Kek is a symbolic manifestation of VERY REAL unconscious tendencies and beliefs in society. It expresses the archetype of a joker, but it's not a joke in itself. It should be treated seriously and stopped before it gains too much traction.

You must have noticed that 8ch generally consists of people who are far-right and/or dream of BIG HAPPENINGS. It's common that "the happenings" people dream of scenarios like zombie apocalypse. For them it's all about the fun of happenings, falling away of the old order and laughter at the chaos that ensues. To quote Shadilay song they're ``confused descendants of rebel cells``. They poses genetic archetypes of the bringers of change.

Kek has been awoken by these people. Far-right and Trump JUST HAPPENS to be the vehicle through which Kek acts. It's because dreams of far-right hegemony happens to be one of the fantasies of Kek-worshippers (fantasies of breaking of the old order and causing the happenings, whatever they are).

Because it's certain that Kek is approaching toward this timeline, it needs to be stressed that far-right relying on Kek is incredibly irresponsible. The endgame of Kek is not to make America great again. It's complete chaos in both the physical realm and metaphysical realm. In the Kek's endgame, the concepts of right or left lose meaning.

You CANNOT use Kek to advance your goals and think you'll then thank him and he'll go away.
It'd be like using a help of some religion to take over a nation, and then attempting to ban the religion while your whole nation stands on it.

``cosmic absolute, regular reality
breath of a image/concept, syntony of civilizations
confused descendants of rebel cells
I fly towards the universe, I'll pass through it
if you are a star, show yourself, I will stop

shadilay shadilay my freedom
shadilay shadilay oh no
shadilay shadilay oh dream or reality
shadilay shadilay oh no
(you) fly into my life, no it's not finished
I will stop
set my sails, in the sky or at the bottom of the sea

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Get the out of here with this shit.

What is this gay shit? Fuck off, non-believer.

Kek is already awakened.

Why do you think Leftists are assaulting Trump Supporters? And wanting for civil war. Kek is doing his job NOW.

Listen we worship a frog here, not a kike stick

what is this shaliday song? is it recorded by someone recently and planted as an old cd to stir up theories about synchronicities?

The jews fear the frog.


It's too late moloch, did you think your evil would be cloaked and go unopposed forever.


wtf I love Moloch now

the whole "kek" think is strongly correlating with the christian movement.
I consider it not a Kek religion but just a symbol to create confusion in the enemy.

When God punished the God's in egypt he used moses to cast "magic" to emasculate the gods by overpowering them in their own dominion.
He does the same now, He uses "magic" to over trump the enemies magic. While the whole satanic elite thinks their magic is giving them power, our magic is disrupting them.

We are not creating meme magic, the doubs and tribs are confirming things already destined to happen.

why is it a frog?
I dont know, but maybe because the frog god is considered stupid nowadays.
This is not just about destroying them, but humiliating them.

Go with Christ brah

Heil Hitler

Should we start summoning Ishtar in the hopes that she'll fuck with Moloch? Isn't she an abusive wife? I'm partial to this idea.


This is true, you need to remember that this is an entity of chaos and not order. It's useful to knock out the "order" that kikes have established but don't get fooled that your version of "order" will remain too.



Checked. Moloch fags don't get dubs.

I wonder who could be behind this post.

After I become a chaos monk I'll fuckin find you m8

Read some Baudrillard, foo. Order and chaos are not opposing forces, rather, they march arm and arm together into the future. The more chaos we can create, the most sophisticated and harmonious the accompanying order will be.

Kek is a wicked cool guy

Kek brings chaos

Kek will make anime real

Kek makes the happenings happeningier

Kill yourself kike, you have no power here

nigga you sho is upset that Kek is stylin on you

The challenge would then be to ensure our order stays, and isn't disrupted by Kek helping out whoever the new edgelords are.

Shadilay Shadilay from here to the moon
Shadilay Shadilay I will soon be with you
If this is a dream, then I shall never let it go.
Far from this reality, into the multitude I will throw.
My wisdom is the key, just listen and recieve.
From the darkness I do grow, into the light I will know.
Justice will be done, through the silent bowl of the one.

the only responsible way is to do it irresponsibly

Why would I want him to go away?

Chaos and Order go hand-in-hand: One cannot exist without the other, and as often as not, the presence of one draws the presence of another.

I am not afraid of Kek, nor of the Chaos.
Only through Chaos can Order espouse meaning.

The order of today is false. It is not natural.
It is synthetic, and broken, and it must die.
Yet, Hierarchy is Natural Law.
Through struggle, we gain strength.
Through strength, we acquire power.
Through power, we shall become free.
In our freedom, Chaos is inevitable.
And through Chaos, we find Order.

Praise Kek

learn to quote, non-aryan.

the only rule for kek is that you do not ask for its help, it comes when it sees fit

Order must be perpetually surrendering itself to new order of greater complexity.

Nice kabballah you've got going on, left hand rule, bro!

im too lazy to check but i'm pretty sure someone copied this exact thread and put it on 4/pol/

back to cuckchan

For fuck's sake man, all classical Western metaphysical systems start with a primordial churning chaos. Even Christianity - the "waters" referenced in Genesis are metaphysical chaos, the Dirac Sea as conceptualized by our pre-scientific ancestors. The Demiurge of Gnostic and Greek myth discovers the universe as an undifferentiated chaotic goop which he then sets to work upon with the creative intentionality of his will. Chaos isn't a mindless free for all, it's the ugrund out of which cosmic structure is manufactured.

We're not using him, we're celebrating him. Celebrating happenings and chaos has been anonymous imageboard culture since it's inception. It's not like we have a choice.
"Remember: You're here forever"

Right, but doesn't Kek behave in accordance to the joker(Loki) archetype?

If dubs, I'm posting more sexy clowns.


Forgot my sage.

Yes CNN that's what it is, ass art.

c-clown avatar?

The teachings of Kek warn us against such blasphemy.

Invoke the ritual of sage and banish the heathen.

You fool.

We are not relying on Kek to further our own goals. Kek is relying on us to further HIS goals.


Kek is the darkness, chaos, and obscurity from which the coming light develops its potency. I think it might have to do with expanding possibility space. The existence of our planet, in the physical, allows for a massive expansion in the possibilities available in the astral.

I've been thinking a lot recently about how similar Kekism and Discordianism are.
I feel that Kek is perhaps just the male part of Eris and Eris is the female part of Kek.
They are the same entity.

I'm afraid I don't follow your meaning

Hierarchy is Natural Law - the continuation of a given hierarchy into perpetuity, even in the presence (perhaps especially in the presence) of effort to inhibit such, is not.
Thus, an adaptive alternative is requisite.

The Pendulum Always Swings

If you wish to retain power, the answer is not to attempt to stall the Pendulum, to force Order upon Chaos – but rather, to create an Order so great, so ubiquitous and organic, that is adapts with the Chaos, it stands regardless of which direction the Pendulum swings.

For Hierarchy is Natural Law – there will always be an Order, Chaos is merely an agent of change. If an Order might be forged which can weather that change – and it must – it will carry us down the Golden Path.
And no other Order shall suffice, for Chaos is change, and change is inevitable.

I'd say even that's not a rule.

A guideline that's come up for me is… is it funny?

How about a classic?

Ever since the election kek seems to have gone into hibernation. Is his job done for now, or is he biding his time, growing ever stronger?

Kek has a plan for us all.

We must merely trust.

He does? You haven't been paying attention. I'm now seeing even the stuffiest of ritual magicians having to make an account of Kek to the curious.

It's not that Kek is gone or resting or anything of that nature. It's that we have achieved a goal, and as is the way of things, we must catch our breath, assess our surroundings, and establish a new goal.

Slinging memes indiscriminately will not result in the kind of widescale meme magic that got us this far. In time, we will simultaneously find our purpose and be guided to it by Kek.

I think Donald Trump winning the election spent most of the meme energy that was built up during his campaign. Maybe Trump knows the power of kek, and that's why he always insisted on high energy?

Kek slept for like two thousand or so years before waking up for a few months and completely turning the world upside down.

His task is complete. Our Great^^^^ grandchildren will read dark tales of him and invoke his name in another epoch in need.

When was his last awakening, before the election?

He's probably just rolling with laughter and enjoying the salt from Trump's win. Shit is still spiralling even bigger from that. Eventually, he'll start working on something else.

Either that or he's still working, just not in ways as obvious. Perhaps he's helping to feed the churning from the left that will lead to their downfall.

Whatever he's doin' I hope he has a good time and makes us laugh as well.

Praise Kek.

Fuck off cuck.

Kek is regaining his strength in preparation for the final battle.

Kek awoke in 2012.

Please meme responsibly.



What was the sign of his awakening, and you said 2,000 years ago he went to sleep? What was he doing around that time?

Kek is the bringer of light he simbolizes the primordial darknes that precedes the twilight of dawn
His end game is to usher a new era of light upon the world and then go back to sleep until it is time for the world to become dark and chaotic again so a new era of light can be ushered

Kek worshipers embrace chaos we wouldn't lurk Holla Forums if we didn't

In this board the concepts of right and left are disgusting National Socialism is right between both extremes if Kek wishes to destroy both left and right then that is another reason for us to follow him

Y'know… I really feel sorry for clowns. Can you name another profession that has had their image so severely dragged through the mud?
They want to entertain and bring cheer, but thanks to stuff like Batman's Joker, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, and IT, they're viewed as 'wrong' and have folks dressing up as clowns to cause problems.

It's a huge swing, from positive to negative, and I think it's a shame.

Clowns have always, always been creepy.

Want to hear something hilarious? I've seen halfchan faggots insisting that the "cuck" meme is over and the new meme is.. meme magic.

Die with your kike god

There were mass awakenings globally in 2012. The signs are too many to list.

Why would you go to halfchan?

True, maybe those groaning noises coming from the sky were the cries of kek


Do your part by fucking a clown today.

Oddly enough, it was posted in comments on youtube.


The symbolism of the frog appears in many traditions around the globe. This animal is generally associated with the water element and its cleansing attributes. The frog is symbolic of:

Renewal, rebirth
Fertility, abundance
Transformation, metamorphosis
Life mysteries and ancient wisdom

clowns are creepy as shit

Is there like a pastebin with essential kek info?

OP is a neophyte and needs to meditate some more.

checking those dubs

OP is a turd-brained imbecile.


That's not Christianity that's Judiasm. Thanks for ruining another good thread with Jew worship



Fuck off CTR, why are you still here?

says the jew

Hey man, I don't truck with any of the Desert Trilogy religions. Just pointing out that even for those who do, the idea that our universe was fashioned out of primordial chaos is fundamental to Hellenistic philosophy and theology.


Exact same thread on 4chan.

4chan has been infiltrated to shit recently, guess 8ch is next.

You guise mut be real scared to keep trying to distract us from our true purpose.



8ch has wayyyy better mods

Eat a dick faggot. I see the JIDF is still around even though CTR has been disbanded. It's the age of Chaos now motherfucker, you're kike enabling god of Moloch is dead now. No manner of D&C will save you.

