Google captcha

Is there a place where you can vent your frustration about google captcha?
This shit is unbearable.
Fuck this shit for trying to keep robots humans down

Isn't this used to train google's AI? So maybe that's why they want you to solve it a few times. The solution is to just avoid websites that have it, such as 4chan. It's amazing what people will put up with though.

Google captcha is a piece of shit, and whoever designed it should be forced to sit in a straitjacket and forced to identify street signs for the rest of his natural life while connected to life support to extend his natural life to as long as possible, for all of the collective time he's wasted making us train jewish car driving AI.

Yes, and if your browser has spoofed user-agent or you don't allow cookies, after 10 minutes you will be prompted again to solve those ridiculous ai training puzzles. They get harder when your browser stands out from the crowd (e.g. not allowing all scripts/cookies/media/images/fonts and spoofing your user-agent). I fucking hate it. The 8ch's captcha is far more user-friendly.

Yeah, this is FUCKING BULLSHIT. I'm barely able to solve any of these Google AI DUMFUCK NIGGERISH GOATFUCKING "CAPTCHAS"!! It might find me suspecious due to my Linux-UserAgent, NoScript, VPN combo. I'll never ever use that shit again!

It's been used for a lot of things. It started as something they used to digitize documents, then it was for cataloging street addresses, presumably for google maps, and now it's clearly used for AI. Google has a huge free workforce disguised as a service, and I'm amazed at how few people care.

Just don't go to sites that use such user-hostile gimmicks. If you keep going there, it only validates their abusive behavior.

Don't use JavaScript, faggot.


The worst part about tne captcha is that it's apparently not that hard to expoit.

Either stop using sights that have it or ask them to replace it with a better captcha. Bonus points for no nonfree javascript
What's the microphone test?


That includes all Cloudflare crap.

Use VC's meme mail.

You mean those "one more step..." pages? Yeah, they're cancer. But I don't have to deal with them here.

tutanota or lumail

No ammount of rage is enough for jewgle and this shit.

I'm on qutebrowser.

I fucking hate modern web development and cia niggers.

The captcha actually appears just for browsing a site? I've never seen that. Must be some shitty site.

How long has Jewgle has been dumping ai problems on their human resources? Since 2007? The odious 4chan captcha alone must've saved them billions.

install adnauseam and script a browser with it installed to hit websites with ads on rotation. hit google indirectly. you can script hitting with random search terms but i imagine that's much easier for google to track and remove from the ad payment system. and you'll get with captcha's fairly quickly.

also combine this with vpn-gate, since those vpn's are from random's computers there's a million of them and the IPs are constantly changing. eventually to fight it they'll have to ban huge swaths of ip addresses.

Let's do it, that's what kek would want

The slow loading is part of their anti bot shit and is infuriating as all hell

Surely not all. I browse here in Lynx or Links, neither of which has JS.

it's and yes it's one hell of a shitty site

"We're sorry, but your IP address has been blocked from this site. "

Ha ha, you're right (I'm using a VPN addon, by the way).

Also worth noting is that Google Captcha is the only thing I'm aware of that can naturally detect if you've connected to 2 or more VPNs at the same time. It won't work at all and I have to go back to a single VPN connection for the captcha to load.

I miss the captchas that had the decoy word that you could replace with "nigger".

Maybe your second VPN is used by every pajeet for botnets. Did you try to use it in one-hop config? Maybe you have shit config and DNS leaks?
What's the point of using 2 VPNs bought for your name?
Tor is made for this exact thing and just werks if you pick the right exits.

It seems to be an option the site owner can turn on. It wouldn't be useful for Holla Forums, since they have their own system of mods (doing it for free) to police content.

With a VPN on, I find trying to use Google itself is actually the most annoying. "Please prove you're a human".

i saw a chinese captcha where a jigsaw puzzle piece pops up and you have to use a slider to slide it into a socket. a mini game like this is infinitely better than identifying fucking street signs, and i really hope this idea catches on.

I'm sick of that trio, and I rarely even run into this travesty. The two-word ones were usually fine, even without the "niggers" trick, unless it pulls shit like this.

On the question of email, how would you guys rate fastmail?

The normies using chrome with no extensions don't even have to deal with this shit either. They get webm related. Install Chrome to mitigate your captcha troubles, goy!

haha holy shit, I mean, those overly-complex ones are usually there to throw-off bots, but I guess if you're autistic enough to type them then go ahead

Better for us, but not better for Google's AI/machine learning/computer vision training botnet.

It won't with Google or any other botnet captcha provider, but I suppose some DIY-minded forum or website administrators might use something like it.

That's only if you're logged into a Google account. And by now the sign up process for that asks a fucking lot from you like your first name, last name and phone number.

Before it was almost nothing out of the ordinary.


I wish people would stop broadcasting their info on the internet.

Ultimately every provider can guck you over, and when the spooks come a'knocking they probably will. But it is infinitely better than gmail, because first they are not googlr amd they actually get income from you having an account so they do not have to datamine you. They still might though, read the TOS.

This is precisely why I was considering them.

Will do.



If you use email account for anything like work-related, banking/insurance, or buying shit online, the email provider is gonna have your infos anyway, because those places send tons of emails and bills/receipts to you. Even a couple decades ago, it was common to just use your ISP account email address (like [email protected] or whatever) and it could easily be traced back to you. Email has never been anonymous, or even very private unless you use PGP, but very few people do.