Nationalist Buddhist monk praises Trump

Can we meme this guy into creating a right wing Buddhist theocracy in Myanmar? He is based, and I love to troll shitlibs that are "into Buddhism and stuff" by reminding them that he exists.

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Fuck, forgot link

Good if he could even kick out the alien christcuck missionaries working as spies it would be great for myanmar.

Only if he converts to the true faith.


we need to meme this guy into power. somebody call Donald Jr and make sure this buddhist dude gets some of those black budget funds the US uses to rig elections around the world

Unlike what hippies and liberals claim, Buddhism is not a peaceful religion and perfectly capable of violence.

I don't know anything about Myanmar Buddhism. Is it like modern Indian (((Buddhism))) or no?

Would you Holla Forums?

"religion of peace", eh?

Buddhists and Muslims are natural enemies, like Christians and Muslims

Or Jews and Muslims

Or Muslims and other Muslims

I genuinely don't understand the moral justification for this in the framework of Buddhism though.

Surely this is more a case of someone who can see the destruction mudslimes are capable of, but also happens to be buddhist.

you muslims sure are a contentious people

Think about it this way. Either you do nothing and mudslimes destroy everything everywhere or you act on you consciousness and kill mudslimes so everyone else can exist.

I'm no expert, but didn't monks practice kungfu so they'd be prepared to defend their values?

Buddhism isn't about peace and love. It's about avoiding conflict with yourself and your surroundings to minimize the suffering of existence.

Buddhism condones even genocide, if it's a way to avoid a greater suffering.

Are you simple or do you just understand Buddhism as interpreted by hippies and new age faggots? Buddhism at its core is a system designed to free ones self from samsara each of us is locked in. The way that is achieved is by following a set of principles aimed at removing karmic ties to the world. Unlike the desert trilogy and other theistic religions a practitioner is under no obligation to follow this path and may at any point choose to do otherwise with the full understanding of what it entails. The non-violence precept of ahimsa is generally cited as though Buddhists must be eternally cucked and just allow you to walk all over them lest they tainted with sin. This is a wholly ignorant interpretation and many historical texts shed light on how it works in practice. War and violence should be avoided if possible but self defense is allowed as a final resort to protect ones self, community, and people. Shaolin monks are a well known example of ardent followers of Buddhism in its strictest form though at various points in history were used as mercenaries of sorts as they lost their way as an organization, such as the current CCP run disneyland of its current state


Nice Buddhoubles


Because you're a fucking retard and don't know anything about Buddhism.


Correction, any violence is allowed, if the inaction brings greater violence and suffering into the world.

If you see a murderer plotting to kill people you should break his neck preventively.

Based Myanmar
This country is a good exemple of transition from economically challenged military dictatorship to a more efficient form of government WITHOUT going fuckk cuck toward migrants and muslims especially.
They have strong nationalist tencdencies.

Even Ahn San Suu Kyi hates muslims.

In "enlightened" religions like Buddhism and Christianity, waiting for death is the ultimate goal. The rest is window dressing.

When confronted with mudslimes, though, nobody actually wants to do that because of strictly earthly reasons. But you can't say you want to kick out mudslimes because they're awful and fuck them. That's pagan/unenlightened. So they'll scour some holy book for rationalization. It doesn't really matter what it is.


no actually, muslims are just so abhorrent they piss of Buddhist monks

I know that pic related was most likely literally insane, but he made me interested in Buddhism. But there are so many offshots, I really don't know where to start. Should I read old texts, newer books, or try and join a Buddhist community? The problem is that there aren't that many of them in my country, and they some of them seem to be no better than Christians. One group claims that they feed 2000 people every day, or something like that, so they sounds just like a bunch of hippies.

create your own sect

Anyone have the video that's purported to be of Muslims swarming a village in Myanmar and fucking everything up? Video is taken by someone in a room upstairs where they're locked in and trapped by the end of the video.

Also the video of Wirathu where he speaks for about 1 to 2 minutes on Islam in an interview and drops some his quotes, like you cannot sleep next to a mad dog or compares them to a type of fish that fucks over native fish, etc.

Didn't save either of them, I regret to say.

What game's that?

Learn Buddha's life history and his lessons. Then look into Zen riddles. That's pretty much it to get a general idea.

