General "Mad Dog" Mattis Being Invited To Participate in SECDEF Transition, Possibly Considered

This man is a viscous tactician. I can speak directly to the fact that he has more balls than any military officer I have ever had the privileged to see in action. Not going to get into specifics, but he was seen as a God by his men in theater.

KEK I Praise To Bring This To Reality

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Has he been a civilian long enough to be Secretary of Defense?

why no link?

>This man is a viscous tactician.

Holla Forums is always right but it can't spell for shit.

True, was throwing it out as soon as I heard the report, digging now for a link.

I forgiveth thee. Goe 4th and sine no morr.


God I hate marines


Holy fuck YES.

If you want mudslime pushed back into their hole, Give me a better option to run the campaign?

He retired in 2013. You have to have not been in active duty for 7 years

Congress can always just say "nvm lol" about any law that Congress itself has passed, and pass a law giving him an exception, but that's what it would take.

President-Elect Trump will get what he asks for, he gave the country back to the red.

Is there any precedent for that kind of congressional waiver?

It happened once in 1950 when General George C. Marshall was appointed to the office.

However, he was a highly-respected General during WWII and is where the "Marshal" in the "Marshal Plan" comes from, so he was a bit bigger of a deal than probably any General alive today.

Well, shit.

This and former Generals being elected as President could be grounds for congressional waiver argument.



I'm actually pretty okay with this

ITT: Anons who don't realize Mattis is owned by kikes. /r/ing that infographic explaining his behavior. I would post it myself but I don't have it saved on this (work) machine.

You and your dubbs make my heart swell.



He hates mudslimes too much. He'll warhawk on iran and probably syria too. Put him in charge of the DHS so he can root them out here. Then we'll probably see some shit. Fuck, put him in charge of The Wall.


Hell no. Mattis is compromised. He’s on the board of Theranos. The so called “blood testing” corporation that turned out to be a billion dollar feminist con game. Not only would Mattis fail the vetting process, he might end up in jail. Busted.

Kek wills it

He's a globalist.

Is he more of a differential gear oil, say, 85W, or more of a light sewing machine oil, perhaps 0W?

Sounds like a typical sjw or ctr, attack the person, not the thought process.

Nah, Mattis is an insane warhawk who wants to Nuke Iran because he loves Israel so much, while Flynn has named the Jew before.

Flynn has accepted a position.

Pushed back? I want the fuckers exterminated.

mattis doesn't like iran because iran sent soldiers into iraq to shoot and bomb mattis' troops, you fucking fag.

what's with all the iran worship on this board? i don't want a war with iran (and don't think one will happen, for various reasons) but i don't fool myself into thinking that iran isn't an enemy of america.



What's with your mask slipping, Shlomo?


Mattis is tainted. He is a no go.

The best defense is a thick defense

I don't get how that specific piece of the quote is relevant to the rest of the statement.

T H I C C defense.


bullshit faggot.

having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid; having a high viscosity:
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anons can't into basic investigating and just like to repost "spicy" memes To virtue signal

not gonna attack your speech, just call you a crybaby faggot. OP misspelled a basic word in the title of the thread. 5 fucking seconds to re-read and spellcheck before killing a thread to make this shit. Grammar Nazi - embrace it.


All the mimicing teenagers who loooooove Mattis also loooooove Webb. Yes they're white, yes they have good sound bites, not they are not to be trusted with minimal research.

Is he like the Marines version of Michael D. Steele? Never heard of him in the Army, but I was under Col. Steele's CMD and he's probably one of the greatest soldiers soldier officer we've had in recent history.

Army basically fucked him out because he didn't play along and used Brigade funds inappropriately back in 05-06 to up-armor vehicles via hack job that the Army refused to do.

no he's not.