Ask a black introvert anything

ask a black introvert anything

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i love ur posts!

>>830874032I'm here to please.

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keeping it alive

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How is being black relevant to this thread? Also, how do we know that you are not a fat white neck beard larping as a black introvert posting porn?

>>830875022it's my signature of sorts. and you'd know I'm legit if you've been to my previous threads

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Ask a white extrovert anything.



>>830874607Minimum 2 ass surgeries from the scars

>>830872904Vote in the straw

>>830875898nah.>>830875829don't you mean the other way around?

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>>830872904How come itsagundam is always in trouble?

>>830878470idk what or who that is.

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will you post moar bimbos, muscle tits, and nasty whores? please and thank you

>>830879129you got it.

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>>830874120ever watch her clitty videos?

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>>830879939natasha Aughey.

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ill never understand why every single fbb porn i see they gotta flex like can they just get fucked like normal women without the flex

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>>830880187I guess it's a dominance thing

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>>830880245Moar bimbos

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>>830872904why arent you posting thick shecock

>>830881390I'm just posting recent stuff I have.

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>>830881506if i dressed up in drag, would you suck my cock?


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are you happy?

>>830882587yeah, I'm quite happy atm.

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>>830882139>>830882406even if i looked cute like bailey?

>>830882750then that'll be a maybe.

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>>830882736can i have some of your happy for i am lacking it?

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>>830884038you can have a small Chunk of it, I don't know how long mine will last.

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is there any clips of bailey cumming from anal alone or is she only jerking/fucking to cum?

>>830886731you mean hands free cumming? then no, there's no video of that.

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Hi asshole. Good to see you again. Last time I was here you were introverted being asked anything. Glad to se this place hasn’t changed. I don’t like variables. But I do like your taste in porn.

>>830883747I’ll bet she took more than 200 pictures of herself before she settled on that one.

Why does she send me normie Snapchats of her boyfriend and his kids like I didn’t cum inside her a hundred times? Does she really think we can just be normal friends after all the things we said to each other? And why can’t I just cut her off and stop talking to her?

>>830887048um... thanks kinda?

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>>830887242You’re welcome. Kinda. I’m not teasing you.

>>830873284>>830880050I don’t know what it is about her, man. I’m not into any other muscle chicks, but I want her to beat me to a pulp and then make gentle, tender, love to my wounded body.


>>830887551same. she's the sexiest fbb I've seen, next to bakhar nabieva

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>>830887887I’d abandon every trap thread just to see more of her.

>>830888032She used to be way prettier. I think the roids have affected her face.

>>830888232You got a recent one? So I can see the nastiness?

>>830872904why are you black?

>>830888032an onlyfans from her would be a dream come true>>830888232I disagree, she's still cute imo.

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>>830884284i dont think i actually got any of it. still feel like shit and just not seeing much of a reason to live. not suicidal, but still not seeing a reason.

>>830888612I don’t k ow what that means. But... more?


>>830888480I think this one is recent. idk what that other user is talking about, she's still stunning.>>830888616I had very little to give, so it probably wasn't enough. I hope you'll be able to find your own one day user.

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>>830888838I want to spit on her.

>>830888754you've never heard of onlyfans?

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>>830888966I haven’t. I’m embarrassed to say that because I consider myself savvy. It’s not like I live under a rock. I’ve just never heard of it.

>>830888612I didn’t say she isn’t still cute, but her face seems longer and her nose more bulbous. I dunno, maybe it’s just makeup and photoshop in the professional pics vs reality being posted on Instagram.

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>>830872904u still alive? is there no cops on your area or what?

>>830889200you've been missing out, everyone is using it.>>830889206I kinda see what you mean, but her face isn't that weird to me. it's alot better looking than most fbbs.

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>>830872904y do u post trannies sometimes that's hella gay

>>830889496Don’t get me wrong, I still want her to beat the tar out of me and then fix me with sexual healing.

>>830889499Hella *hot

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>>830889576I disagree

>>830872904post from an ignorant Holla Forums shitposter. get aids and die faggot.

>>830889965>Holla Forums shit poster>Calls someone a faggot

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>>830890665God I want to eat her asshole so badly

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>>830872904how big is your weener

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>>830890934She has a butt that truly will not quit.

>>8308914718 inches

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>>830891471As big as your mom’s cunny

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>>830872904Are you cute?

>>830892021Meh, not really.

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Still here

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>>830892160Need sauce nao

>>830872904yo OP i want to be friends, ive seen your threads a bunch of times and i like most of the girls you post and i like your attitude

>>830892898Nahla Monroe>>830892968I like to remain anonymous on here, so I can only be your anonymous friend on 4chan.

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>>830872904Do you have a Kik?

>>830893603I don't, and I won't get one either. Sorry.

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