Estonia gets WN government

The chairmen of the Center Party that's the pro-White party for those of you reading this at home, the Social Democrats, and the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) agreed on the conditions of the new coalition on Saturday morning.


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Estonia was always pro white they just didnt need a party for it because none of them had ever seen a nigger now. Prepare for russia today to sperg out and talk about russian oppression again.

The baltics need to form a mini reich for ants

soros sponsored 'couloured'-protests/revolution in 10…9…8…7…

The baltics are in a hard place. They are based as fuck but the west is trying to poz them and russia really wants to annex them.

Stop spreading lies, Centre is not WN because they have so many corrupt followers from their previous leaders and the other two parties have been and will push US-liberal agenda.

The only moderately based party in Estonia is EKRE, or the Conservative People's Party

estonia and kola peninsula is rightful suomi clay

I hope Trump pulls out of NATO so Europe can finally get the wake-up call it needs through a combination of Ami leaving and Putin penetrating them from behind.
All it'll take for Russia to back down is enough sabre-rattling and resistance to Russian influence. Kind of like staring down a dog.

It's a distraction.

Russia has been eyeing the baltics, but that's mostly because they've already soft-annexed Belarus and want a corridor to Kaliningrad.
Although the amount of Russians in Estonia (24%) is a bit worrying.

Back after the USSR broke apart and CIS was being formed, the baltic states decided to join the West instead.
While it wasn't such a bad idea back when Russia was weak, there's now just a small piece of land connecting them to their allies and they're within range of the Russian defense system. Plus they aren't worth defending.
When a war breaks out, they are going to be annexed within days and thrown under the bus by the West. And maybe it won't even be a bad thing.

Nobody fucking wants your potato nigger countries, Latvia.

Latvia is fucking awesome, faggot. Stop stepping.

nigger both putin and NATO are cancer

Corrupt as all hell. Endless gibs for the non-integrating russkies, trying to root tolerance and diversity while doing nothing to address the already-large slav problem. The other ones are at least a little more nuanced and moderate in the garbage they push.

This is anything but good. Out of all the options, they've consistently been the worst choice. The choice in party in general has been shit for a long time, EKRE's the closest thing to decent in a long while, but it's hard to say if there's been any infiltration in their ranks.

i'd rather get invaded by kebabs than russians, those fuckers are crazy, not that i enjoy being invaded by kebabs

Apply yourself shills. Centre is WHITE and REDPILLED. Pro-Russian equals pro-White.

pro russia means pro scary neighbour that is aspiring to pull a home invasion on you and rape your wife and kill your children and house his sociopath sons in your house. besides that, outside of america there are more factors than white to account for. russians are white but they are fucked up alcoholics with mongol blood. most jews are """""""white"""""""" as well but you don't trust them as well do you? there is more to this world than whiteness. and i don't mean that whiteness should be disregarded at all, but certainly not used as only argument.



besides that, i heard moscow is pretty culturally enriched nowadays,why doesn't Putin The Saviour Of The White Race kick the savage apes out?

During the soviet occupation the russians completely exterminated 2 diffrent types of baltics peoples. Some of you are absoletly fucking retarded when it comes to how bad communism was.

Who filled Moscow up with kebab? Oh, right - Putin. Who locks up genuine Russian nationalists? Putin. Who criminalized "holocaust denial"? Putin.

Only retards actually believe Putin is pro-White rather than beint an a-racial imperialist. Sure, he's not as anti-White as most western leaders, but he is no friend of the White race.

The modern russian state is more of a succesor to the golden horde then kiev rus. The operate in the same way the mongols did

top wew laddos

Any of the EE "nations" aren't real and never will be. They're confused lower-class Russians who were coerced by echobergs to adopt made-up identities and artificial gibberish languages. These clueless fools and their kosher "muh separate identity" LARPing proved to be an effective D&C tool, which is why the echobergs continue to use them to prevent an actual pan-European NatSoc state (headed by Russia, of course) from emerging.

