Whats the worst thing you have done to a girl?

whats the worst thing you have done to a girl?

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>>830876740Denied them my cock

She was buying me a lemon to make Home mad medicine so I left her there And went home because I forgot her until this day I feel stupid

>>830876740in middle school me and some other dudes would bully the other girls we hung out until they flashed us and let us grope them. i loved the shame in her face when i pinched her nipple on the playground

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Molested her dying comatose mother while she was asleep in the next room. Stole her sisters nudes and guilt tripped my wife into using me as her toilet.

>>830876740cheated and abandoned while she was suicidal about my lack of attention

>>830876815any stories?

>>830876990Don't blame you, suicidal bitches get boring very quickly.

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>>830877046After that I was completely alone for 2 years without any friends and only occasional hookups. Believe me, I regretted it (was a very pretty Korean girl if that matters)

SonjakstaJustine Diane Pullen


told her that i wanted to rape her little sister when we were fucking once. played it off as being "kinky and in the moment" but i was serious

>>830877089this isnt a girl user

Ex girlfriend used to let me do anything when she came home shitfaced. Pissed on her once that was probably the worst.

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>>830876740Dude those tits are perfect would love to see more

Took creepshots. Posted them here. A couple of friends.

>>830876740post her nudes on 4chan several times a week

>>830876740Bullied her into having sex. Dumped her because she spit instead of swallow

give her my pure liking love

did not realize it at the time, but i definitely raped my ex gf at least once - and it was the best sex we hadwish i could go back and rape her a lot more

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Held my cock in my gfs throat till she passed out, then proceeded to fuck all her holes roughly.

>>830878122i wish to do this to my girl asap

>>830878208Its great, she hated it, but she lets me dominate her constanly, its her fetish to be basically raped.

Get a exchange student girl shit face drunk , tell my bros and fuck her.....we were 9 dudes , she was really really fucked up the next day , even her friends asked us but we play dumb , the next day she was back to her old party girl self and even more sluttier than before , we fucked her in the club , parking lot , shower and living room , she was basically the house cum dump


told an anorexic she was fat.

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>>830878521im beyond jealous. i want to choke my girl out with my dick and know she hates it

>>Met a girl at a party that i wasnt invited to>>Got her drunk till she passed out And fucked her>>Nutted in her and left her>>Facebook stalked her and found out she was preggo and parents wouldnt let her abort>>She gave birth and got married to some tool years later

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>>830876740Dated a traditional cute submissive CHinese girl from mainland.Told her we are in a serious relationshiphinting marriage in the futuretook her virginityfront and backstopped talking to her after fucking her for 2 months

>>830878677Been 3 years since then, she blocked me from everywhere and now I'm about to get married with another Korean girl, so I don't have any pics. Here's my current one

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>>830879044Do it anyway

I always thought you can’t rape a girlfriend type shit. One day heavy make out session followed by some over the clothes. We had had sex before so it was normal to turn into sex. I started stripping her. I started to insert myself. She said no. I thought she was just playing hard to get. I mess with her more. She sticks to no. I get past the point of no return. Start really giving it to her. She’s saying no. She stops fighting. I cum. She goes to restroom crying. Awkward couple days. Things to back to normal after.

>>830879210absolute qt.

>>in hs at lame hs party>>me and gf end up sleeping on a couch together>>am not sleepy horny like always>>get her under the covers>>make her suck my dick >>cum in her mouth for the first time >>swallows >>tells me next day she was cool with the bj but i got too aggressive not into swallowing>>fuck you bitch it already happened>>tried to fuck her throat later on and she ended it

>>830876740I existed.

>>830879367Thanks user...her face is like angel...you can imagine.

>>830879233trips and i'll go wake up my gf and force my cock in her throat

>>830879459Got nudes? You could always make an unsee.

>>830879492RollingPics for proof


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>>830879492Roll? Have fun buddy.


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>>830876740Shoved my dick up a girls pooper on her birthday. I was drunk, found a hole and just went for it. She cried and bled for awhile. She was still down to fuck a few hours later.

