On Tuesday November 22nd at noon, I am going to Manhattan to protest the existence of globalism at the United Nations building

I am the same user that brought you three Federal Reserve protests. I have the archived threads here if you are interested
1st protest NYC: archive.is/ub8v7
2nd protest Boston: archive.is/W4LSc
3rd protest NYC: archive.is/hJiPQ

I cannot stand idly by any longer while these kikes undermine our nations. I decided weeks ago that I will risk everything to fight this rootless international clique, because I think it would be a terrible fate to know what is causing our nations to stagnate and fall towards the abyss of global communism and not do anything about it. Plus I'm a poorfag so fuck it I have nothing to lose. I've done these protests when I have free time off from personal matters and my wage slave job, and I will continue to do so.
As we all know, the worst thing you can call a Jew is a Jew. I have pointed out in previous protests the connections between Jews and the Federal Reserve, as well as why the Federal Reserve is enslaving us with debt. Some say that naming the Jew undermines my message about how the Federal Reserve is bad, and while I understand that viewpoint, I think you cannot solve a problem without naming it. The Fed may be bad, and needs to go, but unless you get rid of the kikes that lurk behind the scenes you will never truly solve the problem. The purpose of this movement is to spread information that strikes the heart of the problem. Information that does not sugarcoat anything. I will say everything we know as truth with absolute confidence because I know I am right, and I've seen fear in the eyes of Jews because they know it too. I believe if a sufficient number of people know the true nature of Jews, it won't be long until a final solution to this problem can be achieved.

This time I am shifting my focus to globalism. I am going to create two new double sided signs this weekend, and will pass out flyers with information on the dangers of globalism and connections to Jews. The sign/flyer approach has proven successful, because the signs draw attention, and the flyers send the message home to those who want to know more. I hope that some anons can join in my protest. My first protest I went alone, but the other two I met a few anons. If you're reading this and you're interested, I hope you come. The satisfaction of triggering kikes is unmatched. Increased numbers has an effect on people as well.
This is something I can see myself doing for life. And for those who want to know, no I do not fear death. If I were to die fighting for what I believed in, I would die happy knowing I did what I could to make this world a better place.

Pic related. It is the location where I will be protesting. Right in front of the UN.

The UN is on international territory the US ceded to it, I'm sure you can't protest out front. They'll make you stay across the street, or even worse, in Dag Hammerskjold plaza like a two blocks away.

obviously I'm in favor of a protest of this sort, I'd join in if I didn't move out of NYC

For anyone interested in coming here is what you need to know
I used to include the election as something to not mention, but at this point I'm not sure if admitting that you're a Trump supporter undermines him since he already won. I am leaning towards continuing my silence in terms of my total support for the Emperor.
Be prepared for kosher salt, and insults. However in my experience 15-20% of responses have been positive. Way more that I would have expected before.

I also want to mention that George Lincoln Rockwell is my greatest role model, and the inspiration for these protests. He learned the truth and decided to spread it far and wide despite the difficulties and resistance. He dressed well, spoke eloquently, and was fearless in the face of adversity. I don't think I can ever reach his level of greatness, but that won't stop me from trying to do my part in saving this country, and even western civilisation, from the clutches of zionism

Bump. Best of luck user

From the looks of the location I picked, it looked like a city sidewalk on the outside of the property of the UN. It's in front, and also has pedestrian traffic. I will call NYPD tomorrow to make sure that is a legal place to protest. If not then I will just move to the next best place, but at this time I believe I should be okay

Time to sleep. I'll be back soon to respond to any anons, and keep the thread reasonably bumped until Tuesday

godspeed user

You are doing kek's words user. Make sure you come prepared, you need a truckload of redpill for this one


Yeah, that'll really fix the issue.

And he'd make sure to call you a weak faggot for playing right into the jew's hands.

I have really fucked up feet and no shoes fit me well, except for a pair of shoes I bought just down the street from the UN. Good price too.
Anyway sage for being terrible off topic.

Bump for good user. Godspeed OP.

user, you are a machine!

Thank you OP for your activism.

