Seriously, we are facing a dire battle right now.

Julian is missing/dead/being tortured, Wikileaks is compromised, Trump is picking a cabinet that may or may not be a disaster, we have the political scandal of the century with Pizzagate but of course the midia (and this includes a gigantic part of the alternative media) has no interest in it, and god knows what else.

There is so much happening and we are not moving fast enought.

We need to do SOMETHING. I have a lot in my personal life happening right which may or may not be the case of many here, but we all need to put some time into this.

This thread is to give suggestions and discuss WHAT CAN WE ACTUALLY DO.

My first suggestions are:
FULL TIME Divulgation of Wikileaks compromise/ ask for Assange to give a compelling proof of life like showing out of the embassy window, make a live interview or whatever.

Increase Pizzagate divulgation and demand the media to cover it.

Increase on good cabinet suggestions or strategy for Trump.

Seriosly, we need leaders to step up and we need to act now or later be guilt by omission.

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Like 90% of the shit you mentioned is just speculation. So there is not much we can do atm.

Post meems

There is literally zero evidence for these claims. Delete this thread and kill yourself you faggot.

Again with this shit. This an obvious shill narrative, and it's pathetic that you're spamming it day and night, all day every day.

Fuck off LARPer shiteater.

This is what we can do:

If you don't believe the first one besides the stupid behavior from Wikileaks shown in the pictures related, could you bunch of faggots give some other suggestion then?

What about the other 2 points?
What about ANY other suggestion?
Nothing, really?

Ignore them. They aren't from around these parts, clearly.

Oh but i am.

Kek wills it.

He is a god of chaos, not necessarily of balance or right wing ideals.

Bump because we're clearly onto something considering how hard this gets shilled against


You're not getting shilled.
Post some hard information instead of mindless speculation.

No, you. Post some hard info that Assange is alive.

To quote a great traitor, what difference, at this point does it make?

It'll piss me off if Julian is found in a ditch somewhere, but there's nothing for us to do at this point and there's nothing left for Wikileaks to do. They struck a mortal blow to The Cunt and the establishment as a whole and their sacrifices will never be forgotten. But going forward there's nothing we can do for them or they for us, all we can do is hope they survive the next two months (if it's not already too late).

Julian is dead/kidnapped 100%. WL also made a reddit AMA recently where their answers were either very vague or straight up contradictory. They on purpose did not address liberal criticism in the thread and when asked about #PizzaGate the reply was "we do not know what to make of it" ? Now tell me if this sounds like the archenemy of the liberal establishment or more like a movement that has been compromised.

Not to mention WL twitter even retweeted ABCs article about the reddit AMA yo push the Wikileaks is incompetent/biased/pro-russian narrative.

I read through the AMA, iirc it was done by one or two employees. It went pretty poorly and they got pounced on by the left; also refusing to properly address the assange question

It's unfortunate that Assange is MIA, but i'm more worried about wikileaks being turned into some alt-right news tier website - they have their credibility but if they don't stop leaning toward the right on a public platorm they're going to be dismissed.

The new google attempt to censor conservative opinion is going to be tough on a lot right wing news outlets - even if they remain non partisan without a figurehead i think they're in for some trouble.

Since we have no confirmation whenever he's dead or alive, it's safe to say don't submit any leaks to WL for now.

I would suggest continue trying to uncover the truth about the Clinton foundation and Pizzagate in the meantime.

Demand no person who has dual citizenship be allowed to serve in Congress.

As far as Julian, until he puts this to rest by proving he's ok, there's not much that can be done there.
As far as the cabinet, I agree that anons should discuss it more, but there have been a few threads.


listen here retard the fact that wikileaks remained publicly non-partisan and focused on just churning out leaks instead of doing so with an ideology attached meant the left couldn't attack them on any grounds whatsoever - without playing into our hands by looking like crybabies lost outside their safe space. Without assange wikileaks tweets have become someone else's opinion box; this meas they can be attacked on the ideological stance they purport instead of solely on content. The fact that the truth is always on our side means they don't need to be another alt-right mouthpiece to aid us, having a citeable objective source is paramount to moving forward.

nowhere did i say they needed to be more liberal. suckstart a shotgun, queer


The shills are out in force today.
Have a bump, OP. There's not much I can do, personally.