>Girl I knew in high school lost her father>I considered her my friend so I went to the wake >Told her "I'll be here for you if you need it">Never took me up on the offer. Didn't bug me none. She's her own person.>2 months pass>wake up and see that she called me at 3am>didn't answer because I'm asleep>she tried killing herself that night but failed >at her request I haven't seen her sinceI don't think there was anything I could have done, but I feel like I've wronged her


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>>830877181this girl sounds a lot like 39daph

>>830880000nice get

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>>830878208>>830880000THE QUADS HAVE SPOKEN!

>>830879585Too shy for nudes...that's the closest you can get

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>>830876740Said Hi to her. If I could take that moment back, I would

>>830880010>39daphwhat about her?

>>830880151Probably for the best. I got in a lot of trouble posting my wife's nudes on here and almost divorced. Best of luck to you and your qt Korean waifu. I hope you have lots of kids.

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>>830879492>>830880010Deliver boi


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I went on a food run and this girl I knew asked for a burger with no onions.I got it with onions and gave it to her.She started eating it and after 2 bites she said it has onions.I told her I ordered it with no onions.She didn't finish it and everyone else ate their food.She went hungry.

>>830880328Thanks user. Even now I feel a bit strange to post her pics, but tried to do my best to be discreet. Wish you all the best too.

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>>830880707some people can't eat onions or it fucks them up all night. poor girl

>>830880533>>830879492>>830880000Quads, go fuck her throat

>>830880248a guy dumped her when she was depressed and suicidal and she is a pretty korean girl as well so it just matched the description

>>830881033I see. Suppose this happens fairly often in their obsessive-possesive society.

>>830880919honestly this has been a long time coming. gonna get even more drunk and finally rape that fucking bitch


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>>830881363Plz get pics

Met this girl fetlife, found all her nude photos and saved them. then I sent them to everyone on her Facebook. Her parents, her friends, everyone. Her kinks listed humiliation and stuff, so I did my best. I’m sure her dad will never forget that image of her naked, licking the toilet while some guy fucks her asshole.

Cummed in my cousins gf face cream and yogurth alldayPee in a passout girl face after taking her underware on shoving it in her assholeFucked a drunk girl who believed i was her bfSell friends nudes for moneyStole girls underware and make her walk to her house 40-60min away (she had no money for the bus or uber)

>>830876740Told her I loved her.


I regularly piss on my cousin's tooth brush and cum inside her shampoo

Trusted one :(

Stolen her nudes after fixing hers laptop

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>>830877485Post then again?

>>830877986Post then again!


>>830876740Knocked up a girl while at uni. She was so fucking drunk and high she thought I was her boyfriend. Ended up breaking up with him and had to quit school because of it.Made an amerimutt, finished school, moved back home, no regrets.American girls are retards.

>>830876740My ex wanted to get back together, I faked being in to her just to lead her on for a few months. Fucked her a few times and got some BJs and then just called her up one day and told her I wasn’t in to her and that she’s a bitch. Destroyed her. She’s now slowly transforming from a skinny white girl into a fat lolcow and I’m living for it.

>>830876740I got her pregnant repeatedly, now she's stuck with me for the rest of her life because I'm the father of her children and a total loser

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I made my exgf a webslut, posted her nudes for a decade until she’d been recognized a dozen or so times... she’s a teacher, so she’s totally at the mercy of anyone who recognized her too.

Edged her all day and then left her tied up in the other room while I fucked some random slut.


>>830879885Most of these stories are just mean, but this one is fucking sad

>>830876740I spread the pictures of multiple girls on the internet

>>830882232Where is she from? Looks Kind of familiar to me

Dated extremely mormon girl, psyced her into believing wed get married, took front and back virginity, came all over those massive tits and forehead, ghosted her afterwardspic related

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>>830885609she looks disgusting.. did you ever meet her parents though?

>>830885683Lmao, sadly yes, fine folks, she shouldve listened when her parents warned not to date

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I threw a rock at a girl in 2nd grade

>>830885820post dem titties


>>830876740Told an ex that I would got back to her if she gave me her ass. She complied but I was already with someone else

>>830881646>so ended up getting into her facebook account (she is a slow typer and would use the same password for all services), realized she had 2 accounts, 1 for her family (and husband) and 1 to hook up with other guys, i got into her main account and poster her nudes and conversations she had with other guys, including myself.>Last thing i know from her is she had to quit her job since she became the office's slut and her husband filed for divorce.This thread is for the worst thing you've done to a girl, not the most based thing you've done to a girl, cuck.