He probably didn't reach there thinking about that

countersage because unpaid CTR is here

You would be surprised how many people you can reach out to by doing this. I am hoping some people take pics and videos of me and show how much of a bad goy I am, so it spreads around to more people

I would love to hear how I'm playing into their hands. This is the last thing they'd want the goyim to do. Yes some people will immediately be turned off to what I have to say when they hear the word jew, but there are more people willing to hear me out than you think. The goal is to at least plant the seeds of doubt, and have them start looking for themselves what the real role Jews have in society. We were all at that stage of the redpill, unless you had a based dad to tell you from the start

Yeah I just need to go out and do my business. Mostly what I meant by that though was his oratory skills. I am practicing debating, and have been studying what I can from /pdfs/. but matching him on that will be tough

Btw, thanks for bumping my thread anons

Big regret of mine was not going to the ATL fed protest. I'm only 3.5 hours away from there.

I dont get this. Didnt we win the election? Cant we start hurting them yet?

I hope anons in other parts of the country can make their own protests. It really just takes one guy and a message. I went alone to the Manhattan Fed with two signs my first protest. It was a great experience

No. They want us to act violent so they can push their agenda that we are le ebil natzees. They've been hoping violence would occur at their paid protests against Trump across the country so a civil conflict can begin, and destabilise the country. I won't play into their hands. Also, I am not going to get myself in trouble because then my message will cease to spread. Wait for Trump to take office and enact his policy before you think about that

So, if Trump says we can hurt them, or just remains silent on it, THEN can we start to hurt them/ or never?

Don't wanna tell you how to do your job (but I'm going to), but if I was you I'd use some of the left's language in your arguments - talk about 'Jewish privilege', how unfairly 'over-represented' they are in everything, from university graduates/enrolments and Oscar-winners to, of course, 'the 1%'/government/banking etc, *especially* compared to their population size. Say something like 'so we all agree that the government/world is run by rich old white men, but when I point out the clear fact that they're also Jewish, suddenly it becomes a conspiracy theory and hate speech?'.

I've been able to redpill a few normies in the past in a surprisingly short amount of time just by mentioning 3 simple things:
1. that Jews make up about 40% of the richest 1% while only making up 0.2/2% of the population
2. that they've been kicked out 109 times since 250AD, and then
3. sarcastically saying something like "but don't worry - every single one of those 109 times, Jews were just the poor, unlucky victims of a completely baseless conspiracy theory, right?"


I don't want to talk about when exactly violence should occur just in case it can be used against me. Just know when violence becomes the answer, Holla Forums will know.

Good points. If you saw my other protest threads, my flyers and pamphlets in the past actually had exactly what you mentioned. Overrepresentation, history of getting kicked out, Jewish persecution being for a common reason and not on baseless prejudice or conspiracies. I'll include them again in my new flyers as well. You can't have globalism without jews so they will definitely be called out for that

Godspeed user. I've been in all your threads so far and wish you luck for this one too. It's inspiring to see the success.

I'd come out to help but I'm fat (working on it tho) and don't want to make you look bad


Thank you user for uploading these. My laptop broke since my last protest so I couldn't post anything saved from before.
If anyone else is wondering, yes that's me with the gold tie

Thanks for your support user. I really don't care if you're a big guy, I don't think you would detract from the message at all.

Just getting the salty fatty to complain about shit meant everything worth. Keep doing the good job


No one cares that you are fat, go anyways, the only bad optics are violence, spaghetti spilling, and dressing poorly. Practice being assertive and do your homework on the talking points and you will be fine.

You're better than Rockwell, user.

He didn't have to face against the level of multi-culturalism our country has.

We are in a much worse position in that regard, yes. However, it is also a lot easier to spread information now since we have the internet. You can make the case that it is easier to fight the jews now because of that. The internet was how I was redpilled, and I'm sure many on here are the same. The internet probably won Trump the election. I think though that it's important to take the lessons we learned here and spread them in the physical world too so that's why I'm doing this

I hope you're continuing your lifting user

Still doing SS. My squat has increased 105 lbs, Deadlift by 110, Bench by 55, OHP by 25
I am currently in T-Rex mode. My legs are huge but my upper body is still relatively weak and small. Only 12% BF though which is good. In a year from now hopefully I have great gains

I remember your fed protests, if you ever make it out to the bible belt what is there to even protest here other than cucked churches and banks though? I'll gladly join you.
Keep doing it man, you're a genuine inspiration.


