Marco Rubio and Tim Kaine are making a bipartisan push to curb growing anti-Semitism in Europe

Rubio, Kaine aim to curb rising anti-Semitism in Europe

Washington (CNN) A pair of high-profile senators are making a bipartisan push to try and curb growing anti-Semitism in Europe at a time when such fears have spiked in the US following Donald Trump's election.

I bet these cucks will have an aneurysm when Trump closes all American military bases and brings the troops home, so Germany can start to rebuild its military.

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Somehow that doesn't compute.

You could have just asked, user.

Why do these two LOSERS still have a career?

Ironically, this will redpill people even further


This is good
One of the worst things yanks, especially ZOG tier yanks can do is take the moral high ground and act preachy to Europeans
Its reverse psychology on a national scale

You'll hang with them

Why the fuck is it some yank kike's business what happens here? Fuck off

Why doesn't little marco just join the Democrat party, there's not a right-wing bone in his body

You've the brain of a cheese sandwich
You know what had a big effect on the brexit vote?
Being preached at by Obama, having a yank politician come to their country and tell the people what to do
This is gonna backfire in a delicious manner

Maybe because white englishmen actually have balls still.

Don't expect that same amount of self determination from french, german, italian, or spanish "males"


You're a blatant shill. The other user was completely right that having sanctimonious American politicians lecture to Europeans on how they should behave can often lead to the exact opposite result. Europeans can be doing something completely cucked for decades, but once Uncle Sam tries to intervene, they'll often do the reverse just to spite them.

I don't get why you're throwing in the random d&c about French, Germans, Italians, etc but your kind is not welcome around here kike.

Well the juries out on the French and Germans
But I know the dagos don't like being told what to do by foreigners, any foreigners

Okay then, why hasn't obama made Germany turn blood-red then as he goes there and talks down to you faggots all the time about how evil and racist you are for being white.

Maybe the Germans and French can prove me wrong, but your little sperg session isn't changing their demographic slope.

They have about 60 days to prove they're real men. The excuse of "le US holding us down" does not apply under trump.

Its pretty good ain't it
Like an unintentional psyop conducted by the GOP because they're so out of touch with reality they've completely lost the plot considering what the cause and effect of their actions are

That's just great, pretty much the whole world is sick and tired of ZOGmerica patronizing and policing the world. It can only backfire, just like the coon in chief speaking against Brexit did.

Get educated, user.

Fuck those cucks right in the pussy.

Until Trump publicly calls out US intelligence agencies meddling in Europe and pulls out all troops from there, it's far from proven that a ZOG administration under a pro-Israel civic nationalist leader will just magically stop holding Europe under its boot because the leadership was replaced.

It's easy to say that when it isn't your tax dollars being spent flying these traitors around first class.

Its like the jews bringing some pet americans out to fix a problem for them not knowing it'll make it worse
They've noticed a small fire so they're throwing a bucket of clear liquid on it not knowing it was paint stripper

Romans 1:16
>for I am not ashamed of the good news of the Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation to every one who is believing, both to Jew first, and to Greek.
>For I am not ashamed of the Good News. It is God's power which is at work for the salvation of every one who believes–the Jew first, and then the Gentile.

ctrl+f on article and thread not a word about muslims.

yids keep pushing for acceptance of more illegal muslim immigrants and they are targeting them.In france its already happening.
Reap what you sow kikes.

Nice defeatism cunt. How about you force his hand then and we'll make it abundantly clear we don't support meddling.

But that would take you making maybe a slight sacrifice for the country your ancestors died to build. Weak faggot.

I fucking hate that I had to vote for rubio for senate. There were 2 other choices in the primary but no one knew who the fuck they were unless they actively searched for them. One of them was the cuban version of Trump and would have been a hell of a lot better of a choice than rubio. Hell there were a lot of good candidates running in the FL primary but a fucking lot of soros money went into florida and the only good candidates that remain in florida on the state level didnt need to run until the midterms.

And curiously enough all the good candidates lost with the same percentage of votes ~17%.

Four posts and none of them make any sense. Do us all a favor and fuck off, lest you completely derail this thread.

ou're not doing yourself many favours, chaim.

Yeh good luck trying to stop antisemitism.

Who's the shill?


I'll ask you again, do us all a favor and fuck off lest you completely derail this thread.

no you are derailing

you mean (((jesuit)))

(the jesuits are kikes)

We need to round up all jews and put them into camps so we can sit them all down at the same time and make it crystal clear to them that if they just fucking stopped doing this shit no one would care about them anymore

Good, if anything this will just intensify the already existing hatred. Everything these idiots do hurts them.

Fucking Jewbio

Oh sure try explaining to the kike everything they do is like quicksand you'll only sink faster the more you struggle

Rubio and Kaine are both literal losers, Rubio is an island beaner, and Kaine thinks he's an Irish Mexican or something. This will be about as effective as when Michael Moore and Bill Maher teamed up to "stop Donald Trump."