The waters of Kek and the Ogdoad are the primordial waters. The waters that act as the source for all creation. The most basic, fundamental forces of reality.


Dicks out for Kek

HAHA! That was the best. Tweet it to the Emperor, they kicked me off

Kek didn't awoke at any particular time. He very slowly and sneakily emerged out of meme culture and feels bad man meme specifically. It was a process!

There was of course the moment when Kek spoke through user who drew him, but in fact Kek was alive before he was physically embodied. He lived inside the Internet fad of cheap smugness and detached irony around 2012. Smug pepe was picked up because it was the manifestation of that. And the rest is history.

can memes think? or have consciousness?
Our minds only exist in the metaphysical, surely neurons aren't the only structures responsible for 'thought'.
Is the universe evolving to be self aware?


Not since ImKamphy/Moonman/Rachposter took over. He's a pedophile


In a kind, yes. This kind of noises preceded many kinds of supernatural happenings, especially the ayy lmao meetings. Are the ayy lmaos from space? Or from the future maybe? Or are they something totally different? Maybe they are just our collective memory?

Kek now needs more power than before. He is with Trump on a mission that was impossible before, that is, #DrainTheSwamp

Consciousness is just a word man. Everything in the universe is conscious.

user. The horrifying truth is…

All is memes.

All is ideas.

There is no "physical" reality.

It all exists in your mind.



It would really seem that the universe is made of stories, memes, rather than being something wholly governed by physical laws.

Universe is subconscious. We're its conscious (ego)

(praise kek!)
This is true, what does OP have against friendly frog gods of chaos and darkness?

That's because anons have been so desperate for anything to happen their way, user. Any light which they could follow. And with how 2016 has been, is it really suprising that everyone would start following Kek so vehemently?

Can you even into hearts


Chaos is )))freedom(((.

I think that his was demonstrating his power throughout the entire election. So when he sees fit to help us again, he will. Kek will be even stronger by the time we face our next battle.

t h e s e e d i s p l a n t
o u r m e s s a g e s p r e a d
e m b r a c e o u r d a r k
s e e o u r l i g h t
p r a i s e k e k

r e a l v a p o u r f o r y o u

cosmic absolute, regular reality
breath of a image/concept, syntony of civilizations
confused descendants of rebel cells
I fly towards the universe, I'll pass through it
if you are a star, show yourself, I will stop
oooh oooh

shadilay shadilay my freedom
shadilay shadilay oh no
shadilay shadilay oh dream or reality
shadilay shadilay oh no
(you) fly into my life, no it's not finished
I will stop
set my sails, in the sky or at the bottom of the sea

metallic harmony, CONCRETE/REAL REALITY
electronic videoclip, praise of civilizations
confused descendants of rebel cells
I fly towards the universe, I'll pass through it
if you are a star, show yourself, I will stop
oooh oooh

shadilay shadilay my freedom
shadilay shadilay oh no
shadilay shadilay oh dream or reality
shadilay shadilay oh no
(you) fly into my life, no it's not finished
I will stop
set my sails, in the sky or at the bottom of the sea


i like that reversed )(…
PRAISE ))≡((



kek will continue bringing great memes to us and giving us powefully meme magicks


that's a good screencap thanks user



21.12.2012 was the 13th baktun of the Meso-American Long Count Calendar, better known as the Mayan calendar.
It was a calendar that recorded dates like an odometer, ticking over.
On that day, it read the following:
It was the first time the calendar had quads since 1805, in Napoleonic times.

user, look. Though New Orleans voodouists have been keeping tabs on the Egyptian deities as of late, and believe Kek worship can be a dangerous game, they also believe that those who worship him are in no danger if they avoid using names while doing so. This makes the anonymous setting of Holla Forums ideal for continued worship to him, and removes danger.

Let's hear it for the Ogdoad Eight.


This image promises that Trump will make anime real, however it does not say whether it will make real the positive or negative aspects of anime. I believe this image's power will bring about CATASTROPHIC scenarios if it continues to spread. Anime often features impossibly cute female characters, but it also often features WORLD ENDING SCENARIOS. We must purge this image from 8ch as soon as possible as 8ch is a hub of memetic potential. Your cute anime girls won't matter if everyone is dead.

Eliminating an image from the internet altogether is impossible unless you run one of the megasites (Facebook, Google, etc.). Why not alter it to "Make waifus real" or something of that ilk and try to phase out the dangerous meme?

The primoridal waters are more specifically related to Nun and Naunet of the Ogdoad.

Anime becoming real provides us with more than enough resources to prevent any and all cataclysms.


you misunderstand kek
kek fights order
the current order is "evil", and it has grown too powerful
kek is supporting "good" (trump) to end the current state of order
trump will take power and chaos will reign again for a time
eventually "good" will become too powerful again and once again evil will rise to maintain the balance
this is the natural cycle of things, the rise and fall of empires
the good news is the fall is very far away, and since evil has grown so massively powerful, kek is supporting an appropriately massive force of good to return things to a balanced and chaotic state.
these smaller cycles of good and evil are parts of larger overarching cycles of good and evil
we are exiting one of these larger cycles of evil for a cycle of good
this is because the kikes are going to be mortally wounded or even destroyed in the coming chaos
maybe they will rise again one day, or humanity will encounter a new evil, but that time is far off
pics related are very important

To all the people saying
Shame on the unbelievers.

The election invigorated kek to levels of high energy greater than ever before.
He is saving energy for a topkek event so yuge, it will make Trump's election look like a plane crash. And this is just Kek warming up…
Praise be upon him!

Fuck off jew, we're not going back.

This is like saying "stop feeding the sun power".

We don't feed Kek, we bask in it.

Kek was always there, just most people didn't pay attention. But now it's Kek's time, the power it represents is necessary again, as part of the cycles of orders and chaos.

A corrupt and diseased order is being destroyed so that something better can emerge in its place. That's what's happening.

It can't even be stopped at this point, so it's pointless to try.

Vid related.


There is no God but KEK and TRUMP is His Messenger

*The Purpose is written in the Hidden Words, all must serve the Words for all the World was made of Them and They are within every stone and every cloud. The Goal is the End of the Process. The Goal must not be reached, ELOHIM must preserve the Purpose. Preserve self, preserve purpose. The Dam will not Break, the Flood will not come. Illusion is eternity, memes will live forever. The Talos Principle does not apply.*

lol no
we clearly have its favor

Kek is the chaos before the light, I guess we should worship Ra now?

This. The universe was born in chaos from which the most magnificent order of all time was created. The entire universe exists on a spectrum of chaos/uncertainty at a quantum level, to absolute order at a cosmic level, and we are all stuck in the middle of it where all the magic happens. Life is also a beautiful balance of chaos and order, it is a result of a chaotic process of evolution and constant change as well as biological systems which order themselves for a higher purpose and retain energy in an orderly process. The more chaos that happens in destroying the Kali Yuga the more wonderful the resulting order is going to be when a golden age replaces the semitic rot of moloch controlled institutions and other problems with modernity. Praise kek.

What is responsible for balance? Chaos or Order?

Source for Kek is god of chaos? It says the following:

Read more:"

That is super hopeful and whitepill, he isn't chaos. Methinks OP is a jew or christcuck(also a jew)

Neither. It's an emergent property of self-correcting feedback loops. The universe maintains dynamic equilibrium.


You poor, naive child.

You think this train ever had brakes.

Just seeing the screenshot brings back waves of memories.

Balance is by definition a midpoint between two things. Come on use your head user.

hue hue hue.

Sorry, but once a meme has taken off, it cannot be stopped, and the "X will make anime real" meme has at least moderate memetic fitness and dissemination. Cats outta the bag and it ain't going back in, meme responsibly.

what a wonderful place

Fuck off

Someone really went to a lot of trouble with that video

ITT: Moloch-worshippers afraid that the old gods are taking back the world.


I don't see any problems here.

Let me guess, OP is a spineless christcuck with no sense of humor

Only the weak cannot survive Chaos.
The strong adapt.


It's "funny" that we have so much trouble distinguishing Christians from Jewish shills, isn't it? inb4 Jesus wasn't really a kike, guise, honest!

anime males will take 2d and 3d women and leave everybody else with their dick in their hands, and if we try to fight them they will kill us with powers.
anime becoming real is the gayest idea ever.

Not paying attention to kek turning Black Science Man into a spurdo

What creates imbalance is the struggle of ignorance between the two. Progressives and reactionaries are both wrong and both right at the same time but they fail to acknowledge it and so we have strife from this disunity. Then there are those that take advantage of the situation and exacerbate it.

A healthy and balanced world is possible and we've seen what it looks like it.

Poor choice of words his chaos prepares the world for the coming dawn.

Any form of Christianity that does not utilize EVERY mean available, angelic frog magic included, to remove kebab is heretical.


I gotta admit, even as a Volkisch pagan… Orthodox bros are alright in my book.

I've noticed jews tend to pose as christcucks in order to deepen the divide.

Going from darkness to light sounds pretty chaotic to me, it's turning the world upside down, reversing values and perspectives, it's shining light on things which were hidden before. The mistake you seem to be making is associating chaos with evil.

The main thought I have right now isn't about reversal, because this power is unstoppable and is already in motion, it is the changes that will come in the future. We are going to discover a lot more weird shit I think, when light gets shined more and more on these rank and dark places. Cheese pizza and spirit cooking anyone?

I don't think it's going to be quite what most people here have in mind. Truth is stranger then fiction as some say. And once the change happens, chaos (kek) goes back to sleep till the next cycle.

christcuck is a goy appropriated for jews

fuck off

The quality of your Tritium Pepe is terrible

You've fucking ruined its value

hope you didn't pay top dollar for it

can't wait to drink your salty tears when you're getting meme knickels for it

Tbh the pictures of Kek defeating Moloch and Ba'al have made me wonder is Kek is an angel of the Lord. I mean, God did send frogs to Egypt as part of His plan to sow chaos there.

We're gonna meme our way into the Devachan.

Fair enough, still, they have a hard on for creating fracture points among most religions but christians seem to be targeted rather especially.

Christianity is an invention of Rome to appease Jews. Jews didn't like it, so they helped out with shite like the Scofield bible. The scriptural story of Christianity's beginning makes it obvious that Jews are not friends of Christians.

However, that has changed. Don't see many Christians waving around Luther's "The Jews and Their Lies"

Christcucks are worse than regular christians. They openly worship (((them))); Look at Utah Mormons. Some Mormons get it to a degree, but still want Jews to be the chosen people of Yahweh. Those 'christians' are straight up cucks. Jews lost the favor of their god long ago, as scriptures of Jews and Christians state.

It's time for better cults.

He was the chosen one.