If I was in NYC i'd go

I wish I could do this full time. I would love to travel around the country protesting zionism and its many tentacles. I just don't have the money to do it. And to live I need my wage slave job to pay bills, so it ties me down.
If only there was some sort of "soros of the right" that would fund protests for us for once. Then I would be able to meet you user when I traveled to the south. Thankfully I live in a crowded area where many important cities are only a few hours away so many targets in range

Bump. Any anons available should consider helping OP out. The more the merrier (and safer).

There is a couple people that may come. Hopefully I can get some more to join

Bedtime bump. Tomorrow I will make my new signs, and show you of course

Globalism/marxism/communism/socialism are all just fronts for jewish world domination through usury and subversion. Point that out and watch people flip shit

Ohh I will user. I truly believe that the answer to the JQ is a final solution, since being a kike is basically in their DNA. If you deport them they'll always find a way to subvert again down the road. However, if people ask me at the protest what I would do with Jews, I am just going to say that I'd deport them. I don't want to risk "inciting violence" or some other bullshit. Like in my last protest, I will just say that America is a country founded by and for white people. It wasn't until the 1960s that that's changed, and we should go back to it. That means deportations of all non whites. I don't care how long Africans have been here too, they're going back


Liberia 2.0 with the finest niggas in charge to turn it into a African "super power", to cull the kike and muslim influence out of the continent.

I'd bet they'd be just slightly more competent than the other apes, and would not find success on the world stage except maybe international basketball competitions
Hopefully then down the road the white man takes over africa for the resources

I suspect he's a heeb.

bump. Making the signs now. Huge pain in the ass. I have learned that I hate making signs


Damn who the fuck are you where you can take all this time off work? I envy your free time.

Just please dont look like le crazy protest man on the street corner who annoys people. Dress nice. Be well put together. Be calm, and dont yell. Keep your composure.

It's one day off. My last protest was 3 weeks ago. I don't think that's worthy of envy

I think I've done well so far. I purposely don't engage in others unless they talk to me first as well so I don't come off as annoying

Do you have any funny stories? Or do people just ignore you? I dont think many average people actually care about, or know about the Fed. Might get some bites with the UN, though.

check this video for an angry kike
I've had many many encounters with angry kikes and have received a whole bunch of verbal abuse. Angry libtards calling me racist and antisemetic, and when I agree with those allegations hilarity ensues. One hambeast wouldn't leave me and a couple other anons alone for about 30 mins. Good times really

Good job OP

hey, OP. if you want a good semi-professional video editor reply to this post or just straight up post the raw footage as mp4 or host on mega/ more secure alternative like vola as highest quality format of your choosing

Keep it up user! Good luck and Godspeed.
Excellent job keeping your cool against those abrasive kikes.

A forest fire starts with a single spark.

I wish I had a dedicated person to shoot video of the protest. I would get my own body cam if I had the cash at the moment. But I'll still do what I can to get some footage, and pictures. I'll post them if and when I have them. Thanks

Thank you user. I've started this because I knew someone had to go out into the world to stand up to the Jews. From my experience they're more afraid of me than I could ever be of them. I think if more people started calling out the kikes in public it could snowball. Hopefully I encourage others to stand up as well

Time to sleep. I was supposed to finish the signs today but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Good progress so far though



I finished my first sign. Almost done with the second. Which will have 13 red and white stripes in the background, with blue lettering saying "nationalism will fly" and an eagle in the middle

Let that empower you user.

These again?

Two rules you already broke. Good luck anyway, OP.

Do you have any suggestions?

Too far. You'll just be dismissed as an anti-semetic kook.

You don't need to label the Jews, just call them globalists. Eventually people will come to the conclusion themselves. You just need to lay a trail of breadcrumbs.

NO. This is dumb.

Don't propose nationalism as the solution. Nationalism is too tied to Hitler for normies. Instead promote "Localism", as an opposite of Globalism (i.e local sustainable communities making their own decisions). Trust me, localism eventually leads to nationalism anyway but it's more palatable to normies.

