This fuckwit stole my MAGA hat. I was sitting in a bar with friends minding our business and he runs up...

This fuckwit stole my MAGA hat. I was sitting in a bar with friends minding our business and he runs up, snatches it and runs away like a coward.
What should I do now? The bartender talked to him on the phone and the fuck is apparently denying even being in the bar this night.
By the way - this is in Finland

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Fuggin gill him :DDDDDDDDDD

you already cucked out. Don't let it happen again.

Hitler, I know where he is and who he is and I know a good friend who knows him.


He's an american faggot

My dubs of truth tells you that you already know what to do user.


Dubs never lie

>This user gets dubs twice, consecutively


Sneak into his shower and stomp some Mämmi down the drain.


Kind of sounds like you're the coward user.

because I need to be in another city for two days. meanwhile I am gathering as much dox as possible.

So what exactly about you cucking out to this guy is worth a thread here? Just go scalp him and post results, until then fuck off you coward.

be careful, you might accidentally his dick in your mouth

call the police
if they don't do anything, beat his ass the next time you see him

Q. What is the closest thing to a fish's ass?
A. A finn


suck his benis in benisland :DDDDDDD

Holy fuck what a slide thread


8ch/pol/ isn't your blog, so my advice is that you should kys famalam.



Holy fuck you cuckchanners can't spot a slide thread.


Go get your hat back and be prepared to fight him.


Thats the plan

never go full cuck

when will you faggots learn?

Race traitors get beaten severely.
And give him a nasty facial scar to remind him and mark him as a traitor for others to see.

Theft of property, give him a criminal record.

Really makes you think

Accidentally what?

Go back to reddit.

Accidentally to back to reddit his dick?

Most people loved that hat.

What are you, in high-school? Man up and beat the faggot.

Find where he lives. Break in while he's away. Put sleeping pills + laxatives into all of his drinks. That's all you need to do. Your hat is probably in dumpster.

He ran fuckin away

He's white, so you can use the justice system against him.

First, you go to the Police and report the crime. Then you go to your lawyer and have him write a letter to the guy (You lawyer can get his address from the police, if you don't have it.), demanding the hat (or an equivalent amount of money) back, and reimbursement for your costs and the hassle of dealing with the affair.

If he refuses to pay, you take him to court. If he refuses to appear, or to to follow the courts orders, you have you local equivalent of the bailiff garner his wage or take his stuff.

This whole affair could end up costing him a few thousand [currency], if you do it right and he keeps doing it wrong.

Beat his brains out like everyone else faggot.

So? What's wrong with your legs? Chase him outside and beat his face bloody.
This is some elementary school shit little boys and girls do to show an interest in each other.
That's his fucking MAGA hat.

Remember what your ancestors did to thieves

First off, find his dox, then find his girlfriend, rape her multiple times and take pictures of her screaming and getting humiliated, send him pictures and text "this is what happens when you steal from me, you fucking faggot" then dox his mother and rape her in front of his dad and send him another image so that he'll regret his decision, and lastly, threaten him and force him to send footage of him sucking his dad's cock in exchange for releasing his girlfriend.

Give that faggot a beating.

actually I think the best thing you can do is just not care

reminder: WE WON


Anna mennä.

Vapauta sisäinen mongolisi.

Etsi ja tuhoa.

Police report is best and to spin it to the most that can be made. Fucker needs to learn but violence will only get OP jail time

Destroy his car and write MAGA on it in. Rubbing alcohol in the gas tank

Or write "child molester" on the trunk and let him drive around like that before he notices

Or just beat his fucking ass. Take a hammer to his knee cap when he's not looking then stomp on his fucking face

Or peppar spray him

Or throw a smoke bomb through his window fill with pneumonia and bleech at 3AM

no one fucking cares
find him, beat his ass, get your hat back

gay and tedious


kick his ass and show us some proof you did it and we'll fuck his shit up further.

I found his facebook

Well first thing you need todo OP is grow a fucking spine and then stop blog posting on Eskimo cartoon boards

Gathering dox lol. It's called but another hat. If you ever see him again just pants him. Trust me if u pants him he will be super embarrassed which I am sure you are no stranger to bc u got ur hat stolen and now ur blogging on ppl. Fagit

Follow him as he exits his government-subsidized studio apartment. Wait until he is in a poorly-lit place devoid of witnesses.

Then stab him in the neck.

Hide the body. Take his keys. Go to his apartment and take anything of value that cannot be connected directly to him.

Enjoy winning.

Now it's tempting to use a big chef's knife. But with no guard you're going to cut yourself and leave a lot of dna at the crime scene. Get something proper. Hell, even an ice pick might be better. Hit vital spots, especially those that might inhibit screaming.