She's about to get doxxed in vola ext 1b8tc65ugPic related

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Once I showed one some respect, fucking rekt!

reddit.com/r/AmateurGirlsHugeDicks/ better


>>830876740I tried to make things go to fast. She was the perfect girl and it’s my fault she’s gone.

>>830876740date one

>>830885957They werent that bad at the time

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>>830885820Got any more photos user?

>>830876740Told her she needed to lose that weight don't know why except that i wanted her to move on

>>830879885Sorry to hear that user. Probably best you were able to accidentally avoid being put in a situation you were in no condition to handle properly though. Most likely,she really needed to talk to a professional health counselor.

>>830876740Said, that i didnt love her back

>Be friends with girl for a while>grandpa dies and shit happens>accidentally ghost her>be friends again for 8 months>She's horny af all the time so end up being the one she turns to to deal with that>it slips that I have a thing for her>It just kinda goes under the radar>start talking to this other girl>She lives a lot closer and seems a better fit for me>original girl says we should be together>I was already half moved on and didn't want to fuck up the friendship like I knew I would've>don't know what to say next time she tried txting me>life got real busy, great grandma died, brother's wedding, my bday>4 months later I realize I ghosted her again>Knew she wouldn't want to hear from meIt all worked out because the other girl ended up ghosting me, then months later randomly messages me and the convo leads to her sending a pic of her stitched up wrist, and then she ghosts me again.I've since apologized years later for my own peace of mind, but obviously she didn't want much to do with me. I just miss my friend Emily.

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Told her pimp to kill me and he went to jail

Came in bitch coworkers face cream.


>>830879758That looks like that guy from roosterteeth's wife

>>830879885That's literally a shit happens situation. You couldn't help being asleep at 3am and not answering the phone because of it. Honestly, let it go, man. That guilt isn't worth carrying and it's not even yours to carry.

>>830880707kek underrated

Haven't gotten everything set in stone yet, but I plan on getting a house without her and just leaving. We've been together for three years. Cunt cheated on me while I was grieving over the death of a close family member. She planned on never telling me and admitted that she only did it because she thought I'd never find out. I've tried to end things about five times now and she manipulated me into staying by doing stuff such as guilt-tripping, gaslighting, and straight up hurting herself as if she wanted to accuse me of domestic violence.I got approved for a home loan and am touring a cheap house on Monday. I'm going to destroy her for any future relationships she has. She'll never fully trust another person. She'll probably end up quitting her job and moving back in with her mom. I fully expect her to destroy anything of mine that she can get her hands on if I don't somehow get it out before she finds out that I'm never coming back. Fuck her.

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>>830879885It was a cry for help, and attention seeking behavior or it would have been permanent. It's emotionally manipulative to put any blame on you, you're not a case worker why would you be vigilantly waiting for a early morning call, you made a generic statement most people do In that wake in the death of a close relative.

>>830881646based. Justice served


>>830881719>shoving it in her assholeI wish I could see that reaction. Imagine what that's gotta be like holy shit lmao

>>830882151oosh Chin up, borther. You'll be alright.

>>830883186This is why you marry the sticc. After the kids they become thicc and you get those sexy sexy mom thighs.

>>830883537How'd that go down after? Like, how'd she react to it?

>>830876740shat in her yard

>>830888685>attention seeking behavior or it would have been permanentNot always accurate. Women are wimps when it comes to suicide. They don't have the same level of commitment as guys usually, so it leads to a lot of failed attempts.

Either fucking a girl who was black out drunk or cumming in my friends smoothie without her knowing

>>830888640basedHave her go on some girls weekend trip or something and have a couple buddies move your shit for you. Hell, I'll come help if you're that desperate.