I'm not going to sugarcoat anything that I know is the truth. If the Jews are the problem, the Jews should be named. The worst nightmare of a Jew is to be called out and exposed. Sure there will be those who immediately dismiss me. They are irrelevant to me. There are more people willing to hear me out than you think, and I know this from experience. I'm sticking to the formula I've been using the past couple months.

Keep doin' what you're doin' OP.

/dixie/fag here, would join you if I could

Then you will fail.

The goal is to convert people to our way of thinking, and making them view you as an evil Nazi adversary does not achieve this.

Anyone well versed in persuasion knows that to change someone's mind you have to understand the current perspective of the mind you are trying to change and devise an argument that suits their current perspective.

Their brains will literally shut off as soon as you mention the Jews, unless they have been redpilled up to a point where they are willing to consider it.

Do what you want, but if you actually want to change minds you need to smarten up.

Godspeed user. You are doing more to spread the truth about jewish influence and subversion in our society than 1,000 shitposters on Holla Forums (myself included). These protests likely won't earn you any friends and you will surely be heckled and socially ostracized, but at least you are standing up for a cause you believe in – and fighting for the survival of your race is perhaps the most noble cause out there.

Most people will ignore, some (aka jews) will antagonize you. Nonetheless, there are tons of reasonable white people who feel uncomfortable with the direction our society is headed but haven't been exposed to the truth or any possible alternatives. Everytime you do one of these protests you open up more people's eyes and spark their curiosity – even if they say nothing to you – to then search things on the Internet and uncover the reality of our cultural marxism problem.

Thanks again for all that you are doing user, and I hope other Holla Forumsacks will be inspired and join you. However, don't be overly trusting of anyone. Ever since Trump's victory this place has been overrun with leftists and shills desperately trying to understand us and the reasons behind our enormous success.

>reddit spacing
go kill yourself.

Fuck off with your anti-thought comments.

If you disagree then explain why without using shitty muh PR memes.

I'm going to give OP a bump because this is a worthy cause and perhaps other anons in the area can join him.

OP, check out the DailyStormer "book club" forums for the Manhattan area. Your message will resonate louder if it looks like you have support than just as a lone protester.

Obviously, watch out for infiltrators. Be friendly but trust no one.

Good luck. True Holla Forumsacks are applauding you for dispensing the redpill out in the real world.

You aren't going to trick people into becoming national socialists, or anti semites, or "alt right", fucking faggot. Mass movements have never worked, and if your goal is a mass movement, it is you who will fail. Read The Prison Notes to learn how we got into this mess. Listen to Pierce to find out how we get out of it. LARPing as some parliamentarian deal maker, who wants to trick people into electing him solves less than nothing.

You're projecting and arguing against your own strawman. When did I say there was a trick involved?

I just said if you want to convince someone of anything, you need to do it at a level they will understand and won't shut off to. This should be fucking obvious to anyone browsing Holla Forums. The most "truthful" argument is never the strongest, unless you first train someone to appreciate truth.

It's the same reason you can't learn advanced mathematics until you know basic mathematics. The human ego and worldview is already well developed by early adulthood. You can't deprogram years of propaganda by waving a sign and screaming "IT'S THE JEWS!!!!11". You are just playing into the stereotype that's already programmed into their mind by the media - that you are irrational, insane and dangerous.

Bump for good luck. Shadilay!

Yeah, because the last time a bunch of Holla Forumsacks got together to protest in public really changed alot.

It's never happened.

There's going to be many people that see me. I can't take a blanket PR approach. I'm choosing to say the truth, because some people will choose the blue pill no matter what. I'm interested in those who have the ability to actually think about my point of view. I really do understand where you're coming from. The big difference is that I don't care if most people just immediately write me off. There are some who will listen, or agree. And not only that, I want to show others that they can speak the truth as well. I'm tired of waiting for others to speak out on this. Maybe I can get this to snowball

thank you

What do you guys think about my signs? I still have a couple things to do before they're ready. Not much sleep for me tonight

It never went anywhere.

