Frenchmen storm a migrant camp after a Somalian raped a 67 year old grandmother

Wew, fucking exciting to see some one finally stand up to these worms. Any frogs want to explain what they are saying?

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They are clearing chanting for expulsion before they come to blows and start kicking down the gate.

We need some french anons to help us get to work on Le Pennes election. The french system is much more difficult to overcome than the electoral college. Looks like the french are sick enough of the situation to do it though. This will be possibly a bigger step toward the destruction of the EU than britain leaving.

She'd need 50+1 to overcome the Republicans.

the french system isnt like the US system it is made so a populist candidate like that can never win

Police are enemies of the people.


they can be useful. you have to give them a reason to respect you though. gotta let em know what youre capable of every now and then otherwise the badge gets to their head.

Reuplaods with subs of the chanting in English, German, Austrian, Italian & Greek need to be made and spread. Europe will work together to break the chain that binds them.

Also important to sub it even in French, people often skim through videos on Twitter/FB in public with the sound off.

If only europeans had guns, this would have never been a problem to begin with.

Im well aware, which is why i said so. A populist candidate definitely can win. Le Penne will win the first round, hopefully by enough to carry it through when everyone joins against them.

Hollande has less than 5% approval, people are crying out for someone more hardline. Ill be betting on Le Penne when it comes time.

Le original grenouille.

The world is turning full "alt right", was this part of their plan?

the only thing cops are useful for is killing the occasional nog and then cucking out for weeks because of it.
fuck off bootlicker, the concept of police is fine but the current police institutions are a tool of the communist state.
>inb4 lel >>>/liberty/ because you hate on subverted marxpigs

Try a bit harder and you might D&C successfully.

How is that bait? If anything it's a poor derail.
nice b8 88/1400 I replied

Good thing zogmerica was there to disarm them.


I thought these faggots were born to beat the shit out of their own people.

frog here at first what they say is: it's not paris neither africa,here it's brittany.brittany youth anti thug then something in breizh language i don't understand.
brittany youth anti facist.french police migrant's guardian.they ask for their deportation. it's a good chunk of what they say

That sounds.. suspicious.
What if another migrant blackmailed that migrant.
Cause that doesn't sound like something done for pleasure.

newfag detected

WTF Austria, are you too cucked to avenge this poor old woman? Shameful really. Frenchies have more balls tbqh
These stories should be spread everywhere everyday non-stop. It's not going to end and it's only a matter of time before it's your granny

if you weren't a sperg you might be able to coordinate with select cops during a happening to get intel/cover for right wing death squad related activities. if niggers/marxists go full chimpcon 1 when trump is inaugurated, the police will realize theyre unfit to put the degenerates down so they will coordinate with competent civilians to act extrajudicially. even if its only so much as "not being able to confirm what kind of vehicle just opened up and shot down a horde of rioting dindus with rifles".

im not saying cops are good but they aren't totally retarded. they fall in line when necessary, ukraine for example. they fucked off and joined the rebels when shit got real.

The frog has definitely originated from the beast (MSM and non social media) but we converted it.

People seem to think this place is the beast, but i don't buy it.
yes i like prophecies and stand alone complexes

kek, fucking race traitors.

Mate i know all about the migrant rapes, this is suspicious.

Whole lot of shills already in here.

Subhumans rape everything from 1 day old babies to corpses.

KILL them.

FUCKING KILL them all.

Can't wait until it starts over here.


Thugs rape little old ladies all the time, user. Maybe your news channels don't report it, but mine do.

Bollocks. This is pointless. They would have raped a hot chick or child.. not a granny.
I call blackmail.

When are the French going to rise up and start killing them?

have you lived under a rock for the past 20 years?

Ahmed, you aren't convincing anyone it is in their nature.

If the system prevents the correction for too long then it will seal an uprising or civil war at the very worst. There are plenty of nations that would be ready, willing, and able to feed nationalist forces still. Russia, and now likely the U.S. with Trump, and the Balkans at worst.

If the establishments wants war and a guaranteed trip to the guillotines then so be it.