>>830879492tactical roll

>>830879174you could’ve had the perfect life fucking bitches on the side

>>830879357I’d leave the state after y’all break up

>>830888640Houses take a lot of time to go into escrow. Self harm to stop from leaving is an abusive relationship, if she cheated let her know the ways she fucked up, and that she is exhibiting abnormal behavior. If you just run away in the middle of the night, she gets to justify all the things she did to you. These bitches need accountability, more than likely she'll make excuses, and not grow, but maybe if she hears it enough times she can grow, you really want this piece of shit walking around the way she is. Take a day off work, when you know she'll be gone, pack up load into a truck, real talk her then block her number so her suicide charade doesn't get the attention she wants. Start again.

>>830879885she’s fucked up for cutting contact based on one missed interaction, you’re better without her crazy ass

>>830878208STREAM IT

Guilt trpped ex into abortion cause she was dumb and forgot bc. Fucked up her uterus

>>830889127Women don't commit, because they don't actually want to die, it's a cry for help, to get attention, then they can bring it up emotionally or as a badge o their depth. Statistically a lot more young women have "attempted" suicide then young men. If I had a nickel for every girl I ever spoke to that brought up their troubled past and attempted suicide, I could pay for the proper therapy I need to stop fucking damage cases.


>>830879492rape her mf rapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>>830889197I considered having her family pick her up and taking her out, then having a friend come over and helping me get my shit and leaving. She has like one friend. She can't make new ones because she can't get along with anybody. My big mistake was thinking I could change a SJW. Other mistakes I made were trying to ignore so many red flags and settling for the first girl who gave me attention and pussy in a year.>>830889460Like I said, I've tried to leave multiple times. Told her I could never feel the same way for her after she cheated. That I'd never be able to get married to somebody who did that shit to me. That I don't want to be in a relationship at all and that I NEED freedom. She just makes excuses, tells me she'll never be able to find somebody as perfect as me, that I help her be a better person, blah blah blah. I get the "Would you love me more if I lost weight? How could you end a three year relationship? I thought you were gonna propose! I've helped you with so many things, how could you do this to me?" bullshit. She's physically restrained me from leaving by wrapping herself around my legs and pulling me down. She's threatened to kill herself multiple times. She deserves nothing more than me disappearing and not dealing with any more of her absolute psychotic bullshit. I plan on getting this house and spending my time and money on making it a sanctuary rather than ever getting chained down by a woman again

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>>830890354Stop trying, just leave, whatever she says or does you're gone.

>>830890354>change a SJWOH NO NO NO NO NO!!!! BUDDY! NOOOOOOO!>red flagsnever ever ever ever ignore red flags.

>>830889767I agree with most of this. Women love to self harm and talk about offing themselves but a lot of it is like "OMG work was SO HARD today! I had to copy and paste so many things and print loads of papers and Susan was such a bitch about how I wasn't being fast! I seriously just wanted to fucking kill myself"

>>830876740Girl? You sure you should be here, sonny boy?

>>830890544I was a fucking idiot my man. Blinded by the prospect of good pussy and the fear of being alone. Turns out I prefer being alone, whoda thunk it? >>830890486My exact plan. Everybody thinks I'm a serious asshole for planning to leave her like this. I've fucking tried to reason with her but she's a special kind of retarded.>Me: I need to move out. I'm done with you acting like I'm not an adult who can make his own choices. I'm sick of you being scared about every thing I do. I want freedom.>Her: Would you stay if I lost weight?! You can't leave! Just think about it!>Me: What? That has nothing to do with it and yes I can, I've thought about this a lot for a long time now. I'm done, I don't need to justify it anymore.>Her: So you'll think about it then? I'll wait, just think about it. Even if it takes a few weeks, months, I don't care.The next day I left without saying shit to her and spent the whole weekend away. I went back to take a shower and sleep, woke up, went to work, got back home when I was off, sat in the bedroom away from her and had headphones on, and what does she do? Comes in, sits on the bed, and starts talking about her day and asking me shit. Like nothing happened. Then says "How do you feel after this weekend?" I go "Pretty fucking good. It was great feel free again." She says "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm so glad I have another chance with you." I didn't know what to say. Nothing gets through to her. Not a single fucking thing

>>830876740Raped her when she tried to break up.Kept dating for a few months after that. Kept bringing it up just to watch her get uncomfortable over talking about it. She kept telling me to stop but at the same time she was cumming.Came in her as she begged me not to because she and I both knew that she loved the feeling of me cumming inside her.

wore her skin like a trenchcoat while i flashed minors at the bus stop

Said that we were going to start dating and attempted suicide on the next day

>>830891154>whoda thunk it?There's a point in every man's life he learns this. I hope it all works out for you, friendo.