That wasn't a bunch of Holla Forumsacks. It was me alone once and with a couple others twice. You don't really expect me to change the world immediately do you? A movement needs time to grow. Reminder that it took the Nazis about 14 years of long and hard struggle and perseverance to achieve their goal

God speed, user

I'm on my way to Manhattan. As always I'll give updates

Good lad.

Nicely done. Godspeed, Patriot.


God speed op

Godspeed user

OP here. I hit some traffic. I will probably be a little late. I will be there for hours though anyways. It is windy today so I hope that doesn't fuck my signs up

Should have taken mass transportation and parked the car at a train station fam, takes less time to get in

You're right. Driving to and parking in Manhattan is absolute hell. I hate the FDR drive as much as I hate FDR at this point

I'm close to the UN just looking for parking

Only advice I can give you is to get a better way to hold the signs. If you can't since you have to carry that shit in a bus or whatever, see if you can get your hands on something like pic related

Fuck, the second one is wrong but you get the idea.

I'm here
Please forgive my lateness, I will make up for it

Godspeed, OP kek smiles upon your endeavors.


Proof. It is really windy today which is making it hard to hold my signs, but I'll persevere

OP If you really are in need of supplies (camera, etc…) perhaps you should have a donation campaign? I'd gladly contribute personally for some of the expenses, as I'm sure others would. If people in this thread donated $10, you'd have enough for a decent camera easily.

your face looks like you have red hair.
still, im proud of you man.

Let's see your sign

High Energy OP, have been following your Threads since your second Protest.
Keep the good work, you are already an inspiration for some of us.

Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!

Because you asked

tip top lad

Maybe I can set something up. I would need advice on how to set it up though, and suggestions for what camera and microphone is good. We'll see. I live paycheck to paycheck and you can see my signs for example are made on a budget on my own free time.



Borders were so last century, goyim. They are just going to hold back our progress! :^)

It can be as simple as setting up a paypal and simply posting the link in your threads when you go to protest. As for equipment, I can't really help you out there, but I'm sure other anons may know some.

Am I the only on who thinks he has sort of sneaky looking facial features?

These kikes just made me cross the street. I called NYPD earlier and they said if I was on the sidewalk I was okay. There isn't much pedestrian traffic here. Really gay developments

Yes, you are

OP leaving site
I'll recap todays events when I get home

Godspeed, m8

If you look at his facial features he is clearly jewish himself. He does these pointless protests to lure anons out and expose them.

Until he commits an act that we can prove he's done such a thing, we cannot say this. Don't resort to retarded leftist reasoning and assume guilty until proven innocent, then you are no better than the jews themself.

That user doesn't look jewish. The paranoia around here gets absurd sometimes.


You're a D&C shill. Are you afraid the goyim are speaking up and standing up for themselves now?

Fuck these shills

Like said, he has very clear bad goy features, and is actually calling them out alone at one of their main HQ's

KEKspeed from the west coast protestanon

Why are you still at work Moshe? Isn't the work day in Tel Aviv over yet?

Kekus Vult OP
t. Swecuck

I have seen Jews of all sorts. You never know, Hooked noses, are a roman nose from Italy, and they descend from the Armenoid branch. Faggots like you think the nose is enough, but it isn't I have seen pure blooded Jews that look as white as Sweden and as black as Niggers. They can look a thousand way. That is their greatest power.


You do more than 1000 online cucks.

The federal Reserve protests were amazing, scared them shitless with the guns. If only more anons got out of their basements and joined in on that to make it a monthly thing so they will never truly forget.

IIRC that was around the time that whole uprising was happening in Oregon, what happened to that in the end?

I've found the biggest indicator of someone with significant Jew ancestry is not the nose, but the lips, specifically a big bulging lower lip

OP back home
I see I've attracted some shills. I guess that means I'm on the right track. Now that I'm home I will give you guys a recap, and future plans.

Today I was alone again like my first protest. Even though I would prefer company, I do not really mind being alone. I feel like it tests me and strengthens me, as I have to take the full brunt of everything. I have enough experience now that I feel confident doing this. Driving home I thought about this in perspective. One man taking on the most powerful and influential institutions that are putting us down. Even if I'm alone I will do what I believe is right, and the whole Jewish system can come after me for all I care. I will always know that I did what I could, whether I succeed or fail, and I can never feel anything other than satisfaction.