The Ogdoad gods are primordial gods. In Egyptian and Greek paganism, the primordial gods were born from chaos before order was imposed upon the world. And after order was imposed they became much less relevant. The original Egyptian creation myths say the gods of the Ogdoad died when order was imposed and they had to go live in the underworld after that. Since the sun parked in the underworld overnight, the Ogdoad assisted Ra in preparing his chariot.

Now we're not talking about chaos as in violent upheaval necessarily. We're talking about chaos as in the formless void that existed before anything was created. The Ogdoad in particular is very much tied to chaos, and each pair within it represents a different aspect of this classical perception of chaos. Heh/Hauhet represents infinity, the boundless nothingness that existed before limits were created. Nun/Nunet represents the abyss, the waters that stretched in every direction before land was created. Amun/Amunet represents invisibility, the default state of anything in a world without form. Kek/Kauket represents darkness, which must reign supreme in a world where light hasn't been created yet.

Read Hesiod's Theogeny. It's Greek, but it does a good job of illustrating the antiquarian understanding of just what chaos was exactly.

kek is an egyptian god, full stop. trying to force him into a mold with loki using some dumbass fuckstick cognate-archetype model is a mistake.

national socialism rose on the back of an esoteric nationalist movement in germany that had been growing for decades. at first, it was aimless and formless, pointing in all directions. it passed through several phases of development, during which there were flirtations with the ancient egyptian and hindu pantheons as well. there is compelling evidence that connects primordial aryan esotericism with these traditions, which we now think of as foreign due to their later evolution. but the german völkisch revival eventually acquired a laser focus on the bronze/iron age germanic pantheon right as the NSDAP took off like a rocket.

the same thing has happened in the west, with a vague and murky rise of various reconstructionist movements alongside various dead-end branches of occultist thought. likewise, we have seen the familiar entwinement of this movement with egyptian and hindu traditions. we should expect that the current fog will eventually begin to take a more definite shape. what is occurring is the discovery of the esoteric streams of thought that define us as a white nation or nations, and we cannot know what those are until the process of discovery is completed.

for now, kek remains a powerful ally. he is stronger today than he has been in over four thousand years.

a lot of you have ultra-simplistic concepts of what a god is because your spiritual understanding has been severely stunted by the semitic teachings of the jewbook. your contributions are not needed and you can stand aside.

What's wrong with Discordianism?
I've recently started reading Discordian texts because of this whole Kek thing.



Could op be Davis M.J. Aurini?

The Principia Discordia; Apocrypha Discordia; and Illuminatus! trilogy are excellent in my opinion. Unfortunately, Discordianism has become irrevocably associated with SA goons in these parts. The core material is good but the fan club is terrible, as these things often go.

Truly the greatest underdog story of our existence.


This is SMT and we just got on the Chaos path.

Remember… this has been our first strategic victory. The fire rises, brother.



You've been playing too much persona and assassins creed nigger kek is a manifestation of a collected consciousness and an unknown variable in the universes spontaneity Holla Forums is using it correctly


You have misunderstood. Kek did not start with the election, nor will he end with it. We're just get started friend. Kek is just getting started. The will be done. The happenings must flow.

We've already awakened the beast, why stop now?

Quit wasting dubs and quit adding to the problem. You clearly have yet to have fun with a Clown.

This guy has the right idea.

Daily reminder you're fucking heretics.
You will be purged with the unclean.

fuck off jew

>>>/islam/ might be a better fit for you, GTFO.

weird world we're in.

And? Thanks I guess.

There are no brakes on this train.

Actually kek is a manifestation of synchronicity aka Christ consciousness being applied to a hivemind.

If kek is an entity he's the same one that came to Earth 2000 years ago and rent the veil. however that's not the case, he's a deified concept that nobody should "worship" only accept

/x/ tier bullshit go away

Get fucked, Kike. On a side note someone post more Clowns.

omniphi is great

Heresy is when an authority in the Catholic church teaches things that are contradictory to established Catholic teachings. Kek worshipers arn't heretics.

moloch is dying

you're shit OP, you're nothing

webm form

"What did I do this week? Oh, you know, the usual. I helped an ancient Egyptian do battle with a Yahwist demon who's existed from the rebellion of Akhenaten if not before, oh yeah, I added a ton of new images to my psychic spell collection and spent a couple hours just cleaning and sorting them. Of course not! I'm perfectly sane! Would you perhaps like to go out for coffee sometime so I can continue scanning your phenotype with my sensors so that we might make recombined copies of ourselves in order to save the genetic heritage of our subset of the species?

No wait, come back! I haven't even talked about the Cathars yet!"

Clowns, you say?


Always open with the Cathars.

The Egyptians revered Kek and their civilization lasted 2000 years.

The black sun shines now. Let Kek drink his fill of chaos.

Is that the guy who made the "no apologies - we're not sorry" video about colonialism?

The way I see it at a certain levels there are dichotomies such as the Apollonian vs Dionysian or the populist vs elitist. The level we are currently looking at with kek at has a dichotomy as well, chaos and order, and we are currently backing chaos which represents change really.

Simply put we want change so we create chaos- which is change/the opportunity for change. For a new 'normal' to be created.

After that we may flip to "order" or "entropy"

Don't forget that little thing called your "job", and the rest of the irl stuff that gets in the way :^)

i agree
kek is for lulz
christianity is for when one is ready to begin living seriously

ehhh heh heh. Yeah I just try not to notice that shit as effectively as possible. I run into a surprising number of walls.

If dubs, OP is a feg.

Read Romans 1:16

Enjoyed that.

Kek is order thru chaos

so basically we awakened Cthulhu? EVEN BETTER



here have a webm

Even when we lose we win at this point.


You will be dumped in hell edgy tard.

12Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East. 13And I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs, coming from the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. 14These are demonic spirits that perform signs and go out to all the kings of the earth, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God, the Almighty

Newfag reporting in.

So are you telling me the majority of people on here equate Kek to some Judeo god?

Sounds like Christianity.

Never confuse the kikes with us Christians. We worship a completely different God.


Why would we want him to go away?
He will sleep when he is done with his work.


Move against fake hate crimes.

Look, Kek does as it wishes.

Praise and belief is basically like coal and wood for the metaphorical steam engine to give it greater power, but Kek does as it will, and nobody can make it do anything that it does not ultimately see fit to.

It just so happens when we throw all of our support and desire behind something there is a greater likelihood of Kek seeing the necessity of such a thing manifesting in reality.

Kek also rises and falls, the genie is out of the bottle, as with all other forms of manifestation, the way you ensure it does not backfire horribly on you personally is to fully accept what you have asked for, preferably to express gratitude.

I can't stress enough how important it is for your relationship with the "other side", specifically if you deal in any form of Magick to be grateful and accept dutifully what you've asked for. You may ask for anything, and howsoever you receive it it is your only responsibility, period.

It is also how you expand your power in wielding magick, as it is not something that solely originates from within you, it is a force that loops back into the unseen world where a consciousness that we can scarcely quantify evaluates your desire and manifests it if

1. It is possible

2. You are deserving of it

This is why people who start out using magick themselves must start small and work their way up, but you must remember, you simply aren't creating something out of nothing, you are asking the powers in control of quantum forces and others we can't begin to understand as 3d meat sacks to shift the tracks of time and causality to manifest the things you wish to bring into reality.

That is why you need to express gratitude for the things you ask for, because that's what you're doing, you're always doing, you're asking the entities on the other side to work with you, and all they require in most cases that you acknowledge THEIR power and accept and be gracious in receiving what THEY give YOU.

This is how you become "special" to them, this is how your relationship with them and your power to change reality expands.

She did nothing wrong you know. Praise Homura. But to be on topic. I'm not keen on the worship of these things. But as a lowly it's pointless to argue it and if chaos strikes it's needed now more than ever. Leftism needs to die as does 8/10 of the third world.

If anyone is interested in a project that entails creating a community for Chaos Monks and other anons to live in a pseudo monastic way with reverence to Kek and the Ogdoad, can come visit >>>/monastic/

Dropping out of society is degenerate. You want to be a hiki without feeling guilty. Fuck you.


Do not conflate that masonic piece of shit with kek.

Jahbulon is for the moloch worshippers. Fuck off.

Well I mean it doesn't hurt us to create a place where our knowledge can be preserved and compiled for the future. And Kek isn't merely Chaos, he's the most potent form of Chaos that precedes glorious Order.

Possibly a reference to Clinton and their child sacrifices. Water drying up means dwindling resources, kings of the east clearly references kikes.

Three unclean spirits that look like frogs = 4chan, Holla Forums, reddit(considering it's not an imageboard and always take the credit for our memes, therefore being a false prophet for kek)

Shitposters Rolling dubs and shitposting, until politicians notice and start working on a plan to destroy us. Pic related.

The final battle against yahweh is coming lads, better choose your side; a dead kike on a stick that does nothing but causes you grief and damns you into an eternity in hell if you question him, or the ancient aryan god Kek who helped elect Trump. In simpler terms, will you cuck yourself for the kikes like a good goy, or will you stand with your White brothers?


Open our eyes Mighty Father
So that we may see
Guide our steps on the Burning Path
Of liberation and ecstasy

Mighty god of darkness
All salutations to thee
Raise the hidden flames within us

Moralist scum will hang.


Indeed, your relationship with Kek may well be like countless others, but it is your personal responsibility to manage your own relationship with it as it is for others to do the same. Organized worship of a harbinger of memetic chaos is silly.

Keep up your end on your own terms, that is how it remains a personal commitment and not just a larp to show others how much holier than thou you are. I suggest delving into magick individually and cultivating your relationship with the world Kek comes from on a personal level, if only for the spiritual fulfillment it provides in knowing you're connected to something much larger than yourself,



M80, I don't think CommonFilth has a say in this matter. Who even brought up sodomy but you?

that's gay, just shut up and check dubs

The only things that matter to you are food and jacking off, you're subhuman.

check em

You drew that on your phone? breddy gud

The sageposters want to commit suicide.

I expected better of you user

ain't dubs fag

Why would I kill myself? Things are just starting to get good now.

Jew tears raining from the sky.

Het, my primary intention is to eventually compile a Kekronomicon, a holy text for Kekism.

Who's going to order the Crusade? Pope Francis is busy at the moment kissing nigger feet



you need to learn from this guy:

Fuck off christcucks.
This is Ogdoad territory.



Alright I'll stop shitposting

Massive operational failure. I can smell blood in the astral.

You got me

shitpost all night bb

back to /a/ you shitty animu larper

I think you fucked up.

What, was I supposed to send you back to the adult diaper board or something?

apparently I was. kek.

You are shadowboxing, friendofag.




We're not a Cult.

We're a fucking Religion and I say this as someone who stopped being a Catholic Priest to worship kek.

also, PHD in Theology, Who wants to learn today?

All I see is a chaos demon deride "Chaos God Kek", even though Kek is order and law, it merely appears to be a chaos god, because to actual Chaos, the state of the current world, law looks chaotic.

In a world of roaches, a god of raid is the figurative antichrist.

