VP Pence booed at Broadway show, then the cast decides to stop the show and lecture him

Can you believe the arrogance of these fucks. Unbelievable. This means war fam. I can't fucking take it anymore. We need to organize mass boycotts by all Trump supporters. Hit these fuckheads where they actually hurt.

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Why is a nigger Hamilton?
We wuz Americans and sheeeit.

Brow beating the poor guy after he spent hours and hours working for the Don. These assholes make me sick.

Sure go ahead and bully Wojak now, he will make feels into reals and make Cheney look like Quayle, faggots.

A Broadway show about Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers that is somehow about multiculturalism and inclusivity, with most of the cast non-white.

Alexander Hamilton is a "immigrant" rapping to Caribbean melodies.

WTF was Pence doing there? Did someone tell him it was a patriotic musical.

Well, that ruined my night.

Appears he left the Hamilton in the Hood audience hanging.

I bet they weren't even portrayed as slaves at all.


I shouldn't have expected anything less from a Pozedway musical but this made me feel ill.

This kind of libshit finger-wagging is why Trump won. Not to mention doing it at a Broadway show that everyone knows is mediocre but nobody can criticize because "muh diversity" and "LOOK HOW NOT RACIST I AM!"

Good. This is just going to piss off more of the silent majority.



Have these shitlibs still not figured out that people are tired of their holier-than-thou bullshit?


This is why Mike shocks people

Its ghost phrasing to keep Google and Twitter algorithms from popping on mean words

Not exactly. That was what they said.
It was a psyop by some news groups doing a study on infiltrating our memes. Only 4chan newfags fell for it.

Libshit play
Check and Check

Seems like a typical Broadway play to me.

I do feel bad for poor Wojak though, I bet he just wanted to see a play about America and then bam, he gets shit on again, just can't catch a break.

No it didn't, it was an idea from the TRS forums which are invite only


why the fuck would they? liberalism is a way to coddle personal insecurities. they're not going to realize that they themselves are the problem. let them keep screaming and crying about shit they have no real sway over until they alienate everybody on their side that isn't irredeemably pozzed

stop using that pls, you don't 'wash' by staining something with shit

I recommend muck-spreading or shit-dribbling

Shitstaining. I like it. After the brown streaks these fat sjw cunts have in their pants.

Someone had to ask.

In case you didn't know, this is by far one of the most popular musicals in the past few years.

The audacity of them to put Wojak on the spot like that. I'm surprised he went to something like that in the first place.

They believe themselves prophets and revolutionaries when in reality they feed the very thing which they think they rail against.

he may have been an octaroon. though I can't really find any evidence for this as anything more than a we wuz theory

So I guess Obongo wasn't even the first black president!

The cast and crew better get ready for some deus volts from Wojak.

Based Pepe.

pretty good summary/review of this bullshit musical

practically all the cast is brown, and there's a line where nog hamilton bumps fists with some other shitskin and says 'immigrants do it better' or some shit

has to be one of the most pozzed musicals of all time

These niggers have another thing coming.

I don't know how much of Holla Forums is aware of this, but the general lefty faggot opinion of Pence is that he's even worse than Trump. Particularly they think he's satan incarnate when it comes to fags. They think he wants to murder all fags in particular.

I live in a very lefty city and all I've been hearing is
>Typical of Trump to pick somebody even worse than him, so nobody assassinates him


Was Pence really there? Why?

Mike "if you bend over for Todd, I'll turn you into a lightning rod" Pence

Hello TRScuck, 4chan was most definitely ground zero, and it coincidentally appeared right at the same timeframe as the study on 4/pol/ and the virality of its "hate memes" began.

88d chess

cuckchan but still

Ok he's assination insurance against fags but the Jews would prefer him

I am glad I saw a play on broadway before all this shit got out of hand.

I find that the funniest part.

no it was cuckchan first
then TRS, Daily Stormer and twitter people jumped on it



Don't bother, you're replying to an /r/The_Donald retard. They think it would be the "Democrats" who would assassinate Trump, not the "people" who have a history of doing that kind of thing.

You mean like not watching musicals? On it my dude.

If there's an assassination attempt (god forbid). it's going to come from some deranged marxist. That's why the media and the democrat party is trying to gin up so much hatred towards trump. They want it to boil over and somebody to snap.

Only because it's explicitly anti-white.

the jews in the media are trying to foment an assassination attempt by brainwashing people into thinking trump is literally hitler.

Normal people don't watch musicals or go to broadway. It's one of the few things we probably can't successfully boycott.

ECT fucking sucksand it didn't even fix my degeneracy

What a fucking joke. They're basically what jazz is to classical: a niggerfication.

try a rope


There are always lobotomies.

Mike "4th Reich 3rd Rail" Pence is about to shock therapy some Broadway faggots

Pence deserved a lecture for going to a poz show like that.

Cool your fucking jets, I am reporting current fag memes. They think that Trump picked Pence so that they wouldn't kill Trump. That's not my opinion, that's what they are saying.

winner, winner, chicken dinner!

it'd certainly be cheaper

One day we'll stop doing them favours.
Then they'll see their mistake.

Sasuga niggerfaggots

This. If they just did the damn jobs they were paid to do and didn't finger wag then there would never be a problem. But they can't help but finger wag as if it'll get them anywhere.

The fuck do they expect? One of the most powerful men in the world is just going to be so ashamed of himself that he'll change everything at once?

when can we start shooting fag like this in the streets?

There used to be a way to deal with shitty actors.

yeah but back then tomatoes ,cabbages and the sorts were cheaper and readily available ; hell , you could even bring your own in the theater.Today you're not even allowed to smoke indoors much less bring edibles with you besides , where the hell would one find a tomato stand in NY ,on a Friday late at night that is open for business?

Ok did a small dig this the nigger responsible for the speech
the general managers number and name

Eileen DiNoble (609) 896-5928
heres her company




This the faggot who was speaking in the video

Brandon VIctor Dixon








May kek help us to get the rest of the casts information out soon anons

Ambush this fucker outside of his home. Buy a bushel of tomatoes and let them rot for a bit.
Get a couple people to pelt them at him when he leaves his house.

we wuz colonials

the cast did not stop the show to lecture him, they addressed him after the performance. god damn you racists are so fucking incompetent, learn to google




Nice comma splice you illiterate fucking goback.

then you miss the whole point on why it was done in the first place , that's when the actors where on stage

If you can't do it on stage do it when they are off stage. Times changed like you so aptly put.