At least in USA they are bound by oaths not to betray their police brothers, fraternal order of police.
That's in the case of genuine revolution and even then loads of cops cucked out because they wanted to keep their jobs, again the concept of police aren't bad and individual police officers might be useful in certain situations but as an organization the current state of the police is completely fucked and only serves jewish interests.

Yeah, and what armed revolutions have WE launched recently? Who was in the streets with guns after those mud people raped that 5 year old in Twin Falls?

This, nothing opened my eyes clearer to the fact that police are the almost entirely our enemies, more than that video in Italy of the cops literally forcing shitskins into that old man's hotel.

Look everyone a paid Soros leftist scrum.

Muslims rape everything with holes, in fact they will make new holes and rape that. They are demonic sum.

Check thereligionofpeaceDOTcom

I'd your nanny state company will let You- Abu.

Was that an American flag they were carrying with them? The camera never got a good picture of it.

Probably this

Those aren't exactly Frenchmen OP, they're Bretons. Basically they're what's left of the Gauls mixed with Cornish Celts and trace amounts of Viking. is correct on the French part of their chant, but the Breizh part probably contained a threat of secession (they're known for it and it would explain the flags).

The gwenn-ha-du (white and black; the one you thought was a burger flag) & kroaz-du (black cross) are on display.

wait… did they just kick at the gate a little bit? fucking lame

It was a 'sexual emergency'. These things will put their dick in anything warm, be it little kid, old woman or horned goat.

You have no idea how rape works for these people. Shitskins don't scout out prime baby-making material; they're opportunists who look for prey unmistakably weaker than themselves. Babies, children, grannies. In large groups, they'll become even bolder.

Like niggers and spics aren't a problem in our country, while ignoring the fact that euro countries are statistically whiter than us. This is about marxism and propaganda. If enough euro whites picked up bricks, sticks, and pipes it would be a massacre.

This is about ideas. I cherish our second amendment, but how have we used that gift?

what has marxism got to do with this you retard? do you even know what it is?

It's time to play Newfag or Shill!

Go back to leftypol you faggot.

I would like to take this time to praise Kek's name and pray for dead niggers and arabs in France.


Marxists are pro migrants, and not the acceptable kind.

Fuck our asses instead, we surrender. we surrender.

dieu vitesse, amphibians

== 4
T ==


So many falling for that lame bait.


Oh, sweet, sweet summer child.

If only USA had never served the Jew and occupied all of Europe, if USA had never acted as supreme evil and fought against the forces of good, Europeans would have guns.

Looks like I hit the nail on the head.
I bet soros himself is involved with this.

Only decent retort.

No there isnt any blackmail involved guys! :^)

Fuck off ive been here since it's inception.
These random attacks are getting more and more suspicious.
It's to distract and cause terror.
But for what reason?

Im not saying the kid isn't a fucktard for doing it, im just stating a plausible scenario.

You really don't understand niggers.

You simply must be a kike. Nobody could be this new, this intensely.

you sound like the most naive faggot on the planet, kill yourself


New tor because different device

Fuck off. Tell me WHY that isn't plausible.

Just one fucking reason.
Got no reason? That's because the scenario is DEFINATELY a plausible situation.
We know how kikes play their fucking stupid game. If they wanted to incite hatred or even distract from other news - this would be the method.
I watch a documentary about heists the other day. What they need is:
>The people being high or even in a state of shock

Why do you think 9/11 happened?
Because Israel needed to pull off their fed reserve heist. Possibly also a reason why the market crashed.
Now why would they want this now?
To distract from their activities being floating around social media - like the pizzagate

Because muds raping is infinitely more plausible.
Why don't you explain to me why it IS plausible, why the fuck would you need to blackmail a mud for rape? That's like blackmailing a bear for shitting in the woods.

Because Jews aren't in a desperate situation or anything.
Because Clintons and Soros never stooped to these levels before.

You seem to think I'm pro migration or something. I'm not, I'm just stating the fact that there are crazy people with lots of money that have done similar things recently that would do such a thing.

Doesn't the age of the victims seem remotely odd to you?

You subhumans are so funny thinking you wouldn't be a problem once Jews are gone.