>>830877834Sounds reasonable.


Started a snapchat where I'd post pics of her sleeping, naked, when we fucked, when she gave head etc..Ran a couple of polls a week so people could pick her clothes (slutty ones of course) too and then let them all see her dressed up

Forced my gf to watch me fucking some other Girl and lick my cum out of her pussy. Best thing were her Tears

>>830891348Thx m8

>>830891479please post video. I need to cum.

I guess the worst I've done is either the many many times I have tricked them into sending nudes for a modeling scam and then posted them online with their full name. Or the few that I spied on by setting my phone in the bathroom to "charge" while they showered, recording the whole unclothed episode, then posting that online with their full names. Either way, I'm a dick.


>>830891154>Nothing gets through to her. Not a single fucking thingI mean... So you told her to go fuck herself, went and did what you wanted, and when you got back she was fine? Why not just try doing what you want all the time? Or have you tried that?

>>830882232I had a coworker that asked me to see what was wrong with his two VERY attractive daughter's laptop's.First thing I did was look through pictures for nudes.Sadly nothing was found. There were some sexy Halloween costume pictures though.

worst thing was tricking a girl I was seeing into a gangbang with black guys

>>830885609>>830885820She could rent out that forehead as billboard advertising space.

>>830887431Mormon girls love to fuck.

>>830876740Used a girl with bipolar disorder as my cumslut for a few weeks and crashed at her place. Then blocked her number. Felt bad for imposing, but was moving from one apartment to another

>>830880707lmao this funny

>>830879357There is no point of no return! Dont use this shit to help yourself. I am saying this as someone who had to fight to be freed from a rape accusation. And it is hard to proof you did everything in consent but afterwards she gets a jealouse bitch because you've to go to work on a sunday. Its really funny, to have the police showing up at work. Colleague said: "I've warned you about her!".

>>830881646A some say "deserved, I am the one to tell you "You're an asshole". You look at woman as possession and you ruined ones life. Yes, her behaviour is as fucked up as yours, but at least she didn't ruin you.

>>830882530obviously, you're the retard in this story

got my younger sister drunk so me and some friends could have sex with her

>>830893902How were things after? Does she remember?

>>830878594You should be in jail. You are a rapist

I accidently touched a married womans shoudlers, I am so fucking sorry.

>>830894056You absolute monster. People like you are the reason the death penalty should be a thing

>>830894000she remembers most of it, she was pretty drunk though, we were all drunk and "probably took it too far" we told her afterwards. she never did tell our parents but grew distant from me and we barely talk anymore

im married and always have dirty thoughts about a married coworker. Like dreams too. Ive beaten off to her bikini facebook pics

Fucked my housemate when she was passed out after an epileptic seizure.

>>830894217oosh, but that's to be expected

Married her.


I took my cousins clothes off while she slept. When she woke up and asked for them back, I made her stand there naked for a minute before giving them back. We were both like 9 at the time so I dont feel too bad about it, but it is still objectively one of the shittiest things I've done in my life.Oh yeah and I groped my girlfriend without her consent but eh.

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>>830894417yeah, sort of regret it , really messed up our relationship

>>830876933This sounds hot as fuck. Was her mom thicc?

Condom broke, and I knew it did. Came anyway. Ghosted her afterwards. She’s still looking for me 4 years later.

>>830876740Gotten her financially dependent on me and then broken it off with her while she was having a physical/emotional health crisis, and right as Corona made it damn-near impossible to find a job in my area

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>>830894711>4 years laterI'm assuming this means she had your kid?

