragon Quest Builders 2, Dragon Marked for Death, or La-Mulana 2. Please and thank you.

Attached: Dragon Quest 2.jpg (680x850, 202.29K) anything would be awesome, thanks to any bros who help.

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I ran out of my gaming budget after buying games for my friends and me, the only thing I wanna beg for are just some of the MHW DLCs first in my wishlist.I'm not able to play this or some other graphic intensive games in my current machine but a new one is on my way and got lots of games in advance for

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As for begging for recommendation, go get Tabletop Simulator 4-pack and get unlimited amount of fun with your friends, from stupid party games, dungeon crawling, or heavy strategy euro games someone please give me one of the games on my wish


>> Red Barrel, and Gunfire Reborn.Requesting Flying Red Barrel, and

>>830881537Wasn't paying attention but can someone help me get these, please. It would be awesome.

>>830879142fun games that i can convince my friends to buy?

>>830881765Earth Defense Force 5

>>830881765remnant is really fucking fun. would really appreaciate to get any cheap metroidvania game from my wishlist ~Thanks in advance bless

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>>830881765terraria,garry's modi need me a $10 steam card so if anyone can help then that would be great [email protected]

>>830881988Blasphemous and Persona are cool, i hope you play them

>>830881998bumping again for a generous user

>>830882264oh man P4G is so damn good. I played it so long ago on the vita and i want so bad to get it again.

>>830882332why are you bumping your own post after 6 fucking minutes in a dead threadabsolutely disgusting

>>830882480it is still in page 2 and no need to be rude a ton of games so please only throw stuff at me if you have tons of disposable money.Only thing i'm interested in is a pre-order of Cyberpunk, and it's not even on offer but figure there's tons of generous people on here. It's coming out on my SO's birthday and just wanna make sure I have enough to get myself a copy as well as her.

>> just want one thing, this. It's a very based choice. 70% off. About $10. Someone help an unemployed Holla Forumsro out? a great sale season everyone.

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>>830882603Im in the same boat, i have a big library but i there's stuff that would be dope to have. Plus i like coming here and chatting.

>>830882595there's also no need to be a thirsty fuck because its pretty fucking obvious no one is gifting because no one has gotten anything yet

>>830882720well i'm not and i thought i'd try, thanks

>>830882720I got gifted a little less than dollar game last thread. It was appreciated because rent has been eating literally every dollar i have and couldnt get it myself.


>>830882889Hey other anons ignore this fag. Two idiots said the same thing last thread with one exposing the emails of people who won their stupid contest.

>>830882889Well i guess i'll go. I served in the air force for seven years and they booted me because of mental illness and since then i've been struggling to survive, putting every dollar i have into having a place to live and food on my table, trying to find a job that can support me and used to be looking for one for my family but my wife just decided she's done with us. So games are kind all i have right now. But it's whatever.

>>830882889because i'm a poorfag and wanna play something before i find a job

>>830883072k I'll gift you a game user

>>830883029Of course it is bait

>>830883044That's a blessing in disguise, without your family you'll spend less on food and stuff.

>> Dragon Quest Builders 2, Dragon Marked for Death, or La-Mulana 2. Please and thank you.Because videogames are great and you could inspire joy in others.

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>>830881988I'll just keep on bumpin, my hopes are up

>>830883146yeah it's been a lot of trying to find the silver lining. some days it's easier, other days i can't get off the couch so i watch markiplier all day and try not to cry.

>>830883177Sup, the people who fell for that are dumb but hey if more fall for it I give up.

>> makes me jobless, currently struggling even to pay bills

First two idiots to roll dubs gets a $20 game on their wishlist.Trips get one game of choice, no price limit.

>>[email protected]

>> Chronicles 4 please. Because I completed the first one and really love the game and want to continue the series.

>> I'll try

>>830882889I will play any game that you gift me from my wishlist, I won't put on my library to take dust like most of players do. Thats my

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Poorfag hereAny rich kindanon willing to get me a game from my wishlist so I can play with my friends pls?

>>830883278enjoy your (you)s

>>830883119this guy deserves a game, please consider him richfags, he gave me a game last night

>>830883278are you going to ask for me email? :(


>>830883360insta reroll


well if begging allowed id gladly take a copy of resident evil 2

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>>830883429thanks bud heres something for (You) too


>>830882889>>830881537Well reason why I want these games is becauseFlying Red Barrel contains a bonus character for a game titled 100 percent orange juice, and I cannot use the character for orange juice without buying flying red barrel.And Gunfire Reborn is only because I was recommended by a friend who's birthday is in 3 days, and wanted me to play the game with him which I want to do on his birthday, and many days after cause I like hanging out with my bros.And also someone tried to gift me these, but due to regional price differences, they can't send me the games. thanks steamIf these reasons are okay with you then thanks man really

May as well give it a shotI have quite a long wishlist and any of them would be greatly appreciated




>>830883469sent ;)

>> again

>>830883570rollin World Evolution :D

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>>830883612rolling again


>>830883633congrast on getting the first dubs anonpost your profile

>>830883648roll 4


>>830883681roll out


Imagine being so poor that you beg for free games on 4chan.If you lost your job maybe you should stop playing video games and apply yourself to get an income again?That and i doubt all of you have played 100% of every game in your library.Pathetic.