Perhaps because you seem to think that the Jews all of a sudden WANT the European people to become fiercely nationalists and anti-immigrant, contrary to everything they've worked towards?
You're saying they blackmailed some insignificant mud in France of all fucking places, because the Clintons and Soros (which are the only "baddies" you redditers seem to know of) don't like the situation in America? You think they're blackmailing a fucking migrant in FRANCE to distract from AMERICAN pedophilia rings?

Not even in the fucking slightest. Do you not know what shitskins are like? Do you know what India is? Are you seriously so naive to apply Western logic to your subhuman buddies?

Every retort so far has been "fuck off subhuman."
That means one thing:
Either you're fucking retarded.
Or YOU are a jew or a muslim.

I want answers, but you're running away from this scenario.

Please go and be retarded somewhere else.

Why do you think Soros did this bullshit?
Not only does it create chaos in the market (which he benefits from by hedging), but it also distracts euros from the real jewish subversion.
They seemed to work towards this tbh. It's only Clinton and the liberal dumbass jews that don't want this. This isn't simply black and fucking white.>>8296987

Now you're being retarded, while it might help distract from clinton there is MORE to this.
There is the situation in europe for starters. In fact I think this is a great distraction from anti-privacy laws in the EU.
Another thing: Holla Forums is global and we dig globally.
Furthermore - that ring is global.

I didn't discount it, I just simply said an alternative situation. And I think the circumstances are getting tricky for those in a desperate situation.

Alternatively, some migrants might even want to blackmail the person, such as ISIS.

Who do you work for and how much are they paying you?

Buddy, I'm amazed that you managed to not only completely avoid the points made, but even claim that the Jews now want nationalism to rise in Europe.

You can't be this dumb. Please at least tell me if you're trolling or something so I can go to bed knowing such a stupid motherfucker doesn't truly exist.

I work for no man. I do this to point out that there is something awfully fishy with these migrant rapes.
At first I thought it was shitskins being shitskins.
But fucking grannies? Give me a break. If they were to rape somebody for their own needs it'd be a fresh target. Not a walking purse.

I thought I tore you a new asshole personally. Fucking think mate. These people are stupid.. but even still I think foul play is occuring.

And the jews would love to remove the antisemitic muslims from Europe.
Some want to remove, others want to flood the continent.

Can't you see this division? The goal is destroy Europe but some are pulling out because it's a threat to themselves personally now.
Alternatively, it could be set up a national resurgence - then they'll do what they did in america after Trump's victory and take the ammo and destroy the weapons.
Then I suspect they'd get a nation like china or another nation in the middle east to retaliate.
Hell, they're already trying to put the anglo/slav spheres against the rest of Europe.

And Soros earns big from chaos. He's not the only jew doing so.
Plus if they want to flee with gold, you start a war in their countries. You do that by inciting hatred.

God dammit mate, you are not good at CHESS.

It sounds like they're raping as a means of asserting dominance moreso than just for sexual pleasure.

You cannot be serious. This cannot be a serious thing you posted.

I am, and you're silly.

Israel has been destroying the middle east for decades.
Do you really think that they'd live soundly next to Jews?
Hell, I bet ISIS is exploiting their supply to them in Syria to secure enough ammo and weapons for a full frontal attack on Israel.

Fat chance.
If these really are shitskins on their own accord, they'd go for the prime meat BECAUSE they are shitskins.

He's either:

2) a kike
3) five years old
4) a mud

There's no way anyone is that dumb in good faith.

It's amazing. He could be a redditor, they're equally as uninformed with the illusion of certainty.
But I just never believed somebody could be THIS level of wrong. It's kinda frightening.


The bald-facedness of the lie reminds me of arguments I've had against muslims. They are very reticent to admit any mistakes of their ummah.

You know what you're experiencing?
Cognitive dissonance

You can't fathom the fact that shitskins or jews would blackmail other shitskins in order to get them to do something of this caliber.

Both of you use logical fallacies and not even an inch of girth to your argument.
Keep believing a lie.

