Best games on this?

best games on this?

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>>830875135was quite the fable fan halo 1 and 2 was also excellent


>>830875135Mechassault. No discussion.

I loved mechassault and burn out. Those were my 1st 2 games. Had the big control and everything. Memories

>>830875135Psychonauts is still a super fun romp

>>830875135panzer dragoon orta

Dantes Inferno.

Brute force


>>830875135Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball

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all of these exclusives above me, and all the great multiplats of that generation (gta and splinter cell distinctly come to mind) are all better. on Xbox.


>>830875135best game is morrowind

>>830875135Predator game or Halo 2

Godfather and kingkong game ^^

>>830875135Kotor and Fable

>>830875530solid answerpersonally i was fond Golden Eye Rogue Agent

>>830875135In no real order: Halo 1, especially multiplayer blood gulch. Simpson’s road rage. Fusion frenzy. Dear or alive 3. Need for speed underground. Tony hawks pro skater 3.

>>830875135Halo and gears lol

Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes

>>830877774This. Totally underrated Gauntlet clone, but better. Fun to play with four players.

>>830875410fucking b a s e d

The Chronicles of Riddick.


For me it's the tony hawk games


Conkers live and reloaded

>>830875135Metal Wolf Chaos

>>830875135This thread just proves how shit the original xbox was. The only good exclusive was kotor but the ps2 blew that pos console out of the water.


Star Wars Republic Commando

>>830875135Unreal Championship, 1 and 2.


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>>830880030signed and cosigned


Destroy all humansFable 1 Worms 3dStubs the zombieThe sufferingThat's all of them

I remember having a lot of fun with Twisted Metal, though I'm not sure if it's exclusive to Xbox.

>>830875135Morrowind.People get all forked up when they reminisce on that game for the original xbox console gaming system.

Halo and FM1

Halo 2

>>830879554I love this game. Bought it off eBay. I wish I had friends to play it with. I wish I had friends.


>>830875135The Star Wars game.

>>830884968My nigga

Silent Hill 2

>>830875887Did you get lost on your way to the trap thread?

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crimson skies highroad to revenge was really fun

Doom 3

Ninja Gaiden Black.

>>830875135Original " Star wars : knights of the old republic " and "Crimson skies "

Spongebob battle for bikini bottom

Jade Empire

>>830887015>Same user.You should own every title here. This is mine.

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Fusion Frenzy

>>830875135Jet Set Radio Future

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>>830875135Beyond Good & Evil

Star Wars The Clone Wars


it's been said a million times and its gonna be said a million more but halo 1 and 2. steel battalion is really cool though, i've never owned the full control set up but I got to try it at the midwest gaming classic and it was fun as fuck

Oddworld: Strangers WrathAfter Halo 2 and PGR 2 though.

>>830875410Eh, mechassault was ok. 2 was better using the battle suit to wreck friends in the atlas.

>>830875135nfl 2k5, still the best football game ever made

>>830880241Ooo, I remember trying to never touch the ground in this game. Always a classic.

Kotor, morrowind, tony hawk's underground, Doom 3, Halo, XIII and Fable. That was a good time for gaming.

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>>830882983Still playing morrowind, albeit on pc now. Can’t wait for skywind to drop.

>>830888379i played "halo" on the PC. i found it to be the most annoyingly repetitive thing i hated it so much i only beat it out of hatred. it was like a "hate fuck". i loved the atmosphere at times but then realized its extreme lack of imagination.

>>830888766I found most of my enjoyment of halo pc to be out of custom edition. Yoyorast, Coldsnap, ported halo 2 maps, stock ce maps with random as fuck weapon modifiers, rp servers, it was like an archaic version of gmod before I knew gmod existed

Anyone remember that game where you were a cat and you had a big ass vacuum and you killed pigs(?) with shit you picked off the map

>>830889015in halo ce? wtf lol

>>830889194No as in a stand alone game, pretty sure the title was something like blink:blah blah blah 2

>>830889322Oh you must be thinking of Blinx: The Timesweeper or Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space

>>830875135Spy vs spy... checkmate

The OG Xbawks ports of the Metal Slug games are pretty good

YO I know it's a multiplat but Black was an fps that was way ahead of it's time. also im sure a lot of you know about it already but if you're ever looking for good games for an older system, is a great resource if you ever wanna find some good games for any given system

>>830889403It is! Thanks, also, why did they stop putting those out? They were pretty good as far as I remember

>>830875135I did and still do enjoy occasional game or two of Phantom Crash

>>830889727" Artoon became defunct when the parent company, AQ Interactive, filed for bankruptcy."


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>>830875135XBMC(not a game I know)

>>830890112based xbox homebrew poster


based xbox bump

>>830888046You don't have San Andreas

>>830881115Fucking loved it


>>830875135I particularly enjoyed Minneapolis simulator 2: Elect Nig Boogaloo.

>>830875135Sonic Heroes

Sneakers is the best game on the original Xbox.

Star wars battlefront ii

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>>830887015Seconded. They just re-released Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox One (via backwards compatibility) totally sick game, notably the "missions" feature from the main menu

>>830881115Never could finish it

These were the games that I remember playing most have been posted :Metal Arms : Glitch in the systemTimeSplitters GTA San Andres, 3, Vice cityFifa 06Fusion FrenzyConker Medal of honorSolder Of FortuneBlack Desert Storm (Something Like that)MArvel vs capcom i thinkMy favorite Mortal Kombat game to date; Mortal Kombat Sholin MonksHalo 1 and 2 of courseNinja Gaiden red dead revolver series Hunted? or haunted It was a zombie game pretty funand others that i don't remember So many good memories

I unironically enjoyed Toejam & Earl 3