>>830877982bruh bitches love rape. so many more of them want it than they would ever tell you, but they love to be taken advantage of

>>830894711I have rigged condoms to break, fucking some cucks wife or girlfriend especially if she blindfolded I will slip the condom off changing positions, love blasting off into that pussy and then acted all surprised that it happened

>>830879210nice, moa

kill all her dreams and joy for life...

slept with my girlfriends mom and then her Sister a little later... she found out, forgave me, but then i fucked he sister again because she was so hot

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>>830895026this is the sis

>>830895026>>830895076got more? and post mom and gf

Had sex with then gf. now ex-gf. At some point she wasnt into it anymore and she said things like stop it hurts I don't want to anymore. I was so close to cumming I didn't care and continued. Basically rape her.

>>830883186Post em tiddies

>>830883186lucky as fuck, bruh. She's gonna cheat on you at some point, sure, but make all the other time you have with her worth it by fucking her raw

I choked her after she made me mad because I was late to some stupid sewing class and she embarrassed me in front of everyone there. She called the cops, but I smooth talked my way out of it. She told my friends and my current gf, but I told her that she was a crazy liar and made up stories about abusive things she has done to me. I sent her nudes of me and my current gf on her birthday. I sold her social documents to the black market. Moved to another country and sold her car that was still in her name. Lost her job because I sold her means of transportation. Last I heard of her was that she checked in a mental facility and is possibly on drugs or drinking after being straight edge for 28 years. Also, I smooth talked her out of her virginity.

>>830894787I don’t think so. She was a crazy hot cougar, but she owned a gun, so yeah.

>>830888030naw fuck dem crazy bitches, man. you didn't lose shit except a headache.

Not terribly bad but I took a topless photo of my 20yr old step daughter yesterday.Walked past her her bedroom in the morning and she's laying on her back, asleep with her top up. Both boobs out, I crept back to the kitchen, grabbed my phone and got a couple of photos.Seeing those young perky tits, knowing they're forbidden fruit, makes them all the more desirable.I'll keep the photo forever.And no, I won't post it.



>>830895397>Takes nude of unconscious daughter purely to fap to later>"Not terribly bad"Nigga there is like eleven things wrong with that, and the first one is that you didn't post tits.

>>830895213>straight edgeSounds like she deserved it.

>>830895284Well that's the thing tho, Emily wasn't exactly crazy. She had a high sex drive. Other than that she was actually pretty based. Like, that one mass shooting happened a couple states over and she made a point to ask and make sure I was okay. I thought it was dumb at the time, but a few years back I realized that it was actually one of the sweetest things someone's ever done for me.


>>830894233This is the most normal shit on this thread. You must really love your wife, you cuck.

>>830895546Bro, if she asked if you were okay after a shooting that took place hundreds of miles away she was fucked in the head, and you're not far off if you think that's somehow sweet.

>>830895473Step daughter. So it's all good.

>>830895121sis again, got a gf pic coming no mom

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>>830895626Anon, I'm sorry no one's ever shown you real concern or affection.

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>>830895544She didn’t deserve it man. The shit keeps me up at night. Every now and then, I dream about her, and I know I will tonight because I’m typing about her.

>>830895213I wish you die in your sleep tonight

>>830895121the gf

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>>830895702>r/whohurtyou lololol

>>830895739I hope I do too

>>830895800for real tho, how was she cool with you sleeping with no just her mom, but also her sis? Like, the sis maybe I can see it, but the mom too?

>>830895857she only found out about the sis, and i said we just kissed and touched

>Be me, regularly taking mild antidepressant (relevant later on)>Dating Russian girl with a qt younger sister>About 11 and a gymnast.>Very long dirty blonde hair, slender body and cute face of Russian ethnicity>VERY flexible, often training and contorting around the house>Always walking around in skin tight or very short clothing>Hooked.jpg>Their father is totally aloof in general>One day find myself at their house with gf away for a while>See qt sis walk out of bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her>Unable to resist, jump at her as she's walking to her room and remove towel>Budding chest, almost invisible little start of a bush and a smooth slit>Instant diamonds>She is speechless>Acting impulsively, grab her and grope her all over>Lick her slit, tastes like soap>Still speechless, breathing somewhat heavily>Put dick out and lift her holding body close to chest>In a strong impulse put her down on my dick and start pounding>Incredible tightness, one of the best feelings ever>She is kind of letting it be>Don't last much more than a few seconds>I groan as I pull her close to me, cum several strings of jizz deep into her pussy>Pull out, put her down and see it leaking out of her>Don't feel the guilt, regret and terror I was expecting to feel after I came>Realize I'm actually still horny, remember I forgot to take my pills>Side effect is delayed ejaculation>Reckon since I came so fast I still had some juice>Pick her up again and walk carrying her wrapped around me, front to front, touching her all over>In a manic state, don't even pay attention to her reactions much>Almost hard again after a short while>Go for round two>Massive pounding, she is somewhat lubed with my cum from before>This time last much longer>All the while she just let's out small moans, or were they cries?>At the last minute pull out, put her down and cum hard on her pretty face