Today's weather was brutal. It was cold and really windy. I'm estimating the gusts were at least 40mph. It was annoying but it didn't really bother me that much. I just had to occasionally put my signs down so they wouldn't blow away.

There was less pedestrian traffic here than in my other protests, but I still encountered hundreds of people. Interestingly, negativity was way lower than in my other protests as well. Not in terms of numbers, but percentage wise. There were a large amount of Chinese tourists, and they seemed curious. Some took pictures of me but that is it. Quite a few people took pictures. This one girl had this hipster looking film camera and asked if she could take pics of me. Apparently she does photography, and after some pictures I gave her an email she could contact me on so she could send me copies. I'll share with you guys if you want. She asked about my views, and I'm assuming she disagreed with me because she gave every indication of being liberal just from looks, but she never said anything negative to me.
Many people were actually really receptive to what I had to say. Lots of people knew that America needed to look out for itself first, but they didn't know about Jewish involvement in globalism. I told them about it and many were receptive, some debated a bit, and only a few called me names. Like I said before negativity was way down. I don't really have an explanation for this.
Then of course security told me to go across the street to a "designated protest area" which was to the side of the property and across the street, despite the fact that they let me be for almost 2 hours. 3x less pedestrian traffic and the wind was twice as bad. I decided to leave about an hour earlier than I wanted to because of this. I felt like I was wasting my time since nobody could see me. Fuck the UN. They kick me off the sidewalk, but soon we will kick them out of this country. Mark my words.

That and the weather was the only negative thing about today. I would say it was a success.

I used to live in the burbs of NYC but left NY this past summer. Wish I could have joined you user, bad timing.

Be sure to actually record your story in some kind of a blog or video as well protestanon. Preferably in multiple places, like a personal blog, youtube, twitter, in addition to here in case one or more gets shoahed

It's good hearing and seeing you from here, but most diamonds on the chans tend to get lost to posterity.

Maybe make some fliers for next time to pass out to curious people as well? Hopefully the UN can't pin something on you that way

Still though, we don't know each other so it doesn't mean much, but I'm proud of you protestanon

Future plans
I've done these protests with about 2 weeks in between. But this time I think I am going to take a more lengthy break. I have a large backlog of /pdfs/ to read and study. Books from the library I need to catch up on. I want to continue practicing debating and speaking. I think I've shown by now that I am legitimate, and that you can go out and speak your mind. I hope I've inspired others to speak out as well. I also would really like to see the armed Fed protests come back in Atlanta, Texas, and wherever else that is applicable. I'm holding out hope that Trump will get rid of the Fed anyways as a consequence of the inevitable economy collapse that they'll dump on his administration. That bubble is way overinflated. We'll see what happens though.

Now is the time where I really want to get grinding. Don't worry though, I will always continue fighting. Next time I do a protest, I will have more knowledge from careful study, more strength from continued lifting, and more oratory skills vital to anyone in my position. Thank you to all the anons that support me. It means a lot and it motivates. You let me know that I am going about things in the right way. Please let me know about ways to improve when you see me doing something you find wrong, or something that's only satisfactory. And when I decide to do something, I'll let you guys know.

You bring up excellent points. I need to get more organised with my movement. It would be a lot more beneficial in terms of exposure and with finding people willing to join me. The next few weeks I'm going to think about new ways to protest, and ways to spread the word. A twitter account to share news and developments. A youtube account with videos explaining the things we know. Maybe a podcast. Many possibilities. This is all new to me so it will take time to learn and get used to things, but I believe in myself.
I really think we can win, Holla Forums. Blackpills haven't seen the scared faces of Jews when you fearlessly speak the truth. They think that the system is way to big and powerful to defeat. Real power is in the hands of the people. The kikes need us to keep their system running. We can get rid of the parasite

Well at least you don't live in NY anymore. Every time I visit I want to leave

I dont live in burgerland, but i do support your efforts to end global elite tyranny. Stay safe and be well user. Looking foward to see your future progress.


Thank you user I appreciate your support