I think there are shitskins that do this shit. But I'm just saying that there may be other reasons for it. My reason, because of the circumstances IS plausible and you need to face that fucking fact.

Oh beat me damn.

Got none?
Just trying to make it look like I'm a muslim?
It's like you ignored my statement that I know they do this shit commonly. I'm just saying, the circumstances are weird in this case. And timely.

Yeah it was probably the reptilian grays who control the illuminati that blackmailed a subhuman sub-80 IQ protoape mudslime Somali to perform basal acts that they have been known to perform since the dawn of time. You nailed it dude.


A Muslim wouldn't be this smart about it. A muslim can't jump through the needed hoops here, this is straight-kikin'.

You're half right. Jews don't want to live next to arabs, and that's why they're sending you to Europe. They are clearing out the Middle East, your home, so that they can claim it as greater Israel. Doesn't that enrage you that they're planning on backstabbing you after saying everything would be great in Europe? You should go home and fight for your homeland against the kikes.

Maybe, but the shamelessness and rather embarrassing transparency of the argument reminds me of a mud and not a kike.

i heard "ecartez vous, putain!" thats all D;

yes blame it on the usa, when britain is the one who didn't join hitler when offered

Mines plausible.
Yours just said is farfetched.

Stop projecting. Fucking shill.

Great, more projecting.
Or.. to feed a ponzi scheme and to create chaos to increase hedging payoffs.
Mate, I'm glad I live on the opposite side of the world to that shithole that has people who can't even think of the possible "chessmoves"

Nothing I've said was pro muslim or kike.
I hate both.

We already stopped the boats :^)

You're stumped kek.
Get a fucking brain.

Aww great, get out of my fucking country you shitstain, we have enough fucking muzzies already.

Using the word muslim outs you.

Nobody here speaks like that, kebabs, shitskins and pakis. Only a paki would use the word muslim.

And muzzie bastards, designated shitting pakis etc.
Death to all paki bastards

Did you know that Mohammed the prophet fucked pigs? :^)

Muslim is now too spooky for Holla Forums.

I heard he raped Jewish children aged 9.

Exactly correct. Bretons are basically Bretons first, French second if at all.

Also, they are as organised as jews and wield plenty of political and economic power. French public TV for example is dominated by Bretons.

Aisha was a mudslime, Mohammed a pedo :^)

Pack it up lads, we have a Strayan here.

Mudslimes forgot about that

Fuck off paki, go sniff a goats arse

He's undoubtedly from Sydney. Sydney is Melbourne if it was run by ragheads.

Looks like we got a dumb one.

So now it's not a plausible argument because I'm Australian?

I think blackmail is how muslims operate and get people into their gangs. I also think it's how Jews control these gangs.

How is this not plausible?


There's been multiple events like that, within a week, majority of Holla Forums is always back to talking about muh based police just because police defend themselves against niggers when attacked.

Fuck of melbourne scum

By storm you mean do absolutely nothing except mild criminal damage and shout thus giving a perfect opportunity to show any opposition to forced acceptance of immigrants, is in fact weak and only a few hooligans taking part.
To storm would be to smash their way in and deliver summary mob justice, also smashing anyone who tried to prevent it or film it.

What Holla Forums needs to do is start building connections inside the police departments. Find your local cop bar and go drink there every once in a while. Make friends with the guys there, feel them out. I know a few cops who I have fully redpilled, who help me out from time to time.

We live in third world countries now, we need to learn from the way it's done in the third world.

Neither Paris nor Africa, here it's Brittany
Youth! Brittany! Anti-thugs!
Yaouankiz, Breiz Atao! (Youth, Brittany forever)
Youth! Brittany! Anti-leftist!
French police, keep your migrants!
Deportation! Deportation!
State = guilty, police = accomplice!
Refugees not welcome [in case you didn't get it due to the french accent]
Here We are home!/It's our home/It's our land

Jews wouldn't need to blackmail a mud to do this if they needed it done. If they just needed to take the spotlight off of an international incident, then they could easily use one of the several unnatural rapes that natural occur everyday throughout the west. The power of their news control would be far more potent here. They could amplify something that already happened and control public discourse through the repeated broadcasting of that event. No, they wouldn't blackmail a mud into raping and then amplify it. The only blackmail that goes on to lower tier members of goyim is emotional blackmail through control of culture. Legitimate blackmail leaves a trail that could come back to haunt them, and it is probably only employed on higher ranking politicians or people in other unique positions of power.