So we know who these two dorks are owned by. Next up, a trip to super gay Tel Aviv.

what we really need to do is round them up in cattle cars and send them to Madagascar



Germany is cucked over the wars still. France won't take kindly to being told what to do though.

Because we haven't sunk them yet. It's highly likely that the best role we can play moving forward is to do to the Senate and House interim election what we did to this presidential election. Send the cucks out to the shed and get some real candidates.

What's with this low-energy shit? We GAS the kikes, spare not a single one.

the GOP should be renamed the Cuck Shed
and the DNC should be renamed Poz Loads

Don't think Donald's gonna put himself in the cuck shed, maybe in four years he'll run off their ticket. In the meantime, he will hopefully give us room to crucify anyone that opposes his policies such that they become as unelectable as Hillary. When those cucks go back to primary in their own states, every citizen should be looking down at them as globalist traitors.

Are they going to fight anti-Semitism with foam parties?

I bet those journalists were talking shit about white people

So in 2016, Holla Forums memed a president into the white house. In 2018, can we help Trump clean house and meme every one of these cuckservatives out of office? Damn right we can!


fucking this. i'm tired of there being no fucking Protestants on the Court. When the fuck did that happen anyway? It used to be ALL Protestants.

As long as they give up on us and we can Make America Great Again.

They can try, it'll backfire especially if US tries to do anything publicly. Everyone on the European continent thinks that they're superior to USA. Liberals think so because of "muh european values" and "muh tolerance". They won't listen to a goddamn single thing that comes from USA now that Donald has been elected.
The more centrist or to the right (the not Holla Forumsack or NA) think that a mongrel nation has no authority on us and that we know best.

Good luck with that

Catholics are shabboys goys

There's a lot of jew agenda push right now about racism, anti-semitism, blah, this is of that ilk. With the Trump win, conditioning shore up I guess.

Holy Mother Rome underwent a hostile takeover for sure, but protesters were heretical as fuck since their inception, user. That and they fractured into a million different evangelical groups faster than any other monotheistic order on earth.

So your niggers and trannies can invade UK?

Here's the twist: the anti-semites these retards fear so much happen to be sand niggers.

These fucks will blame the dying skinhead movement to save shitskin hides.

John Titor said Germany will go East into Ukraine and kickstart it with Russia

That's a good point. I don't think we should make any assumptions about how nationalism will form in our respective nations. It would be nice if we all respected each others shit in grand alliance, but there are plenty of opportunities for kikery to derail it.


not again

Couldn't they blame us?

I think that was a newfag trying to lump Holla Forums in with skinhead larpfags

If there's any place on the planet where the jews deserve to be hated, it's fucking Europe.

whats left of the Mesopotamians also have that right
the jews revenge for being put in their place can take thousands of years
they used islam to end Babylon and now they're using islam and communism to end Rome

Let me guess. They're going to be cracking down on "far right extremist groups" and won't even mention in passing islamists and ISIS infiltrators.

Fucking disgusting tbh fam.

Because you know that's not what they are talking about.

I havent seen any sign of anti semitism anywhere around here, I do however see a huge rise of "muh anti semitism". Are the jews memeing their own demise again?

mp4. spread it around

They finally starting to admit the invaders are semites? Progress.


Holy fuck… day after day after day after day all this anti-semitism shit. Funny thing is people who are never anti-semitic will begin to question "why is there rising anti-semitsim?", "what's so bad about Jews", then they're one step away from the JQ.

Careful with that wish user, Protestants used to be pretty based, but now many of them have gone full SJW, far worse then the Papists. Many Protestant churches have female pastors, take a look at any refugee funding/aid list and 9/10 orgs will be Jewish or Protestant.

The decentralized nature of Protestantism means that you can pretty much make your own ethnocentric church tomorrow though, so it still has a lot of potential to it.

The Chaos Gods are clearly just fucking with everyone at this point.

If we'd use the same rethoric for Whites, Europeans in their own homelands they'd be screaming racism all over.
Because Whites are evil and can't be a victim in the eyes of J*w media and their political ruling establishments everywhere.
On the contrary J*ws are the eternal victims of course… Imagine reading this:


That is so bizarre reading it blew my mind and I can't even.

why does Hitler's hand look seriously fucked here? creepy veins and long fingernails

Nigga, its a fucking glove.

Yeah, no, I have more in common with an Aryan Jew than I do with a brown christcuck.

He's the same person that allied with (((Schumer))) for amnesty.

Reported :^)

And the establishment takes its first shot.

Did you watch the video? The guy is anti-white.

what's up with the Jim Varney face?

This is all thats left to do.


Why don't I get to live in a world where a press release like that could be real? Where our government actually gives a shit about us instead of kikes and shitskins? All the press or the feds ever do is attack white people and coddle subhumans. I'm so fucking sick of it.