>>830895725lol of course she didn't deserve it. If at any time you ever did any or especially all of that shit to a person you are a bad person. Doesn't matter if you feel bad about it later. The best you can do is stay away from other people, but since everyone knows you can't do that just embrace the awful bastard that you are and try not to feel guilty about any of the heinous shit you do until you're finally in prison.

>>830895800Got a kick to share nudes she looks fire

>>830895844nah, in this case it's the lack of any emotional input tbh

>>830876740Not respect her


>>830896004Man, fuck off with some no u shit. Your bitch is fucking crazy, and your higher brain is just trying to find a way to rationalize your lower brain's attraction to her. A lot of people mistake that for love. You seem to be at least somewhat aware of that, and you're projecting your insecurities onto someone else before you have to think about them for too long and realize how fucked up your shit is.

>>830895919You're literally a pedo rapist...

>>830876740>>830876932so I fucked this downie bitch from adultfriend24 dot com the other day... felt pretty bad afterwards lol... I don't even know if that's a legal thing to do. I don't believe I did anything wrong as these downie potatos are horny all the time and she really enjoyed it. she even took it in the ass lol

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>>830876740Probably not the worst, but this is the first that comes to mind.>Dating a girl, nothing serious yet, made out a few times.>Gently dump her because she can't take jokes and bitches if I have anything but praise for her and shit she likes like Supernatural etc. (one of those bitches)>Typical "but WHY" female bullshit even though it's fucking obvious that we're way too different personality wise>Don't hear from her for a week and didn't expect to hear form her again>Get a text >"heyyy wanna finish that thing we were watching?">Say sure because wtf else am I doing>She comes over and after a while starts trying to do cute shit>THROW HER ON MY BED AND FUCK HER LAME ASS>Don't establish that as having meant anything>See each other a couple of more times, fuck here and there>She tries to bitch and nag about something while we're fucking and break up with her in the middle of sex, tell her to get the fuck out of my apartmenttl;dr I broke up with a bitch while we were fucking.

>>830896359His story literally never happened.But you're probably right, either way.

Fucked her mom and sister beat her brother up... She still married me..she forgave me about the brother she don't know about the mom and sister none of them have told each other

>>830895919>Hold her hands and don't let her wipe it all off>Looking up at me with big wide eyes, jizz over her hair, eyebrows, nose, cheek and lips>Let her go, she runs to her room and closes the door>Have no idea how things are gonna be from now on>Have this insane thought that I can continue to fuck her if nobody notices>Don't consider that she might tell on me for some reason>Just happy as those were among the best orgasms I've ever had>Later that day have another opportunity and jump at her again>Can't contain myself, strip her and fuck her hard on the floor>Have to be fast cause we won't be alone for long>Have discreet impression she might be enjoying it a little, or maybe just wishful thinking>I pull her close as I cum deep inside her, filling her up

Existed near them.

>be me>Dating qt3.14 in highschool>find out she has bulimia >help her over time to learn to like herself >gets over eating disorder>fast forward 6 months>I dump her for super hot trashy girl with banging body because she got fat and gives my dick depression

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>>830896630get this faggot fantasy shit off of here

>>830896376Was the hygiene bad down there? :(



>>830895919so like, did this ACTUALLY happen?

