(((Beastie Boys)))’ (((Adam Yauch)) NYC Memorial Park Vandalized With Swastikas, Pro-Trump Graffiti

(((Beastie Boys)))’ Adam Yauch NYC Memorial Park Vandalized With Swastikas, Pro-Trump Graffiti

Why would Trump supporters put Swastikas on a dead Jewish rappers grave? Why would so called neo-nazis care about Trump or the (((Beastie Boys))). How far will they go with false flag incidents like this?

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nazi who has never tried drawing a swastica before? lol


is this mind programming language?

The Rabbi that drew those just needs to be fired.

For it being such a shocking symbol to so many, they sure have problems reproducing it. Looks like they promised some homeless guy a bottle of thunderbird to do it.



It still went viral on every relevant music site or forum.

sick meme

Where's the swastika? I don't see it


Damn, I liked Paul's Boutique

[CURRENT YEAR] Man pushed this meme on his show last week, so yes.

So, what we've got here is a Buddhist lazily spray painting a swastika, but forgetting it's both angled and points to the right, unlike their Buddhist symbol. I swear, is there any level the Jew of the Orient won't stoop to?

Hi Hitler 1599!!



Wait, what?


breddy good

And this happens in the second most rabbi infested place on the planet? What a (((coincidence))).

It's like a swastika from Spurdo world.

It looks like some drunk bastard was havin' a giggle.
Neither of those things is a swastika, I guess any time a line intersects another line and has something close to a right angle its considered hateful.
What do they have against the 27th pres? Are awesome mustaches symbols of hate now too? These people.


looks like a headless man doing a handstand.

The blue should be water.


All I could see was gondo.


had this one in my folder for about a year, this discussion was about why they always fuck up the swastika. It was agreed that they are probably wetting their pants in fear of the evil symbol as they do it.

Seems legit.

Seriously though, how the fuck do people fuck this up THAT badly, with that much regularity?


I actually showed a similar one to my coworkers (libruhls) and the first thing automatically coming from their mouth was

More dyslexic Buddhist vandalism!


So obvious.

…Hey karen…watcha doin?!


[email protected]/* */


Yep comments like that always follow after these spastic swastikas

Honestly how hard is it draw lines of a fucking X?

I thought that this song was by the Beastie Boys and i felt ashamed that i liked it until i searched "convicts song dead rising" and turns out they didn't. Feels good mang.

Please explain to an, apparently, complete newfag to kikes, why is it that they literally can not draw the swastika the right way?

The song was fucking invincible amazing for the fight and the game but i'm not sure if I like it as a stand alone song.

maybe it has special powers that makes it impossible for kikes to draw

It's the same reason that they got the name of kike, because they're repulsed by the proper symbols of whites, and refuse to use them or use them properly. At Ellis Island, they refused to use an X mark for papers because it was too close to a cross, so they used circles, which in their language was kikel or something like that.
They think using these symbols give whites/their enemies power.

It's a really clear Beastie Boys ripoff, though.

I can't stand it, I know you planned it.

I'mma set straight this Watergate

Are they all that wrong

In situations like these where they fake swastika graffiti on shit, they fuck themselves and give us power either way. When they fuck up, they make it obvious that it's a fake, and if they get it correct, then it just makes non-cucked whites in the area bolder. And the more either of these situations happen, the worse they make it for themselves.
And we really need to get a specific term/phrase for these fake graffiti and fake "hate crime" things, since it's so damn common.

Civil crime/Civil Terrorism. It's destroying the civility of the neighborhood.


because they get so triggered when the draw it they don't have it in them to complete it properly.

I like how the overlapping lines made a fucking square in the middle, that is the worst swastika ever.

that actually makes a lot of sense.

Jews have notoriously low spacial/logical IQs, it makes perfect sense that they cannot paint art well, cannot into objective truth, or design economic systems that actually function. The inability to draw a swastika is just the tip of the goldberg

That's no swastika, it's the Sanskrit poo-rune for "Om". Fucking Buddhists at it again.


That's fantastic.


That swastika looks like it had a hard night of drinking and is now passed out in a ditch covered in its' own holocaust

the perfect crime no suspects a Buddhist.

hahaha LOVE IT.