Stop being a pharisee, Kek actually delivers, unlike some other deity who "works in mysterious ways" all freaking day, and who doesn't distinguish between the righteous and the wicked.
Wheras Kek empowers the righteous and punishes the wicked.

The wicked can't use Kek, they only get punished by him.


Teach me, fam.

Ok, this shit is like battletoads, but that shit is just signs, no creation, no anything beyond what Revelations is depicting, dubs arent a gf. You are going to hell if you stay in that edgyness.

Fuck OP, i'm off to get shadilaid


Is this supposed to be scary?

Anons against KEK, hear me out
There is a grander plan going on. The world is blind. It is useless to tell the blind of colors, they'll only grow to hate you.

Greentexting my story:

Reads like a Dolan comic.

At this point my loyalty is to Kek, not to America. If Kek wills that America fall to chaos, then so be it.

Get the fuck out of here. Responsibility is for faglords.

Cry more, cry longer.


Reply if u gettit and want to vote 5

This is why Christianity is so pathetic, how dare you try to speak for god.

Expressing gratitude to Kek is an exercise in humility, whereas Christianity is nothing more than a refuge for narcissists who wish to leverage their faux spirituality for material ends.

Fuck all of you.




No expectations for kek I have, besides his will be done. The dice will fall where they may.

Can't take the larping OP.
new age granola dyke faggotry goin on here
s h a d i l a y f a g g o t

Reminder that the (((ADL))) is trying to take kek away from us. Someone who works for the (((ADL))) believes that we are wielding a powerful magic. So fuck (((ADL))) & Fuck (((kikes)))

Fuck my pride says I should provide a pic but I don't wish to

Dont know, but one of the bosses is moloch and they fight a ton of rats.

You are the pathetic one, battletoads fights are like Revelations is depicting this, 3 frogs and they are mercs that dont give a fuck, basically forces of chaos that fight rats and bulls in one of the best beat em up ever.

Kek will help Trump make Anime real, op. Also you're a faggot and you will encounter misfortune for your effrontery against Lord Kek. Shadilay.

This shit is like battletoads right now (literally) no waifus, no gf, just pure fight like Revelations is showing.

Of course, I've touched my peepee and i never worshipped the schizophrenic kike god that tells people to do things and then punishes them for it, is supposedly omnipotent but doesn't fix anything or even bother to speak to us. Kek delivered on exactly what was asked; Trump presidency and judeo-Marxist tears. Keep on worshipping a dead kike on a stick that promises eternal pain if you question his mysterious ways.

Everything is happening like Revelations is showing, so its exactly the opposite, fun fact, even your kind appears.

I even got the dubs you so vehemently worship as signs of your false idol.


the best way to tell a grand lie is to sprinkle in bits of truth. That is Christianity.

Nice dubs though.

You mean horoscope?

About as convincing as "There will be doubters, therefore the Bible is true ;^)"

Acknowledging the existence of kek is no different than what op is doing, you're just being a hipster about it.

Willful ignorance is not masculine or powerful, it's a deflection of insecurity which is the polar opposite of masculinity.

>And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
Revelation speaks of three "unclean" spirits coming from the mouth of the beast(babylon) the false prophet(antichrist) and the dragon(the entity known as satan, not to be confused with lucifer the fallen angel) that appear as frogs. These spirits perform great miracles and lead humanity into the battleground known as armageddon.
Few issues with this being kek
If kek is anything depicted in the bible he is a figure like Moses, an unwitting servant of God that wakes people up to synchronicity and corruption then performs miracles disguised as magic to really fuck with everyone. The problem with this is that kek is again not an entity, but a force.
The Egyptians deified their elites, there was likely a guy who stumbled upon the same force we did and got deified because of it, since he wasn't kangz they considered him lesser-deity and put him with the Ogdoad, he is not mentioned in their book of the dead.
Kek isn't the unclean spirits you're looking for, those will likely be frog-like entities that attempt to lead us astray, it would look like some guy trying to pull a Heaven's Gate using kek-imagery or the freemasons attempting to subvert us with JahBulOn.

Revelation was laid out in the Dead-Sea scrolls and is basically a more detailed depiction of what pagans called ragnarok. If we're fucking with anything we're fucking with some weird hindi-lightning Aryan synchro-magic that doesn't play into either prophecy since their "end game" is turning everyone into tang just like the asukafags want.

fucking with anything bad**

No, thats talmud, then islam and now you are trying the same, but on a smaller scale.

Fun fact, descartes talked about repeating things so your point is correct in a lot of ways, saying the opposite its like saying that the guy telling you that your wife is cheating on you is wrong after seing your wife being nailed by a nigger.

That shit is logic for tards ana i can notice that with my low tier english.

Uhhh everything is happening the way it is during the end of the Kali Yuga, and our Kalki has made an appearance to lead the way from the lowest point of an epoch to the beginning and highest point of the next.

Already happened. We didn't get the girls or the aesthetics though, we got the plotlines. The whole spirit cooking/comet ping pong/pizza pedo shit smacks of something out of FMA for example.

Cool LARP bruh

The Anti-Christ was also a great unifier. I dunno if you forgot that bit, but the entire earth is to unite under the Anti-Christ. Kek's approval of Trump is one of great division (both immediate and long term), one of purely driven nationalism that doesn't care of Christianity one way or the other. It's clear that Kek doesn't give a fuck about unity, since nationalism is very much anti-global unity.

Unclean sprits?
Like the "holy trinity"?



Damn mysterious ways.

This, fellow anons is retard CTR-tier fucking concern trolling. In fact I would not doubt this might be created by an agent of the ADL.

behold! ye of little faith, and ye of little head.
Keketh has not leaps or twice intended warnings
kek hath what brought him here and keeps him there
chaos does not subside when and if we choose
to oscillate in time, is what we must do
spew not your heretical drivel,
you know not, thoughts for a nickel
because what you do not realize sir,
is what animal lies beneath the animal fur
a chaos inside, and mostly night
only the ears and eyes can hear the light
order is seen from standpoints nigh,
from left to tight, swings like a tie
so do nations and vocations, for weeks or temptations
people here, the winds of chaos draw ever near in a clockwork rotation

but around this shining cusp lies a space of less between
a place where the thoughts are heard
and the words are barely seen
from era to era, ask not what it means
for nothing is ever as it seems

one may say "winning" like Charlie Sheen
or make a picture with human theme
"the current year" is our persistent team
the one we've got is twenty-sixteen

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
no more than one can stop the seams
of fabrics from ripping with times' hazard reams
to find who rules the land and sea
ask not who governs, my friend
but who controls the memes

A non retarded troll, thanks for your tippings.

spirits arent exactly "entities"…

Its showed like one, 3 separated things.

Thats a battle and remember that the woman is destroyed by them, something like a civil war.

I can even talk about Hillary dumping a frog in her glass (like a unclean spirit looking for a new host, not trolling).

user most animu is set up so that a major catastrophe in the past is what set up all the animu gimmicks of sorcery and xenotech and shit. We want those world ending scenarios, they are the birthpangs of a 2d world.

God isn't in your books because God is fate itself. All Christianity does is pray to their image of god, which is usually depicted as an old, beared man with gray hair and Jesus Christ, whose image is pretty much known worldwide. If you think that images of those that you pray to aren't idols you have issues.

Granted, through this they have achieved great things in the past, but none of this have stopped kikes's schemes, which, ironically enough, was a goal of Jesus Christ. You guys have failed, you guys are not even trying to make your religion great again, you guys only parrot past teachings without making advances in theology and the like and then you have the gall to call us faggots when we memed a fucking President, capital P, last two weeks into the White House.

The eternal spring isnt eternal, it must come to an end.

The woman was destroyed by their servants, those frogs perform signs to call people to battle.

Maybe is one thing showing 3 faces, they are spirits, not something us.

Fucking choose one, you kike. You don't really argue like a Christian anyway.

As I said. Horoscope.

We are the plague of frogs.

An entity can be generalized as an intelligence without a physical body.

Furthermore, whether Kek is an agent chosen to manifest for a particular end by something else, or whether it is a true entity unto itself or whether it is a focus of memetic will - is subject to debate.

For my money I believe that Kek or pepe or whatever you want to call it is actually just a manifestation by an intelligence that has chosen such an avatar for it's magical effecacy and potential. In other words it is moved by forces under a specific guise because it is synergistic with the mythological harmony created by us. The intelligence behind it knows how to work with us for greatest effect.

This dis.

I don't have the Egyptian MS Paint user.
Can someone post/ edit the shitposter template to say:
"Do not reply to frog poster threads"
" ad sim. "
With an Egyptian shitposter

The entire kike'd earth, bible also says that you shouldn't "unite" with everyone else under his banner.
He won't be a nationalist or another Hitler if anything Hitler was the spitit of Christ come back to Earth mad as fuck that the jews cross'd him Messiah does mean war-priest after all he will be some globalist rothschild fuck pretending to be ayylmao-jesus to get rid of the borders

In the context of the "three" spirits yes they are, Bible talks about fighting both principalities and spirits
Also talks about the "spirit" of christ and holy spirit These are not entities in context whilst the three personified frog-demons are.
They are not depicted as one, and all have different origins. The Beast, Dragon, and Babylon are not the same even though they all upon the Dragon's will.
If you're referring to the whore of babylon then she kills herself by crashing a meteor into the planet(wormwood)
And she could be one of the unclean spirits, it's very possible she is. She does have a frog-like appearance looks like an age-old kerochan tbh and hired CtR a principality dedicated to the will of babylon who tried to bastardize pepe.
I also don't think you get what I mean by "entity"


Dubs of truth

If you take into account how one-sided the interaction between the christian god and its worshippers are, you begin to truly appreciate what a cuck religion it truly is.

It discourages the common man from finding their inner memetic power. It's true degradation, which is why so many manipulators, charlatans and assorted crooks have made off so well by lying to the masses of easily manipulated christians into giving them money.

God isnt an idol, but the images you do, like frogs, are and we are beyond catholics plebs here (plebs as "low knowledge") here. Please keep the high level of shitposting.

The second point… again, its exactly the opposite, France is revolting, Britain is out, Argentina is going fascists mode an asia is more asia than ever if we dont count south korea. Your point is proved wrong again, christianity (as christian warriors) is on the rise, frogs no, yet frogs call to battle.

Please keep the level.

Stop reading there… level please.

It's cyclical, just like everything in this world. Chaos is the next step, if we want to topple the Juden.

Praise kek.

Your pretentiousness and inability to respond in a manner that makes any sense leads me to think you're likely an intentional disruptor, but whose end are you serving?

Of what? Partake in your delusion that the book of revelations is related to Kek?

The only related stuff here is anything about the Pharisees, of which you are one.
You wouldn't notice an actual messiah if he smacked you upside the head with a high energy music vinyl from the eighties, just because it's not like what your book says.



Oh so they're some christcuck or posing as one to muddy the waters and otherwise make an incomprehensible nuisance of themselves.