The only question is what he was doing there in the first place.

I think we did better

Wow, I knew 'Hamilton' was cucked but I never knew how cucked it could really be.

Its as if I really needed another reason not to like this musical. One thing that they dont have a 'rap' about in Hamilton was how elitist Hamilton actually was. Hamilton hated the common people and was part of the rich banker elite.
You know where Alexander Hamilton is buried? Wall Street.

Hamilton is one of the few founding fathers that you study and realize he represents the very same enemys we are still against today.

Why do non political things need to be political? I enjoyed 5 guys and Broadway, now I've lost both. All I can enjoy now is my guns.

Guys, don't you get it? Can't you sense Bannon behind this? This was precisely the plan.

He's baiting them: he knows there will be an outrage cycle, distract people from other matters (Cabinet decisions, $25 mil settlement, etc), deepen divisions, and excite the base.

He's STILL playing the 5D chess game.



I thought rap was the niggerficaiton of jazz…?

Why would he even go to this? A cursory check of any search engine shows shitlibs think Hamilton is the best think, like, ever. I can't even

It's been double niggered.

Moving through this thread I've seen a few different pieces of this bullshit. Niggers are so stupid. It's like they want us to hate them. Slavery was the worst mistake this country ever made. Hitler please rise in spirit and save us.

Before I learned much about it, I assumed Hamilton was a nice musical about founding fathers that would be pleasantly patriotic. The premise was nice enough I wouldn't have assumed it was a finger wagging spectacle with pozzed up behavior.

jazz was the rap of its day
used by kikes to push nigger music on white teens

Speaking of Hamilton, bring back dueling. Imagine if Pence took the stage and slapped that mouthy black in the face. 'I challenge you, cur. Pistols at dawn.' Make dueling great again.

I keep telling people there is no reason to ever try to keep up your "image" or be pc or any of that other public relations bullshit because at the end of the day they do not care and will vilify you regardless. PR exists solely to get you to act in a certain fashion beholden to whomever has enough social sway to punish you for not. Don't like the media? Well then expect to be called names and yelled at by everyone that does. Don't give a shit? Congrats, they're powerless.
Hamilton was fucking shit anyway. Nothing of value was lost in stopping the show to cry at him.

Has Pence demanded his money back? Because he should. It's time to escalate things.


The only thing good that came out of that lame show was this

That would be poetry.

Trump settled the Trump University lawsuit. Big mistake.

> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamilton_(musical)

Why was he there?

At this point I truly believe he was making a list.

So dumb. If Pence was a racist, why would he go to see your "diverse" show, nutballs?



Yes. is right. Jazz was the niggerification of classical music in the last century, and rap is the niggerification of jazz. The next logical step is inarticulated monkey noises and violent thrashing in 30-40 years. The question is: will there still be kikes to push it?

We need to meme him into 4th reich Mike. If we can convince all the liberals that he is worse than Trump, then we will have secured the next 8 years. Currently, the only way we could possibly lose is if Trump dies, and we need to take steps to actively fight such an outcome.

In 4 years have him run against Trump.
Wouldn't that be a mind fuck for them.

Sorry have you not seen Dancehall? Twerking is basically the mild end of that. Violent thrashing with inarticulate monkey noises pretty much describes it.

sitting president doesn't have to go through primary process


The pure embodiment of the festing cancer in America.

I know. I'm talking general election.

We'd have to get him to win the Democrat primary, but if we start now I don't see why we couldn't meme them back into greatness. They were the party that Andrew Jackson spearheaded at one point and they even formed the original KKK. By the time we're done with these uppity Democrats they'll be voting for homogenocide for the next 1,488 years.

It's already here user :^)

we monkey noises now

We really need to get pence something like the lightning gun so that he can deal with these fags properly in the future.

Skipped a regression, Jazz was first niggerized into soul/funk.

Niggerfication continued as niggers no longer could actually play instruments anymore like in the 60/70s so they literally stole all the records and started singing new lyrics to them. Otherwise known as rap/hip-hop, which isolated the most nigger "breaks" of the 60/70s funk songs and rapped over it so the entire song had become just the nigger part that was most conducive to dancing. Before, songs had "breaks" or sections with the best beats for dancing, this is where we get the term "break dance." Niggers turned stole all these sections from songs in the 60/70s so their entire song was now just nigger dancing with them rapping about slingin crack, bangin hood rats, stealing money, and killing cops.

Yes, it's called daggering and exists already in the carribeans. There, the blacks have niggerfied faster without the preservative influence of whites to stem the decline.

The Future of Nog Music is here:

I vow to never go to a Broadway play.


holy fuck that's funny

Why was Mike "Israel First" Pence going to a pozzed production where the founding fathers are portrayed as black and evil?


they weren't booing Pence, it was a few people booing the cast for bringing politics into this. Of course, this is how they spin it.

top kek

Normal people don't usually get autistic over dumb shit, so to most people it's just a "creative" take on the founding fathers by a guy who is roughly as brown as anyone else coming out of Spain since he's Hispanic. I guess he looks like Russell Brand is what I'm saying.

In any case only these deranged liberals decide to ruin someone's night- especially the vice president's- because they disagree with his politics.

But this is fine, the more Republicans (the party with absolute power over government and the majority of the military) are insulted and bullied the more they'll close ranks and be determined to bully Democrats back into oblivion.

It's basically like you beat a smaller kid in wrestling and then afterwards he picks a fight with you- you don't want to fight because he's a head shorter than you, but we all know whose going to get their ass kicked.



Fucking niggers

To rile up a cocksmoker like you obv

Is America more diverse than it was 56 years ago? Sure, back then- counting Jews- it was 78% Northern European with Northwestern Europeans being close to 2/3 of the population. Discounting Jews it was 74% Northern European. 1% was Middle Eastern, the remaining 11% was composed of Italians, Greeks and white Hispanics.

Today it is 52% Northern European discounting Jews and 54% counting them. When counting Italians, white Hispanics, Greeks it's about 17% Southern European. 1% are various kinds of Middle Easterner.

