What skills do you have and how do you plan to use them to help make America great again?

I'm almost done studying industrial automation and already have received job offers. Unfortunately, I had to turn every single one down due to a lack of reliable transportation. This is going to need to be fixed if I plan on doing anything with my skills.
Wherever I go, I'm going to be replacing several low wage workers (ie. illegal immigrants and niggers) with a machine that can do their job faster, cheaper and better.
what are YOU doing, Holla Forums?

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I'm a component-level electronic repair technician. I repair and maintain the machines that keep low-wage niggers and Mexicans from getting jobs.

Im a police officer. I beat the shit out of niggers and spics and have even killed a couple.

I have always been curious as to what that job entails. You just taking a DMM/o-scope to the components and swapping them out if they don't meet specs or what?

Thank you for your service.

Jesus Christ nigger you can pick up a running Honda Civic for under $1000 that will be reliable enough to get you to work. If you are actually an engineer as you claim you would have no problems keeping said cheap car on the road reliably for a long time. If you don't have $1000 you can get rides until your first paycheck.

Hope you got your ham license.

I manage the development of hotels and casinos so even though I own my own business now I'm applying for the Trump team. I hope to either do forensic auditing of gov contracts or project management i.e. administer the infrastructure contracts myself.

Trying to become a physical therapist assistant. The program is pretty competitive though.

Dear, get off 8ch.

Over a decade as a tactical operator, then a few years of tactical L/E before retired.

Not around these parts. A used junker around here is at least double that.
I have actually had people offer me rides when I explained my situation. but that was after the ship had already sailed on those offers.

Frankly, I'm probably better off finishing my schooling before entering the workforce anyway. I'm one of 3 A's in a class where about a quarter are failing. This is probably due in no small part to the amount of time I have to dedicate to it.

Own your destiny user, hard work yields results.

I work in the logistics department for an engineering firm, providing equipment for the UK's MoD, nuclear programme, heathcare, rail and power infrastructure. I'm not doing the key, important work but at least I'm helping somewhat.

>tfw cucked employment

I think I have the same profession,
in my country it is called electronics technician. You learn how to solder, swap components, find malfunctions, measure signals, do test procedures, fill test protocols, do easy development tasks (schematics, board layout on CAD) and various other stuff. Apprenticeship is 4 years, pay is nice and job offers are always there whenever I have a look at the job market.

However, I am a student right now in process engineering / process management and I hope one day I can work for a company, optimizing their processes and keep low-wage niggers, Ahmeds and Mexicans from getting jobs.
I also read job ads yesterday, Texas and Florida are hiring in my profession, I really think of migrating to the US

Are you in Alaska or HI or something? Otherwise there are cheap cars within several hours drive of you.

Hell if you're that hard up I would try posting an ad on craigslist explaining that you're a student looking to get a job and you need a donated car to get to work. White people give away cars all the time.

Keep up the hard work. Getting A's isn't enough though. Whomever you go to work for be sure to continually learn and do research in that field.

Sitting in my cubicle, making $50k/year to shitpost on 8ch.

I can support this, KeK

How do I get into politics IRL?

You don't need to tell me that. I have a hard on for closed loop systems, shit's cool yo.

Locally. I actually met one of the district representatives of my town. He's not much older than me. Granted, he was a Cruz supporter. He was the free market capitalist type and he ran unopposed, but at least he wasn't full cuck. Last time we chatted we were basically bashing the "never Trump" crowd.


Political analyst, focusing foreign policy and security issues. Currently doing research on how the latest IT advancements can affect political systems. Given the recent election, I feel like I'm living in a golden era.

Depends friend: what do you want to do specifically? Policy, like me? Activist? Staffer? Fundraising? Communications/Media? Running for office?

That actually sounds really interesting. Did you find anything worth sharing besides the obvious "voting machines can rig elections and information can be leaked by hackers?"

I only have basic computer skills but I'm going through an IT course to then later get into robotics then follow that up with my time split between aerospace engineering and the prosthetics end of robotics.

On the one hand, I'm going to help make our airforce great again with both end game schools then see about making NASA great again. And help Americans with limb loss have better prosthetics, especially the veterans that lost limbs in the wars.'

Then my end game for liberal left, get them to believe prosthetics should be the "next big thing", then programs into the prosthetics kill switches that activate when they go full retard.

Actually, given the results of the American election, there is now the sudden flood of interest on how to counter rigging votes/elections.

What I'm currently looking into right now is the idea of using blockchain technology (the basic concept behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) in this regard. Such a blockchain-based system could store votes forever, create records that can't be tampered, and would eliminate multiple voting by a single individual. And even if someone cheated the system, the cheat vote would be recorded and could be ferreted out later. There's already a startup company working on this called Expanse that is testing the idea, and they recently held a showcase vote:!/dashboard

Of course, there are multiple considerations.

For this system to work, it would need to be paired up with a corresponding ID system, and there are plenty of people in the US (and elsewhere) who aren't ready to hand over data to the government (never mind that corporations probably already have it). Worst case scenario is that this could be the beginning of what the Chinese are looking into, which is testing out a social credit system.
In other words, you're a assigned a particular score based on your behavior, loyalty to the government, economic/social status, etc. The potential for totalitarianism on steroids is astounding.

Then there are other aspects to think about. For example, even if the voting process itself is secure, the technology doesn't affect what happens outside the voting booth. We would still have to account for voter intimidation efforts, deliberate attempts to misinform voters about polling locations/times, etc.

Then we would have to start thinking about how systems like this could affect the very composition of political systems, since blockchain tech is by it's nature a decentralizing force. At the rate we're going, we could have to deal by corporations administrated by algorithms by the end of the decade, with all the social/political/economic/ethical implications THAT brings along with it.

It's all fascinating stuff, really.

Running for office ofc

What about every machine printing a receipt with an ID on it that the user could use to look up his vote later?

sorry, meant to quote

There have been issues with that.

Then there are three generals ways you can do that:
1) become successful in some way or another (business, military, NGO, whatever) and then run for office (by which time you've assumedly made friends with people in a political party)
2) start out at the local political level (eg., town/city councils, county boards, neighborhood commissions, etc), which is easier to break into (less expensive, not as partisan, issue-oriented, fewer votes you need to wrangle, etc).
3) Work under another elected official (usually a DC Rep or Senator) as a staffer of some sort for long enough to get an idea of how things work, then run by yourself (ideally with your boss/mentor's blessing and backing)

I recommend reading a handbook called How to Win a Local Election by Judge Lawrence Grey. It's dated by now (the chapter on computers needs to be rewritten and social media needs to be factored in), but it's still invaluable. It breaks down everything you need to deal with (the various filing dates, voting petitions, regulations and rules, basic suggested strategy, etc) and gives you an idea of what you're in for.

If you really want to do this right, I suggest attending the Leadership Institute in DC. It's basically a political school for conservatives that teaches you everything. Mike Pence is an alumnus, as is James O'Keefe, Grover Norquist, and a good chunk of the Tea Party congressmen, as well as elected officials in every state. There is even a specialized course called the Future Candidate School.
If you're still young (college age), I say try gunning for the internship program. It's probably THE surefire way to get into serious politics from the start, complete with training, connections, an assorted collection of books, etc.