Always remember:
Not supporting Russia/Putin = anti-White D&C shill

Literal communists are in the coalition
WN government
pick one and only one

t. identityless burgerclap


How are anti-faggot, anti-drug and pro-Russian (code for pro-White) politicians communists? That title is reserved for the neo-liberal dildoheads who made up the last government.

The Russians in Estonia are nothing like the Russians in Russia. Far worse. They are white niggers. The squatting gopniks who trash and loot for fun. The ones who beat the shit out of anything that moves for pocket change. The old farts with one foot in the grave who liked their previous pretend-work world and think that Estonia owes them and everyone else the gibs needed for a luxurious life.

Mix Soviet-era communists and modern tracksuit-wearing slavshit. That's the kind of russkies Estonia has, and that's the kind they are pandering to, and only for their votes and connections.

Referring to the quotes, they're from quite a few years back.
The drug problem in one that mostly afflicts the Russians, and geographically, the one county where more than two-thirds of the population is Russian. The way you're phrasing it makes it sound like small quantities weren't already criminalized. They are, and were at the time of that quote. Up to three years imprisonment for small quantities, one to ten for larger quantities. While not superb, they're still enough of a deterrent for the decent people here.
The drug problem here is a Russian problem.

As for the same-sex issue, they were undecided on it. The party itself was undecided on it, no clear stance. The more conservatives ones were already decided on a clear no, the liberals on a clear yes. They were seeing which one would get them more votes.

Fuck off.

You guys need to build a wall and make russia pay for it

Take notes, brothers.
This is the kind of childish smear propaganda EUcucks actually believe.

Except you know….the Russians are to blame they occupied estonia until like 20 years ago and they left a sizeable russian minority behind so they could annex later

fellate a shotgun

Now? Far from it, with western-flavored influence having constantly been flowing in. EU was a mistake. The appeal of which was one half "modern values and prosperity in a large collective of nations" Kool-Aid and one half "the EU will protect us from Russia".

The slavshit menace has historically been a major issue not dissimilar to the melanin-enriched democrats in the states. Even setting aside the cultural subversion, on top of the damage they themselves inflict, collectively they're just a large lever with which corrupt fucks prop themselves into power, as they are both easy to pander to, and there's always someone with a pro-Russian agenda willing to hand out bribes just across the border.

Damn, dude. You don't mean that.

You can question the Holohoax in America but when you do the same in Russia comrade Ivan will pick you up and sending your poor butt to the Gulag.

And there's plenty of low-class white people here I have a bone to pick with, but sometimes you gotta realize there's larger matters to consider.

This is not okay.

Putin is fighting the Zio-Fascist Nazis in the Ukraine.

You are promoting US propaganda and lies about Putin, the US backed stooge Nazi Porkyshenko wants to start nuclear war with Russia. You would like that to happen wouldn't you?

You're not tricking me into buying communism as WN ideology you pinko faggot.

Go take a long walk out of a helicopter, mid-flight.

Keep it in America, faggots.

Prussian revival in baltics when?

Historically Estonia was always apart of Russia and Putin is protecting Estonia from US imperialism, the Zio-fascists would want nothing more than to install another one of their puppet governments in Estonia like they did to the Ukraine.


So you are basically saying Hillary's foreign policy of aggression and imperialism is the way to go huh?

I bet you probably think George Soros is a good guy as well.

If it's your enemies imposing fascism on you then of course it would be bad you stupid fuck.

1) You have no idea what is fascism is
2) Why would you want to tie it to a bad thing when it's a good thing?

Fascism is only ever good. Stop using the left's terms. I bet you're from reddit.


Ask the people in the Donetsk People's Republic if fascism is a good thing you asshole.

You guys literally support jewish wars of aggression against the Donetsk people.

Thank you for proving what you Hillary supporters really think of us who support Trump and Putin.

Oh look, it's that buttblasted russkie again.

They're commies, as the name implies.

Ukraine is a US puppet, no question, but Russia is just as Jew-owned as the US. Get that into your thick skull. Now you fucking newfags, LURK MORE.