But when I read shit like that it sounds to me like they're saying that Northern Europeans no longer make up a majority, that the greater "white" group is no longer overwhelmingly dominant. Obviously I disagree, and I'm offended that they're basically saying "if you don't legalize the beaners and let muslims flood in from Syria you're a bad guy" or in short "give us yo country white boi, your time is over". Niggers can fuck right off.


Fuck off

Hamilton wasn't 1/8th black, that's literally something liberals are trying to push to "black" American history just like the "Washington had black kids" meme.

Also he was never president, pretty sure he was the treasurer and got shot by Aaron Burr.


That is a terrible anime, and my post was not bait. This isn't 4cuck/pol we don't "bait" each-other here. We either post or the kikes shill. I believe you meant to call me a kike.

The "Google" / "Skype" forced shitty meme was faggot infiltrators from TRS / Something Awful. Anyone who uses these memes should be ridiculed and reported.

Autists who hate everything are the ones who should be reported

it started on cuckchan actually
but yeah still a shitty meme

it's not even worth it on twitter to avoid banning, just make another account

Get out.


But friend, don't you realise? All the world's a stage.

Much better user. Thats the ticket!

do it off stage and it turns from
In the one case you , the ticket paying audience , by voicing their dissaproval bring attention to the manager , producer , theater owner and future audience thus making the actors controversial which on the one side may bring some fleeting fame to them but on the other will make them harder to employ in the future especially if there is a substantial audience participation in it and in the other one you , a random dumbass on the street , are basically handing them what they want and allowing them to craft the narrative for themselves as they see fit since it happens out on the street and not on stage

There is a reason why there where so few people in the entertainment industry (actors, writters ,directors,producers ,musicians) voicing their political opinions that were not democrats or liberals up to now, and the ones that did where mostly considered hasbeens or outside the industry

Do you even 4D chess motherfucker?



Musicals were always kikery manifested.

Opera is where it's at.

Heard you like musicals


Why was mike Pence going to see this Trash?

Pence is a cuck. Why would he go watch a shitty revisionist musical?

These projectionist plebs are doing the passive aggressive brow beating at the worst possible moment. Diverse-as-fuck-shitheads fucking up the cities and calling for race war, then these ignorant pseudo-intellectuals do this crap in a public event on stage?
Practical bigotry right there.
Bad timing for those fags.

Know your enemy.

Something liberals always use as an example of omg racism! is that movie where John Wayne plays Genghis Khan. Well now I like that idea because liberals tried to turn Alex Hamilton into a NIGGER



Not to mention this is like offering an olive branch and they chimped out instead.

The SJW's were putting on a revisionist historical play in which the Founding Fathers are black. Everything they do, at this point highlights how race-focused, how racially divisive they are. Attending a play like that, perhaps to explore where these vindictive people are going, and perhaps to merely show face that oneself isn't as racist as one is portrayed in the (((mainstream media))), for whatever reason, attending a play like that no longer does any good. When the Left is so driven by their (((media))) into self-justified outrage that they pull this kinda stunt, they are beyond redemption, beyond apology or 'healing'. Now they are aggressive.

Hasn't Pence been aware of the tenure of the (((mainstream media news)))? Honestly, I think VP-elect Pence was lucky to get outa the theatre without violence erupting. The Left of Soros and Clinton and Obama is not interested in peace and progress, no not at all. They couldn't care less about bringing our country together. Instead, they are a force for ideological and racial revolution, and their manifestation will soon be upon us. Instead, they want the societal reins, and will not accept 'NO!' for answer. They fully know that this means civil disobedience and violence. The revolutionaries that run our (((mainstream news channels))) fully want blood.

The power of the Jews is decreasing as their hold on America's mind is obviated by more objective counter-narratives springing up on the internet. They will not relinquish their power without a fight, not even if it drives America to civil war. And why should they care? It's not their country. They are just trying to take it over.

I imagine they ruined everyone else's night too. These people have come to see a show, not be lectured about politics.

I really doubt libtards are going to get any humility over the next 4 years.

The kinds of faggots who go to this type of shit would love it.

Broadway is a cancer. Hopefully Trump makes it illegal.

There's nothing wrong with using them on places that ban you for using nigger/kike. Using them on imageboards is obviously retarded though.

Don't guys usually get dragged to this shit by their wives/girlfriends?

Someone should expand that into a full musical.

There are some good musicals, but only comedies. If you want serious plots in singing, go to an opera.

I went to quite a few musicals and enjoyed them when I lived in Germany. Though this was twenty years ago, its likely that they're entirely pozzed now.

Fucking pick one idiots.

Liberals are even worse at winning hearts and minds than neocohens lol

also thread reminder.

Cheney also attended a showing of the show and no one changed the show to lecture him at the millions of mudskins who are dead because of him lol

but some faggots might be in a bit of a spot with pence and now they have to try to shame him laffo


No see its not a performance its an experience you go with the flow of the show and if that means stopping to lecture someone then you just go with it

I was a stage actor. Nothing redpilled me in real life more than one of the main actors stopping rehearsal to declare his HIV diagnosis and several other male actors showing concern. ALL men in theater are pozzed faggots now. If they aren't then outside of the performance they will look visibly miserable. After we reclaim college from the communists, we need to perform a full purge of the theater. The physical theaters are owned by Jews, the directors are all Jews, all the male actors are fags and the female actors are either dykes or massive sluts.

Heh heh, yeah, that's right g-guys, let's go after the musicals next, heh heh.

The first action of the RWDS will be to pull your plug.


Last time I saw Sound of Music half the cast was black (including all the Nazis funnily enough) I have no tolerance for Musicals anymore. I once saw a show where 40 people dance on moving treadmills singing about how we have to accept our differences and at that point I was like "Does this really need to be this expensive, if we cut this bit out alone how much would that take off the ticket price" and the show was full of numbers of equal retardedness.

The problem is rampant faggotry though. What could be done with 5 people needs to be done with an ensemble of 20. A simple costume needs to be more extravagant, including being able to be taken off and replaced in less than 15 seconds. 20,000 light bulbs is never enough for the lighting crew. Character development? Only between action scenes so the stage crew can switch out action set-pieces.