So essentially that recent Black Mirror episode come to life.

what are some good schools/programs for learning how to into robotics/computer sci you anons would recommend?

Thanks a lot for the info, I'm not American so sadly I can't go to the school you recommended, but I still appreciate the steps you gave and the book you mentioned. And btw I'm still young, younger than 20.

A somewhat related question, since I'm not american and I live in a country where there are like 20 different parties in the parliament, would you reccomend creating a new party or joining an existing one? If the former, how do I get to it? Any tips you can give? What about running as an independent?

A pretty cool field, I'm interested in that kind of work myself.

In college for EE.

something isn't adding up

also I'm getting my flight physical done next week as I've already aced my flight exam, could be a pilot before long

Meter/scope, function generator, custom-made fixtures… yeah. In a nutshell - figure out how to power something up, check ICs and transistors/FETs and shit. Change caps. Replace anything that looks heat stressed or physically damaged.

If a customer has a truckload of something they send, and they need 100% reliability when they get them back, it'd be up to you to reverse engineer a unit, figure out what it does & how it works, and come up with a solid way to test all the functions of a unit so that it's guaranteed to work when they get it back. (e.g., power up, signal(s) in = signal(s) out, signal(s) in = light comes on, relay fires, etc.)

Things can get tricky. Standard TTL logic chips can run be up to 40MHz, but there may be other components in-circuit that keep it from going that fast. So this chip that should pass a 40MHz signal only works up to 4 or 8MHz - is it bad, or is there something else going on? I had a board full of op-amps and shit once. Customer couldn't tell me the first thing about it other than they knew it was bad. I powered it up with ±12V (very common voltage for boards of this type), and the whole board tested good. They got it back and it failed as soon as they plugged it in - said it shorted out their system, tripping a breaker. WTF? Get it back, powered it up again with ±12V. No problems. It's drawing 150mA at an idle. On a hunch, I push it up to ±15V and BAM! It pulled six amps and two of the op-amps blew right off the board. Their system was running at ±18V, but I didn't know, and neither did they.

I had a piece of a Kuka robot I was working on years back. Customer sends in this board saying it's making their robot run funny. I go through it, find some things that seem a little off, but nothing too out of whack - standard repair, really. Plug the board into our test robot and fire it up. It runs great for like 5 minutes and then faults out. Huh - that's weird. Reset the system, fire it back up, and it runs great - for two and a half hours before it faults out the same way again. Well, that's definitely not right. Go over the board again, find nothing wrong. Plug it back into the system, fire it all up, 20 minutes later it faults out again. This time, the error won't clear. Cycle the power on the bot and the controls, reload the program, double check all the settings and let it rip - 4 hours then the same fault. Long story short, I fought this thing for sixteen full work days, and I ended up (quite accidentally) finding a bad precision 5.56V Zener diode that was being used as a voltage reference for an A/D converter that was part of the feedback circuit so the robot "knew" it's present position in XYZ-space.

Everything's a mystery or a puzzle that needs to be solved. It definitely takes a special kind of someone to do it.

I actually never bothered. I'm an anti-social asshole, and usually just keep to myself, so going out of my way to talk to more people is about as enticing as jamming a glass rod down my urethra before smashing my dick with a ball peen hammer.

Sounds like it, yeah. I got laid off from my old job (6 yrs+) back in October. I took a couple weeks to stop and smell the roses, spent a week looking for work, and I start a new job Monday. People like us can always find work. Someone has to keep the wheels of industry turning…

Go for it, man. I have a 2yr degree from a local community college in a bumfuck part of Michigan most people never heard of. My last job, I was pulling in anywhere from $60-75K/yr depending on overtime. I spent two years living in PL. Spent some time in UK, DE, CZ. It can take you places… See above, though. It's not for everyone. Some people are better at the engineering side of things than they are at the repair side.

You'll fit right in. Ham's are the original anti-social nerd NEETs

They based it off the concept, yes. But now it's starting to become real:

I'm torn between being worried and pretty impressed.

Oh, well in that case, How to Win a Local Election will do you even less good, since it's catered primarily towards an American audience and the data it talks about deals primarily with that. The only thing you'd pick from it are the basic questions (ie, why do you want to run, do you have a good idea what the job is like, etc.) You'd probably benefit more from The Political Campaign Desk Reference by Michael McNamara.

And I would say it depends on the exact country. If it's a developed Western democracy, then it's more or less like the US: Get in with one of the parties early since they are the key institutions and can provide you with training, financing, connections, etc.
Ideally you want to have come from one of the top schools in the country, where it's easier to make connections. Japan has the "Todai elite" from the University of Tokyo; the UK has the "Old boy network" from Cambridge and Oxford; the French have the École nationale d'administration; etc.

If that is not the case though, which I sense it might not be, then it's a bit more difficult to say. In those cases, political parties are less formal "parties" and more vehicles for specific individuals. Or maybe you're in a country that is essentially a one party state with the veneer of democracy applied on and certain smaller parties brought in to give the appearance of everything working out fine. Running as an independent works in that case if you're doing it under a "clean up corruption" campaign or the like.

You'd have to tell me more about your home country so I could give you specific advice.

Hey I'm a studying engineer in Bongland.

What would you recomend me to get into your country with a tidy carreer please I can't put up with this shit anymore.

I used to do research on organic semiconductors.

But now I'm working a job not related to my background. In my spare time, I've taken up programming, and I'm considering doing some modeling/simulation work. I don't want to stop publishing, but my day job doesn't afford many such opportunities.

Go somewhere that's convenient to you. As far as getting you foot in the door goes, school is for certs and degrees. Having concrete examples of your work to show off will be a great plus as that puts you ahead of 90% of people applying from the get-go. Setting up your own little project (like a robot spider or some shit) isn't expensive either. You can get a microcontroller for chump change (as long as you just get the IC and not the pre built boards), program it to to actuate servo motors that cost about $5 a piece based on a universal remote input picked up by a $1 sensor. from there you just need some passives and a programming port which are less than a dollar each and a chassis which you can cut out of a soda can.

The real value of education though is to point you in the right direction for your own research. No school/program is going to teach you everything there is to know about anything.

I am a web designer who also has videography experience.

There are many ways to shitpost for America through these means.

Masters in Applied Memetics
You really need to pay more attention.

network security and software engineering
I'm an infosec/netsec fag

Depends, wanting to go higher up, you need to have the right connections. Hence why most politicians has never worked in their entire lives, they were born into it.

It's the new blue-bloods basically. And as a local politician you're going to slave to them. In short, democracy is a fucking joke, a scheme to trick us into believing we have power when we ultimately don't.

What am i doing? Nothing really, just like most young men nowadays, trying to find a career is nearly impossible. I work at a fast-food place as a manager, trying to keep the place free of immigrants and instill some values and pride into the shitty work that it is.

RWDS + various support roles. Engineering and medical background. Hopeful for future position as Tyrant, location unchosen. Perhaps stint as a mercenary to retake constantinople, restart the varngian guard, who knows.