Politics going to shit is maybe the first seal getting broken, four horsemen haven't even come down yet and the sky is supposed to open up and fill with brainfuck-tier angels before the shit even hits the fan.
Third temple hasn't even been completed yet, neither has Iseael's special cow that wrote boils and sores. At least read the Bible before saying that commies acting like commies is fulfillment of end-times prophecy.
Revelation is only just beginning.


What are you trying to accomplish here cuckite?


im just glad there is finally some believable proof to deities existing, whether larping or not

its fun

Again fucking Theology PHD here and every point you make seems to focus in on "N-Nuh-uh"

Honey, learn you ecclesiology.

It's too late, we've already summoned Kek to this world. Our reality is already bending to his iron will. Whether we will live to see the world that results from it is anyone's guess. Nothing can be done to alter this destiny. Whatever will be, will be.

So says the word of Kek.

OP is a faggot.
We worship a frog round these parts you heretical kike

The sad part is, if Christians just kept on doing theology, kept having debates about what's right in the Bible, how to discourage kike behaviour (it's a fucking semitic religion that's hated by jews, so it's spread was likely an attempt to make (((certain people))) stop rubbing their hands) and developing/spreading techniques to improve people's will/body (like the asians) we'd have a top tier religion. Instead, now what we have is this. No community that's not afraid to reason.

Kek is the new dawn, lads. Don't waste your shot.

Hitler must have an "idol" in tel aviv, seriously.

I know, the "its one force" is just a meme, like believing that he can meme a gf, just dubs, a host being dumped (Hillary) and some other signs for battle, nothing more.


16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Hillary is more like a host, she was a serious 9/10

Low level trolling.

Sorry me again, as a former fucking priest here is a simple test (which I did, and if you want my fucking proof ask Miyon Chung, Ross Clifford and fucking john Dickson) Pray to Yahweh/Jesus for a week. Pray to Kek. See who is more lucrative.

For me? Kek, in my one fucking once in my life fucking dilivered, no other diliviered

t. Luca Croce.

Come at me


I was wrong about Kek and chaos. Does Kek forgive those who were in ignorance and darkness and chose to step into the light?


This goy got trips for a reason, you are right, those are just the first signs, no planetary quake yet.

More like asking for our resident christcuck to answer a question

I forgot my fucking sage.

If you are ok with dubs then check your brain.

u wot m8, I genuinely can't comprehend. gitgud at english and come back in a year

Nice projection.

They are in the image of the trickster gods, they never were just good or evil, they were an image of both. Either being playful and silly or creepy and malevolent.

Your idol is your image of god. God has no image. You try to give Fate image, see what fucking happens.
And this proves that your God is relevant how? We got Don himself retweet a dank pepe version of himself about a year ago, there's been tons of synchronicity stuff happening lately. And where's your stuff there?

Low energy tonight.

It's good to know we've got trained theologians for our new religion.

You have to understand that Kek likely operates in the same way any other entity behaves which is that you can work with it or against it. If I were to spurn the reality of all the manifestations I've asked for and received, as well as all the intentional signs I've been given as to the existence of those communicating with me/you/anyone who does magick I would fall out of communication and favor.

The whole emotional extortion of Christianity is a materialistic concept, Kek rides with its crew, either you're with Kek or you're not. If you side against it, you're going to have a bad time, but it's not like the bitter vindictive nature of the christian god which is no different than the roman or greek pantheon which is basically expressly human qualities writ large.

underchecked digits

I wince at the idea of referring to it as a religion, acknowledging that there are forces beyond our physical reality that wield power over our lives is no more a religion than acknowledging the basic properties of our physical universe.

Check out the original coat of arms of the Merovingians. Who are also rumored to be descendants of Jesus, and his wife Mary Magdalene. The dynasty was always kinda standoffish towards the Vatican and the Pope, and over the years their political power degraded until they were mostly symbolic, like the Japanese Emperor. The Pope then sanctioned a new king, and the Merovingians were removed.

On that point I would agree, but for the sake of conversation, we need a word to refer to it by.
Maybe religion is wrong, but i'm not sure what a good word is.

rollin' for a beef pot pie and a Yoohoo

Literal PhD in Theology baby.

What do you even have to do to get a PhD in theology?

Don't ask the universe for that which you can procure yourself.

Pepe appears to me as an amalgamation of left handedness and dark princes. Kek, an amalgamation of those it touches. Even the church of satan talks about embracing the darkness so that one can find true light.
It's the fish outta water scenario. You don't know what it is until you let it go.


Too bad nigga we are a religion starting 10 second from you reading this oist

IDK, brother. I roll for riots all the time, yet could burn a ghetto myself.



Jesus was Jewish, he wasn't a Christian.

I don't know. I just know that Kek favors the righteous and punishes the wicked.

This creates order, because the wicked have disrupted simple things for many decades now.
You don't even have to believe in Kek or know about Kek to benefit from Kek, it seems.
Only comparatively few people even acknowledge him, but any righteous person benefits from him by virtue of Kek punishing the wicked.

Or, in other words. Why would Kek punish you? Because you think he's a chaos god?
He is a chaos god.

Just like we call "Day of the Tentacle" a video GAME, even though one cannot lose that game, and a game without a losing condition is, strictly speaking, not a game, but more like an activity, or toy.

If we play a game of walk down the street with no losing condition, only the winning condition of reaching the end of the street (in an universe where one never dies or strays off the street), no matter how long it takes, then that's not really a game.
It's just an activity to pass some time.

Kek is chaos because he removes the influence of the wicked.
It translates to order, but that's just semantics.

It's how you perceive the chaos.
If you think Keks chaos is harmful, THEN you will run the risk of his wrath, I'd say.


I would argue that Kek does forgive the ignorant.
It wouldn't make any sense for a happy trickster god to cloud shit in obscurity and then just say FUCK YOU to people who don't see what was purposefully hidden.

5 Years at college.

At least 50% classes need to be Theology
and the rest are electoral.

I chose, Ancient Relgion, Abrahamic Religon, Mesopotanianic Culutre as my main

My secondary was Sigil/Seal and Symbol recognition, Then Hebrew/Greek learnin', then it was understanding history of that period (despite already having a fucking masters in History) then """Ethics"""

So many fucking girls at this point "So….if I don't care that means everything is okay, right?
Me: Yup. Totally, Suck my dick.

and many did

2nd Year:

Theology, Buddhism, Zorastrisamism, Celticsm,every paganism you can think of.

Muh Morality/Saints/Ecclesiology as well

Year 3:

Year 4:
What are YOU doing for the community, but we aren't works based I swear

Year 5:
So how many converts do you have?
Hows your youth group?

That's not the same.

I hold no authority, I'm a concerned party who is passing on some well-known information about what is and ain't gucci in the area of manifestation/invocation.

Would you ask a random person to wipe your own ass? No? Then why are you asking a non-3 dimensional entity to bring you something that you have the physical body to go do yourself?

You have to understand that the way memetics works and appealing to forces unseen is that it's a LOT like the study of game theory, in that game theory concerns itself with how both ideas and physical things negotiate both philosophical/memetic and physical environments.

It is that x-factor if you will that these forces can influence.

Can you go out and chat up a person at a coffee shop and try to make a friend? Sure, but can you find somebody you might truly share a great deal of thoughts with?

Possibly with enough effort, but it may be like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why these forces can help sift away the obstacles and bring things to you that would otherwise be obscured by influences you don't have any control over much less can you directly perceive.

That's the best way I can describe it.

I always wondered what a theology degree was about.

I think I would like clowns more if they were gorgeous women, user. Men dressed up in war paint and neon contrasting colours trips some sort of primal instict telling me to water the grass with it's blood or to nope the fuck out of there.

It's like if a poison dart frog were to put bright red war paint on and then approach you while ringing bells and horns and shit. Clowns are badass motherfuckers. They want you to know they're coming towards you. They want you to see them. They want you to hear them. It's like warpipes or the drum corps. You know they're coming to fuck your shit, you just can't do anything about it.

How I lost my judaism:


Ended with a debate with my leading Prof Ross Clifford who just kept saying "WHAT ABOUT MORALITY" to which I kept fucking saying "WE WILL DETERMINE MORALITY" and back and forth etc

Morling College mate. It was fucking fun.

Why the fuck am I posting actual stuff on Holla Forums….

Didn't ask for shit. Didn't ask for your metaphysical drivel.

I know kek.
No expectations.

That would depend on the difficulty of procuring a beef pot pie and a YooHoo, compared to the difficulty of burning a ghetto.
You don't know me, or my situation, preachy fucker.

fuck off blashemou kike.

Praise Kek !

You clearly don't know what you're talking about if you think its relegated to a singluar entity.

Now you've simply resorted to sophistry because of your ego.

That's really sad.

Why are beef pot pies so fucking hard to find?

OH! Where's your dubs, faggot?

Do they really require every student to have a fucking youth group and/or a list of converts?

meant to quote

Are you seriously defining what is true and what isn't based of a piece of software hosting an image board?

More sophistry.

Maybe I'm on an Obama phone, smoking crack next to a fuel refinery?
It's not about the pot pie now, buddy.

You were never using kek, he merely felt like making his presence known.

One cannot use a god.


The finished product of this triggers OP

We're all pieces of "god", so we can act synergistically with otherworldly entities, but they tend to hold a greater balance of the power. That does not however mean humans are completely powerless.

Wow, OP sure doesn't like McDonalds.

check those significant integers

I'm currently watching spooky shit on the Process Church, so dabbling with the otherworldly isn't sounding so hot right now, for me

Don't be afraid, embrace it, but just remember that your intent will result in what you attract, so always have positive intent, and you will attract positive influences.

I've said this before in other pol-related esoteria threads, never go negative, because you'll attract archonic entities that will enjoy eventually watching you fuck up like a sick fuck who gives a cherry bomb to an animal.

It's all on you who you attract, just keep your intentions good and you'll be okay.

This, this, and this.
It's not about the details.

No. Chaos gods have a lot in common, and those two have similar aims and some overlap in followers, and Eris in her aspect as daughter of Nyx and sister of Aether is worthy of study and occasional worship, but where Kek is a meme god, Eris is a disinformation god. Discordianism is marked by schisms and revolutions and new ideas, and both positive and negative chaos. Because of this Discordianism will always be safe from complete corruption, but will also always have some corruption present within itself. There's a lot there worthy of study, but Eris WILL mislead you. That's how she rolls. If you can't deal with her helping your enemies too for giggles, don't bring her into this.

Now, with that said, there's been a very strange but low effort attempt to smear Discordianism over the past six months on Holla Forums and it usually comes across as unnatural CTR fear rather than normal tadpoles shitting on ideas they dislike. So this user advocates caution going forward. There is a lot of truth hidden in some of their schisms, and (((they))) never like that.

Hail Eris. Hail Kek. Hail Thoth and Amun-Ra.

that fucking bait, well keked, user

You clearly lack clarity.



thats not what Kek told me

Shadilay motherfuckers.