Nothing about the musical is meant to cater to such men. It is in fact meant to antagonize them.

Yep. Cancer.

They're attracted to musicals like flies to shit, whereas operas are more or less intact. It's because musicals are easier to perform and produce (meaning better financially) compared to a 4 hour opera that is both physically and mentally taxing. We will never see niggers perform Siegfried and that's the wonderful thing about setting the bar high.

Never would happen. There is no culture of honor. Bystanders would shoot pence


This happened in the Netherlands to Pim Fortuin, he was going to win the election but some ultra leftist from the PVDA killed him

Where else can a libtard sit on his fat, pimply ass for two hours & still virtue-signal at the same time?

You know, you've just sold me on opera.
I think I'll locate & watch all the Wagnerian operas I can find.

Trump is not happy

Uh, she didn't fuck him…that's why he dies at the end.

Er, oh…uh, "spoiler alert"…

It's quite literally We Wuz: The Musical

To be fair, the original play and movie never dipped into "muh holohoax" and was more just about the Van-Traps escaping Austria, they did sort of push the "Nazis are evil and facism makes children sad, so we shouldn't have it" thing though, you're right there

He just tweeted about it again. He is really not happy. Imagine being that musical and having the president tweeting shit about you lmao.


he is angry

They made Mike Pence fear for his life.


Cheney's still alive?

They've angered the gods.

I mean, hes entirely in the right here, want a bunch of fuckers that they stop the show to lecture the fucking VP, what the hell do a bunch of rich Broadway Actors know about the country? They should apologize, but knowing their We Wuz Audience I think they figured this could only help them

The solution? Burn down Broadway, nothing of value has come out of there for years. Theater in general really.

Make sure it's from a good conductor like Karajan and not one of those jew ones.

I actually thought their portrayal of Nazis was rather fair. Of course they were the antagonists to the Von Trapps but they didn't turn them into baby killing monsters or anything.

Trump is angry because he used to be an avid visitor to the theater himself, being a New York rich boy after all. I honestly can't sympathize with him, he should have known better than to send Pence to Broadway.

Entertainment industry is cancerous and disgusting.

he probably expected the cast to act like adults and do their jobs instead of being a bunch of degenerates that went crazy to the length of ruining their whole act just to try to shame poor wojak (who was a paying customer and was just sitting there).

I agree, but I think he just wanted to get it out of the way now that he's president.

I don't think Pence cared to go but his wife did.

As noted earlier, Pence left before those fags had a chance to lecture him. What a bunch of buffoons. There's rumors that when Pence heard of this he had to be physically restrained as he grabbed the nearest portable defibrillator and rushed back towards the theater.

How hard is it to use viagra and fuck a baby into a girl?


"Taking in a musicial" is something tourists think they should do when they come to the city. He probably just wanted to take a break from work and relax and they shit all over him.

I expect this production to be closed down soon.

The funniest part is that it's based on their own propaganda against him. They say he wants to use electro-shock therapy on gay people, because he once supported a bill related to correcting sexual behavior. The bill was actually just a public education program about safe sex intended to stop the spread of AIDS, but a bunch of lefties twisted it horribly out of context to smear him.

TL;DR They created a false boogeyman, fell for their own lie and now they're now terrified of him.


Why did they want to kill Truman? Were they upset he didn't totally wipe out the Germans or something?

I dunno, it's better than having to show up in court over it. His explanation is fine too, and at any rate he's won and it's not really going to make any difference beyond yet another negative news cycle.


I have no problem joining them in their memery this time. Now is the time to deploy accelerationism on their dumb shit in order to draw it out and defeat it properly.


The stupidity of the left never ceases to amaze me

Hamilton is that broadway show that goes for like $1k a ticket too

I didn't realize it was pure, unadulterated pozz fest


Theater is degenerate. Pence shouldn't have been wasting his time there in the first place.

The Theater hasn't been safe since Lincoln.

The nigger was looking directly at him and pointing. I doubt that

We jokingly called Finland "Kekkoslovakia" in the 70s because of president Kekkonen.

sage for offtopic

Those guys must have ultimate job security to pull shit like this on stage and still be employed the next day.

imagine going to war over this shit.
What if THIS is what sparks the habbening?
the civil war

weird post

Giding's me?

The show's producer probably orchestrated the whole thing.

are you niggers serious? Where do you even come from?

Even the slightest of the redpilled know that Broadway is a fucking liberal shitfest and propaganda machine.
I don't understand why the fuck Pence would be there in the first case (assuming he actually was in the audience)

He was there with his daughter as she wanted to see the show.

Let me repeat that: He was there with his daughter, and was boo'd. These people have no heart.

He left before any of that shit happened, lel.


people who have no interest or understanding of history much less know who Hamilton even was praise it heavily, that should have been a pretty good hint

Objectivity. Thanks for that, user. Now I can enjoy the Sound of Music again.

It's called 93D Backgammon, user. They deliberately elicited this reaction from child-like faggots and niggers to excite tensions, further dividing America, whilst making it seem like the left is entirely to blame (which they are). If the left didn't consist of welfare whores, retards, non-whites and other degenerates, they wouldn't act like this. Instead, just like the Jew, they're hanging themselves with the rope handed to them. Also, his family wanted to see the show.

Next you're gunna tell me you liked Fiddler on the Roof

I actually did a production of that in high school, it was about as jewey as you would expect

rogers and hammerstein musicals are pure kino tho

of course, everybody knows rogers and lorenz were the superior songwriting duo. except lorenz rekt himself with alcohol

Wait, what did I miss? What did five guys do?


That's a very good thing, the more they push this, the more not only never trump cucks get pissed off, the more it pisses off normal completely unpolitical people. If both of those groups find themselves in agreement with us it only helps us.

alright, what are some hitler approved musicals then?

Pretty much none, theater and obviously film has been a tool of the jew for awhile now, I honestly can't think of one film that isn't kosher in a way that doesn't piss me off

Did you know that there were people around, before Hitler was born, who didn't like Jews?

well what's something that makes you happy, name it and i'll do it

Is Music Man jewish?

It's my favorite musical.

Angry Birds, obviously.