Plan big anons. Accept nothing short of victory, at any cost.

Dental assistent with plans to be a dentist.

Someone needs to do the job after jews are dead.
Not a Burger though

Currently a materials engineer and making our military great again.

Wrong. Trying to find a low skill job that any dumbass on the street can do is nearly impossible. There are semi-skilled fields with a blaring shortage of employees out there. The bar of entry in these fields is low too, because the vast majority of people have literally no practical knowledge in these fields at all.

learn how to weld or something. Or maybe be a machinist. There's a lot of companies that literally can't find enough people who know how to use a lathe or a mill.

Welding, building the wall obviously.

TEACH ME! (I come from IT. I didn't realize I'd turn out to hate IT work in adulthood when I was a teen.)
What do you foresee as far as machine-fixing machines? I should go down that route…

NO PLC FOR POC Automation engineer revolution NAOW!!!

I don't think we have to worry about shitskins programming PLC's. It's actually quite funny, you can pretty much estimate how good the people in my class are at programming PLC's by their skin tone. The darker they are the more they hate it.

Used to work in finance, i quit a year ago and now i work doing all kinds of things, carpentry, construction, demolition, roofing.
I found a company with only whites and I'm staying here until they get start hiring niggers.
Cut my salary in half but i dont care, i get to work with only whites and that is good enough for me.

That's like twice the pay so it works out!

Only thing i hated in PLC class was the 15 yr old shitbox computers that kept crashing every hour or so…I ended up smashing one mouse and hiding the remains during one of the courses.

I'd say I'm pretty lucky in that respect. Our program is well funded and kept up to date.

Our laptops work fine and we have enough PLC's to work in small groups (evidently some programs literally have one PLC in their entire department. That was a huge shocker to me and I'm still not sure how that even works.)

You are literally one of the handful most useful people in a resistance movement.

Researcher mustard race. I am a 3l in DC doing crime research. Shit is gonna be so cash when the political market swings back towards demanding a) law and order and b) reality.

If Sessions becomes AG, we're in for such a flipping ride.

I'm in my last year of highschool, I have decent grades and no skill in anything, wut do?

Should I even bother going to college? What's a good job to choose?

Have you given any consideration to what you want to do?

I assume not. And aren't college applications due by now, if not soon?

Do you think Trumps immigration policy would favor white people from UK/Europe with skills in industry?

Im into regenerative farming in the tropics. Not a mud though, 100% huwite. Looking to cash out and move back stateside thought US was doomed in 2013 I left lots of libshits looking to flee the god emperor.

I get Holla Forums is probably mostly STEM dudes. Im not anti-tech at all, just waiting to see the day when white people return to biologically sound ways of living. Will have to look up organic semiconductors.

We're a long way off from that. Things like that have been around since the 90s/early '00s, but they're more for OEMs and QC work than for repair use. Something like this, for example:

They used to be huge, but it looks like they're almost table-top now. The idea behind them is that you use a VI (voltage vs current) curve signature (pic related) to validate boards. You connect one probe to ground and another probe moves between various points, while a computer analyzes the VI curve to give a pass/fail response.

The problems with this are two-fold:

1. A computer doesn't have judgement. If you set something to pass up to a 5% tolerance, things fail at 5.0001%. Things don't need to fail at one hundred millionths of a percent, but a computer doesn't know that. So you end up with people chasing their tails using instruments that may or may not be as accurate as the machine that made the call, may or may not have been calibrated recently, and so on.

2. These VI machines work on set parameters. By this, I mean that if a VI machine has however many voltage ranges, but a particular one isn't enough to accurately find a problem, and the next higher range may destroy whatever it is you're testing. See my other post about the board full of op-amps: At ±12V, a board was verified as good twice. At ±15V, it turned out that there were two ICs whose power pins were shorted - a difference of only three volts in each direction. Another time, I saw a guy working on a board full of 4000 series logic. Almost every IC on the board was warped - the lid was bubbled up or in a few cases blown right off. CMOS logic can run on anything from 3-15V. He powered it up with 5V and half the ICs that were visibly bad or blown still tested good!

Machines can't make judgement calls like that. And as far as desoldering and soldering, forget about it.

If you're into computers and shit, one thing that you might be able to get into is what's called a Pinpoint machine, made by Diagnosys:

It's a standard Windows-based PC, but it also includes multiple power supplies, and a series of cards that contain relays, transistor circuits, FETs, and so on. On these cards are various connectors (pic related). You can use it as a meter, as an oscilloscope, as a VI tester, or you can build your own test clips for connecting to anything from 4- to 40-pin or even larger DIPs, SOICs, QFPs, PLCCs, and so on.

You get a board in front of you, and create a layout like you would in any standard CAD program. But as you go, you identify each device with a part number (CD7400N, SN74LS04AN, etc.), and the Pinpoint has built in code that it runs when you clip on each IC and hit the button. It then does a series of tests (Power, Voltage, Shorts, Opens, and one or two others, I forget) and determines whether or not the part is good. It's primarily used for testing digital ICs, but creative programmers can use them to test analog and mixed signal devices, or even build connectors to test entire boards at once.

Still, a lot of operator judgement is needed. If a device fails, the operator has to figure out why. Is there another part in-circuit, like a diode or a capacitor, that's causing it to fail? Will slowing down the test from 4.0MHz to 3.5MHz or even 1MHz help? Should you alter the code to change your HI/LO voltage thresholds to accomodate for pull-up or pull-down resistors or an out-of-tolerance power supply? Maybe you need to use a different connector on the card, or a different card in the machine…

If fucking around on a computer and pouring through code all day to fix a typo is your thing, then being a Pinpoint operator (or programmer) might be your thing.

I'm following suit like everyone else, did the college application thing, thought about what I want to get into, or even about getting into a technical school (welding). The main thing I've considered doing in college is Urban planning. But I've also kept my mind open to computer shit.

STEM has always been boring as shit to me. how many people find this shit legitimately interesting vs. just doing it for a stable income?

u fuckin wot m8?

I live in Chile.

We recently switched from a "two per state" system (or first past the post I guess), to a proportional system.

There are two mayor coalitions:

-New Majority (Socialists, Communists, etc)
-Let's Go Chile (Cuckservatives, Libertarians, some [very few] Pinochetists)

Kind of like Democrats and Republicans, but they are coalitions, in each coalition there are like 5 independent political parties.

The out of coalition parties are very small, though they do exist and they are more like "Bernie Sanders parties".

In Chile we have an "alt-left" like Spain (Podemos), but not the "alt-right" (as the media likes to call it).

I'd say it's much more similar to a western country, specially the French system, than other one-party countries like the rest of Latin America.

Then I'd say join one of the center-right parties until you get some decent training on political activism and organization in. Then reevaluate and see if you benefit more from either being independent or being "that" guy from the party.


Thanks for the advice lad, honestly.

Statistics. If Clinton had won, I was planning to move into finance, but now that the election is over, I think I will go into medical research.