Buddhism is not really something a fighter should be interested in, it's all about going with the flow.

Well, there's that bushido thing the Japs had. Also, Ungern was indeed insane. Look up his life and deeds and you will see what I mean.

Nah. The real thing is the "5 rings", then the "Art of War", then "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius, then "On War", then "Prince" by Machiavelli. In that order. These are the 5 books for the ultimate warrior-politician philosophy.

isn't that a buddha from a temple in hongn kong? I've seen this nigga before

I merely stated that Buddhism piked my interest after reading about the life of a German officer of the Russian Army who wanted to resore the Mongolian Empire by slaughtering Chinks, jews and commies. So I'm more interested in why he prayed in both Buddhist and Christian temples, and for this reason I want to learn more about Buddhism.

Its very pessimistic,good thing christianity subverted these stoic idiots and took over them.

Going with the flow is a major part of combat. There's a reason why it's not uncommon to see monks practicing martial arts, and why many of Asia's feudal warlords have practiced Buddhism.

It's a major part of the combat if you are only there to lose. If you want to win, you must be able to break the flow and redirect it into your favor.
Breaking the flow is exactly what we do is dedicated to.

"Muslims are like African carps. They breed rapidly, have violent behavior, and eat their own kind as well as other fishes. They also destroy the natural resources and beauty underwater. Even though they are the minority, our entire race has been suffering a great deal under the burden of the minority. The majority Burmese have not intruded, corrupted, or abused them, but we have been suffering under their burden. That is why if there were as many Muslims as there are Buddhists, Myanmar could never be at peace." - Ashin Wirathu


Julius Evola's Doctrine of Awakening is a red pilled book about Buddhism based on the original texts. I highly recommend it for anyone interested but can't find a proper source. Pic related.
Remember Buddha was an Indo-Aryan aristocrat, former crown prince, schooled in the art of war and statesmanship. He was a reactionary who detested the degeneracy and decadence of his time. He said fuck the system and the normies and broke free. The institutions of the time were rotting from within and almost as cucked and inauthentic as Christianity is today. The book is well worth your time and attention. You will not become Buddhist and hippy faggot by reading this. You will however learn from a true Aryan sage who overcame many of the same challenges that we meet today. 10/10

Sounds promising, thanks.

It's quite ok to kill. Even as a Taoist.

Just don't be a massive degenerate when doing so. Like this faggot.

Stop reading about buddhism from corrupt sources. The whole intent of modern academic study regarding spiritual tradition is to castrate it, pacify it and dull it down to make it fit a marxist-liberal frame. It's a kike tactic to destroy any essentialist avenue of thought that could lead to a reactionary mindset. They deconstruct, subvert and destroy. And then sell you a fake god goy version for some shekels. Just like christianity.

The middle way is literally about going with the flow. If you don't have any attachments and chastise your desired, you don't have a reason to against the flow, for it will only cause unnecessary suffering.

Going against the flow is exactly opposite of buddhism - you consciously create chaos, which results in your own suffering and the suffering of everyone caught in the waves you cause.

Still, can we say that people -like the moslems in this case- that go against the flow are causing suffering for us, and so we are right to oppose them?

Since you are both going against the flow, the wise thing to do would be letting Muslims to disrupt the flow and redirect it into your favor.

Buddhism is incoherent to begin with, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Buddhism to me always felt like 5th century BC nihilism dressed up in Vedic themes

You watch it lad

The Way basically has no moral compass besides respect your elders, achieve inner peace and preserve natural beauty

Look up Khotan
the mudshits have done horrible things to christians but they didnt even see buddhists as worthy of slavery
if muhammad had ever seen a samsara wheel the Kingdom of Khotan wouldn't have been erased from history and buried under a layer of turkroach sewage

I take that for a yes then. I mean, he is redirecting the people's rage against them.

