IT'S OVER (again)

They're going after Ivanka now.

How to counter this?

I don't even get it.
They're concerned about Ivanka running his non-political business?
I'd leave that to Eric personally, as women should never be in charge of anything.

It's sexism, attacking a woman for being included in politics. #ImWithHer

Bad idea

[Pic related]

If they keep pushing her on this, she may well do a press conference where she suggests that the attacks against her are simply anti-semitic.

At which point the shabbos goy will collectively have heart attacks and the kikes will spontaneously combust.

Bring your child to work day.
It's an established day, 25th of April each year but due to Trump's new job and busy schedule he took her to work on an alternate date.

Shouldn't they be celebrating profusely that a womyn is breaking the "glass ceiling", having short meet and greets with world leaders and beginning to run a multi-billion dollar company in his father's absence?

Shouldn't be relevant at all until Trump is sworn in. He's just getting started early.

If Donald trusts her, then I'm sure she's more than qualified. As far as I understand though, the two sons are involved as well.

Didn't Ivanka oversee the D.C. Post office Hotel? That turned out to be fantastic.


He's not the fucking President yet is he?

Oy vey, these attacks on this strong proud wyman are sexist, not to mention antisemitic!


Only ugly dyke femminists get to do that.

Tell the Jew whore to stay away from Donald.
We don't need her fucking things up like she did at the first debate.

Bring your kid to work day.


best gift right there
jewgle translate says it means "toxic gas"

Tell them the truth. That you don't give a fuck.

That's not a blind trust.

Shes part of the first family, as long as she has the right level of security clearance there is no legal reason why she should leave

We don't. I don't give a shit what the kike cunt does. She'll get the rope when the day comes for being a race-traitor.


Nice. At least some Holla Forumsacks know whats up.


Hi CTR! Still around I see?

Yeah, and if he told her to leave the room, the media would be lampooning him for disempowering strong independent CEO women into stepford wives and daughters who have no place in important meetings.

It wasn't an official state or diplomatic meeting, it was informal.

Ignore it and stop running with and reacting to their agenda.

Was his meeting with the PM business or political?

If business, they can fuck off being so sexist~ ;)

Slit your wrists, you /r/the_donald piece of shit. Ivanka is a kike cunt who converted to Judaism and had a little jew baby. She is the epitome of a race traitor and will be hanged, as will you.

I'd have thought a real Holla Forumstard would explain their position rather than point and name call like an SJW would.

Reported for D&C.


Also, quit calling JIDF out as CTR, you fucking newfags.

Yes, they should really prosecute her. Oh wait, they fucking can't.
Hypocritical faggots have nothing unless they want to throw hillary in a cell next to her.

What a naive fucking idiot you are

They work for the same master do they not?

Think about it.

Attacking Ivanka for meeting the Japanese PM?


She has a Jewish vagina, she isn't allowed to say hello? Where should she put the 6 pointed star, over her mouth or her labia?

Fucking KKK nazis.

This wasn't even an official meeting, nor is Trump in office yet. Why would it matter?

that's one thing.
also, they were discussing golf so Ivanka was OK as guest.

Here name is Ivanka.

Ivanka humpalot


I like that shirt

Gas the journos, story wars now

Just accuse people of internalized misogyny for attacking her tbh.


Jesus Christ you couldn't make yourself look any newer if you tried, Redditkike. You aren't fucking welcome here. Get the fuck out.

Go back to cuckchan, jew-lover

Kill yourself.

If I were trump I would sell off part of the business. It's a distraction, and a temptation to violate the rules to help family. He should be unconcerned with his company.


Yep, we've got a pure case of sexism on our hands I'd say.
Was this an actual government meeting? Trump is not even the president so why would it matter who he has there with him.
Whatever the case, gotta counter-signal this.

Is this really a big deal?

I'd shake that Pajeet's hand.

[sp]But only the right one. They wipe their asses bare-handed with the left.[/sp]

Back to cuckchan with you, you cancerous faggot.

They're correct on this, dumb bitch doesn't deserve to be there.


Well maybe they should have told Hillary to stop doing the exact same shit then.

So he's not allowed to be around his children, why, exactly? The left keeps making up new rules for him. Hope they don't call him a racist as punishment for disobeying.

Kek, this. Shove their double standards in their nose.

The press is right on this one. She really should not be at such meetings. We already had to deal with Clinton and inappropriate use of classified information. Do we really want the same thing to happen to DJT this early?

Seriously, it is an impeachable offense. He needs to be more careful.

The only non-retarded thing theyve done

Jewess ivanka and her kike husband Jared need to be rooted out

Shes a full blown kike

This. I'm going to write a strongly worded email expressing my disappointment in their mysoginistic reporting.

great post

it's a shoop.

The President isn't subject to conflict of interest laws. It is only a formality that some of the last few Presidents have placed investments in blind trusts. His kids can run his company, and they can tag along with him on trips. Reporters and opposition will complain about Trump 24/7 regardless.

That's assuming they're discussing something classified. Knowing how Asians are and that Trump's an international businessman I doubt anything of real substance was discussed at their first meeting.

So what exactly is wrong with Ivanka?
I wasn't following her as much so I actually have no idea.

Just typical kike tricks.

Also, in reality Trumps sons are running the company but the official story for the public will be that Ivanka is. This is how Trump will gain even larger female support 4 years from now and will get a second term guaranteed.

It's still a cool shirt tbh

Why the hell would they be discussing classified information?

Luggenpresse is t it again.

What law exactly did her presence violate?