10/10 programmer and software architect, probably the best around. Also study physics in pretty much all my spare time and have invented a few things which could make a huge difference (though unpatented since there's no way to take them into production and control the technology without having more resources first.)
Applied to the Trump administration's offering software and for science advisory positions, though since neither will likely happen I'm saving up enough to put things into production and get patents while experimenting.

I believe you.


Working part-time at a retail store and attending a community college. universities are too expensive, l'm not pulling out a loan with Shekelstein's Savings & Loan. Hoping to graduate in 2017 with an AA in Computer lnformation Systems.

l've been thinking about getting in to flipping houses (buying up homes cheap, remodeling, and selling them again for profit). l'm in a unique situation because my grandmother moved out of her house and into a retirement home. My dad, a contractor, and l are investing in it to flip it. l got an inheritance of ~$12,000 from an aunt and l invested it in the house in order to help flip it. l'll likely be doubling my money. lt seems like a good way to make some good money when the housing market is good.

Anyone else into flipping houses and has any tips?

God bless you sir.

I'm learning welding, machining, and gunsmithing right now. I wanna make guns and lubricate them with liberal tears.

Graphic designer who helped with the election memeing. I will continue to do so.

Do we really need to have this thread twice a week every week?


do we really need Holla Forums users to forget that a world outside of their internet hugbox exists?

Rich guys always think it's still the 1990s. No you can't…

It's over for me. Maybe I can dig ditches on Trump's wall.

It's not too late, but all that liberal brainwashing may have made you a defeatist.

Film/history were idiotic degrees for certain, in fact it's amazing you're 40 and have 60K in debt for that because the college system wasn't totally fucked at that time (unless you picked that recently.)

Look at it this way: it's never too late to learn new things and put them to use and with an IQ of 137 you aren't hopelessly retarded, you're just retarded enough to succeed in business if you stop acting like a defeatist.

The universe is only as elegant, beautiful, great, etc as intelligence is capable of perceiving it to be, all of existence has worth and meaning only because of the perceptions of intellect, keep growing your mind and never stop.

You don't need to pay for a piece of paper to learn.

Sounds like my kind of job. Any good books/video courses to recommend? Or is this the kind of job you can get only if you have a degree?

Lol yes you can. I live in a pricy town and I've been driving a toyota celica that I bought for $900. I have bought 2 cars over the years for under $500 that ran for a long while as well.

I can fix a lot of shit, and build a lot of other shit. Want a basement storeroom finished to house your firearms and ammo? I got you. Need a radiator replaced? I got you. Need a computer built? I got you. Need a router flashed to run Ham radio meshnet? I got you. Need a badass meal cooked? I got you.

I just do…stuff. General handyman I guess. Going to be hopefully going to school for PC/Network technician and Network Engineering.

If you're physically able and don't have an arrest record I'd recommend joining the military.
Only 10% of jobs are directly combat related, the rest are support functions. Many of which transfer over quite well into the civilian world.
And if your job doesn't transfer over so well (like mine) you'll still have the G.I. bill to pay for up to 90k worth of education expenses once you get out.

Just saying, you have options if you want to get out of your "rut".

I'm starting to sound like a recruiter here but I can't help it.
Anyone can enlist in the U.S. military so long as they have a clean record and are able bodied. Service guarantees citizenship; yes, just like Starship Troopers.

I personally witnessed graduates being naturalized at the end of my basic training.
There are U.S. recruiters in Europe you can get in touch with if you're interested.

Still, I can't see an angle out of this mess. I picked idiotic degrees because there wasn't any real degrees that didn't involve at least stats 101, and there was no way to pass that shit. I had to cheat to pass College Algebra and beat the system

If you can't do the numbers, you're better off getting a blue color job, but only in the last 8yrs or so did people really start to realize that blue collar red neck nigger work had become more valuable than white collar intelligent work.

Before that a Community College history teacher could make as much as a Welder if they worked during their summer vacations

would you say a college education is still worth the time, money, and aneurysms?

What degree user, can you name some entry level jobs?

You should read "In Our Own Image". It's about how the human mind works, why it's so hard to translate to a binary computer system and some predictions about where AI is going in 10-20 years.

It also talks about an extremely interesting concept called "AI-Fascism" where a 4 digit IQ AI is the Fuehrer. Titillating stuff.

I develop free, open-source software to keep the legal jew and intellectual property jew from collecting their rents on entire industries.

Not even remotely. It puts you in debt, isn't required for an education, and the only real selling point is that the cult of retards who pay for paper will try to only hire from that cult - simply having them in your team will cut down productivity in many cases as a result.


I hope you are at least using the Lesser GPL or MIT license instead of the full-blown kike version.

I don't know much about BSD, but it seems better.

Also, OSI > FSF

Fuck off faggot there are 50+ cars listed on craigslist right now in virtually every major city that fit those requirements. Keep being a defeatist faggot loser.

I'm a civil servant working in a Spanish National Library. It's boring at first, but then you learn how to manage information and it's comfy since I'm reading most part of my working day.

You're a fucking out touch rich bitch who needs a severe beating. Those cars are junkers that people NEED to get rid of. They will ALWAYS break before you can get a job, before you can get a pay check large enough to fix them yourself.
The $2000 car is still dangerous and you need to know the real back story and see if drive for 20miles before you buy it.
You're fucking little sometimes I hate that we can't physically grab and smash the cunts on this board.

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Tell me where the used car salesman touched you…….. for fucks sake you are mad about something stupid. Only winey beta male faggots can't fix their own cars, something an Engineer like the OP should have no problem with. You don't need a $5k car to get to work, idiot. Yes there are $500-1000 cars ALL DAY LONG available. STOP MAKING EXCUSES YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT.

not a single argument contained within, no surprise.

you dont know the first thing about buying used cars

Another non-argument. Nigger I've owned 30+ cars. Everything from Honda to BMW to Porsche and have done all of my own work on all of them. I've rebuilt engines, transmissions and done complete restorations including body work and painting down to the last nut and bolt.

Except that I've done it successfully my entire life on a very tight budget, and you're a little daddy's boy

So YOU can do it on a budget, just not anybody else. Sure thing…..
This is about the weakest D&C we've seen here for some time. Try harder next time.

get your VPNs straight when shillposting

Who's arguing? I just want to hurt you, bad. You're a fucking manager, of hotels no less. You're the most worthless human being on the planet talking down to people who are better and more valuable than you. But this is the Jew consumerism open borders world we live in.
Which is who you are because you don't know how much a car costs to fix yourself on budget and the tools needed to do it. You've never done it. You're talking out of your ass. You get a $500 car on craigsist it will cost you $50 dollars to tow it to the junk yard because it will explode on you.
You say "STOP making excuses" to people who are superior to you in every way because you're a spoiled little kike brat who doesn't like to be totally wrong:
Any fucking MAN can tell you that a $1000 car will cost you (if you're lucky) $500 in home repairs with $500 of home tools unless you're DADDDDDY has them waiting for you

People like you skate through life with a silver spoon up your ass then claim to be "successful" because you "worked hard" when you're just a lazy stupid cunt. It would take me 10minutes to examine your life and show you how everything you've ever done was the result of life being gifted to you.