>>830883691fuck off newfag

>>830883691how do I check my 4chan messages?

>>830883708roll again.

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>>830883744wow check this out bros, he is fucking smart!!


>>830883766Gross, I wanted Rich Evans


>>830883278check em

>>830883849rolle again.

>>830883278okay then


Poorfag hereAny rich kindanon willing to get me a game from my wishlist so I can play with my friends pls?


yo anyone help a fat retarded virgin heres my steam resident evil 2 or 3 idc which i would really appreciate it :)

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>>830883911Winner! Sent your game!

>>830883953swiss roll


>>830884016I'm hitting none of these today

>>830884060lol get fuckt


>>830883278ayy roll


>>830881988bump, any cheap metroidvania game from my wishlist would be mostly appreciated



>>830884124No reason to bump, this thread been hijacked by retards much appreciated

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can someone gib me monster hunter, or an RPG similar to dragon age?

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>>830884157gotta keep going for dubs


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>>830884174Sad, I'll keep on trying later tho Hope some richanon notices me

Just buy fucking Celeste. Everything else aside it's a great platformer with dope modding

>>830884181oy vey>>830884179

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>>830884256CS rank? Esea or matchmaking, don't care

A very kind soul gifted me this games tonight there is another game he gifted me but in order to not make the image too big, I didn't added it to the screenshoot. All as I wanna say is: Thank You.

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>>830884181I'll bite

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>>830884321Don't really play anymore, got more into League recently and every time I do play my rank is gone, and I get it back at a lower rank, sitting in gold but I have reached LEM, how the past is sweet

>>830884381Nice to see someone receive something here. Hope you enjoy it.

>>830884181oops, i suck at crops. anyway thanks fam, you're dope.

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>>830884381congrats, make sure you play them


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Thanks to the kindanon who bought me these!

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i just need while True: learn() game since i'm loser boomer who is getting into codingif anyone can help then i'll appreaciate [email protected] for a steam card so i can unlock the gay restrications, 2 birds 1 stonethanks


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>>830884651what a chad

I just started playing Outer Wilds and it's incredible so far.I've also attempted to okay FF XIV, but it was giving me some error about how my "service account does not have a valid license." I fucked with it for a couple hours but got nowhere.

Thank you user for gifting me Flying red barrel you are fucking AWESOME! Want Gunfire Reborn hope someone else will be able to deliver.

>>830884750Hey My steam is Michael Sativa


>>830884750roll >>830884800



>>830884750good guy user, i'll give it a try


>>830884750can i pls get some help with >>830882635pls. pretty pls

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I can’t buy any games because the police took my money... I had to pay for a stupid ticket.CAN SOMEONE HELP A BRO OUT?My cash app is $MichaelSativa

Tf is steam? All of my vidya vanishes as if it were vapors? Fuck steam


>> not

>>830884800Gtfo nigger you got a game already.


>>830884884>884884Anon deserves something for that

>>830884390Damn guess I wasn't chosen

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I’m new to Steam completely. I only played like VRChat

>>830885037i think you replied to the wrong post.

>>830885021No.if it ain't dubs it ain't dubs

>>830884949I know I did am I'm well aware, and thank the person for helping me out seriously. the game was only for a character for another game I'm playing so even if it was a game it was mainly the bonus character for the game I actually play.

>>830884664bumping again, fuck me

>>830885117He won then >>830884855

>>830884750Kinda late but I'll bite.

>>830884750Ok roll for


>>830885203Chuck a

>>830885092shit you right i'm actually >>830884411


I just got a PC, and I am new to Steam

>>830885239Let go Persona

>>830879254Gonna bump my own i guess, I'm the sad fuck with the divorce story. This shit is bumping right now.

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>>830885092Well I did now cuz I assume he's done giving them out, originally I didn't tho, right?




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>>830885246go fuck yourself

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>>830885322Did I win user? Second person to get dubs with profile linked.>>830884750

I'm:>>830884884>>830882635someone pls consider me?

>>830885404hahah the fuck, he just made a mistake no hassle to me

>>830881988still alive, still full of hope


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>>830885501>You guys are fucking losers holy shit, lol>Is on Holla Forums

>>830885513why are we still here? just to suffer :c


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>>830885665I only got Ao3, not the biggest fan, heard Ao2 is the shit tho

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>>830885665I play AoE 2 (2013) with my friends, but we are from LAS, so it may go laggy add me if you want to give it a try someday

ATTENTION RICHANON AND GIFTERS !!!What can I, to earn this, consider.

>>830885964consider getting a fucking job lamo

Asking for mount and blade bannerlord or rimworld, but I'll accept any other game from my wishlistPls is there any richanon that would make my day?