Putin is trying to prevent WWIII. Putin is trying to stop what the jews want, total annihilation. How can you be for that?

And here I thought you wouldn't be able to outdo your retardation.

Stop making shit up. If America was a fascist country with Jews in-charge it would not be a good thing.

We're not arguing the merits of fascism as a system, but as a minority imposing it on the majority.

It seems an awful lot like the parliamentary system is utter bullshit LOL.


Fascism is a specific political movement, what people call fascism today is just typical leftist totalitarianism. Nothing to do with fascism.

estonia is finnish, fuck off ivan

I wasn't referring to the lefts variant and misuse. Even in the classical version it would not be a good thing if your enemies were leading the political movement or were in-charge of it entirely. That was the point I was making.

Putin wants world peace and jews such as Soros who control the US want war. It is that simple.

Center is the gibs party for russians, like the socialists, but less self-hating.

It's impossible to have an alien minority in charge and still be fascist. Fascism requires national unity. Meaning only one ethnic group.

Don't get me wrong, Putin is far better than western leaders. But he is still Jew-controlled. The oligarchs are mostly Jewish, and they are his friends (the new ones, he got rid of the old ones). He has made holohoax denial illegal as well. Stop reading DS and lurk more.

If Jews were in charge, it wouldn't be fascism.

Which is why I said imposed fascism. The jews have taken our systems and perverted them beyond recognition. Israel is a prime example of this where many draw similar comparisons to NATSOC, except Israel is all for Nationalism for me and not for thee.

Jews bastardize all such system so the comparison of "Zio-Fascism" is not some misuse as was referring to. In fact it's quite the opposite pointing out clearly how it ISN'T fascism.

why didn't you listen

It's impossible to 'impose' fascism on someone else - it is for one people only. What about this don't you understand? Zio-fascism or Jewish fascism would simply be a fascist Israel. It would be Jews over here involved in it, because then it wouldn't be fascism, just Semitism, which is what we fight against.

And fuck you for wanting to associate fascism with Semitism. Fascism is a way out, not what is being imposed on us.

*wouldn't be Jews over here

SDE are communist - Social democrats.
Kesk and SDE are pretty much even in there.

SDE used to be in the coalition with Reform Party - they got out on their own terms and got even better deal from Kesk.

SDE is dominating this coalition - they are literally Marxists.

Some of you are absolutely fucking retarded when it comes to how bad communism was.

This can never be stressed enough around these faggots.



Do Estonians actually live in fear of Russia annexing them? What do they base this assumption on? I understand that a Russian minority might cause dissatisfaction among the population but I think Russia has better things to worry about than invading near-by countries. Just having a nationality living in a country doesn't give someone green light to invade them Crimea was different and they were not invaded.

(((Prohibition))) is degenerate.

All your meme proves is that low grade desomorphine turns people, into niggers.

Estonia has had a tradition of being invaded by Russians since before there were fucking russians. Even the ancestors of King Rurik invaded estonia here and there. It is something they have come to accept, and thus, prepare for.


We need an answer to the RQ tbh.

Most adults can still remember a time when they were ruled by soviets it was the 80's not the 1600's and almost everyone lost someone to the communists.

There's is only one solution: give Narva back to Russia and everything else too.

Isn't every Estonian government WN?

Also, for anyone who wants to shit talk Baltics, Alfred Rosenberg was a Balt.

Good job not knowing anything about history. Estonia has been Russian for roughly 250 years (~1720->1920 and the interim period after WW2). The 500 years or so before that were predominantly Germanic and Swedish via e.g. The Holy Roman Empire.

Russia says this literally every time, though.

Estonia was Russian for about as long as Russia was Mongol, you faggot. So unless you are prepared to suck Ulan Bator's cock because muh historical empire, fuck off.

History. Every time Russia recovers from its suicidal drinking binges for long enough to start expanding again, it invades the Baltics.


Amerilards, please understand this. There is no such thing as white nationalism is Europe, we only have ethnic nationalism. Keep your 'white race' bullshit in America.