Day of the rope, the weak yuppy faggots will be stomped by the waves of fleeing niggers

And when you look up to me and cry for help, I will whisper "no"

That's not me moron. Are you IMKamphy? Is that why you're such a cunt?

No, I said you need $2000 for a RUNNING car that you can get registered, with at least 6mnth of tags before you have to smog it.
If you CAN"T smog it, you better hope you saved up another $2000in 6mnths with your new job for a NEW car because you're be riding around in vehicle with no tags.
If not, you better hope the bus schedual fits your work schedual, and you better hope you can get an EARLY bus because sometimes they never show up and you lose your fucking job.

So it's best to know the history of the car before you drop 2K

See you don't know reality, becase you're a little spooled bitch. You don't belong here. I bet you came here because you can't get laid and have no personal charm so you needed friends


Part time Police Officer
Part time Security Guard
Do unlicensed PI work for extra cash

Nice LARPing faggot. The record for number of kills by police officer is only like 6 and that was over a 15 year career. Most cops quit within 5 years of a fatal shooting.

An/o/n just dropping by to say this user is right, tools alone to fix pretty much anything outside standard maintenance of a car (oil changes.. that's about it) will cost you an arm and a leg at minimum
my dad used to buy salvage and used cars and fix them up. the tools he used were bought second hand and it costed him $1300 for everything he needed to fix the cars, car parts not included of course

Careful there, don't wanna cut yourself on all that edge.

In all seriousness though, you also sound like a retard; as if business management is just bossing people around, and to be honest, you don't sound like you hold a job more meaningful than lugging heavy weights around; which fits given the way you post.

Also, I don't know jack shit about cars and never plan on getting one.

Nice meme insult. Not created enough to come up with something yourself?
Yeah you would love to think that. But I promise I've done more in life and had more experience than you and you're shitty little pencil dick life

Management = the career for low brow beta males who survive like Jewish parasites off a world that needs a fucking enema already
You're the goodest goy and a complete waist of a human being

Still hiding the fact that you're jealous of them making more money than you'll ever make in 20 years a month despite you going nowhere with your wageslave life by moving boxes and shit around?

I just want a job that doesnt get old after a year. Does a job like that exist? I currently work in a warehouse and my boss is a weirdo prick. Everytime he talks to me I feel like I am about to get fired, but I have been here for over a year, so I dont even know anymore. He also lets me be super flexible with my schedule because I am also a student, if it werent for that I would probably seeking other employment. Dudes rich as fuck though so I dont even care lol

Military elite, educated in war
construction workers educated in building
Ship captains
small bussiness owners

Baby sitters and parasites

That fact that you would compare yourself to those other groups is fucking insane and show how out of touch with reality you are, beta male faggot "boss"

Is it this guy?

Fucking beta

That's cool

Webdev here.

My boss has 4 cars =^]

Yeah I did warehouse work before when I was moving around the States. My boss inherited the company from his daddy and use to do palates all day in front of us and act like he was someone who accomplished something because he could tell niggers to "do that". His wife hit on me and I almost fucked her but then I left the State

I think this is more your place seeing as how you despise capitalism and those who profit from it.

>>>Holla Forums

Business is survival of the fittest, success is the only thing that matters and those that don't play by the law of the jungle get left behind. And besides, isn't that how the Wehrmacht's branches operated between themselves?

Criminal defense.

(inb4 jew)
When you shoot a nigger breaking into your house, you'll need a criminal defense.

It's not a leadership position because it's not leadership. Every guy who works as a manager is a fucking douchebag who pushes his weight around and has no skills. He's a fucking baby sitter and a parasite
Capital-isssm is a Marxist dialectic meme. It has lost all meaning. We live in a mixed economy. Lurk more

No, it's survival of the shitiest who inherited at least SOME advantages over most of the people at the bottom. It's just like politics. It didn't use to be this way, but like I said, mixed economics.

There is nothing "fit" about some coked out salesman who got lucky a few times and now his boss gives him the best accounts because they're wives go to the same male masseuse.

Maybe when get up at the Trumpian level, but not faggot bitch on Holla Forums who screams shit like "Stop making excuses!". That's why asshole beta males say. Trump wouldn't motivate his hotel maids that way

Hello fellow Automationfag,

I do the same except basically an "extended full stack" type job, on top of managing projects and doing basic bitch desktop/server/printer management.

I take information from your AllenBradly PLC logic and filter it up to information panels for business decision making.

I need to hire someone (hourly, full time) in Indianapolis btw

You'll need another gun with the serial numbers shaved off, one bullet fired in the direction you fired, and then put in that nigger's paw

Web development here. It's not glamorous work, but it pays well and I have a really amazing boss and everybody in the office is really great. It pays my bills and lets me pay off my student loans while pursuing my own hobbies in my free time.

If you're considering wagecuckery, forget about what kind of job it is. You can learn to do anything. Pick the one with the best boss. That makes all the difference in the world. Ask your interviewers about their boss. When you're working for a person you know and respect it's so much nicer than when you're working for a "company".


New Trump American manufacturing renaissance incoming.

You're just figuring this out?
Did you think that, when Trump stopped outsourcing and brought manufacturing jobs back here, we'd have the sweatshops like they have over there? Fuck no. We have machines that can do the work of about 100 Chinese children for about half the running price (though the initial cost of these machines and the lack of people who know how to use them does create a barrier for people wanting to do manufacturing here).

We can easily outproduce China. We just need to take away the short term solution that is outsourcing and invest in teaching people how to do actually useful shit.

And for all the skilled labor we need to design, maintain, and operate those machines we will have unskilled labor producing those machines and also building The Wall and fixing our roads, rails, and bridges.

I'm a programmer, i like making videogames. That's it.

Fabrication is actually skilled work. I, for example, can program the shit out of a microcontroller, design a circuit to attach to it, and cleanly soldier the components in place. But if you ask me to bend a piece of sheet aluminum straight, you're shit out of luck. Lathes and mills are fun, but if my hands physically touch the piece I'm working with I can guarantee I'm gonna fuck it up.
And you definitely don't want unskilled people maintaining our infrastructure.

There is no room in the next industrial revolution for those who have no skills under their belt. Learn to do something useful if you haven't done so already.

Cyber Security. Feels good that my career is in high demand.


Can you think of anything "useful" that doesn't fuck with your back or cause cancer like breathing in welding materials? I'm sick of getting permanently injured to make some daddy's boy rich

Classic datamining thread

What do you have a natural inclination to do?
What's something that you WANT to be good at?

is welding truly unsafe? with proper equipment isn't the risk pretty much 0?

considering welding here

respirators etc

I'm going into the hornet's nest.

Time to make the humanities great again.

I'm a BSN nurse. I'm going to repair the injured and broken heroes that are going to build the wall. And, when the day comes when my fellow Americans decide to purge the country and make the holocaust real, I will be there to keep The Donald's human war machines alive to kill some more.

LARPing aside, I'm probably going for informatics in a few years so that I can work with computers in anticipation for when the singularity arrives and replaces all menial labor with brobots. God and Kek bless you, computer friends.

