Greatest Accomplishments and Biggest Disappointments of Barack H. Obama

It's getting close to Barry O taking his leave as 44th President of the United States.

In the time from the start of his presidential bid to the end of his second term, what do you feel are his greatest achievements? What are his biggest disappointments? What were his most critical errors?

On one hand, Cuba may become open to travel and he paid respects to the victims of Hiroshima. On the other hand, his foreign policy in the Middle East was abysmal. His stimulus package did fuck all for the economy. Guantanamo is still open, and now, race relations are at a new nadir.

Personally, the saddest thing is absolutely no good RAC songs were written about him. Even the WN entertainers couldn't muster a single fuck to give about him, one way or the other.

Side note: remember this shill site? You gotta wonder what they have to say now.

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He did everything his masters told him to do. Also,

Stellar vocabulary, user.

he made the US the world surveillance state, and also basically sold the white house to his kids to ruin

In other words, he effectively continued Bush's domestic policies.


He's going to go down in history as the worst US president and there's no amount of lying in the media that will save his reputation.
Normalfag friendly redpill. The entire list on here is a torture test for the most delusional obummer supporter. This is going to be the manuscript for his legacy.

Biggest Accomplishment: Being a mulatto
Biggest Disappointment: Not killing himself before his inauguration.


He should be struck off as the worst President in history.
The only goos thing he did was to restor relations with Cuba. But that was only a response to Putin.

i'm assuming you are a city slicker

I wonder what Trump will look like 5 years into his presidency.

a badass
He'll probably have long white hair and an eyepatch from the terrorist attack.

Obongo's biggest accomplishment and crowning achievement was ensuring there will never be a nigger president ever again


Barack Hussein Obama: cowardly traitor, or MKULTRA victim?


Is there a list of the worst ones instead of just going "the worst" like that's a competition?

dat nose

The only good thing he did was set the stage for Donald Trump to make America Great again.

He is at best a stage sweeper.

Yup. Trump is going to look like a trillion bucks compared to the globalist presidents that came before him.

Greatest accomplishment: not dying of aids.
Biggest disappointment: not dying of aids.

Shouldn't have trusted Hitlery on foreign policy.
Should have legalised weed and done more about the NSA and Patriot Act.

He's the best firearms salesman in history

Getting trump elected.


Presidents Who Screwed Up America

Amazing satire friendo

Kill yourself.

Has Obama done anything in the last four years? The last big move I remember he made was to take away funs after sandy hoax but that flopped.

Worst presidents?

Do retards still believe Sandy Hook was staged?

There was no conspiracy. Just a ton of dipshit reporters who couldn't get their facts straight and everyone running with misinfo before the smoke cleared.

It was partially staged. The event happened, but a show was put on in addition to the actual event to gaslight people. The intelligence agencies do this a lot, it's not hard to find a psychopath loser who will follow a plan when ordered to, and these "accomplices" are usually undercover agents who end up fucking off right at the time shit goes down. For Sandy Hook, since the intelligence agencies knew what would happen, there was a lot of planted misdirection just to confuse the fuck out of everybody and further delegitimize conspiracy theorism.

This has to be satire, even cuckchan refugees wouldn't post 9fag shit right? Right?

Income Tax (1913)
Federal Reserve (1913)
World War I (1917)

Base user here gets it

Wilson -> FDR -> Johnson are my 3 worst (certainly of the 20th Century)

FDR was shit but Obama is worse.

Truman was at least as bad as FDR.

Do you remember WW2? How in the fuck is Obama worse than FDR?



Why do you want to defend Obama tho?

No one is worst than FDR. This faggot and his dyke wife destroyed the world

Did you just arrive here?

FDR killed millions of white people, Obama didn't. That's about where I stand.

here ya go nigger

Except for median family income, black inequality, and healthcare costs, the rest were going up before he got there, I'm sure he made them worse. The healthcare one is the biggest laugh, since that is his 'greatest achievement'

Uhh, who do you think funds ISIS, retard?