Like Ford? That doesn't matter. Everything is Hitler because he was made the most famous to try and kick them out.

christ almighty. you guys could at least named an opera


I'm pretty sure the Music Man isn't too bad- The musical is sort of the tale of a white guy realizing the effect of jewing in a nice small town, and how he puts a stop to his own jew tactics not only because he loves the librarian, but he also begins to love the town.

I wish Preston was in more popular movies though

You can't go wrong with any Sinatra, Crosby, and Dean-o musical. Gene Kelly musicals are also pretty unkosher- Singin' in the Rain seems to take the piss out of Hollywood in the 30's

Light Opera is better than musicals anyways.


Good. Let Pence get mad at this people too.

If Trump is real then he will try to take Pence to his side, and this kind of shit helps that.

Hey, he said movie. I was never into musicals of any kind.

is what I said and meant. Only people who care to look into this kind of thing even find out that ever happened even once other than Hitler.
We see this list and know that there must be something wrong with the Jews to cause that to happen to them so many times. They simply claim they are attacked for no reason, but the people who feel sorry for them don't know just how often it happens.

We need less leftists in the arts. It's almost all there fucking is. I hope Trumps ascendence leads to a renisannce of quality non-leftist theatre, books, and movies.

Reminds me of how Trump is supposed to be antifaggot according to them, but made a big deal of supporting in in his own "dark speech about America" at his own convention.


Come to think of it, as a 5D chess play that's actually pretty damn clever. The news being flooded with news about "Trump's VP gets booed at a play!" - things like that are actually going to calm down the crybullies, who will chalk that up as a victory.

"Ha ha! I bet his FEELINGS were hurt! That's the ultimate defeat!" - then, with their feelings of superiority restored, they'll hopefully return to ignoring the president while he makes America great again, as opposed to chimping out in the streets.
(Except the ones being paid by Soros, who will be increasingly viewed as irritating pests. "You're still on about Trump? He was LAUGHED AT by ACTORS. He lost! Why are you still talking about politics? It's the current year! Come join our pedo rights march!")

faggot sjw detected.

Everyone should be asking for a refund.

this, even the normalfags have started noticing you can't find a single tv show, movie, or commercial for laundry detergent without niggers in it.

Hamilton was a jew


>>>Holla Forums

probably to have himself a giggle mate

Why did he evn go? the show is a complete fucking disgrace to our nations history and the founding fathers would beat every fucking nigger on hat stage to death.

>(the fact that this thing is considered the artistic ne plus ultra by the liberal left is in itself a sign of our national political, intellectual, cultural, and imperial decline, to say nothing of how much libs obsess over race and identity politics)
>(Ironically, Hamilton championed the Electoral College, which libs are now foaming at the mouth about: avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/fed68.asp)

>becomes a media "scandal" because every liberal is enjoying some imaginary power surge ("Yeah, we sure fucking 'told him how it is!!)

This is too fucking easy. And to think they wonder why they lost. Trump's team is playing 5D chess so hard that it should be illegal.

Please, keep on talking about this guys. The more the media talks about this manufactured non-scandal, the more ridiculous they seem, the more they waste, the more we win.

you know he isn't actually a proponent for electroshock therapy right? He's an advocate for conversion camps of the "pray the gay away" type.

oops. Well I don't know much about burger history thanks burger public schools!

Have you heard rap lately? I'd say that's closer to 5 years away at this point.

did they briefly rage at him earlier in the show, which prompted him and his family to leave before the "lecture"? or did they just get bored and leave early?

It's just like the previous "scandal"

Fucking nothing. It's mountains out of molehills, and fortunately everyone sees right through the nonsense.

I wish Trump was sending their monkey asses back.What the fuck was that,I made it 15 seconds before I had all I can take.

silly goyim, the only historical events you need to know about are when white americans invented slavery and the holocaust of the 60 gorillion!

Saw Les Mis with the gf last year, seemed pretty wholesome tbh. Can't say I've seen any others though.

>tfw my school had large scale and fairly well-produced historical (((reenactments))) of the Holocaust to further traumatize and indoctrinate the goyim. They'd put us in a large classroom remodeled as Anne Frank's house or some shit. We'd see the poor Juden cowering in fear kvetching about muh Hitler until at the end the ebil Nazis would storm into the classroom and round everybody up.

I want to find the faggot who wrote this and give them the electric lobotomy.



holy shit that could be fun if you got chosen to play as the Nazis. You'd get to RP your favorite Nazi dreams and meanwhile the kikes at the top would think you're being a good goy.

Good. By not doing so they've merely created the conditions in which Trump will win a second term.

I don't think anyone at the school was that redpilled; it was a really kikey school (and I was just a casual Holla Forumstard myself).

look up toxoplasmosis cures

We're already there.

Whenever I hear niggers giving a shitty speech about equality and inclusion etc this song pops into my mind.

Honestly what was Wojack expecting?

That shit show is the most concentrated demonstration of Leftist Cosmopolitan Cultural Marxist Kikery to ever exist. A hip hop musical theater broadway play about the life of a founding father and the history of America celebrating immigrants and multiculturalism where all the heroic important white historical figures are intentionally played by brown people to "reflect the racial diversity of the [current year]" while all the villains remain white. It was written, produced, composed, and headlined by a Puerto Rican nigger Jew from Upper Manhattan whose father is a well connected political advisor and high ranking official in various racial lobbyist foundations.

It's basically a Holla Forums shitpost come to life. The only thing that's missing is fat paraplegic trannies.

fair enough, I could probably get behind that ;)
ECT (and TMS) are fucking terrible. The former wears off in weeks if it even does anything in the first place (apart from inducing mania/hypomania for a short while) and the latter is literally useless (10-15% "success" rate)

I don't have the gay. Also this


He probably went to the show because his wife heard about it, and thought it'd be something nice to do now they're in D.C.


Bix Nood

He should have walked out and asked for his money back.

This fucking pos play is some top-level cringey fucktardery. Not only is it obvious signalling, awful rap "music", and seizure-like dancing, but it's down right cultural appropriation.

And the fact that these no-talent nigger faggots think it's their place to address the VP elect with such entitlement and disrespect just puts another nail in their coffin. People see them for the uppity, moronic assholes they are.