Every illegal alien in Los angeles has transportation and is driving it miserably.

I don't think your going to make it brother.

I do have a way to get around. but the trip to half of these places would take half of my day all in all. Mix that in with the fact that I still have classes and it would a mess.

Come on now

In college now, thinking about being a forensic anthropologist.

That's a demanding subject. Better bone up on the research.

Find a job that pays well and you can get actual use from it when SHTF

don't go to college unless you're studying computes. if your goal is a career, look into trade schools.

alternatively, follow our dreams and make 's LARP a reality.

So no one is impressed I might become a fighter pilot? :^(

don't be sad user. we'll need you when (((that day))) comes.

Studying gombuter brogram, hope to use it for something useful for humanity rather than writing apps for niggertech. Not hopeful but maybe in Great America.

I'm a computer repair technician, working as an apprentice to a forensic data recovery specialist in a shop that does both. I was worried that computer repair was going to start dying when the millennial, computer-savvy generation came into play, but it turns out they're just as retarded as octogenarians when it comes to anything other than social media. Data recovery will never go out of style. It's challenging work, but fun–and ludicrously profitable. I'd like to apply for the Trump team, but I work six days a week here, and there's no way I could do both at the same time. That, and fixing computers/fetching data for the general public produces by far the best stories.

underrated post

None. I am 23 years old and spend most of my time binge drinking and masturbating. At most, I may try out those paid surveys just to get some shred of income.

I might try out that "monk mode" thing I hear so much about as a last resort to unfuck my shit.

Join the military man. You can turn your shit around even if you don't want to ZOG your whole life. If you got a degree go for officer.

I plan to get into a trade or join the military(if they will let my oldfag ass).
Any anons have advice for my shit ass.

Military takes people, but you're going to want to get a move on. Enlistment cutoff is 34 I think. Take the ASVAB and see what they offer you.

I've contemplated this, but holy fuck would I need to clean up my act. I'm talking a massive overhaul.

It's not that hard. I took the exams after being neet for a year and they're offering me pilot. I got a great score on the entrance exam though, like 97th percentile.

I only looked at the Navy/AF and Navy has their flight officer boards coming up in mid-Dec. Their non-flight officer boards are coming up in March.

For AF, it's July for non-flight and like September for flight.

I'll give it a go. I never wanted to under Mr.Kenya but under Trump it will be GREAT!

I have heard they are doing some privilege training in the military lately. Anyone know anything about this?

They are, but I imagine it'll get toned down under Trump if not abolished completely. The AF is particularly bad I hear, sucks because they have all the cool planes.

fucking plebs

I've been in the IT field as a mere technician for some time and looking for a way out at this rate.

The cuckoldry that runs rampant in the tech industry, being on-call 24/7/365, sitting on your ass in a lifeless cubicle, always being required to continuously learn the latest software or hardware around the clock without risking future job opportunities, jobs that are typically found only in Democratic strongholds… I can't take IT anymore.

I've been feeling the desire to strive for manhood and work with my hands (and getting them dirty) for once and seriously considering a skilled trade, but I'm not quite sure what though. Maybe being an electrician is something to think about.

i'm thinking of goin military. How many letters of recommendation for officer?

AF was last one the list anyways.

Marines, army,navy in that order. I have no problem being a grunt, it might actually suit me best.

I am going to research joining the military.

PR & Advertising. Hopefully wishing to manage the next Trump or the next god emperor of my own country.

I posted below you about possibly joining the military.

Even if you don't get a new trade get out side and build something. Hell even just dig a hole.


Chair force faggot here. Word of advice for people wanting to join. If you are going to join this branch, make sure you get a job you want in writing, preferably one that transfers well to the civilian world. I got lucky with Air Traffic Control. But there's also a lot of jobs that pay well like that one. Jet mechanics, contracting, and a lot of other shit. Don't be one of those retarded faggots that gets in with general. You'll be scrubbing fuel tanks or serving people food.

And yes, it is extremely pozzed as fuck and PC. Don't join for the fucking GI bill or some other stupid shit. Have a PLAN or you'll be fucking miserable for 4-6 years.

don't get into that game right now because the housing market is gonna crash tbh, its super inflated right now tbh

Security clearances require 3 personal references. Knowing military folks helps a lot. For example I have a few LCDRs who are going to be mine. One of the perks of growing up in a navy town. You need a bachelors for officer though, be advised.

Not much to research. Go take the ASVAB and from there you learn what you are best suited for. It's a pan-military test so you can use that score and approach all the branches and see what they want to give you. I got a 99 so they gave me anything I wanted, but I decided to go the officer route.

t. no sources


Navy pilot

the average age of grunts in ww2 was 26 user

fuck off

pog faggots can fucking die tbh
my HS friend was a stereotypical 6'6'' aryan flyover farmer marine corp killing machine and killed 12 shitskins in iraq and ended up at age 28 dead in his moms windstar from heroin



I have a bachelors in CompSci, only have 2 rec letters though

I'm a plumber. I live in a cold area - North Pennine mountains in northern England. It's very remote. (pic)
Most of my work is installing heating systems, showers, fixing pipes. etc
My current job is updating an old house for a young couple with a baby. Heat is vital for them. It's a big job as I must smash down walls, replace piping, sort out some electrics, ensure that the water pressure is just right, test the tap water for cleanliness; the tap water is good quality here - but often there can be tainted residue.

I even work for free if my client is an old person who would die without heating. Loads of old folk die every Winter here. It's very sad. I do my best to look after them and only charge for parts; not my labour if they are poor.
My wife is a doctor and earns good coin.

Top tips:
Even in Summer, when you may not need heating. Switch it on and let it run for 10 minutes. It will prevent seizure in Winter. Do this at least twice. It will maintain pressure for when you need to be warm and cozy.
Always turn down your thermostat by two degrees from what you want. For example, I want my home to be nice and warm. 20 degrees celsius. So I set it to 18. (that's 64 fahrenheit for Ameribros)
It saves a ton of money in the long term and is just as comfortable.
Insulate your roof. Heat rises so make sure that you aren't paying to keep the rooftiles warm. Clad all drafts and windows. The wind can be extreme here and will remove heat quickly. Just opening my front door brings an icey blast.
At night time when you wish to sleep, use a hot water bottle, and wear a layer of loose fitting cotton pyjamas. Obviously having someone with you in bed will give body warmth.

IT, find out jews secrets and expose them.

It's not really letters. It's contact info. For security clearances they talk to people face to face, at least for top secret I know that's the case. Get with an officer recruiter (not an enlisted recruiter) and talk to them and see what they think. I'm sure there's rocks you haven't turned over.

The only person I know who says POG is my retard army friend lmao

Cool, thanks for the advice man.

Which service were you thinking?


Honestly I just want to be a pilot. I have never met such triggered niggers as Army cucks though.

Hey bro let me tell you, get a job in the field of nuclear grade steel welding or some combincation of nuclear and marine engineering. Weez gonna make lotsa offshore nuclear reaktorz. Gotsa make mega gigga wattz!!