Why are shills pushing this "reddit spacing" meme?

Is it just a desperate attempt to cause in-fighting?

What even is this comment? Reddit lost? OP is a shill because he wants proof Wikileaks has not been compromised?

Yes there is something we can do. This is exactly the porpouse of this thread.

We need to, if nothing else, do an organized efford to bring attention to these facts.
Images, infographics showing what is happening to Wikileaks and a hashtag #freeAssange #fake life proof or anything like this.

This thread been shilled so hard means that they want us to do exactly nothing.

Or hashtags about the cabinet, pizzagate, etc.

Go to alternative media sites and talk about this things in the comments too. Anything.

cmd tracert 8ch.net >>whois cloudflare.com.>Founders Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn>Project Honey Pot

we already have a thread about assange on the front page. what are you sliding? Is it because your shills got called out so hard on the other thread that you decided to start fresh? Stop wasting our time and check the catalog before posting your shit full of spelling errors

who is in london and wants to go to ecuadorian embassy to make a selfie with julian ?

I guess it is best way to have a proof that he is alive. If pamela anderson can get to him then we can (probably).

also, that would be a good time for him to dictate a post or 2 to person who is there. Just to tell us "hello"

Any better ideas ?

You are not alone. It is my understanding that many empathic people all over the world simultaneously felt the inescapable sensation that something was not right. I remember sharing this notion with my fiance and then instantly seeing threads conveying eerily similar fears begin to propagate through several channels. Indicating that this was no isolated incident or shill due to the sincere feelings felt by many that I do not believe (((they))) could fabricate.

That said, I'm still not sure where we go from here, but I know it can't be like this. Let's suppose that all our worst fears are quite valid.

What does that entail and what can be done?

Well, for starters, IF Assange is black bagged and WL is compromised then we HAVE to assume the leaks we have been given no longer hold all the pieces of the puzzle and instead are now being used as another system of control to distract us/stir up frustration and infighting. This cannot be tolerated and a counter offensive must be launched. If they want us distracted let's dig our fucking hearts out into rabbit holes WE KNOW TO BE FRUITFUL. This means your woke as fuck go to absolute motherfucking favorite. Let the masses know what you know. Rekindle their fire with something your an expert about. If they want infighting we will promote unity and a common purpose to thwart evil. We are the guardians of our time. Let's act like it.

As for Assange himself, if he could have eased our tensions he would have by now. Even if that meant putting himself in harms way. So we must assume he is not in a position to do so. What that entails is not known, but we all know what we think happened to him. I doubt the proof we seek will surface on its own. If he was taken it would have been fast, organized, and not just him. They would have gone for the clean kill and covered their tracks to prevent contingency plans from ever getting initiated. Whatever protocol that was in place has either failed or is being buried quite well.

This is why you don't use single point failer systems anons you need a large distribution of reliable sources

Man I'm sick of this Assange is dead shit.
The guy has a large network of people that he's in constant contact with.
Many, many people would know if he's gone.

This bullshit, and the pizzagate shit, is smelling shitty.

Holla Forums is looking less credible by falling for these hoaxes, and wasting time and energy best expended on reality


What does Kek mean?


You wish, reddit spacing cuckchan LARPfaggot

fuck off shills

Gay liberals are really creepy. News at 11.
Nigger, I do solid, sourced research for the cause.
You, "can tell by the pixels" and make Holla Forums look like a pack of retarded, unhinged, and inexperienced nutjobs.


Source, faggot?
I can offer evidence of those things in relation to The Finders, Scientology, The Process Church, Epstein and Co.(all of them), Boy's Town, The White House, The CIA, Mossad, Son of Sam, Austrian psychology, Madison avenue, universities, radicals, writers, mind wars, chemicals…

Humbly, I know my shit. I'm a super-fan of everything 20th century "mind." I've yet to see anything solid in pizzagate.

You keep saying that he is dead, but how do I know you are telling the truth? You just say that he is, instead of posting evidence. Also, there is a thing call paragraphs, I think you may need to look into that.

