>"Hiya! Welcome to Femboy Hooters, how may we take your order? ^^"

>"Hiya! Welcome to Femboy Hooters, how may we take your order? ^^"

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Ah yes I would like a flamethrower so I can use it on your faggot ass

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>>830877412chicken caesar salad

>>830877578>not into femboys>mfw your whore female sucks black dick for change while my supple white femboy submits to my cock and cum

>>830877412Kill yourself faggot

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>>830877791There are alternatives sempai

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>>830877835goth ihop


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>>830877412wow, a femboy hooters actually depicted as femboys and not tranniesrare


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>>830877889as for your order...

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>>830878022dubs of cum pancakes

>>830877975That would be this place

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>>830878056How about this?

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>>830877412I'll take a double triple bussy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

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>>830877412I'll have the chicken brea...oh, my bad. Just a hot dog and a glass of milk please.

>>830877731Got another preference?

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>>830877791u first


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>>830878367I'm almost certain that the follow up to this would be him getting his ass plowed by femboys. but I'm not sure if it's them treating him poorly for being a picky cunt, or if it's actually his order and they're simply serving him.


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>>830877412Fuck you faggot, prepare to eat shit and die

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>>830877412It's time to kick faggot ass and Chew masculine gum, and I'm all out of gum

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>>830878787>not just calling it 'fem-Domino's' Clunky. 0/10.

I'll blow your fucking brains out, "femoid"

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There are no faggots in the Alien world, only hot ass bitches

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>>830879019This any better?

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>>830879123Closer to reality

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>>830877412i want the bailey jay special2 buns sandwhich between a thick penis

>>830878497More alternatives

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i would like a ḑ̶͍͈̺̘̰͍̋͝͝ǫ̶̨͔̤̠͇̠͒͌͑̔̈͂͆̄̀̈͘̕͝i̷̠̳͎̘͍̺͌͊́̿͆͂͛͂͜͝͠ͅͅͅń̸̦̗̩̩̮̻̠̩͒̉̀͆͋ ̵̜̟̬͓̣̙͓͕̬̰̤́͂̊̀̌̾́̐̿̕̚̚͜y̵̖͙̺̘̬̘͌͆̇̑̋̋ͅỏ̴̢͔̩̠̞́͘̕ṳ̶̘̦̩͍̿͒́̽͗͒̂̿͑r̶̛̟̹̗̎̍̀͂́̌̈́͆̌͝͝ ̶̢̣͔͚̞͇̠̱͓̠̱̏̾̐̃̍͠m̷̢̧̢̛̝̹͋̇̋̓̍̌̄̂̔̚̕ͅo̴̳̞͍̝̬̻̹̩̗̿m̷̯͋̐

>>830879196I'll give you "reality"

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>>830879356where is the fucking bulge

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>>830879320panera bread seems like the most accurate of these gay fantasy resturants.since mostly liberal white people eat at panera bread

>>830879498niggers gonna go from chimping out at waffle house's.to chimping out at popeyes

>>830879497Thats Tomboy Outback Steakhouse sempai

Then after all this restaurant eating and you have to lose weight...

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>>830879497zoomers dont understand what a tomboy isim glad i grew up in the right generation.instead of the generation who goes to school to get shot to death in school shootings#america


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>>830877412once this meme starts to actualize we will be one step closer to the future depicted in idiocracy. honestly cant wait. costco is the tits

>>830880024can we all agree that portland oregon will be the first city that builds a real life femboy hooters

>>830880119or austin texasi dont know,which city has more hipsters?


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>>830878350What is "Dojikko"?


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>>830879561my bad looked like hooters outfit i dont read anything anymore

>>830880158Not Europe?

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>>830879667i didnt read the shirt you fucking goofball what the hell is all this assumption>#america>doesnt realize "america" is a whole ass continentkill youself

>>830880675i said city you stupid fuckeurope is a country,god you are the dumbest person on earth.clearly an american who voted for donald trump

>>830880675how do people fall for this obvious scam

>>830877835milf dennys and goth ihop actually sound like great ideas

>>830877412I want your stiff lubed up girl cock balls deep in my asshole

>>830877412A pair of gay lips to make out with

>>830883434>>830883222*calls out* PARTY OF TWO, ORDERING NOTHING. *taps pad* serious! gotta order something already.