NEET. Fuck this country.

Hey Holla Forums 18 yr old here. Recently my dreams of being in the military have been crushed as I have messed up my knee again. I've torn my ACL before and now I've torn it again, oh and "you have arthritis in your knee joint" I am completely free falling and have no idea as to what to do with my life. My dreams of joning the military have been taken away from me as I know that I can't get into the military with arthritis. I have been looking forward to joning the military for at least my whole life. Recently I have been looking towards dog mushing as being a "job" but I know that it's only a hobby. Now I can only turn to the next best thing I know of, Turning to random people on the internet. So Holla Forums can you help me Find out with what to do with my life?


learn HVAC tbh

We said POG all the time in the Marines.

I'm also thinking of going military. According to my research, the Marine Corps is the whitest branch and with the least amount of marxist bullshit. Excellent training even if you'll be a pog. Just gotta get more physically fit and make sure I can get a good ASVAB score.

I'm a computer programmer. I looked into PLC programming but it looks like they want electricians to do it. What gives?

Get a forklift license. The pay is really good considering how little money and time you have to put into being qualified.

Marines, though I need to do more research. Can you list the services from most to least pozzed?

mushing is very physical man, how did they determine you had an arthritic knee?

You're often very close to 480v+ exposed circuits, and you need to know how to not get vaporized.

That being said you don't need to be an electrician.

X-ray, MRI, and CT scan. Sad thing about mushing is that I live in the southern US. It just really interests me and I would love to do it. Its just there is no JOB for it.

Allen Bradley is sunsetting PLC 5 products, pleb.

What da fug
Meant for

Im a tire technician at discount tire, making 11.25 an hour changing tires. Hard work, but worth it to save up for a diploma in CNC machining.

Pretty sol unless you move to Alaska and train for the Iditarod. Sounds like good goal for when you're older though.

If you like military shit, something you might be interested in is machining and metal work.

…for the purpose of eventually building guns for sale… perhaps even your own designs… perhaps with your own business. You could also compete directly with Alex Jones and sell water filters. ;)

Looks like Zyklon B indeed can't be pumped through a pipe. Needs negative pressure to vent the gas from source.

The marine corps are known as the most brainwashed service

ControlLogix is fucking amazing.

So, tl:dr you need a trade school, apprenticeship, or community college.

Of the three I think Apprenticeships are the best, as its just hands on experience with a pro. Often these people want to hire people who are interested in what they do, as long as you're not a fucking garbage lazy faggot.

You'd be suprised how many people would take an apprentice if you just asked.

They had huge heater/blower things for the delousing chambers that did the work.
Just another indication of the Great Jewish Lie

Good lad, OP. How do you into job offers? Do you have high grades and (((companies))) contact you looking to hire?

Did you get to work with one of those big industrial robot arms?

Go get your CDL and at least get to know the country before the industry goes to full 100% pozzed shit.

If you get a chance to play with a Fanuc, those are the most common i've seen.

Teach me, senpai.

I get paid to test hardcore videogames document bugs and give opinions. I try to make your videogames not suck. I contribute to the obesity and tuning out of society of fucking white males by providing them idle activities while subtly bluepilling them on (((NWO instructions))).

I literally help your children waste years of their life. Sucks to be them. I'm getting paid play not-working videogames.

I would love to make videogames great again, edgy like they used to be, but I am not in a position to do anything about it . Just a cog in the machine.

MechE here. I'm going to be the one designing and building the machines you're going to be programming to keep unskilled faggots, niggers and mexicans out of their jobs.

How do you become an electrician with no hook-ups or money?


Ayy that's what I learned PLC on, too.
Tag based is the future, yo.

If you live in Los Angeles, we should talk. I would honestly probably front you the cash for a cheap car if you got an official offer letter and we'd met face to face for a few hours and I got a measure of you.

Thank you. Please have children.

I hope you find something sustainable. For production, it's almost always cheaper to simply replace, than repair.

It's the best country on Earth right now.

Not bad.

Excellent LARP.

Better hope it pays. I sure hope it does for you, big guy.

Dude, ours keeps losing its fucking master and it's pissing me off. I think it's because it's constantly getting E-Stopped by operators so its brakes are sliding, but I can't really say. We've already changed the encoder cables and the resolver board, which I assume would've replaced that 5.56V Zener diode you're mentioning. Any ideas on what else it goes to?

Persistent foolishness always Trumps lazy intellect. I don't like it, I love it.

Good man. I hope you find a sustainable career.


Good man, also.

I really fucking like having I/O data tables, though. And working in a facility that actually applied standards to their programming, all of the faults go into a single data table.

Just scroll through the 0s, find the 1, and cross reference the fuck out of it. DONE.


It gets old.

Contact your local IBEW. Search startpage for "Trade school [my city" and make sure it's accredited, not for-profit (if possible) and even better if it's a state-sponsored school, because those actually have to meet pretty strict standards, at least in BurgerLand

I need a job, but I have no idea how to get into the trades without spending time and money I don't have on a training program. Any suggestions?

Not really - it depends on the situation. Modern consumer electronics are mostly disposable and throwaway, but on the industrial side of things, it still makes sense to repair most of the time - even if (especially when?) you can get a $500 unit repaired for $400 and squeeze another few years out of it.

I've been doing industrial repair for over a decade. My last job lasted six solid years. I got laid off Oct 21, I took two weeks to chill, looked for a new job for a week, and I start fresh tomorrow morning - one month to the day. Electronic repair is in demand.

Honestly, until a new type of non-electric power is deployed, or until quantum computing displaces old school logic across the board, there will always be a place in the economy for the electronic repairman. Even then, people are reluctant to replace what's working and proven with what's new and uncertain. Somebody will have to repair and maintain all the legacy equipment that's still going to be used in industry. I routinely work on stuff that's as old as (or older than) I am, and I'm 41.

Oops - didn't mean to double reply.

Anyway, changing cables are a good start, but the encoder or resolver itself can be bad, or worn, the feedback system could need calibration… It could also be the braking system itself - which, if you don't know, isn't actually "brakes" like on a car or bike like what most people might think of - it uses the inductive kickback (counter-emf) produced by slowing a running motor to slow it even more by loading it down until the motor stops. It could even be a problem in one of the drives that spins the motor for a particular axis.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but without knowing greater detail about what exactly it's doing, there's not much I can tell you. Even if I were sitting right in front of it watching it happen and you asked me the same thing, my only possible answer would be, "I'll take a look at it."

Oh. Your IP/ID changed while you were posting. I didn't know you were the same guy as I quoted above.

Yeah, we send out VFDs, laser code modules, etc. to get repaired. I'm sure you've repaired many 1305s in your day. Glad you've got a good gig, man.

It loses all 4 axes at once, every time, and then all require remastering. We changed cables because we thought that maybe a wire was shorting to ground and sagging the resolver board voltage enough to lose its position, but that wasn't it.

I know servos brake electrically. The problem is that we don't get any kind of actual training on our equipment, so, like your job, it's kind of "educated guesses" until we get results, and as a youngling (23) I have not seen much of things.