The receptionist at the embassy says she cannot talk about Julian and his well-being, but what if someone asks to speak with him? Could that maybe possibly trick her into saying he's not here or something? I know, probably stupid question and has been tried a hundred times. But maybe….?

You guys think the feds are doing a sex interrogation of him using Pamela Anderson?

Hi 2004

Nigger shut the fuck up, we'll be ok, we always have.

Stop with this window/balcony bollocks

If you are that concerned he may already be dead, you must believe it's possible that someone would kill him if they had the chance. So why suggest he prove he's alive by putting himself in danger?

That's all that this fearmongering and Schrödinger's Assange shit is all about, isn't it? Getting the masses stirred up and doubtful enough that he relents and comes to the window, because it's that or Wikileaks goes down the tubes.

Nope, kike shill.

We won't.

The fuck's with those awkward breaks between lines.

Oh that is laughable.

There are plenty of ways he can prove he lives without making a literal target of himself. You want him to be a target to truly prove he lives? Then he must be alive, and you and all the other contradictory fucks are the kike shills.


That's such bullshit, the idea that pizzagate is just disinfo is exactly what the whole Assange isn't dead shills keep pushing. I wonder why?

Implying anyone would shoot him off that balcony.

Nice try.

Not really. Kek.

Great plan, faggot.

Sage harder, kike.

No one will shoot him.

Would be the biggest scandal in history.

You're desperate. Kike.

who is in london and wants to go to ecuadorian embassy to make a selfie with julian ?

I guess it is best way to have a proof that he is alive. If pamela anderson can get to him then we can (probably).

also, that would be a good time for him to dictate a post or 2 to person who is there. Just to tell us "hello"

Any better ideas ?>>8301623

can we send him mobile phone with pre paid internet access and tell him to make a selfie with proof of date ?

And post it here ? or somewhere else ?


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What type of phone ?

user buys sim card. user removes content lock. user puts sim card in smart phone (=). user sends (delivers ?)phone with sim card to receptionist at embassy. receptionists in embassy delivers phone to assange. Assane has internet and note from us…..

Maybe someone could make an appt to meet with him? The periscope video of the guy that went to the embassy the day after the apparent seige was told he needed an appt to see him.

Consider suicide.

They probably have a mortar already lined up or some shit like a shaped charge in place. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

What credibility are you referring to? Real adults don't take this site seriously . . . Which is probably the only reason it had such an outsized impact. Nobody thought to subvert us until it was too late.

And image board users, like you and I, are "creepy." Watching your date go inside before driving off is "creepy." What's going on with Podesta bros and the Clintons is more than that. Or did 1700 inquiries into child porn involving DoD employees die on the vine out of pure coincidence?

Pizza gate could be the most powerful redpill yet. I see why you fear it, faggot.

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Media picks up Assange is dead/Wikileaks compromised story

with the story starting here

Home News Current Affairs Wikileaks being 'astroturfed', under government control There are some strange things going on with Wikileaks, with Julian Assange not seen in over 30 days


And then being picked up by The Inquisitr

Julian Assange is missing and his organization, WikiLeaks, has been taken under government control, a viral, but fake conspiracy theory is claiming.

link archive.is/E6vl5

There is no reason why we could not send assange phone with internet access

official statement from ecuador embassy

Ecuador granted political asylum to Julian Assange in 2012 based on his legitimate fears of political persecution because of his journalistic activities as the editor of WikiLeaks.

In recent weeks, WikiLeaks has published a wealth of documents, impacting on the U.S. election campaign. This decision was taken exclusively by that organization.

The Government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. It does not interfere in external electoral processes, nor does it favor any particular candidate.

Accordingly, Ecuador has exercised its sovereign right to temporarily restrict access to some of its private communications network within its Embassy in the United Kingdom. This temporary restriction does not prevent the WikiLeaks organization from carrying out its journalistic activities.

Ecuador, in accordance with its tradition of defending human rights and protecting the victims of political persecution, reaffirms the asylum granted to Julian Assange and reiterates its intention to safeguard his life and physical integrity until he reaches a safe place.

Ecuador’s foreign policy responds to sovereign decisions alone and does not yield to pressure from other states.