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Awkward chick got baited into confessing to me in highschool and I took her up on it just because I was horny. Barely interacted with her, whenever she complained I would tell her "real relationships aren't like movies" and make fun of her expectations until she was 100% obedient. Got her nudes in a month, sent to everyone I knew. Then next month convinced her to let me fuck and had her first time taped on my dad's shitty camera I had laying on the desk, also sent to all my friends.Started taping most of the times we fucked, eventually told her about it and she had no choice but to just accept it. Started filming POV shit as well while telling her it was "our" secret and sending it to my friends anyway.Ended up getting a real girlfriend and just kept her as a fuckhole because I love fugly hairy chicks. She said she found out at some point but didn't leave because she had nobody else so she was fine with just having that role. "Broke up" with her after she started going crazy and seeing shit but not before cumming inside her for a whole week.Around 2014 I sold the videos to some rich pedo Holla Forumstard for a ridiculous amount of cash and used it to help paying off college loans.

>>830896359>You're literally a pedo rapist...>About 11>budding chest>little start of a bush>pedoShe has clearly started puberty you illiterate fuck.

>>830879885It wasn't your fault user, there was literally nothing you could've done

>>830878594What country was she from ?

>>830896811yeah in fucking bizarro world, nigger

>>830896359So I thought as well user.>>830895919>>830896630>I leave her be, she is just stands there, filled.>Cum leaks a bit out of her pussy>Still a bit horny I get down on my knees and lick it off her>She doesn't say a word>Hear gf, send girl to her room and walk up to her>Do other stuff, forget about it all somehow>Later wake up and realize it was a dream>My gf isn't even Russian, wtf>Remember actual side effect of missing a day on my medicine is having ultra vivid dreams>As I had jerked off just before bed I didn't even cum in my boxers>Tfw you have a cool dream but you're glad it was a dream

>>830896947who can tell nowadays

>>830896828This is way more believable than this>>830895919


>>830897001Anyone who can tell when someone is writing fiction and when someone is just talking about shit that actually happened.

>>830896998>Tfw you have a cool dream but you're glad it was a dream>Still a bit horny I get down on my knees and lick it off herI hope these are related, why else would you regret it B)

I regularly cum into my blond friend's shoes and socks and nylons.She is married, but I love her feet.

My step sister has severe mental problems. On top of many other things she’s obsessive and easily frustrated. Some nights she would put up such a fight going to bed that they had to make her “special orange juice” with meds in it just so she’d sleep. When I was 12 I snuck into her room after they had given her some of the juice and started to touch her. I pulled my dick out and out her hand over it and jerked off. It was fucking fantastic. I quickly got bolder and bolder. first me getting naked, then taking her clothes off, cumming on her body and putting my dick in her mouth. And trying to put it inside her. It didn’t fit for the first two years but shortly after she turned 10 I started being able to slip inside and oh my god my fucking world changed. Her pussy was like molten steel around my dick. So hot with just a little give but also lots of resistance. I usually came in two or three minutes of getting inside her. I continued to sneak in on her like this until I was 19 and moved away for college.

>>830896359>>830896811>>830896698See this: >>830896998

>>830897071based and cumfilled

The worst I did was cut some girls chest behind the school with scissors in primary school, but looking at some of these it doesn't seem as bad anymore.. I mean I was just a kid, right!?


>>830897116obviously, retard


>>830894217Story time. Graphic description and a pic of your sister. Dont regret. You got to fuck your sis

>>830891462she is not white

>>830897012That's because it happened. I was actually looking for a secrets thread to post something else I remembered but there's not any and mine's not that interesting to make its own thing. Reading the thread reminded me of that.

>>830876740looked at her

>>830897058Not sure what you mean by relatedI'm glad it was just a dream because I wouldn't wanna do something like that to anyone or be a rapist

Came in her shampoo, body wash, body lotion, hand cream, etc because she didn't want to date me

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>>830897303I meant the part about, you know, lapping up your cum like a cat? The rest of it was fine :/


>>830897307she is 90% gums

>>830897307How did you have access to these items if you weren't dating her?I've jizzed into girls' conditioners and food, and put precum on toothbrushes, panties and towels for girls to use

>>830891479Wait how did you do this and get her to stay with you. I want this

>>830897307>>830897379Reminds me I came in her toothpaste and mouthwash too

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Molested my sister in law while she slept in the same room of my gf. Only used my fingers tho.

>>830897360Oh I see kekThat licking I wouldn't regret at all.