That might honestly be it. Where in the system would this be located, imagining it as a block diagram? Does each servo have a feedback system, or is it one system for each? I'm going to do some Startpage searching on this…

We've tried changing power supplies and individual drives, the haunting thing is the serial communication that takes place between the drives themselves. I just can't help but feel it's something central to all of them.

Apologies - in my last post I forgot to thank you sincerely for taking the time to respond in detail. I really did not expect it.

I'm actually studying automation as well, but probably won't be making america great as I don't live there

That's bad. That points to a bad flash or RAM IC (might have bad single bits, or even entire bad addresses), or possibly a faulty logic IC or even failing processor or A/D or D/A converter on the main control/CPU board. If you have a spare CPU board, try swapping that out.

Each axis drive card is going to have its own feedback circuit, as feedback is essential to running a drive with a certain speed, torque, and a given number of revolutions (as opposed to just spinning a motor, which is simply "GO" and "STOP"). But then each individual circuit is going to transmit its data to the CPU board where it's monitored, stored, and logged. It's kind of tricky to say, "There it is," because on a block diagram, it would be a box labeled FEEDBACK, but it's really spread out around the entire system.

It could be a bad DC/DC converter on the CPU board, so even if your main supply is known to be good, power on the board is going to be failing intermittently. Maybe there's a DC converter at the end of its lifespan, maybe it's a problem in the enable/inhibit circuit that turns it on & off, maybe something's getting hot…

There's a lot of things that could be going on with this. I'm just throwing ideas at you. If you've swapped individual cards for the axes, and for the resolvers, the only thing left that would affect the system as a whole is something on the CPU board.

You'll probably end up having to send it out for repair. Or purchase a replacement and get the old one fixed and keep it as backup.

I just pulled a PLC off google images. I have been working with Mitsubishi FX2n and FX3u. I have a sheet to convert from that syntax to Allen Bradley though. A transition shouldn't be all that hard should I need to.

Lol fuck no. NorCal reporting in. I'm a good 300 miles away.
That's ok. The money would help but the problem is more about scheduling. I could ride transit around if I didn't have school taking up half my day.

Whatever you do, do not work for a corporation.

My degree in EE has rusted to dust. At least I know what you're talking about, but I haven't done anything in the field since graduating, and the only soldering I've done in that time was solder a single wire in someone's GBA to complete a screen replacement modification.

Nothing in my area; everyone is more than fine with shipping shit to India to have it worked on, and I am not moving to another state. I live in what is essentially an island of freedom in a sea of shit.

Unless your father is donald trump, urban planning isn't going to get you a job.

If you have to take out loans, do not go to college. If you don't have a job set up with your family already going into college, you won't have a job coming out.

Ill have an accounting degree in about a year, would be awesome to be an auditor for the new trump administration, but Trump doesn't want to hire new federal employees. I'll just be able to help track the booming success of the businesses in our country with the new Trump business incentives

Ex neet Lord for the past 6 years, know thanks to TRP and Holla Forums I'm going my way to make Trump and the Fhurer proud.

I'm doing a 15monts electrician course and working as a warehouse worker every sunday and public holiday.

Not the best thing in the world but at least is ten thousands times better than being a worrthless NEET.

Nice mate, next year I'm applying for a program that Toyota runs, if I'm accepted, they pay for me to get a 2 year degree and I'm guaranteed a job paying around $80k at the end of it.

I'm divided between civil law and agronomy. What I really want is to be a farmer, thought.
I'm bad with electronics and my country is quickly turning itself into an Africa-tier place, so I really need a degree to gtfo and live among white people.

Thanks for that awesome response, man. I definitely have more to chew on, now. I know it didn't take you 10 minutes to answer that question, it took you 41 years and 10 minutes to answer that question. It's much appreciated.

I will try swapping the computer's RAM first (runs off of a PC - it's an older model, not sure how they do things nowadays) and if that doesn't work, I'll try the board next.

Seems embarrassingly obvious now that it's been pointed out to me - I definitely meant to try to get at where it all ties in centrally - I think the CPU board is the only thing we haven't swapped out.

Where do you work?

Ah, good. Really, so long as you understand the differences between hard wiring and "XIO/XIC" bits (I know that's AB speak) then troubleshooting really just comes down to your ability to logically take things one step at a time.

Lucky in some ways, unlucky in others - you still get all the taxes, but at least you get the nature and beauty.

Definitely finish up your school. You will be worth more to employers with a degree, which is why they do NOT want you to finish - they want to low ball you.

If you live anywhere near Pittsburgh, CA I have worked with US-Steel/Posco Industries and gotten several people hired into there (about a dozen) through my trade school (which is also very tight-knight with them) because I know the bench test like the back of my hand.

Let me know if you're interested.

user, you are in a 10,000% better situation than you were in before. YOU, with YOUR willpower made the choice, and saw it through to get employed. You have evidence that you are capable of being useful to society, and I greatly hope that you take that evidence to heart.

Bitchin, man. I know a guy who went through a similar program they run, but for their actual car design department. Art Center College of Design is like the trade school of the art world. Fuckin' badass alumni come out of there.

Machines are only good for routine processes. You cannot automate the repair process nor does it come cheaper to just buy a new one if the device in question costs 20k dollars or is out of production. You cannot automate your doctor neither. As soon as something is not a standard case the machine will have trouble with it because it was designed for a specific standard routine with standard inputs.

Of course we will always find work. Whenever I check the local jobs portal I find 3 to 5 offers in my region that suit me well and up to 10 that I would not prefer but still be able to go for. Here we usually work in the workshop of a large electric company or in their test center where they do test procedures. Until now I did mostly test field and assembling and only minor repair work.

How is it there in the USA? Do you work in factories or repair shops?
What states are typically electronics industry states?
After seeing those ads for Florida and Texas and the god emperor saying he wants more migration from Europe I am genuinely interested in migrating to the Trumpenreich. Florida would be a swing state, right?

The program would land me a job on the floor maintaining robots if I'm accepted and complete it. I'll be graduating high school with an NCCER EST certification as a backup plan so I can get a job doing low voltage wiring.


Excellent! You're on your way to decent life, man. Well done.

I'm studying to become an electrician, hopefully I can work my way up in the blue collar scene to something admirable.

Electricians are 99% male and 75% white , probably more so at higher positions, so I could probably do something with that.


*nix sysadmin and developer. I leverage racism and xenophobia with F.U.D.tactics to keep companies information services out of India and China.

Works pretty well, especially in a few industries where most of your clients are small businesses run by rich old white guys who don't want to talk to some chink or shitskin when they need something fixed or built quickly.

I encourage everyone to find a way to get racism to work for you.

And developers, you can usually get rid of a single mother or three if you can get basic secretary and data mining out of the way. Trim the fat, export to a spreadsheet.

I'm a canuckistani looking for an internship/summer job. I'm studying software engineering. I know a bunch of programming languages, and as far as human languages go I speak three fluently (English, French, Spanish) and am somewhat functional in Italian.

I'll go anywhere for the summer if it means a job. Send help pls.