Beware of French statist retards like
They'd prefer the whole of France was invaded rather than let ethnic nationalists emerge

Also, reminder that France itself is a construct at the expense of ethnic peoples

Nice ID, fam.

Don't stoop to this level of discourse, user.

I agree, especially the FBI and UK's federal police. The were fast on assange when he released those hash keys. Too fast.

I think they covered it up.

I wish I could go back to this level of naivety

it is plausible, but the other theory, that they simply raped someone because is was easy is far more plausible.
this isn't the first time they raped elderly women, and not the first they raped kids. we factually know they are doing this.
now, place yourself in our position: you come here. you talk about a wild conspiracy about blackmailing people who arguably have nothing to blackmail, since they can fucking rape people and no court batting an eye. blackmail them with what exactly? to whom?
you can't blackmail them with rape cases, since the system doesn't care about that, you can't blackmail them with deportation, since they are considered refugees even when we know they are not from syria.
think for one goddamn minute about the implications of your bullshit and the length of your theory opposed to the much simpler other theory, which is that they just want easy pussy.


Don't be disingenuous buddy.

Cause Tor doesn't change IDs?
I still am cautious with it. Plus it's slow.

Wrong, a race related incident is great bait for publicity.
Again, it's not just the watchers that need bait. Journalists need to be baited too.
Also social media is now a factor and only a race related rape would create attention on the forums that actually dig into the "dirty underbelly of the world"
Jews would blackmail the gang, who intern would blackmail the mud.
That way there's more plausible deniability
The jews would as the gang to blackmail the mud.
Think of it like proxies. I think they'd have a long chain of gangs and individuals.

Conditioning? While I agree that occurs, that's not the only form of leverage to use.
Again, proxies
Why would you blackmail those working with you? :^) They have eyes everywhere user.
It's more likely they'll take control at the top, blackmail a line of grunts at the bottom.

Take Hollywood stars for example. The form of blackmail they probably use now is:
1. Get them addicted to a substance
2. Tighten the money going to them.
3. Threaten that they need to do X or they'll lose their sustinence
4. Make sure you make it seem like there's no alternative paths like education - make sure they're so addicted they never have enough money to start that, or a reputation to work

There are MANY forms of blackmail/leverage. I'm convinced they "bait" grunts into action. Tell them to do X in such a way (such as going to Y to do something and using something else as leverage against them)

You're a newfag. Talk to anyone from countries with shitskins and you'll learn that even old ladies are not too disturbing for these roaches.

Heard of many cases from brazil and these were told by a local so they're not bullshit.

Which brings me to explanation part 2:
What if most of the rapes have been done this way to condition us into thinking that they do this of their own accord.
You're dealing with impoverished dumbasses here. They're very easily manipulated.
Hell they drowned off a boat because the boat gave them lifejackets that sunk a few months back.

We've been thinking this chess game too simply for too long. Shitskins do shit things, but why are they suddenly springing up?
The narrative is "extremism" and "terrorism".
But I think the answer is the greatest ally playing his filthy game.

Are they Breton nationalists? I heard that they have been trying to gain independence for years.

user.. these people have been told since day 1 "it's extremism" and have probably spread this narrative through word of mouth.

I think this whole time we've been conditioned to overlook the reality of the situation. That a small group of individuals, or a country/secret organisation has been baiting them to act provocatively.

Does that mean we can let in shitskins?
Fuck no, it just means they are definitely dangerous being here.. but for reasons we never initially saw.

I'm sure niggers do it for the same reason right? Anything to get away from them being subhuman scum.

It is pretty much confirmed at this point that you're one of them lad.

This is some reptilians tier retardation buddy. What if the Jews are being blackmailed by deep space robo-Communists? You've just been conditioned to believe the Jews are the bad guys, but what's more likely: That Jews are destroying the west of their own accord, or that deep space robo-communists have been baiting them to act kikely?