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>>830885886>>8308857342 min search you can find a whole collection of them and avoid waiting for more

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Buying up to $150 of games for any timestamped femboy in a cute pose.

>>830886313Never any acceptions for the straight guy

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>>830886246that's not mati.

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>>830886313damn my depression taking me away from my regimen. Hope you find someone to spoil.

>>830886352Sorry to burst your bubble kid

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>>830886460that must be a different mati, the one I'm posting definitely doesn't have any sextapes out there. plus she has a tattoo on her hip.

Attached: image0-24.jpg (750x920, 423.17K) for titanfall

>>830884664bumping againfuck

>>830883509Attempt No.2Just hoping to get lucky

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>>830879142Would be nice to get $5 (or more, but that's not happening) gift card because prices are mostly cheaper in my region. If that's not an option (which is probably the case), then anything from here:>My wishlist is "small" because it would've been too cringe to have a lot of games in it. It's not like I'm gonna get something like DOOM Franchise Bundle or Quake Collection anyway.

>>830879254I guess another bump for this sad boy, hoping for some good stuff.

which games do I keep

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>>830881988last bump before I go to bed, any kindanon there?

>>830888674>this listfuck you user I thought they did a stealth release or something.

Anons. Is Borderlands 3 good game. Have played Borderlands 2

>>830888674>FF tacticsDidn't even know I wanted this on SteamFuck you user

>>830889541yeah that shit's fire

>>830889541It's alright.I think it's worth the $29.99

>>830888674you forgot Judgement!


>>830879142Dammit, why am I always late?

>>830890600you aren't. sale's only been going for 2 days and no one's gotten shit.Covid hit hard

Asking for a Borderlands 3 Standard Edition key from G2A ($20), [email protected]

>>830890741bumpo saved up for my first fightstick so fighting Vidya would be appreciated/


>>830892764why did you delete it? You're going to try again?


>>830892866yes, 3 and gift me Dark Souls 3

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>>830892960oh fuck, this is a thing? Four years here and I wasn't aware. well I guess cheaters never win

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Quarantine's been killing me fellow retards. Ill take anything. Thanks in[U:1:162782536]

>>830893041das right pussy, check this 3

>>830892960>>830893041last try. 3 and Dark Souls 3. Thank you in advance.

>>830892960>>830893041I would literally cry tears of joy right now if anybody gifted me literally anything right now. It's not the game, it's the fact someone

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I would trully appreaciate it if anyone could get me Stardew Valley so I can play with my friend!

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If any user is willing to gift me The Elder Scrolls® Online I'd be ecstatic

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>>830893889Forgot the

How do I gift shit

>>830894182You have to add them

>>830894182Create a Steam accountAdd that person you want to gift toBuy the game from the store as Gift and choose the person you want to gift to

>>830894248Damn, that's some effort


>>830894264You can also buy a game off a key reseller and gift via email

>>830894182would you be kind enough to consider me and gift me persona 4?if you buy it on this site it will be would greatly appreciate if you do it and send me the key to this [email protected]'s the only game I am asking

>>830888674fuck you. You're worse than the people that do fake giveaways

I'm giving out a free copy of Battle Brothers (excellent tactical rpg with old-school Fire Emblem level of difficulty) on Steam to whoever comes first with a meme that makes me laugh



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I had Euro Truckers 2 on my wishlist for a long time now. Looked at a youtube video of a route I know irl and its about 1/4 the length in the game at a lower it really that inaccurate?

>>830896451I need a Steam profile mate

>>830896726Give it to someone else brotherNot my type of game but glad it made you laugh :)

Hello, Anons I would like to ask you if I could beg to you Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition I lost my job and now I am looking for a new one and I have no money to afford it £10.25 , €10,99 ,$USD 12,33 , CA$17.28Thank you very much Bless you and be careful with Coronavirus take good care of yourself.

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>>830896992Hey, I remember you begging from last sale

>>830897034I remember you got called out for no playing your games and just farm hours lol

>>830896992Bro. Just pirate it... Jesus.

>>830879142Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Firewatch, and Scribblenauts Unlimited are what I picked up.Sphinx for nostalgia, Firewatch for atmosphere, and Scribblenauts so me and my girl have something retarded to do.

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>>830897081if everyone pirate games companies cant do games...

>>830897129lmao you want to support but not with your money?

>>830897124Firewatch is such a gem tbh

>>830897129To be fair its R.E., companies that make shitty games deserve to die

>>830896847I didn't. You were the only one who actually participated so you won by default.

>>830897129i cant help him right now i just gifted them>>830884651>>830884381

>>830897208Fair enough I

>>830897196what are you talking about?RE7 is one of the best resident evil games...

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>>830884381Edith Finch is incrediblePlayed it like 3 timesHave fun user

>>830897228>>830886553can u help me?


>>830897279I played through this in like, one sitting when it was free on ps4 and I cannot support this recommendation enough

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If any user could gift me Elder Scrolls Online I'd love him

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