What is this, coal burner the musical?

leave Wojak alone

Looks to me like Pence can handle the bantz way more than Holla Forums can. Everyone reeeing and bawwwing and screetching and kvetching and clutching at their pearls ITT, while Pence just sat stone faced with his arms crossed and didn't give a flying fuck.

Be more like Pence.

All the white people look pissed.

How about more money for them pogroms?

Virtue Signalling Magnitude 10!


Fuck off kike. This is a new day and we will shout in your face when you act like a faggot.

Hamilton gets added to the long list of things fallen to Trumps stand, 「THE WALL」

This. Its pure refined cultural marxism.

Pence went home

Hi dad. Glad to have you with us.

I dunno how many of these are ours or cuckchans, but I know we can make better OC. I'm rendering a WEBM but VP9 encoding is taking a century + I have to greatly reduce the resolution for something this long to fit under limits so just watch it here:

The artist must be suppressed. The artist serves the culture. The artist does not serve himself in order to manufacture culture. To do so is nothing but treason.

Jews are just giving white roles to non whites to further destroy our history and heritage.

Luckily all the marxist / leftists are fish-mouthed beta nu-male no-guns faggots. They literally have no one on their side that could competently pull off an assassination.


If that isn't foreshadowing, I don't know what it.

I feel you user.

I actually had someone tell me at a public art space 3 months ago, "You don't look like an artist, no offense".

If everyone leaves the arts, the commies and faggots win. Not a single hetero sexual white male has been hired at the local community college of local University in 4 years.
Has not been heterosexual and white out of around 13 instructors.

No, they won't. Purge the consolation of being able to say "I told you so" from your mind. Niggers are mindless beasts. Liberals are extremely mentally ill. Neither is capable of understanding the truth, even if the truth slowly tortures them to death. Not even as they gasp their final breath will they even begin understanding. Kill all of them, take their lands, and ensure nothing similar ever emerges.

Checked for the ruptured ovarian cyst I hadn't heard about. Here's to many more.

When the soviets were doing their ideological subversion, they had no idea how weak and ineffectual these people would be in the future. Bolsheviks these are not. These are all pampered middle class kids who have never so much as done physical work in their lifetimes. The cultist brainwashing worked, but these people are paper-thin as far as actual strength. Only the weakest, most thin-skinned and most pitiful excuses for human beings are marxists nowadays. The danger was in their ability to spread propaganda, but that's diminishing very quickly.

He went because, in his heart, Pence is a cuckservative.

They are dupes who always think liberals will treat them with dignity, then they get shit on and made to look like buffoons while the left high-fives.

Pence got caught flat footed when leftists threw a shitfit over RFRA in Indiana and rolled back the bill. He's a cuckservative.


1488D chess.
The press will be too busy talking about Trump U to kvetch about his cabinet picks.



$25MM to keep Trump off the stand is money well spent, regardless of the merits of the case.

Looks like it's time to purge the kikes and Make Art Great Again.

Under budget and ahead of schedule.

This "hateful heretic" sounds like a faggot.

Fuck off retards, you're the reason these forced memes worked exactly as the media intended.

Fuck off with these niggerspeak faceberg-tier "memes".


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Send in the =RWDS.==

Send in the ==RWDS.==

Send in the ==RWDS==


And now they'll be eating up his tweets about the Hamfiston incident along with the Trump U case, guaranteed week of OY VEYing from the media while they learn nothing from the past 18 months

Trump is going to continue to play them like a fiddle for 8 years

In your darkest hour, even dubs have forsaken you.

Well if someone decided to open one up, there'd at least be no competition.


siri how do i red text on le Holla Forums

Fuck, does this mean he doesn't have to go to court? I've been seeing flyers around my school agitating a protest at his court day in San Diego. All I want is a chimpout in my city

Why are drama class fags so Jewish?

There's your answer.

In case anyone missed it, Cernovich was tweeting the game out like a sperg lord this morning and the media is catching on.

He's president, m8. No time for some puny lawsuit.

he wants to look like the smartest person in the room and he ends up looking like a complete sperg.

What an idiot. Trump was right, don't tell your enemy about your plans.

omg my feelings omgs mommy mommy! mommy please protect me from the opinions I dont like! Please mommy!

I'm loving how all this is unfolding. Keep it coming Satan.

Cernovich is like a 100IQ jock who pretends to be a smart nerd to impress the teachers.

holy fuck based zipperheads

Isn't Cernovich a ((()))?

No, the audience booed him when he arrived.



Just say kike faggot.

So that explains why he's spilling the beans.

I'll write whatever I want, shitbird.

and here I thought Cats was fucking lame

It won't matter. Even if they know what Trump is doing, Trump's techniques will still work. Don't believe me? Trump admitted all of it himself decades ago. It's all in The Art of the Deal.

Trump explicitly details how he manipulates the media using controversy for personal gain in his book, but it doesn't matter. It still works.

It works because Trump gives them delicious bait to nibble in.

Because Trump is the God Emperor, his bait is of the same quality. As his position rises, the media will be more and more compelled to take his bait despite how obvious it is just in a rabid attempt to take him down a peg.


…which gets back to Cernovich pretending to be smart. He can regurgitate shit Trump said about himself back in the 80s and pretend it is genius analysis.

Compared to his competition in the media being able to read a book does make him a relative genius.

Heh, fair point.


Lecturing hipster negroes are an obnoxious breed, should've been able to pull a lever and activate a trap door beneath him.

It's quite literally poz'd, the lead is a fag who openly has aids

I mean, they're so dramatic they turned being forced to do honest work into genocide


go somewhere else faggot


This is a tweet you massive faggot. How else do you think he could bring the point across without being insta-b&?

Never heard about it before this thread.

Why should I?

Take solace in the fact that, in the end, all the Jews in Little Shop end up getting eaten by the plant.

cuz you talk like a fag

Yeah, if it had to be anyone Lancelot is the most niggest of all.

Julius Caesar though is inexcusable.

I want to see Sean Bean play Martin Luther King Jr.


pisses me off every time i think about that girl getting murdered over a bike.

But us white people just seriously need to like chillax bruh because white genocide is just a conspiracy theory!
Reminds me of the CBC explicitly wanting a non-white for a children's TV host and after they had to pull the job ad and apologize.