No those are genuine gang wars and petty thefts. That's been happening for far too long and furthermore, they lack about 30 IQ points to general shitskins.

That said, the gangs are probably baited into fighting, but I think it's less likely, considering those are born in the 1st world country and have lived there for some time, that they'd need bait.
Their wars are more resembling mafia - only far stupider.

Again, I pointed out it was still their fault. I'm just giving a reason why they aren't stopping.

Or a man on a cross. :^)

Stop being fucktarded. Those aren't comparable. For starters - one has no precedent.
The other has 2 world wars of precedent :^)

Jews have merely switched tactics. I noticed that a lot are fleeing to countries like new zealand, japan or china.
Want to guess why?

Oh, and the jews sabotage rome in a similar way.
Look up "third century crisis"

Somewhere nearby is that little village…

but that's still a 'what if'. if all of the rape cases involving refugees would be blackmailed, the scale of such an operation would be enormous. are you seriously expecting all of those fugees to keep their mouth shut about it, when we know they can't even make up a good excuse for why they are doing what they are doing?
more so, you are completely ignoring one of the most fundamental things in your theory: that they are blackmailed.
with what can you possibly blackmail these people? and even then, these people have nothing on their name. what could someone who is blackmailing them even do when they have nothing to discredit, nothing to ruin, etc.

what do you even define as 'suddenly', because we've had this problem even before the migrant crisis. the reason why it's so much more is because the amount of people migrating has increased.

for what purpose

Maybe he haven't have a sex for long time and need to unload his oversized ball?

Or they are subhumans savages from the dark continent?

But you didn't do that. You pointed out that millions of individuals with no known persona and no reputation to ruin are somehow being blackmailed without a single one breaking rank.

You're right. One has a history of the group doing the exact opposite of what you're saying to achieve the exact opposite goal you're saying they are trying to achieve currently, which is the exact opposite of what they themselves have stated explicitly that their goal is, and the other one involves Cyber-Commies from the Meansofproduction Nebula.

You're not just saying they switched tactics faggot. You're saying they switched entire game plans. You're saying they've switched everything they've ever been working towards. You're saying that the Jews are sabotaging their own selves to succeed in causing the nationalist revival they've sought to prevent for decades. The sheer lunacy of your idea is lost on nobody: You're the only one who isn't mocking you. for being such a retard.

American niggers are about on par with Middle Easterners in terms of average IQ and far superior to African niggers, which is what many of these migrants are.

Maybe they think it will cure the aids if they rape the old people.

Based Bretons aren't really French. They're like the Welsh French, they're very independent and don't like outsiders.

Most jews have probably gone to Israel. Their government has been calling them to come, saying Europe is now unsafe for them.
Pic unrelated.

That's the point.

All we have is what ifs user. Probably because the police hide the real truth.

Nope. But the police can shut their mouths.

Actually, it was not to this degree. It did occur, but not every fucking week like it has been for the last 3 years.
Partially, but why do they migrate here in droves? Why are they from countries not even at war?
Is it just jihad or sex drive?
I disagree. We've missed the alternative theories. And I think the major terrorist attacks like 9/11 caused that - on top of the narrative spun by the press.

Who by the way lied through their teeth this election, we all saw how much bullshit they say.
The fact we don't have reporters of our own on site baffles me. How do we trust the press that just got caught lying through their teeth with anything they've said in the past few years, let alone decades.

We've been conditioned since day one that it's muslims.
But we just saw what the media does to our minds.

I'm not saying their innocent, but they certainly are good bait

To expand israel into greater Israel.


What a (((coincidence))).
Then that means the goal is chaos.
And chaos benefits israel.
And they do it through leverage.

user.. reread what you said.
They're the perfect targets. The leverage and proxy worthiness of them make them perfect targets.

You're trusting the history books?
And you call me a fool user?
We can deduce that the jews did what they did thanks to nazi germany.
OR it's part of the plan in the first place.

