How to get trad wife?

how to get trad wife?

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>>830877380fuck yeah I got the one with big tits

>>830877339Marry a South Korean or Japanese


>>830877339Married an Asset-Ghost-TradPretty nice. She dresses like a scrub in public but at home it's another story...

Give me the tomboy gf


>>830877427>>830879873Me too!

roll for gf

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>>830879970why not

Gib me Tomboy

this is one of the lowest layers of scum on the bottom of the cringe barrel lmao


>>830879970Rolling for Mindy.







>>830877339tfw girl that likes me rn is a complete demon but my emotions (or dick) still tell me to give her a chance




>>830884339fuck it, rerawl




>sobber>tomboy>sunshine>ghost>trad>asset>any combination of thosehit me up, bbs25/Mkik:OneDGray




>>830879970666 get !!



>>830877339You don't.

>>830877339Taking the asset for her.... character




>>830877339why trad like a fag. tomboy is best girl also where do i find them

>>830879970Rollin'>>830877339>When you barely escape a demonH-ha very funny guys. Jesus that was a truism.

>>830877339how tf is this a compass?




>>830877339Lmfao no nigga


>>830877339Don't even want one but rolling anyway




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My wife is a sunshine with a few thot and asset features mixed in.


>>830879970r o l l


>>830877339I like ghost girl. Loner girls in general are pretty hot.

>>830879970Roll for saige





>>830879970Fuck it


>>830892969Re roll






>>830877440thisMore serious Christians in Korea than Buddhists now. Prevalence of plastic surgery means they're very likely to look fantastic as well.

>>830879970sure why not