What do you mean by this?


faggot that you are, you have neglected to mention the Hagakure

as in muslims only spared the lives of people who followed religions muhammad knew of
the pagan arabs were forced to convert, the christians and jews lived as a second class citizenry obviously less so the jews but were still allowed to live
buddhists? zoroastrians? hindus? sikhs?
the muslims massacred, raped en masse and attempted to wipe them out for the better part of a thousand years
militant hinduism and buddhism is a direct reaction to islam
and the sikhs? the entire reason their religion tells their men to carry a knife or sword at all times is so they can protect themselves and anyone else from a muslim
its why the sikh empire in India was a multi religious state including hindus, buddhists, sikhs, christians and jains where muslims were banned from holding any public office
heres an excerpt from the turk who led the islamic invasion of the kingdom of Khotan
they literally had their soldiers shit on all the buddhist art and architecture
we only know a few things about Khotan from Chinese sources and because some Khotanese monks collapsed a cave which they filled with scrolls and documents before the muslims arrived containing records of Khotan along with a shit load of sutras

Just an addition to the lament of Khotan because its a sad tale
imagine a majority buddhist kingdom, plentiful food because of a complex irrigation system that fed their cereal fields and fruit orchards
its main exports were white jade and silk, the few tapestries surviving of Khotan were woven from silk in a hellenic style
a buddhist kingdom and a successor state to what was left of the tocharian/helleno-bactrian people of the east in a manner you could say the very last remnant of Alexanders legacy in the east
destroyed by mudshits

SuperPower 2.

I recommend this game even tho it has lots of flaws. The online community is nice and fun.

"Evola successfully demonstrates that this view is profoundly distorted by a series of
prejudices. Passivity? Inaction? On the contrary, Buddha never tired of exhorting his
disciples to "work toward victory"; he himself', at the end of his life, said with pride:
katam karaniyam. "done is what needed to be done!" Pessimism? t is true that Buddha,
picking up a formula of Brahmanism, the religion in which he had been raised prior to his
departure from Kapilavastu, affirmed that everything on earth is "suffering." But he also
clarified for us that this is the case because we are always yearning to reap concrete
benefits from our actions. For example, warriors risk their lives because they long for the
pleasure of victory and for the spoils, and yet, in the end they are always disappointed: the
pillaging is never enough and what has been gained is quickly squandered. Also, the taste
of victory soon fades away. But if one becomes aware of this state of affairs (this is one
aspect of the Awakening), the pessimism is dispelled since reality is what it is, neither
good nor bad in itself; reality is inscribed in Becoming, which cannot he interrupted.
Thus, one must live and act with the awareness that the only thing that matters is each and
every moment. Thus, duty (dhamma) is claimed to he the only valid reference point: "Do
your duty," that is, "let your every action be totally disinterested."

>It's all about going with the flow.

I never made that claim. My problem is that you reduce it to nothing. It's like saying: Jesus was all about being nice and going against being nice is exactly the opposite of being christian. And all that talk about "I don't come to bring peace, I come with a sword" and whipping merchants at the temple is just theatrics. It's only about huggs, kisses and adopting nigger babies. Don't be childish, it's not dudeism.

Don't join a community. Also disregard the user telling you that "reading zen riddles" will tell you something about Buddhism. The core Buddhist textual corpus is the Pali Canon. It's too long to read in full as an "intro" to buddhism, but if you get a book of translations of the most popular sections that's an alright primer. Avoid books that "interpret" buddhism, or try to "put Buddhism in a modern context/language", these are written by people who want to indoctrinate others into their personal understanding of Buddhism, usually injecting or omitting all kinds of moral, metaphysical, and other ideas to/from the picture. Just read Pali canon translations. You can read anything. This site offers good translations of a huge amount of text from the Pali canon and offers a bit of structure to guide you to the most central stuff:

Also, it's useful to have a basic understanding of the history of Buddhism so you know what you're seeing when you encounter different "Buddhists" saying markedly different things and engaging in completely different practices. Buddhism wasn't codified in text until 500 years after the death of the Buddha. The Theravadan tradition follows the texts that were laid down at that time and nothing else. The original tradition as preserved in Theravada is focused solely on meditation and understanding of the Pali Canon. Metaphysical and cosmological ideas (i.e. things regarding gods, spiritual realms, the true nature of existence, etc.) are contained in the Pali Canon, and are interesting, but the Buddha is unflinchingly clear whenever asked about these issues that they are ultimately unimportant and that all he intends to teach is the way to end suffering which mostly involves coming into the right relationship with the mind.