They aren't sabotaging themselves. They ARE the sabotage. I think Adolf rising to power was enticed by them. Furthermore, it would be useful in subverting other white nations in the future by demonizing Nazi Germany for decades. Unless you believe the (((convenient))) holocaust?


By the way.
Jews are in banking and finance

Their whole world revolves around RISK

But Middle easterners aren't even 1st gen Americans or Europeans. There hasn't been the time to set up gang warfare that quickly without help

The happy merchant is fooling our logical inclinations.
They don't play by the rules.
They live in risk.
They live in lunacy.



That's because you don't understand Islam. They believe that non muslims and especially uncovered women are worse than dirt. They believe these people deserve no respect whatsoever. They believe that "allah" commands them to do as they wish, especially if its bad, to these non believers.
This is combined with the wests weakness right now. We've done nothing but show them its completely fine to do this to us. We have to wake people up.

Which mod are you?

That pic needs a Holla Forumsedit

Are you even bluepilled yet?

Actually it's because Israel is a cuckold state, even more so than the rest of the West

But for some reason a lot of people here think they're brilliant schemers with a pincer grip on the West.

It's funny really, you believe the jews are the ultimate masterminds when by their own law a candidate like Trump would never be allowed to run. Arabs already outnumber Jews when counting Israel and Palestine as one entity, and the Arabs have more kids. Israel is a sinking ship, they can't expel their Arab citizens so the only way they can survive is for European Jews to migrate to Israel.

It is ogre for them in the long run.

This is completely irrelevant

The dissonance is strong in this one.

I don't like pills.

Neither do you. Have you read the Koran?
Did someone tell you what's in it?
Was it the media? Oh funny that.
The koran is shit, but with the amount of conditioning the media has on us, I bet we know nothing but bullshit.
In fact. I think even the extremists might not understand what they """preach""" because they learned through the media too :^)

Oh they will be user. They certainly will be.
Cause some people like playing games with "stand alone complexes" and memes.
Even 2000 year old memes.

They're lunatics that praise a false god which requires sacrifice. They need to be treated like lunatics.
But lunacy sometimes requires rules amongst the lunatics.
In fact, the lunacy get's so odd that the rules get more and more restrictive. Then people start killing to enforce the rules.

That's why we have this situation.
Israel and judaism is a memetic mess that created the current abomination we see.

Just repent and leave the god damn oath already. Or there is no solution, other than the final solution.

I have. The first half is mostly about how god loves and you shall not question him.

The second half is mostly horrible stuff.

Then why not read it yourself?

Why do you make assumption and why do you immediately jump to the assumption to defend them?

(((Cultural marxism))) :^)

I know that (((zootopia))) and other (((hollywood))) movies make you believe that bad people do bad things because other people unfairly judged them or told things about them, but it's in the interest of bad people to deceive you into believing that bad people are in reality good people that only need some understanding.

Another tor, other one got slow - how odd :^)

Every action has an opposite reaction though.

To westerners it's conditioning acceptance and tolerance.
To islamic people - the opposite.

Which the MSM does not do. If it does, it does a half-assed job of it. Too half-assed.

Furthermore, bad people are those that have knowledge and do bad.
Others are merely weak feeble minded fools.
Jews are not the latter. Extremist muslims are.

But that doesn't mean I allow what they do - both need purging.

I mean that according to Israel's own law they are already a cuckold state

Someone like Prime Minister Menachem Begin would be ineligible for office now, someone like Donald Trump could never be elected there. No le Pen, no Nigel Farage. Any Jewish politician accused of racism immediately becomes ineligible for office. The Arabs have the ultimate tool to use against a soft society which that society willingly codified into law.

That's why they play the machiavelli game user.

Its on the dailystormer since a few days. They wherer saying: “Expulsions!”

“On est chez nous!” [This is our home!]

“Collabos!” [Collaborators]

“Vos femmes sont les prochaines!” [Your women are next]

“Police complice” [Police accomplices] [The police protect rapists]

“Police, migrants, même combat!” [Police, immigrants, on the same side]

Yes. Where do you think you are? You think Holla Forums is just a place for dank memes? You think the "red pill" is just another funny inside Internet joke? Top kek. Holla Forums actually does its own research here. The Koran is piss-easy to understand, because it's so fucking redundant that despite being some 450 pages long, anyone can understand what Islam is all about after reading only 100 pages and skimming the rest.