Yeah of course it's fucking fake. Look at that austism.

lol, after today, I will never hear about this story again.

It's just "Hey, Rabbi…"

Hal Hitler - Adolf's secret ebil twin

It's like a vampire trying to draw a crucifix

Wait, what the fuck? How the fuck did some faggot from an irrelevant shitrap band that was only ever minorly known for two songs get a park named after him? Not even the jew angle makes sense, you don't see Doctor Goldstein Memorial Hospital or similar pushed around.
"Intergalactic" and "Sabotage" barely even had middling success, this is bullshit.

Am liking that WW2 poster, they even got the details on the Arisaka right down to the stacking swivel underneath the barrel. Me likely

Come on Kek, Jews aren't that retarded. A swastika is just a sequence of lines, not the freaking Mona Lisa. Jews clearly dislike the symbol.

Makes sense.


Nice poster, shlomo.


This made me laugh more than it should have.


hale hortler

smh =*/

More like Mogen David 20/20. After all nothing says jew like selling poison to goyim in the guise of cheap booze.

Amazed this hasn't been posted yet.

Fuck, i don't want to get hard of videos about kikes grabbing pussies user.

Because they aren't real humans.

Agreed. The best course of action is to not do anything at all. though that doesn't really help them either They're keeping the symbol and its meaning alive - inadvertently or not.

This sounds stupid, but it really is the reason. The swastika is sacrilegious in our societies and the average cuck gets uncomfortable around it like a strict Christian would have been around the pentagram.
It sure is how everyone I know reacts/reacted to it.

Those swastikas are absolutely fucked up. What kind of NatSoc is he? I've been drawing swastikas since I was fucking 14.



There's going to be some kind of protest

By the way:
(((Daniel Squadron)))
(((Brad Lander)))
(((Stephen Levin)))

Daily reminder that like the cross the swastika is considered a goy idol; Juden will never draw it correctly out of fear of the Jewish god.

In other news the counterfeit swastika market is booming; can you guess who's profitting from it's distribution?

Purely an organic, grass-roots movement goy!

and i'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet



It's a swastika with an extra chromosome.


All you have to know is the swastika is backwards. Jews always draw swastikas going Anti-clockwise because Hebrew reads right to left. Whites will draw the swastika clockwise because English is written left to right.

I'm sure someone else has already mentioned this, but it astounds me that the (((OP))) didn't notice the swastika was backwards.

It wasn't a "dunk bastard" it was a Jewish false flag.



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Jewish Student Charged With Hate Crime For Vandalising Church With Swastika And Word “Trump”


Ottawa rabbi wakes to find racist graffiti spray-painted on her home

Maranta believes the election of president-elect Donald Trump could be related to the racist graffiti on her door.

"My first thought is that this is an example of what happens when you allow somebody who is in a position of power to speak openly racist, bigoted, misogynistic language and don't censor [it] in any way," Maranta said.

"It allows other people to express their feelings, to express their hatred, and to feel like they've been given permission to do so because no one has effectively silenced that."

The rabbi is asking anyone with information about the racist graffiti to contact her directly or call the Ottawa police hate crimes unit.


On May 3, 2013, the Palmetto Playground in Brooklyn, New York was renamed to Adam Yauch Park in memory of the Beastie Boy, who died in 2012. Today, the park was defaced with swastikas and graffiti that read “Go Trump,” Billboard reports. Find an image below. Yauch, like the rest of his bandmates, was Jewish. There has been a spike in hate crimes and racially-charged attacks around the country since Donald Trump was elected president.


Every fucking time.

Another one to add to



I've seen that article, but it has no sources. I'm calling fake and gay until arrest records or something are provided.

This might legitimately be fake news.

Really displays their inability to plan ahead. They couldn't even be bothered to practice drawing it a few times before false flagging.

ABC is labeling as "domestic terrorism" lel.

fucking hell, for how much they wank off over the holocaust, you'd think they'd be able to draw their idol's favorite symbol.

Oh, wow.

Just look at that crowd.

Holy shit why is this so funny

Jews are so gross.

Fucking kek. It's a busy place, apparently. [Pic related]

Did accidentally summon a new god with their shaky jewish runes?



They have an aversion to it, it's like a vampire looking at a cross.

Some OC


Horovitz has no shame