Don't forget when they made Finland's greatest hero a nigger

All the Jews in Fiddler end up coming to America or getting pogrom'd :(

At least I capitalize my sentences.

I got you.

A bunch of my leftist friends are obsessed with this musical. They seriously know everyword, its kinda cute tbh.
Sage for kinda off topic

I was that way with Evita last summer.

Also, Evita is basically Holla Forums the musical

I don't know what the thinking behind this one was. It didn't even take place in Finland IIRC.

I remember when I first heard about this musical and was somewhat excited. Then I heard the soundtrack.

The gall of these people continues to surprise me. Just look at what this self-important shit said:

“I truly believe we had an effect," said Dixon [plays Aaron Burr] … "I hope he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything.”

Cernovich is someone's asset. Just ask yourself what he was doing all that time without working, and why he got all that money.


Doesn't he make his money selling self-help books to insecure losers?

I lost it at "309 electoral volts" and I never got it back. Inspiring stuff user.

The veep is barely important as a governmental position, but if he were- Why would you want him to remember you mocking and lecturing him? These people are idiots.

He got most of his money from divorcing his rich lawyer ex-wife. He didn't work (officially) pretty much the entire time they were married and contributed essentially nothing, but somehow still won a cool million bucks. He's a total hack who lucked out parading as some self-made know-it-all alpha when really he's subsisting on some NEET bucks.

I doubt he even writes his own books. I work in the underground writing industry, I've heard stories about similar things with similar personalities.

It's quite apparent Trump has vested Pence with the authority to negotiate and make deals on his behalf. While the VP officially has no authority, that doesn't mean the president can't unofficially vest him with considerable power.

I hope this means they'll withdraw public funding from the arts, or else they'll start a completely separate fund to promote constructive art worthy of a growing civilization.

I haven't laughed that hard since Trump went to 95% on NYT's elect-o-meter.

I haven't read any of his books, but I hear they're so poorly written that he may have actually written them himself.


Maybe just not the effect he was hoping for.

That's the tip of the iceberg✡ renegadetribune.com/genocide-european-culture/

Mike "The Wall is Hot" Pence

Cuckservatives, finally follow through on gutting public funding of the arts?

Trump would do it, but cuckservstives will fight it tooth and nail.

I think (I'd hope anyway) that cuckservatives oppose the Don and his supports at their own peril. They'll either fall inline or lose their offices. There's a strong demand for the GOP to go farther to the right. The people who call themselves "conservatives" have failed as hard as anyone can fail at conserving any part of our grandparents' America.

If there's a good time for executive overreach, it's now.

Added name for source reasons

God Emperor speaks.


i actually like grime

The state of performing arts in the current year

I've never understood how anybody can enjoy this kind of nigger music.
Obama inviting Kendrick Lamar to the White House was the worst thing to happen to our civic institutions since Bill Clinton was born.


Oops, forgot to post a reply

The issue is that this shit is fundraising fodder for GOP congressmen. They love having it as a perennial issue to harrumph about, like abortion. They never in a million years want it to actually get addressed.

Ryan and McConnell will fond ways to quietly torpedo it so their members can fundraise off it, and if Trump is busy he might be tempted to use it as a chit to get other policies to pass if Ryan and McConnell are being obstinate on the Wall or some other issue.

Can we make an MLK play with white people only?
Or maybe Rosa Parks, or Malcolm X, or something?


It's all part of the destruction of our culture by removing names, replacing figures, and altering the history of country to ultimately disconnect us from our heritage.

holy fuck they actually believe what they're saying.

The average person is about a hundred times stupider than you think the average person is.

Kill yourself.

I'm still 100% fucking ok with this.
We want niggers to make their own shit and stop leeching off ours

You do realize he stole it. Right?

They ARE leeching off of ours.
When was the last time you saw a good movie or anything about the Founding Fathers that didn't try to blackwash history?
The Patriot doesn't count because it wasn't about the Founding Fathers.

Anybody else think they are getting nutty?

What I find absurd is that they think "whites" are trying to "whitewash" "their" history. They then proceed to name Mozart, Beethoven, Bell, Ancient Egypt, Jesus (actually all the Jews), Hannibal, the fucking samurai in Japan, the Celts in Iceni and the Vikings of Denmark… they seriously believe that there are no other cultures in the world who have ever done anything. China, Japan, Greece, India, America, Germany, Italy, England, Persia, none of these cultures every produced a single great philosopher, general, artist, musician, author or scientist. DEY WUZ KANGZ and shiet.

The black people of the world were literally just millions of kangs sitting on golden thrones, every other race of people on Earth did fucking nothing for tens of thousands of years, and then Whitey materialized out of thin air, in the ancestral black homeland of fucking Europe and "stole" all this history, whatever the fuck that means.

Even if that were true, if niggers gave up all this history without so much as a fight, or without writing any of it the fuck down, they weren't such great kangz to begin with.

This is a race-wide pathology, a defense mechanism against an inferiority complex that comes with know that yours is the only race (besides Abos) that has literally no accomplishments to speak of. None. Zilch. Nada. Blacks only have 20th century and beyond musicians and athletes, and those only ever achieved any significance because of the Jew pushing them on an unwilling White populous.

Like "1776"–remember that?


These people should be called out for what they are, conspiracy theorists.
Yeah, it's a bullshit term. But as a memetic weapon it is very effective with normalfags.

It goes beyond an inferioirity complex. Kilkes have so propagandized blacks in tv and movies that they believe they are superior. They need to justify that fact, so they invented a pseudohistory where in fact they did everything notable except run the slave trade

There is a race war coming. Blacks are practically spoiling for it.

Looks like Pence is the true current year man.

Reminder that duels are for equals. Pence could beat the shit out of him, but really should have just shot him to put him out of his misery.


You suck at this

You'll never have a vagina, moecuck.

You don't deserve to be using Carlos. Kill yourself.

Perhaps we could doxx all of the actors addresses then feed them to 4plebs. shit rolls downhill after all.

Jazz is the bastard child of blues and ragtime.
It's all still nigger squawk, but my autism prevents me from leaving that as is.

I got it.

If you had any decency, you'd place a self-imposed one week ban on yourselves.