God damn quads and it's the emperors number.

Gee whiz, maybe don't flaunt that you're an American faggot outside of the US?

Op is not american. The perpetrator is

if you want your hat back, make a thread to Yli. Meanwhile go find the recipe for diarrhea cement.

steal something from him


Will do along facebook info

I could watch that all day


Are you in a wheelchair?

Suck his dick, you faggot. It's obvious he's braver than you are. You got punked by a cuck.

OP here
I was piss drunk. It was 2 am and I was drinking since 6pm. We were celebrating.

If you live in western Finland I'll get your hat back, but I'm keeping it afterwards.


Turku. I would appreciate any help but that hat means too much for me to let it go. This slip up is like a personal insult on my behalf too. Once I see the fuck he will be in a world of pain and if the hat got dumped/abused he will pay lots.
It was the real 30$ doller one.

Jail time in Europe. So what

Your a faggot. Hit him in the back of the head where the neck meets the skull. Everyone goes down.

Here is the goybook
044 356 5191

Oops it was his phone

I'd like to see you spend 8 years forced to live in your room with internet access, a laptop and only allowed one weekend a month to leave and visit family and friends.

You know what needs to be done OP

Oi Finnish faggot here if you have his dox, someone might order him Jehovah's witnesses, mormons, ragheads and shit ton pizza alongside freebie shit.


How do I know OP is not a kike trying to dox a Nationalist?

Because I would not lie to Holla Forums and I do not lie gemerally.
Believe it or not but it is true


oda girves
dapa kikkelikommari
juo kaljaa

Sounds like my life now, nigga.


I'm too lazy and fucking busy go full PA just use this

And use fonecta finder you git. I personally don't see any potential for lulz either so I prefer to stay out of it.

It's not too hard to stalk the fuck out of the guy's social media, do your homework and handy government endorsed doxing tools.

Advice on tools?





Saako lahkolaisia pamputtaa?
1) saa
2) saa
3) paljon saa

and polite sage

044 356 5191 Soita
Liittymän omistaa: Jared Alexander Hunter
Operaattori: DNA Pro

No address

It's OK. He's been taken care of.

Lead - picture from his roof.
Building address : Turku, Koulukatu

I don't believe you.

How about you check the bloody faceberg and the info I dug up?

And instead of doing anything about it, you stumbled back home crying and blogposted on Holla Forums calling for a personal army.

Like I said I was piss drunk and could barelly stand. Yes that was cucky on my behalf but I am closing down on the fucker. He is informed that the cops will be involved on monday and I have witnesses who support me.
I am getting reay to strike back

If I am not mistaken - Koulukatu 17.

You everything you need to take care of the situation, report back after you do.

Tell him he has to go back.

wear a with her hat and see if it happens again

You almost cucked out as hard as he is.

Will happen


I know and Kek must be furious with me. But I am setting things right

Makes me want to open up a black market in Finland. I got so many hats MAGA hats going to all the volunteer groups early on.

I'd drive to the next town or county and act as if I'm a new convert and get more hats that way.

Worst part is that MY hat was the official campain hat.
In other news - I basiclly nailed the house where he lives and when I get back in town I will get my contact to arrange a meeting where the fuck will be in the dark


Tommoset runkkarit polttaa aina pilivee. Vinkkaat kotikasvattelusta.

If he likes trump shit so much, just continually spam him with smug trumps

profit…oh and record it all so we can kek.

Fuck his mom, OP.

Just really get in there, you know what I'm sayin'? And then, when you're the man of the house, you can ground him.

You go find him, you take a baseball bat or large hammer and you reeducate the mother fucker.. if not you are a beta fag… now go get the job done and regain your manhood.


Ya bro, if you didn't chase him down you got no voice in this.


What kind of a nomad are you? Just gather your tribe, ride out and slaughter the men of his extended family. Then rape the women, keep the cuter ones for breeding and dispose the rest of them.

He looks like a filthy degenerate. Scourge like him need to be purged from the world. There can be no reason, no talking. Unleash upon him the rage of 1000 years of European strength.

I thought Finns were violent, drunk, and stabby, why is he not bleeding out in a forest somewhere yet?


Finnish prisons look pretty comfy so worst case scenario you go to a cushy prison for a few years

Quick update:
The fucker called me and asked to meet to figure out everything without involveing the police.
Too bad that I will still posthis address everywhere with cation: thief and hate criminal.

Bump. Hope OP hands the librard his ass and provides evidence. Otherwise OP is a cuck

I got a pretty complete dox. What should I send him?