I love how russians always go

I didn't even realize Estonia was a European country until I looked it up. Every time I saw a cam girl from Estonia it was an Asian or a Middle Easterner…

No, you only have civic Nationalism; hence why non-whites are protected under European Nationalism.

Estonia only has like 1 million people with like 3 blacks 2 of which are in jail. Are you sure you dont mean macedonia

Are you retarded or just a Jew?


The Centre Party is not the pro white party. The pro white party is the Estonian Conservative People's Party.

The Centre Party is the Russian ultranationalist party that seeks to further the Estonian genocide that was started in 1945.

We will still get Cultural Marxism from Brussels, and we will also get hardcore Greece tier Keynesian economics.

Stop shilling.

this is a hilarious b8 post my friends. The centrist party is a somewhat left-leaning russian minority interest party. They are not horrible, but are very detached from any ideas of nationalism (obviously, given their electorate).


Mart Helme 2019


the shitlibs getting BTFO is welcome though, but our new govt is absolutely anti-estonian.




the only Estonian party that was hoping for Trump to win was EKRE

These guys are much more pro-white than the western cucks, HOWEVER, on estonian standards they are cuck, lefties and NOT pro-white.

Our cuck parties here are the ebil nazis in western europe, remember that.

These guys are NOT the white nationalist, I repaet, they are NOT.


EKRE is the only party that is not-cuck. others simply due to pressure have to hold a bit of a pro-estonian line.


When Germany uncucks.

This is one of the leaders of our only completely non-cuck party.

EKRE is the only non-kosher true nationalist party


eesti iseseisvuspartei 2019 :DDDDDDDDddDdDDdD

This is the most based man in Estonia, Ruuben Kaalep. check him up on Twitter.

Head numbrid :-DDDD

The party sees the survival of Estonian ethnicity as its main objective, and many of its policies are directed towards providing support to young Estonian families, lowering emigration of Estonians and preventing immigration from outside of the European Union.[6] It is also eurosceptic and wishes to implement Swiss-style direct democracy.

They seem amazing. You estonia fags are in the party right?


Check this out if you haven't seen it yet. The youth leader of Estonian nationalist party at AmRen.

Even if we were we wouldnt say :DDDD

Yes, EKRE is pro-ethnic (genetic AND culture wise) estonians. They are redpilled. And they are in the parliamend.

saime hakkama mu kaasmaalased.

Holy shit. I bet he shitpost with us here.

Tegime ära! Võtsime saate üle

we wuz pol nao

smh pere fix dhe had's :-DD no red sdar :DDD

He is alt-right. check him out on twitter.


Also, here's a Kaalep merchant if you need one.

He probably made all these fucking memes



nah, i made one of them myself :DDDD






Taara avitab!

sad day. you almost did it.

1488 GET
For Hitler!


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For Hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least you got the face right.

Taavi on madala energiaga

fugg did we scare the foreigners away lads :DDDD

Estonians are okay.
We should put them in charge.

Yeah, this.

The good thing about EKRE is that they are full red-pill maybe with the exception of religion. It is pretty funny when they the throw some smaller red-pills during the debates in the parliament.

There is just no education on what went on behind the iron curtain.
It's the reason why they can't see the similarities between their current govt and communism

No I meant Estonia. I just assumed it was one of the smaller Euro countries (once I learned it was a Euro country) which was receiving a quiet influx. Seriously the majority of Estonians I've seen, albeit through a terrible means to gauge demographics, have been non-white.

So much for "based Hungary." Damn mooching white niggers… Their women are sexy though.

You haven't seen estonians then.

We are 99.3% white, you are confusing us with someone else.

It's probably the Russian-Tatar-Kazakh yellowy chatgirls that from what I've heard seem to hang around under Estonian colours. I'm terribly sorry for them. Will end up in ovens, I assure you.