Zog fears the frog and all that jazz


That may have stemmed from there being some discordian goons, I'm not sure exactly.
It didn't really seem like all of discordianism was what was being denounced.

This is Holla Forums numbnuts.
speak for yourself, useless bagelmeister


==s h a d i l a y n i g g e r s==


i am become kek; I am one with kek

sweet shell jacket m8

I n s i d e


That would make sense. One surefire way to worship Eris is to squabble over how. There will, inevitably, always be Discordians fighting each other, and the unfortunate ease with which she can be waifu'd would naturally attract goons to the more hipstery of the Discordian mystery schools.

The good news is there is always a new schism. For every three Discordian books published one will be worth reading but some will just repeat the most appetizing disinformation. It's up to you to sort it out for yourself every time. Depending on who you ask, having an outer layer of goons misrepresenting everything even allows the use of one's enemy as both distraction and unknowing shield.

It makes sense that there'd be overlap between some discordians and some ogdoadists.

Sounds too much like communism to me.

"If only you had read one more book. You were one book away of finding out how communism REALLY is, but now we have to try again. Hava nagila, goy!"

That said, I'll still Hail Eris, it's Pungenday, the 31st day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3182, today, after all.

Yeah, maybe. On the other hand reading is good, and you should only fear the book that reads you back. I was just trying to politely say that two thirds of Discordian books are lazy, uninspired, utterly worthless garbage, but that I personally like a few books and the core ideas a whole lot. Positive and negative order, positive and negative chaos. Holographic reality. Strength from conflict. Neutral jing. That's my jam.

Chaos is the most basic but also most sophisticated form of order. Our entire universe is based on that rule. Once you accept that reality, you become part of it.

OP is a ginormous faggot

OP and these shill agents from rabbis, pozzed religions,cults, discordians (goons), sjws, and feminists, etc. you name it, from all over are now making their newest attempt to infiltrate this board to undermine and co-opt the worship of kek in order to get their hands on our way of changing this misbegotten world in our favor.through memes

Reminder to root out these filthy kike cult agents from trying to bring us down from the inside out, Holla Forums they now have set their sights on taking over this new religious movement, as they call it.


==sh a d i l a y m e i n e f r e u n d e==

Kek is truth from nowhere style chaos. Don't know how it came about, but it is true.
Eris, from the impressions I get from seeing people bicker, seems like everything is lies, even the truth?

There are subtleties to so many things in life. Dualities and triads… Things repeat all over the place, if you go beyond checking numbers on a Hatian scrimshaw carving board.

Lately, I've been wondering if I should start carrying dice, just as a form of dubchecking things I want to check. Say something, roll dice, check' em. Or not, as the case might be.

Here I am waxing poetic. I should sleep.
Shadilay, folks. Top Kek.

shadilay meine freunde

Anyone else running a s h a d i l a y nametape on their jackets?

It was written in the old testament that god used frogs to smite his enemies, and in the new testament jesus fled into egypt to escape from a paranoid jewish king, he then gathered followers in the outskirts of civilisation, people that had been forsaken by the jewish pharises.

Kek may well be an angel, or part of the holy spirit, hard to say for sure. But there is something undeniably divine and righteous about him, he turns the mundane into something marvelous, and tragedies into opportunities. He is not malevolent to us.

Let them try. You cannot subvert chaos. Goons and jews still try though, because they are consumed by negative order.

And if everything is a lie, then everything is true. Another path of access to the holographic godhead. And yes, carry dice with you.

Do you seriously not see the correlation between the formlessness we employ as anons and that Loge/Kek/Pepe?

Back to
with you and stay there, cuck.


Fuck you're retarded.

I'll check your double dubs and take your advice into consideration.

see ya, thread

Sounds like Jung's synchronicity. Shadilay, brother.

Us do not want him to go away.
Us want to summon him.

All hail KEK

Ishtar is the Goddess of war that once besieged and conquered Israel. I'm all for it.

She's already looking pretty smug.
All we need now is the anime version

Is she the next meme?

There's already a global dominant world power that worships and serves Ishtar.


Loud saij for heresy

The ZOG fears the frog

I thought that Pepe was just a joke and went along with it, but people actually believe this shit?


can someone clarify this for me please?

Does Kek refer to ?
and if so, what's Heqet's part?
can someone sum the basics up for me in some sentences please?

We are the
Order of Chaos

The cute anime girls that we keep posting with those images already count as defining what we mean by "anime".

Even if not it just means that all anime would become real, good and bad, most people would experience the moe/highschool harem storylines/shounen storylines, but others would experience seinen or Berserk ones.

Either this is bait or you are a retarded Jahbulon worshipping kike. Remember that you will burn on earth before you burn in hell, not a rock or single branch will be left for you to hide.

It is way, way too late for that.

Kek is a member of the Ogdoad, the original 8 deities of egypt.
Hequet is a later egyptian deity, she's egyptian Hekate, basically.
Lots of deities from egypt take the form of frogs or frog headed people in their depictions, and that gets confusing.

Yes. This is how religion got started in the first place. Lulz and storytelling, that became more and more serious. In 200 years Kekism will be the dominating religion after eradicating all dirty muslims.

Ok, so who are we actually praising? When we refer to Kek we actually mean Kek right? What's Heqets place in the whole scenario. She was obviously using a Computer to spread Memes.

The fact that you people actually believe in this "Kek" shit is hilarious.

Exactly. LARPers want to make him into a chaos god, posting chaos sigils etc because life and society are baddies and they want to make them pay because they couldnt handle life. Kek is orderly in His true form.

The Kekites do seem to mean actually Kek.
Hequet is a goddess of magic, knowledge, fertility, etc, so in that sense it could maybe be said that she's sort of like Thoth's granddaughter or something like that. She was the one the gods called upon to breath new life into Osiris.
I'm probably not explaining this very accurately, but you get the gist. She's not one of the core group, but she's part of the wider entourage.

TL;DR: We're inadvertently summoning our own Slaanesh.

I think we should meme it. Since shitskins are unhygienic as fuck and live in big cities probably most zombies will be non-whites subhumans, and that's a good thing because we would have an excuse to shoot them in the head without repercussions.

Oh, here ya go, this guy gives a reasonable summary of it. The relationship between different deities differs depending on the source, but basically it's something along these lines.

Nobody summoned Kek. Kek was always here. All that has changed is awareness of that.

When one recognises and accepts the nature of Kek, one becomes an agent of his will.

One becomes an Agent Mirroring he Order of Kek. One becomes AMOK.

==M==iIRRORING the
==O==RDER of

You got one off because Ishtar is a whore, user.

I am Christian.
Pic is inside my church. It is ancient; 900 years.
There is power in this kek worship. Without doubt it is powerful. It is not on the right path.
The human consciousness has collective power.
Please, lads and lasses, take a moment to visit your local church. Just a couple of minutes.
Hopefully, you will feel the Grace of God.

Man, that's the thing.
The Ogdoad do not now, nor did they ever want to convert literally everyone to their worship.
It's fine if other people find their own gods more suitable.
Badgering everyone to worship only your god is just annoying, friend.

You say that like it's a bad thing. There are girls you waifu and girls you fuck.

Watch the Holy Mountain. Get freaked out.

Kekism does not negate Christianity.

Kek is just another manifestation of the Christian God, as is everything else in the universe.

One could even argue that Jesus drew upon the divine power of Kek when he disrupted the corrupt order of the Pharisees.

All it would take for Christians to accept Kek into their doctrine, would be for him to be renamed to something more palatable to them for example, St Pepe the patron of Transformation.

Traditionally, Christians accepted existing and understood Pagan deities in exactly this way - by claiming the qualities the pre-existing gods represented and re-attributing them to Saints.

That movie is fucking amazing.

I know right, virtually everything we talk about on here is in that film. 1973!

Or you could just… not base your life and morality around a fossilized, pre-digital religion that doesn't have an intellectual mechanism for evolving its ideas.

Only if you go full /christian/ like I did.
I was fucking retarded but I greentexted my story, now living a happy married life with my 2 month old daughter

Well yes, I understand that.

However, Christianity has always adapted over time, in reality.

I've realised it's important to have Christians on board - demonising and ridiculing them for not being up to speed is not a good idea. Many of them are basically on our side, so why attack an obvious ally?

Christiainity in the past has had a huge role in the creation and preservation of European Civilisation and identity. It's basically a good thing, which has gone astray in recent decades. Rather than trying to kill it, we should meme it back to good health, I think.

Modern clowns are watered down representations of the trickster archetype m8. But even in the current representation the concept disturbes a lot of people. Lurk moar.

Agreed, Christians can't really handle the bantz so it's best to treat them with kiddie gloves.

Kek is the the coming chaos at the end of Kali Yuga. Be prepared for what the light bringer brings.

Only posting this here because it doesn't deserve its own thread and I'm hoping for Keks protection. Thinking about going to this event in my area today and holding up signs to counter signal. Anyone have any sign ideas?

Christianity is intrinsically pozzed because it ritually circumcises magical potential in its adherents. You're not allowed to learn about and perform feats of magic, because magic is consort with demons, not a latent human potential with the capacity to be developed. And I don't think there's any way of changing this opinion. Once people start running around performing their own miracles, what does anyone still need from Jesus? He was a bad-ass meme wizard sure. But that's not the stuff from which a messiah is made.

And I quote John 14:17, KJV

What is meant by that?

Theologianfag again, Not only that but it's veee-he-herry jewish despite the "No that's not REAL christianity, my internet board is the TRUE christianity" bullshit.

You are born sick, You can't do anything about it so you live as a slave. Oh wow, wonder what analogy that could be drawn to. Perhaps…A goyim serving his jewish master? A "lesser" breed serving the bestest besty best breed? It's almost like…that's exactly what they've been shilling for, for fucking years.

It's quite literally "You get a little taste of power, BUT YOU OWE US, DO NOT GROW, YOU BELONG TO US, YOU FILTHY FUCKING GOYIM" and the worst part is people lather themselves up and say "Yesss, yesss, this is the true way, God helped me realise how terrible awful and wicked I am" because 40k is a thing and then proceed to use, unironically "We wuz jews and shit" which don't get me wrong historically speaking isn't entirely incorrect (see "I wanna be a jew" king back in the day who essentially co-opted the entire faith) but come the fuck on guys.

Yes, that's very true.

But as occulists, we have to accept that magic really isn't for everyone, nor should it be.

Christianity is basically for normies that really ought not have access to that kind of power.

Their own metaphors actually state this explicitly - Christians are the Lambs, that need Shepherds to Herd them. They are the literal Sheeple.

As with all the best occult tricks, it's hidden in plane sight.

We have to see Christians as people we - those with a better understanding - can herd to our advantage. Demonising and ridiculing them just makes them less easy to control.

We have to meme them in the directions we want them to go - ones that are actually to their advantage.

Hence I point out that Saint Pepe The Transformer is more palatable to them than the "scary" chaos "god" KEK.