There IS at least a reason for it

That part is about the Reynolds Pamhplet, where he muh diks a married woman and gets caught by the husband who leverages money out of him in return for silence.

Ham get cornered by the Democratic Republicans about it and reveals the affair to the public to try and get out from under their thumb.

Electrical current, user.

The Ring of the Nibelung.

See for my face

it's not about being "wrong" or "right", it's about them tricking you into self censorship when they clearly have no algorithm to deal with us.

No? Why would think that? He posted a 23andme before and 0% Jew.

You all think you know what the real chess move was, but I'm here to inform you with my small voice, to those who will listen, the real reason for this chess move. If you know what is best for the campaign, you'll inform only people who can keep their mouths shut.

Das right. Jazz was never Afro classical music. It evolved out of other popular/dance music forms.

The first black President was Bill Clinton

Bannon apparently showed up in the Hamilton audience tonight.



This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

We should get started on that right away if possible. If we can secure control of both parties we will always win.


liberal logic

Why are there so many SJW Asians anyway? Hispanics and blacks seem to be far more "our guys" than Asians- I can't name a single (non-Indian) Asian who is prominent and backs Trump.

Are the slants angry because white men keep fucking yellow women?

This scares the shit out of me. I hope to all that is holy this, and all their other dubious electorate bullying shit, does not sway the decision they make and change the outcome of our general election. They are pushing for this hard. In the statement on the Hamilton Electors website, they state work "behind the scenes". Bribery and other promises is most certainly part of that. It's not like Soros can't help with the funding. Geezus fuck, this can not and should not be allowed to happen.

What are you talking about? asians voted the same way as messcans.

And yet there are far more pro-Trump prominent Hispanics than pro-Trump east asians. I can't name a single prominent east asian who is pro-Trump meanwhile since Trump's election I've seen plenty of Asians like the "Angry Asian male" guy and Arthur Chu and Takei all bitching about how they hate white people and how white people are evil.

No it will lead to full blown civil war. Those retarded protesters in the streets will scatter when average joe gets his gun and starts blowing them away.

Because a lot of Hispanics and Blacks are sick of being brought down more by fellow spics and niggers. Personally know a few who voted Trump, and they get more shit from niggers than anyone.

Meanwhile, Asians have, since the 1970s, been seen as overwhelmingly smart and nothing but good, especially in the last 2 decades. Aside from silly pop culture stereotypes, when you see an Asian no one clutches their purse or assumes they are dumb. But, as of ~2007, this is VERY BAD because that would mean that Asians would be more privileged than Whites. Based on how the progressive stack works, Asians don't want that. Therefore, a lot of Asians here turn into SJWs and pretend they are marginalized even though they are pretty much an incredible race in terms of lack of crime and amazing aptitude (at least the ones who aren't living in shit).

But, there are still a lot of Asians who are against this bullshit, especially Japs and Koreans who were born here. Trump got a good chunk of the Asian vote. Too bad none of them are prominent, but I guess we saw that same issue with Hispanics too.

Thank goodness that one our anons saved that version right over here

Thank goodness that one our anons saved that version right over here

Rebellion against conservative parents and a burning desire to be just like whitey. Only problem with the second thing is that many Asian parents opt to migrate to the cities, where all the whites they want to emulate are liberal and pozzed as hell.

It's called "virtue signaling," user.
They don't actually mean what they say half the time. They just say shit for brownie points.

Takei is a literal faggot who gave a handjob on TV.

It doesn't really seem like he was being harassed or heckled tbh. Even the audience members who briefly booed him were stopped by the cast.

First thing I noticed is the great nigger orator that delivered his screed to Pence read it off of a paper.
I wonder who wrote it for him?
I wonder if anyone knew in advance that Pence would be attending the performance?
Since he is the VP elect it would seem that the SS would do a check of the building prior to the performance.
Would that give the cast enough time to cook up their little special performance for Pence as it was obvious it was not a spur of the moment event.

The show writer wrote it with input from the cast.

They asked people to record it and gave him no chance to respond.

This was intended to put him on the spot and to get high-fives from the cocktail circuit.

Can we make one of these for people who've praised or worked with Trump and had things go well? We can start with senators/representatives who praised Trump and then retained or won their seats.

We need some celebrity/sport examples too


If anyone can think of other examples to this list, let me know.

God exists and He's American.

Mike '1488 amps' Pence

It's a common phenotypical trait of Swedish women.

It's weird, but I think it motivates a lot of nascent patriots and nationalists that grew up in a leftist echochamber. That's how I got started, I was young and didn't really understand any of the issues in a real way except jewart and colbert talking points.

The strategy of

Forced me to look at social issues from a new standpoint. You simply can't reconcile a strong worldview with egalitarianism. Now I'm basically a national socialist and even friends that don't go to Holla Forums but have similar inclinations towards finding truth are in crisis, they can't sensibly reconcile egalitarianism and multiculturalism with this garbage. They're even waking up to the sort of well-poisoning you see on shit like south park.

Our parents were easier to subvert because "fairness" and "colorblindness" only slowly ate away at the structure of our countries, they could always pack up and run from the same diversity they were ambivalent about. We're actively being forced into a corner.

Its funny that these homos are saying this despite the fact that they themselves demanded Obama receive apologies everytime someone rightfully mocked him.

Well, looks like another thing for Trump to fix has cropped up.


Fucking ACLU are the biggest hypocrites ever.




Are you sure? I was quite certain it was a symptom of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. So basically, these adults are the children of single moms who didn't give a damn about their kids throughout their lives. They went into daycare, they sat in front of the TV all day, they went to school, they just got fully indoctrinated.

Not just that, they've never suffered privation of any sort, privation builds character of which these freaks have none. I have more in common with a hardass excon than these mental children still dressing up in rave colors and lisping like they've sucked an army of dicks.





They are the most stuck up cunts around but the moment someone is mean to them, they break down crying. Boy, I never saw that one coming.

It's not about talking to Mike Pence, it's about spreading a political message virally through every audience member with a camera phone and putting on a display of popularity (a supposedly united audience).

High Society is a great one to watch with womenfolk. They want to make you a cocktail right afterwards.

Low test.

I'm not even surprised.