That is very okay, you are uneducated.
Being invaded by russia means they instantly murder your entire intelligentsia, take every valuable thing and proceed to murder your populace while they imject shitskins and russians as population replacement.

did they also kill your grandpa with a masturbation machine?

no more like with the gulag and the soviet rape train that destroyed the prussians all of the east germans the livonians carlonians.
everyone even the Russians talks about the massive amount of people killed in the USSR

Every family in Estonia has a relative that was either shot or sent to die in Siberia and replaced by a mongoloid from the outer reaches of Russia. If there's ever been an anti-White policy, it's the one employed by the russo-jewish regime.

Fucking retarded faggot who unironically feeds on russsian propaganda.
Go read a fucking book nigger, start with "200 years" togerther and don't come back until you've read it.

they look turkish

PROTIP: All those (overblown) crimes were commited by (((bolsheviks))). Russians had nothing to do with it, contrary to what your (((professor))) says.




they are just people who hate America and think Russia will save them from America

problem: Russia AND America suck dick, both are shit and not prowhite

Fucking newshit i swear to god

You try to minimize crimes that you know Russians committed then try and say Russians didnt do them. you do realize people in eastern europe lived through this right? No one was told this or programed to think Russians are cunts. Bolsheviks my ass, how do you overblow exterminating an entire people. The Prussians dont exist anymore they dont have a country how is that overblown?




Mongolian savages ams good bois dey din du nuffin

Surely you can do better than that Chaim.

what do you think happened to the germans living in the east? Where are they now?


read for yourself nigger

Le liberator face

You go girl

Estonians killed them.

Estonians are snakes.


You're an idiot.

Say what nigga? The Danes controlled Estonia for a while as did Sweden, but neither was ever part of the HRE ya goob.

you're both wrong as fuck.

Kek, that's a new one.

Who whold have guessed.

Finno-Ugric empire when :DDDD

i wish those pics were real

They are. This is Finnish Air Force flag.


No, you fucking history illiterate, it wasn't

That first pic has a lot of older guy, the third one has some younger ones. The biggest tell of a movement's potential is how many post-college people in their 20's-30's are part of it

If all our great parents in nursing homes start sieg heiling and goosestepping, what does that even accomplish? Shattered hips most likely

We need a revival of a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth allied with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, headed by Hofer, to invade Current Year Germany.

Thats the finnish airforce you tard

You're right, that's good to see, but the views of the young adults after college are still the key

They are.


This fucking guy has been winning alot of the retarted nationalists from Finland on his side. It's scary how many of them are supporting the narrative of this homo communist who hates both the Estonians and the Finns while sucking off his comrades in Donbass

There's the EU we have to deal with, the marxists in our schools and government, the globalist lizard people, and now these dumb "patriots" falling for the Putin meme. Traitors. Fucking traitors everywhere.

Is Igor just spamming these Donbass sucking chucklefucks or are people retarded enough to support them organically.

Jesus christ. Why is every RT video comment section always the most autistic form of Cancer.

To be fair it's no better than Holla Forums except here it's trump instead jewtin we're fawning over.

you have my support, make sure to reconquer kola and karelia.

For all the American/WEuro newfags out there, this is what RIDF looks like. This is a blatant lie. The Russian parties in all USSR successor states idolize communism, and in practice simply act as Kremlin's leverage in our legislatures. They bitch and whine about oppression, even though Russians have it far better under muh ebil nazi balts than vice versa. I don't remember anyone being shot, sent to the gulag or forced out of home and work by a slant eyed, illiterate immigrant from 3000 miles away.
Any thread about eastern Europe is full of RIDF, some of them Russian irredentists and some actual paid trolls, but the message is always the same.


It's always either RIDF or people who don't know /care what Ethno-nationalism is. Pro-Russia = Pro-white are the same faggots like Pro-gay "Nationalists", have no fucking idea what they are talking about and just LARP

Sorry cuckboi, but some of us can think for ourselves.

Again, pay attention to the tactics. They will conflate whatever it is they're selling with basic mores of this board. Putin being anti-EU is quickly spun as everyone anti-Putin being pro-EU. And then they claim they are for ethno-nationalism while also calling for the annexation of other, established nation states. Иди нахуй, пидарас - мы настоящие националисты; мы знаем, что это означает.