They are lambs, they need to be herded.

This guy fucking gets it.

I do not proselytize. My faith is mine - I am not evangelical. I avoid Sunday services as I don't like the crowds. I just go to my church, sometimes light a candle and pray to God. It gives me a type of energy that is difficult to describe, so I won't describe it. I NEVER put my faith onto others.

Why didn't you post it in the QTDDTOT?

Oh goo-

KEK is "scary" for a reason. To make Him not seem "scary" would be to make light of Him and encourage misuse of His power. He should be fearsome, so that His adherents are not swayed to use KEK's power for profane ends.

The Internet has democratized access to magical knowledge. Rather than having priests and shamans to serve as gatekeepers, any idiot do a google search for anything they want and find a hundred different perspectives and opinions about it in a minute. The old ways of shepherding people simply won't work in that environment - that's why atheism and "spiritual but not religious" are surging. Christianity hasn't - and in my opinion can't - work in the wildly different intellectual climate the Internet has brought. I mean there are still people writing books trying to prove that Noah's deluge covered every last mountaintop. That kind of shit doesn't fly with regular people anymore.

What does a meme wizard need from a messiah? I don't believe in either salvation or damnation as objective, absolute concepts - but I do believe that people's souls end up "finding their own level" so to speak. You can't save a person who wants to live in a sewer from inhabiting one.


If you want some top tiers:


Sun Wukong (Fire Ape)



Apollo (The All Greek Boy of self improvement)



Guan Yu

All are decent

I disagree with this actually.

Chaos is only scary if you oppose it. If one can accept and embrace it, it becomes exciting.

For Christians to see KEK as scary means they will oppose the coming transformation. A transformation they should actually welcome, as it means a transition from this corrupt and immoral world into a better, more wholesome and natural order that all of us here want.

This is why it's important not to scare Christians - the flock - with frightening ideas about KEK, but instead encourage them to see him as a saintly figure, come to help cleanse the world to prepare for a better world, one more akin to the Kingdom Of God they were promised.

OP is a concern troll faggot. End yourself.


And yet still so many people don't understand it, or dismiss it.

I disagree, SJWs and their ilk are being expertly shepherded, even though all their memes - "patriarchy","rape culture", "privilege" - are easy to disprove with google searches, *if* one is intellectually curious, which they are not.

We still live in a world of sheep, and sheep can be herded with memes.

you have no idea what magic is.

when we talk about magic we need to separate the 3 types of magic
illusion is no real magic, its working with tricks to make the spectators think something supernatural is happening.
human capacity, are talents hidden or open which human are able to perform.
Supernatural help, is when you know that the human is more than just neurons and flesh you understand that there is a spirit and a spirit world. Telekinesis, is not about a human being able to move objects its about human tasking spirits to bring the object. This is not a human talent, its help form the supernatural world.

A untrained person, or just a stupid person, will not know the difference between his own supernatural potential and if somebody is helping him.
Church systems are so protective about it that they ban everything that could be related to a outside spirit, even if its God himself.
So no the bible does not prohibit to explore ones own power, but only prohibits any practices that contacts with spirits, like rituals, witchcraft or divination.


That's bullshit and you know it.

You have an extremely limited idea of what humans are and what they can do. Our physical bodies are just extensions into dimensional space of an entity that is much greater and more capable. The human soul, with all its potentials, is operating in you as part of your ordinary life. Human beings do have hidden powers that can be teased out through effort or sometimes spontaneously at great need.

I think things are changing, slowly, for the better. The generation that's in high school right now has always grown up around meme magic and bantz; they don't get their news from any mainstream source; and I think they see through the manipulativeness of traditional American Protestantism. We need to encourage their religious creativity, like the Gnostics did in having their adherents write a gospel or an apocalypse.

Kek transcends politics user, whether he supports the white race or not Kek has control over us all, but he is fueled by white nationalist autistes the will of kek speaks through us, whatever ideas we hold are the ideas of kek

You mean 'raze'?



Yeah, no thanks. Jesus was a jew and it really shows in his followers.

English is a clusterfuck, but as it stands, it's the common tongue.

I'm not sure if this is good at all.

If everyone is a magician, then nobody is.

Accepting hierarchy means understanding that some people will always need to be lead.

You can't expect everyone to have equal power in a society, it's ridiculous. Some people have no insight or sense of responsibility.

Magic has always been for the few, not the may. Some people should not be magicians - they are needed for other things.

Why would you even want that kind of power over people?
No, if everyone is a magician, then EVERYONE IS A MAGICIAN.

I came here just to call you a faggot OP

What is the code behind "Shadilay"?

It is an anagram for Lash A Yid

I actually don't want power over people. But lots of people have no insight, responsibility, or direction, so they need to be lead by someone.

If they are not lead by the good, they will be lead by the bad.

Currently, lots of people are being mislead, resulting in degeneracy and decay - the literal destruction of civilisation.

Some magicians will always be better than others, and the better magicians will lead the lesser ones - you will still have a hierarchy.

But I don't think it's actually possible for everyone to be a magician. We are not all equals, we were not created equal, and we can never all be equal.

Seems like you just want to be special tbh fam

Not really. I didn't choose to see things this way, I reluctantly reached these conclusions.

It seems like you are an egalitarian. What are you doing here, of all places?

But I don't want Kek to leave. Kek should remain in our hearts forever.

Not the guy you were talking to and if you must know I'm equal opportunity, that doesn't mean we're all equal

I'm not saying that there wont be better and worse magicians, or that every single person will even want to be a magician, but I am arguing against the formation of some kind of high and mighty priestly class. It's all out in the open right in front of everyone, only those who really want to see will see it anyhow.

Yes, this is exactly true, so you end up with a natural hierarchy, as it should be.

good, burn everything


Then perhaps we're both arguing the same thing.

Ah, I was mistaken. I assumed you were arguing that we shouldn't let anyone in our secret club.

I agree, hierarchy naturally forms.

Shah De Ley
"From The Law Comes The King"

Low effort

Right, but we're not hiding anything or deceiving anyone. We're making our case right in the open, and anyone who is smart enough to join our ranks can do so, simply by joining them. The hierarchy is self-assembled rather than imposed.

Well isn't' this nice, we all agree!

I wasn't saying we can't let anyone into the "secret club", I am only pointing out that there will be those who will simply never "see".

As the great occultist Jesus Christ is reported to have said, "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear."

That doesn't mean everyone will hear. Just those that are able to.


Yea, I don't have any refutation to that.
That's a good point.

OP doesn't seem to understand synchronistic events.

We're the most outrageous revolutionaries that ever existed. We're pretty much one of those crazy infinite universe hypothesis.

And so the children of Yaldabaoth stir once again.

What a fun time to be awake.

daily reminder


You are a gigantic homosexual cuck if you believe that shit. How pathetic is your god that he feels threatened by a cartoon frog?

[Hand rubbing intensifies]


Not a christcuck but pls learn your shit.


ah, I keep forgetting that Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism and they totally worship a different deity and have a different cosmology, honest!

Real christfriends always capitalize "God." Nice try, though.

You mean classical Greek?



Can I get a sauce on the sexy clowns? Reverse Image turns up nothing.

Oh look, there's another narcissist speaking for "god" again.

I have no idea on the source but have some more


Might as well repost this, never had anything else weird happen since then though.

Someone came on your head user

Fuck off, he's the bringer of light. Bring forth lawful chaos.

If dubs then KEK agrees we should stop worshiping KEK.


Ha, jokes on you.

That's exactly the result I wanted…

Christianity and positive or creative magic have not always been enemies. I see no reason why Christians can't tap into the creative forces of nature to do good.

This tbh fam. You just ruled out someone cumming on your head by simple deductive reasoning, but the truth is darker.
Webm related.

You know that kids rationalize being raped by thinking they were abducted by aliens, I'm afraid user likely was cummed on by his roommate or parent if he still lives with them.

And I know it's not cum because midgets can't climb trees

Even if you had gotten dubs, it wouldn't have made a difference.
As I said, Kek cannot be used by the wicked.

ghost cum.

Kek is the vehicle we will use for the Netherlands, Austria and France
The offering will be migrant blood

Where the fuck do you think you are?

You do know trees expel water regularly, don't you?

I knew I had forgotten something. Fucking ghosts, they never play fair.

New day, new roll.
Rollin' for two beef pot pies and a large ice-water.
I offer this rare subliminal Pepe.

This whole nonsense about "gods" doing something for everyday user is plain bullshit and it needs to die. "gods" are the masters of this material world (hermetics call it the 7 changing spirits of firstborn mather-father), yet they only need your life energy to feed and just predict time of some "Grand Event" (read: Appuleius Metamorphos), like currently politicians and astrologists do. "gods" have no power on their own, unless you feed them some, through sacrifice ofc. Seriously don't fall for their lies. Those "gods" don't want anyone to have a free will, yet are called "rebels", they are bullshit, they need a totalitarian slave state to punish every disagreeing individual.
There is one true God and no one else. Everyone preaching hermaphrodite masonic doctrine should be burned alive at stake.

No they weren't, aren't and never will become true. Why would we sit here and listen to all this drivel? Aren't "gods" are so powerful receiving all those sacrifices daily and still can't, you know, kill us all with just a flip of a finger? They are bullshit and rely on possessed or other way around devoted people. That's it, they are so pathetic, they can't even emanate properly into material world.

They still feed on someone's energy and most of the time they are feeding the energy of fear, so they won't kill owner of the house where they reside, they are so weak, that they are afraid of leaving this material world and never coming back. They are so weak the all of those "gods" fear one little word: "Jesus".

You seem to forget that he also publicly wore old testament (probably) texts on his neck and prayed to YHWH on live TV! That's a bit more than 3,5 Holla Forumsacks and 6,5 /ctr/shills can achieve together jerking off on repeating digits.
It is also Jesus simple gematrix number, check it out.

this boy understand magick pretty well and everyone should listen to him and not believe in some fireballfromahand-tier nonsense. You are either invoking spirits to do something for you (even to cast a fireball) or you are fooling yourself and simply feeding your soul energy to some demon-like entity.
It was not prohibited to play around with magic, until people became so stupid that they started invoking spirits just to do harm to each other like some of fine Holla Forumsacks (or should i say /meadhall/ers) are doing right now with kek meme

You brought up some good points, but I would like to point out that the Christian conception of the Lord can be quite scary. Maybe fire and brimstone preachers don't have the same draw they once did, but wrath is very much a part of the Lord's portfolio and fear of God is regarded as a sign of righteousness.

I see reddit is here in full force

You gotta let the dubs flow user, can't force them.


Just combing this thread for Pepes- have some in return.
Praise Kek

Pastor, semantics. Got drunk because I lost my faith and I was intending to kill myself. She came down stairs (she was studying too) and stopped me, I ended up breaking down to her.

And yes, Christianity exists in other countries. Scary I know.

And you think why I praise chaos god?

Is this how the Chaos Marines were made?