As Buddhism moved out of India and across the rest of Asia it was blended with local beliefs and so you get Chan, a blending with Taoism, which became Zen in Japan, and as such is focused more on a notion of the "natural", and strips out a massive amount of information from the original tradition in favor of extreme simplicity. In India, local deistic beliefs were grafted onto Buddhism and the result was Mahayana Buddhism, in which gods are worshiped, prayers and flashy rituals are used, and it basically has almost nothing to do with the actual message of the Buddha as to how you need to practice to end suffering. In Tibet Buddhism was blended with local shamanistic beliefs and the result is Vajrayana Buddhism, usually just called Tibetan Buddhism in the west. Vajrayana retains some of the metaphysical, moral, and praxis structure expounded by the Buddha, but ads a mountain of magical practices and rituals on top as a means to achieving the same goal with the explanation that in the Buddha's time it was easier to achieve enlightenment through meditative practice alone, but now we need the help of magic and spirits.

The most worthwhile Theravadan sect in existence today is the Thai Forest tradition IMO. They formed as a reaction to over-emphasis on textual analysis in the Theravadan tradition, and sought to re-orient the practice towards personal development of meditation.

In this series of talks a Thai Forest tradition monk who spent 9 years in secluded forest meditation under the guidance of Ajahn Cha, a renowned Thai teacher, explains his perspective on meditation. It's extremely simple but after thousands of hours of meditation in various approaches over many years, I've found it more useful than any other instruction I've ever heard:

As for traditions other than Theravada, I find Zen / Chan, most interesting, maybe because I have an interest in Taoism also. If you're a magick kiddie, Vajrayana will probably be the most interesting to you.

So on that site I should find some guidance to the more important parts of the Pali Canon. Then I should just try to understand it and also keep on practising meditation. Got it.
Great, it means I can be a Buddhist without caring about gods, right? I don't want to be some fedora-tipper, but I have a hard time with putting faith into such things.
India is truly the sad story of racemixing bringing down the standards over centuries.
I will try to get into zen later on, but that's mostly because of Japan in my case. Those people are crazy in a way that I just can't ignore.
Not at all, so I think I will skip that.

Evola overglorified it. Buddhism IS pretty passive, and the whole action part is about standing your ground.
His warriors example shows it perfectly, it's about being content about what is what and trying to enjoy it.

The power to fight and to change, however comes from the exact discontent, pain and anger. And the more discontent and anger there is, the stronger the will to fight. There is nothing more dangerous than a cornered beast, and the trick is to corner yourself in your mind.

Definitely the one to meme

Ashin Wirathu is also of the opinion that "islam is not like other religions". I am of the same opinion - Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or even atheist, we all share many of the same values, and there is little antagonism between us. There's mutual respect between these faiths because they all preach what is good. But islam? It's downright anti-human.

And don't get me started on judaism.


I wonder what metal would sound like with a nationalist, asian-buddhist flare to it.

About as strange as this.

Here you go

But its already ruled by a military junta.
How much more to the right do you want them to be?


Ya know, Simpsons made that joke but in the case of Muslims it's actually perfectly true.

How about a mongolian folk metal band?

tengger cavalry

You can argue that most religions developed over time from multiple influences - Even Judaism was influenced by, for example, the Babylonian faith - but in the case of Islam, every last bit stems from the mind of a desert warlord. It's a religion tailor-made for conquest and war and nothing else. There are sects that brought their own interpretation to it, like the Sufis, but we all know how Sunnis treat other Islamic minorities.


"If the bodhisattva sees that some caustic means, some use of severity would be of benefit to sentient beings, and does not employ it in order to guard against unhappiness, he is possessed of fault, possessed of contradiction; there is fault that is not defiled" Asanga.

"Realizing this, one should always be striving for others' well-being. Even what is proscribed is permitted for a compassionate person who sees it will be of benefit" Śāntideva.

tl;dr you are allowed to break rules in Buddhism when you confront bloodthirsty compassion-less cunts like Muslims.



There is big push in the west to make Buddhism look like a liberal ideology.



why is nobody talking about the rad mongolian folk metal I posted.


this guy was the shit.


Fucking finns make good music

He isn't a real Buddhist. Believe me, I'm an American and have taken a lot of yoga classes, and I know that Buddhism is about veganism and social justice.

Islam is a punishment from God. It is "evil," but it is not purely satanic like Judaism.

Retards like you don't get what buddhism is about, buddhism has literally nothing to do with making the world a better place, it's about finding happiness and wisdom.