>>830877412>"Hiya! Welcome to Holla Forums, the home of cancerous bait threads online! ^^"

>>830883694just give me some of the HRT you keep in the back then

>>830883694what if just played with the girl who takes my orders balls.would that be goodid even pay for it if thats what you want

>>830883888that's on the veggie and smoothie menu. the wings are the ones full of testosterone and the like.the microbrews in back have plenty of that shit, we're not allowed to touch it.

>>830884319mmhm, we have a field for that on here. see?*shows the pad* ex-tra ser-vice. and then one that says backroom that i haven't ever bothered with.

>>830884326Alright gimme a smoothie that'll have me on my period before I head to the door>>8308

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>>830877412How long would I have to troll Gindr to find a good passable trap. It's all dudes with beards.


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>>830879443>>830879396>>830879356I do9n't get the appeal, this one is stupid, furies and just being rude? How is that a thing?

>>830881190If I get a lot more femboy art, how is it a scam?

>>830877795This is literally tumblr scam thing but on twitter. Amazing.

>>830878787That's just regular dominos

>>830878435So just regular subway? I swear everyone who works there is an e-girl.


>>830879128>>830879029>>830878811Someone in desperate need to over compensate.


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>>830879503Panera bread is fucking ass, I eat there one time, just to try it, and they got my plain turkey sandwich wrong so I tried to tell them but they told me that I think before I order and that it ain't their ordered wrong, even though I just ordered a plain turkey sandwich, and then to top it all off the sandwich was 10 goddamn bucks, fuck you Panera bread

>>830877412why with gratitude and up your ass of cource

>>830880787typical american,doesnt know how to read.go figure you elect a president who has a 3rd grade vocabulary

>>830888178your clearly whitei bet you eat at chick fil a to

>>830878147>>830878227>>830878262>>830878313>>830878466>>830878671>>830878712Why aren’t we funding these?!

>>830887505KEK!>Hitler being choked i loled IRL

>>830888393because democrats would rather give high school dropouts 15 bucks an hour

I'll have to spicy wings with the thick creamy sauce I would love to put it on my wings right from the tap ;)


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>>830878262E-Girl applebee's

>>830878367i recognize this.....

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>>830877412I like being ordered around, so give me some orders.


>>830878787Finally! A restaurant for me!

>>830878879bruh lemme go down on her

>>830889155Take your pants off, stroke your cock, and get your hole wet and stretched for Daddy...

I would happily eat at all these places.

>>830879503I work there and it's mostly latinos and indians.

>>830889304I like taking orders from women and femboys. Daddy can go fuck himself.

>>830889435Lol that's gay as fuck bro

>>830889155Make something of your life user

>>830889545Tryin, man. Tryin.

>>830879159I'd eat there every day and I fucking hate Arby'sAra Ara is the goddamn sexiest thing Japan has ever come up with

cowgirl cafe sounds like something to explore at yiffspot dot com

>>830888393Because Femboy Hooters would be a cataclysmic failure when they realize 99% of their applicants look like chris-chanYou could probably swing the other ones though, tomboy outback might be a hard sell and the definition of MILF is up for debate( seriously the trash you see claiming to be a MILF is astounding)E-girl Applebee's would make the most money easy. Belle Delphine would have a line out the door at whatever shitty restaurant she worked at

>>830880226Im going to have second this


Fembou Hooters. Dumb name. Should be called The Buss Stop

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At Femboy Hooters the "waitresses" will let you ravage their ass if you were not satisfied with the food and I am all for that

>>830892135don't think that's allowed

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>>830878227Would go everyday.Love gyaru and wish it was here

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>>830879273Fucking abstracted memes

Double bacon cheeseburger, fries, cherry Vanilla Coke. You guys still do cherry pie?

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>>830892316Then what’s the fucking point?

>>830890037Hate to admit it, but this guy is right. Can’t tell you how many horrible looking people post their pictures. And the YES QUEEN SLAY!!!! posts are just feeding I to their fantasy.

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>>830880319Clumsy/accident prone 2girls