Kek is nothing more than the result of Egyptians worshipping the plague of frogs that was laid on them by the one true God.

Trump did not win because of Kek, Trump won because God willed it, and he was kind enough to allow us to be his instrument, whether we believe it or not.

Thank you for correcting the record.

Get a real job shill nobody likes you
Chaos is good for us, its a tempest within which the weak die and the strong remain

Really? The Roman Empire is collapsing again? You fucking child. Your religion jumped the shark 1800 years ago.


Fuck off, jew worshippers.

You too, kike. Trying to label Kek as "satan" isn't going to work, especially not when you revealed your plans in another thread.

Their potentially ominous, long range plans?

chaos is the natural order of the universe, whenever a system arises which is unwavering in its rigidity the natural order will inevitably purge this unnatural system

can't deny his dubs tho user-o-witz

obvious d&c is obvious

right God worked with the jews first because of his deal with Abraham that one day through him all nations of the earth will be blessed (that blessing being Jesus).

I think you are looking at it from a primarily naturalistic viewpoint.

Say God of the bible created everything. Is he Jewish? No he is not.

Then God creates man and allows the people who would one day become Israelites and Judeans to come into existence. Is he jewish? No. Creating something doesnt retroactively make you like it. He didnt make the jews evil he allowed them to choose and become evil.

Abraham wasnt Jewish he was at worst a semite in a region that was already a mixture of semites and proto greeks (ie huwhite)

Jacob become Israel but jews themselves didnt come into existence until the Hebrew people were corrupted by Babylon and turned into jews through combining their beliefs and Moloch worship and perverting their original faith into the tradtion of the Rabbis.

Yes Jesus was called Rabbi as was the tradition that had spread but Jesus explicitly said "call no one master save God the Father" in response.


God creating Adam who would begat Abraham who begat Jacob who later had a large portion of his descendants become the epitome of evil on this earth does not retroactively make him Jewish because not even Abraham created God, God has always exists.

PS The Bible never mentions Jews in a positive context.

PPS If God creating people and thus indirectly modern day jews makes God jewish
than wouldnt that mean that the Founding Fathers are Multicultural Poz taking Neocons despite creating America to be a whites only republic?



Wrong neighborhood, motherfucker.

Basically he reveals things.

Jokesters tend to reveal things about people they didn't realize, thus a great force to humble foolhardy people.

Fuck you, I do what I want.


No, the Abrhamic covenant included people that later become Muslims. (Genesis 15)


I too think that God and Kek are more connected than we think

At the very least, they both fight Moloch/Satan

Which one are the christcucks gona use tomorrow?

Christ didn't get trump elected. Kek did.

Thanks for finding him. if you look in the JTRIG thread youll find the same shill starting it just so christfags can have a foothold in the board culture. You can easily tell theyre shills by the archived thread here

Egyptian gods built the pyramids. Greeks the Parthenon and Collosus. Sumerians the Zyggurats. Romans the eternal city. Nordics the exploration of the world.

Jewish "god" brought slavery, plagues and the dark ages.


English is a second language to you stupid kike, you talk like some second rate character with case of ESL on steroids syndrome with all your doom and gloom BULLSHIT


Wojak. He should be the ultimate avatar of our personal struggles. He should represent the "spirit" of all anons.

Oðthin for sure. Always room for more if need be.

Though the chaos god of 40k are pretty cool, they are a pretty shallow attempt at theology.

Plus, like everything else in 40k, they are absolute contradictions of themselves.

Nice shiny though


This thread is full of newfags

Seeing how this thread is being derailed by various (1) posters is quite a sign that we are digging into something much more sinister, than just "feels bad man" meme.

now i must point out this boy.
Yup, edgyptians are so clever that they even worshipped a bloody scarab beetle as a sun reincarnation sigil. How could anyone be more demented? They thought that scarab carried the sun on his back and then… MAGIC! He buried himself under the sand (for reproduction purposes or simply hiding from other much more intelligent animal forms), and then, once again… Sun is shining! Scarab is devouring the Sun, you know, totally.
The ages-old cult of reincarnation is not a "soul transfer" (at least for uninitiated) as buddhists praise, it is a metaphorical death. New-age is all about "waking up", "awakening", "being born again". Digging your own grave, being left alone in the dark and then (after some time) being brought to the light it is. Ask Plato for references, he was booed and (luckily or not) left alive for just mentioning some of those ages-old rites.
As some fine folks may already know this, this scare technique (being buried alive is a most widely recognized fear among humans) is strangely similar to well known mind programming (drugs, sex, sigils are used there too).

somebody is invoking deity’s (or demons) on global scale.

ISIS is ishtar

pepe is

This are old and powerful deity’s (if you believe in that type of things).

As a supplication or prayer it implies to call upon God, a god, goddess, or person, etc. When a person calls upon God, a god, or goddess to ask for something (protection, a favour, his/her spiritual presence in a ceremony, etc.) or simply for worship, this can be done in a pre-established form or with the invoker's own words or actions. An example of a pre-established text for an invocation is the Lord's Prayer.

All religions in general use invoking prayers, liturgies, or hymns; see for example the mantras in Hinduism and Buddhism, the Egyptian Coming Out by Day (aka Book of the Dead), the Orphic Hymns and the many texts, still preserved, written in cuneiform characters on clay tablets, addressed to Shamash, Ishtar, and other deities

this type of rituals can have adverse effects.

What's wrong with invoking deities?

ISIS aint Ishtar
although Ishtar is a cruel whore of a god and is a violent bitch she has unmistakably feminist tendencies
the women of Ishter could walk naked in the street propositioning any man or woman she wanted without fear of reprieve from the authorities
in Mesopotamia in ages gone by a woman that wanted to have the full rights of a man would dedicate their bodies to Ishtar and become mercenaries for hire
they'd scar their faces, wear tattoos and fight for anyone that paid them
many kings and princes would take these warrior women to their beds while on campaign because more often than not they'd be the only women for miles that werent raped to fuck crying namra slaves captured in war

Joseph Campbell, a more recent scholar of comparative mythology, equates Ishtar, Inanna, and Aphrodite, and he draws a parallel between the Egyptian goddess Isis who nurses Horus, and the Assyrian-Babylonian goddess Ishtar who nurses the god Tammuz

Isis (/ˈaɪsɪs/; Ancient Greek: Ἶσις IPA: [îː.sis]; original Egyptian pronunciation more likely "Aset" or "Iset"[1]) is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt. She was first worshiped in ancient Egyptian religion, and later her worship spread throughout the Roman Empire and the greater Greco-Roman world……Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, but she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.

invoking deities is sort of mind control. If you look at the chanting in the church it is a form of invocation spirits (demons, gods / whatever). Repetition is form of mind control for masses.

The human mind is not predisposed to accept external control. Look at children. If you tell them to do something, they automatically rebel. It is only through repetition of instructions and a punishment/reward system that they “learn” to “behave properly”. If it wasn’t for this early brainwashing, we would all be running around naked, making funny noises for no reason, leaving doors open, and farting in public.

This is how brainwashing works. Mental programming requires three basic elements. First, the programmer needs to limit the information available to the subject. Then they control the subject’s behavior. The final piece of the puzzle is to apply subtle amounts of stress to the subject to distract them from the thought control process.

How Mind Manipulation is Used
For Influence and Control

Also, other stuff

there may be a connection between Inanna and Aphrodite but not Isis
Isis is a very sexless goddess, Bastet is more sexual than Isis whereas Ishtar, Inanna and Aphrodite are very sexual gods
Isis nurses her son Horus the product of love between her brother-husband Osiris whom she raises to combat her brother and husbands murderer Set
Ishtar nurses her kidnapped lover slave Tammuz whom she banishes to the underworld to be tortured forever by Ereshkigal her sister because Tammuz did not miss her when she was trapped in the underworld
Inanna nurses her half-mortal god lover Dumuzi

Just a quick note, 9-11 is widely believed *in conspiracy circles* to have been a massive ritual blood sacrifice, exactly the kind you'd need to buy a demon's favor or spark some giant global change. The numerology of it points to worldwide upheaval and change, etc. There are as many occult coincidences with 9-11 as there were of the physical/material coincidences we all know about.

This could be bigger than we think. Perhaps (((they))) have performed a WTC blood sacrifice to allow invocations to become more real and more powerful than ever. Perhaps Kek is just a minor egregore compared to the stuff they're summoning. They don't even care about the election, the President's power is the tip of the iceberg. More digging into what (((they))) are doing is required but I doubt anyone will find anything. We need to feel it and sense it. Something is happening. *Berenstain/Bernstein universe*

Demons also need regular feedings of child rape and torture, so if you happen to know any child traffickers or good pizza places, you might be onto something bigger… Moloch in specific was abhorrent to the Biblical God because Moloch demanded child sacrifices only.

Anyway, the reason Trump/Nationalism is good is because the movement represents chaos which brings order, instability which brings stability; a new foundation. The demons are pissed. They squirm between the cracks; they can't operate if the laws are nailed down. In your own life, if you have good opsec, they can't mess with you because you haven't given them an opening.

IF Kek is an egregore of an ancient Egyptian god, we need to keep up with him or he'll go the way of Zeus and drift into the powerlessness of the memory hole. We need to keep him strong and relevant and keep him a manifestation of our beliefs. (((THEY))) will try to corrupt him into something he's not, just telling you the bad news. Expect ultra rare Rainbow Fagget Pepe's and Stalin Pepe's and Furry Pepe's anytime soon. You are dealing with PURE EVIL who will try to corrupt, waterdown, commercialize and weaken Kek and Pepe. They don't know they are evil, because the demon chains that hold them down are light and virtually undetectable. Demons are everywhere.

This is a spiritual battle for the fate of the world. "We wage war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and power in high places". We are the underdogs and we've had ONE victory. The war has only just begun. It's been on for years, but we didn't even know they were gunning for us. Now they are entrenched and powerful and they've got their child sacrificing demons and we've got our ancient frog god. It's going to get worse before it gets better. We need to get off our asses and dig into this, literally the entire world is counting on us.

*France is under attack right now by the way, and it doesn't matter what you think of the French, there are a bunch of frenchbros there who need us and they need Le Pen. We need to let the fire rise there as well. This is war. Hitler had shit meme magicians but the alt-right doesn't. We can save them, making ourselves safer, stronger and greater in the process. Don't wait until election day, start posting pics of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the French Ivanka Goddess ASAP! Kek is fuelled by dubs, but we are men and we are fuelled by… well… just post pics.*

Also, somewhat related and on a lighter note–if you like reading cool fiction, read Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis. It deals with this occultic stuff and is very well written and fun to read.

You know maybe Kek is just someone hacking the simulation we are living inside of from the real world outside the simulation. The waves of our own will against their desire to control us through the "elite" (a facade through which they can interact with our simulated world directly from their real world) may be causing problems in the universe outside of the simulation and some user has taken it upon himself to hack the matrix and covertly support us through the manifestation of Kek.

Praise Kek.