Bump for fucking RAGE

Can we ask Holy Kek to grant Le Pen and Frogs victory, inshallah!

OH look we have signs. Frog lives matter!

The white man is going to die if this weakness keeps up. Bunch of fucking beta male cowards

Now go watch the GEX video and see how "storming" is done


Kill yourself shill, save us the trouble. Here, we live for the day of the rope. Maybe some of us need to go over to france as advisors, teach them how to tie a knot.

We need to send fucking Americans there. We have people who would delight in skinning them alive. Let our freaks do what they were born for. Eat mudslime babies today!

You realize Mel is American, right, not Australian?

Disgusting. You'd probably get AIDS.

Can HIV survive pressure cooking ?

But mostly goats.


You mean kick a fence.

He is not innocent, he is actively shitting up the thread and he knows it. He actively hops IDs and keeps sperging out.

I don't think so. I do want to know how you're going to serve them though. I don't think there's much information on how to cook and eat babies outside of the darknet.

You should write hillary a letter asking about it when she is in jail.

HIV ids actually laughably easy to kill if you don't care about the survival of the host.

As for euros not having guns… I don't fucking get it myself. It's not like guns are har to make if you're not picky. Shit, even without guns, torches and pitchforks would be enough to wipe out these camps. Burn and stab, pretty simple.

Well in the purely hypothetical situation where I have access to the right resources yet have to resort to cannibalism: gut it, behead it, bleed it, and just boil it in a pressure cooker with red beans, potatoes, carrots, garlic and onions.

Nevermind that, I wouldn't need to eat someone if I have access to all that food. Cut out all the veggies, just pressure boiled meat.

Excellent b8 my friend, you get retarded americans and eurocucks with this one



the only problem the French populace have to face are the Gendarmes

Go back to cuckchan you fucking idiot

ISIS = mossad

What has happened to this board? You have let the thread be completely derailed by an obvious shill. It became completely clear what he was doing after the third post and you retards are STILL responding to him.

Good job mongoloids you have derailed this thread completely. Read the sticky you fucking newfags.

ISIS aren't Mossad, but they are useful idiots whose organisation was started by Mossad and the American Jews.


You sound like a fucking Jew.

Read the newspapers.

Niggers routines rape and beat older white women. They are easy targets and easy to steal from.

Also they are sub-human trash btw.



Oh please.
There are always these alex jones false flag niggers on this board thinking everything is a paid conspiracy.

You suck, your title does not match, video does not deliver, the faggots easily quickly immediately get repelled by a simple gate and pepper sprayed. French fail again.

Am I wrong? The thread has been completely derailed. You don't have to be paid to be a shill you just have to have a certain agenda that you are pushing.

Would you prefer it if I called him MIDF? The point still stands he has completely derailed an important thread, whether he is a paid shill or not.

Can you hear the drums of war?
Mother Europe is calling you warrior.


that's fine, but those cops are pretty rare. If you can get a position to order the police, then do so, but otherwise their help is marginally useful at best and dangerous for you in most situations.

Shut the fuck up you slavic 50IQ subhuman trash.

All subhumans should be killed.

And how many shitskins have raped/murdered somebody since then?

They rape everything in sight.


I've only known one lithuanian ever, he was a great guy, top of his class, all that stuff, but he was the rapiest fucker ever when he was drunk.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions yes

We all drank, and heavily. Instead of talking to girls, putting your arms around them, showing off, social stuff like most guys try to do to get laid while drinking, he would literally just start chasing down girls. We had to lock him in rooms by himself until he passed out.
sage for OT

low energy storm

"stormed a migrant camp"


the worst things about this are that the local RWDS won't have much work left, that and the fucking sirens keeping me awake at night.

When Frenchies starts a war everybody joins in

D&C shills get out

Apparently they were chanting "rapists back off" at one point lel.

Does this mean he'll be in jail until then or is he let loose?