Meme or no, Buddhist theocracy is probably the only thing that can hold the country together tbh. Bamars are an absolute majority, but only barely, and all the minorities basically flit in and out of states of mafia/terrorist/guerrilla hybrid warfare. Only religion unites them.

Question is whether they would lean towards China or the West. China is starting to fund terror groups in Myanmar because they're not getting their way. Geopolitically there are pluses and minuses to each configuration: but I imagine the deciding factor will be whether the West can turn a blind eye to the massacre of Bengalis ("Rohingya", a meme-tier ethnicity with about as much legitimacy as a Ukrainian Crimea). Probably the West will be increasingly SJW, the Burmese will get pissed off, and they'll be back in the Chinese embrace.

Also I want to post some dank Burmese classical music but my internet is made of niggers and I'm so angry right now

I would say the opposite. It used to be that the West idolised Buddhism (as an attempte to undermine Christianity, essentially), but now Buddhism is being demonised in an effort to show that all religions (not just mudslimes we swear) have their "extremist" elements, and a sanitised cuckreligion form of all creeds is necessary.

Based Ashin


Portentious dubs lad.
Holy shit my sides, I have a soft spot for utter lunatics tbh.


Fucking wew lad. Thanks for the heads up on this mad man.

the ultimate wisdom will bring you happiness

Buddhism has nothing to teach. Samsara is Nirvana. However, if y'all insist, I'd recommend against starting with the Pali Canon or the Sutras. They're frankly boring, and they are liturgical documents anyway, they're supposed to be chanted, not read. Read Zen stuff. Read the Tao te Ching. Read Japanese and Chinese folklore, read about their vampires and demons and monster myths. Oh yeah Journey to the West is pretty great, especially the prologue about how Sun Wu-Kong gets imprisoned by Buddha for being so awesome even Heaven can't deal with it.

So, you mean to say

Sounds like some gay shit bro

What you all meant to say is
"The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters."

Esoteric Tengrism is the future wave of the past

taoism != buddhism

As a Buddhist and female this is disturbing. The Buddha taught a way of non-violence, even if that means surrendering your life to those who practice violence. I just cant even…


jesus, so many people here are so limited to thinking every bit of knowledge about spirituality, soul and the divine has to be contained or bound to some religion. research spirituality on itself

Grow a sense of humour you bloody asspie

Fuck off, religion is a social phenomenon first and foremost

Asian religions, unlike occidental religion, is primarily an attempt to socially contextualize human experiences of altered states of consciousness.

if you want to be in a group so you can validate yourself im afraid metaphysics isnt for you in the first place

Temple "KEK LOK SI"

Literally Look And See KEK. temple.

They ran from the mosque and slaughtered almost the whole village of Buddhists. The most incredible video, must watch. Called the Rakhine Massacre

wow. why don't the buddest just start executing them in the streets.


I always find it amusing on how the Californian brand of (((Buddhism))) differs greatly from genuine traditional Buddhism.

I respectfully disagree. Finding wisdom is suffering, if only because the truth is so sobering. Peace, or even happiness, is a very lofty and nigh unattainable state if you're reaching out for wisdom. The two are mutually exclusive.

Shaolin monks do

Speaking of Machiavelli, anyone else classed as a high mach? I come in at 84, I bet we would have been buddies.

It's the state of full knowledge and not giving a fuck because it doesn't matter anyway because we're all going to die.

You forgot Hindus and Muslims, most likely nuclear war it's between Pakistan and India.

They do lel

is the reason this man started a militant order of Buddhists.

I have just recently learned about this massacre. let me tell you, it made me ""unfathomably furious"" when I found out. I have now solidly and vocally come to the conclusion that Islam has no place in this world and should be banished from every edge of the planet.
what needs to be done for it to be universally labeled a violent cult?

In my mind I score 98 but I moralfag too hard in my heart to actually be that.


Fucking intl please go.

"fedorism" is a shitty atheism rip off and atheism its buddhism for tards.

Representing the Kazah people: Darkestrah
Also, best female vocals in metal Ive heard (lets not get into arch enemy etc)

Of course she hates Muslims. The Muslim population in Burma are uppity pests and an annoying leftover from the British occupation.

Blood memory…