In a way, none, because I had zero positive expectations for him.

Kill yourself.


What disappointed me the most? Obonho's mother did swallow him and the fucker keeps wasting my precious oxygen.

To be fair the fucking nigger managed to triple US debt during his 8 year long nogging spree


Don't pretend Obama hasn't killed plenty of whites in his little wars in the Middle East. Hell, just open border policy has killed more whites than anything. But you're obviously a kike who's out to defend Muh Legacy when we all know Obama is one of the biggest champion of White Genocide in recent times.

Do you not know how stupid you look, and how obvious your shilling is? To even compare the kike FDR with Obonga is so stupid as to be ridiculous. No one is defending Obama, so that shill tactic fell flat on its face the first time you tried it. Dunno why you keep reposting the same argument.

Not the worst, just ultimately forgettable for anything other than being the USA's first mulatto president.

He had no experience doing anything. Community-organizer-come-first-term-senator-wins-white-house-because he-looks-like-a-nigger-despite-falling-out-of-a-coal-burner will probably NOT be written on his tombstone.

He accomplished nothing that Trump won't wave away with executive privilege, making him nothing more than a white house-nigger.

t. Leaf

he wasn't a traitor because he wasn't really American

the only retards are the ones taking the official lie at face value, despite the trips

As long as we can agree polk was the best.

is this your first day here?

Jesus fuck these lefties are completely economically illiterate. So 2 years after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression (the GFC of course being caused by forcing banks to lend money to niggers), some people managed to return to the work force. Look at all the new jobs! Don't account for all the jobs that were recently destroyed! Thanks Obama!

His greatest accomplishment was enabling the Tea Party, a Republican congressional majority and Republican Supreme Court and most of all Donald Trump by being his own white-hating America-hating useless self

Gentle requesting that Hamburgers webm

Polk or Andrew Jackson

We need to keep him on the 20

How did he aged so fast?

Obama has passed and approved more cyber securities acts. He is very likely the most most anti-whistleblower president the United States has ever had to deal with. He ends his administration by selling control of our internet space to the UN. What a complete fucking travesty. I will never forgive Obama and his refusal to pardon Snowden, his refusal to even bother trying to do the right thing. Whenever he couldn't enact bills through executive orders, he would subvert the system through complete slimeballs like Harry Reid to do his bidding because everybody knew he was a puppet-ass president.

His first term performance seems OK relative to his second term, only because he literally did nothing but play golf at that time. America would have been better off if this nigger literally did nothing.

he was president
it fucks you


everything your image says is a lie

Worst accomplishment:

Being a Nigger

I still have absolutely no idea why this stupid nigger was given a fucking nobel peace prize.

For being a nigger?
That seems to be the only reason.

First black president is his only legacy

Oooga Booga, We President Naow.

The biggest disappointment (for the normalfags) was that he turned out not to be a lefty.

He was a de jure president. A blackface puppet with a tranny wife.
His whole cabinet got selected by Citigroup for fucks sake. read: The Rothschilds.
Why are you burgers still convinced that you live in a "democratic republic"? Your presidents were selected at best since Teddy and at worst since Jackson.

He's not just that, but even worse:
-Half NIGGER, half KIKE abomination
-Literal FAGGOT
-(former?) JUNKIE
the worst of the worst.

Good grief.


W O R S T P R E S I D E N T I N U. S. H I S T O R Y

FDR was one of the greatest

Only retarded kids on Holla Forums who go "but muh capitalism" hate him


Best meme of 2008 tbh


This is great, thanks for this user. Reading through the Solyndra debacle again, can't believe I forgot about this.

Most devastating, yes. Obama is just shit.

Nah he was a communist and filled his government with fellow communists and jews.


forgot about this too. this guy has kicked mainstream identity politics into overdrive

Yea but at least he will go down, as a president :^)


but he's white, anyone that is a nigger as president automatically goes down as the shittiest president, see the word shit even combines because of the skin color, FDR is way less worse then cuckbama.

I fucking hate these blogposts.