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The Fed is scared of people naming their like connections too. Fed protest user showed us that.
When you do nothing wrong you have nothing to fear, but these parasites know their time is running out



most gold is owned by kikes. You need currency backed by something that they can't manipulate
Hitler's Germany used a labor backed currency. It seems good but I don't know if it would be a long term solution. I need to learn more before I can say for sure though

actually most gold is in the ground

Even so, the price of gold is fixed by the Rothchilds. They could break countries with kikery.
I am pro labor back government issued currency but need more info as well.

Someone want to explain to me how labour backed currency works? Is it a standard set of dollars for hours or quality of work or something? How does this translate to international trade?

No donald won't do anything to the Fed because he is already appointing jews who have worked for rothchilds, jews who have worked for goldman sachs, and others to financial advisory positions in his cabinet. So what would give you the inkling of an idea that he would bother the Federal Reserve?

http:// www. webofdebt.com/articles/bankrupt-germany.php
Here is a summary. Maybe not the best resource but it is what I could find at the moment. I'll look for more resources

In my opinion a nation's labor is a better backing for it's currency than any other thing.
For what is currency? what causes it to increase? is it not labor at the root in one form or another that is responsible for every increase in capital?
The currency base increases with the labor pools size and skill and is immune to outside manipulation.

He literally said we need to audit the fed, get the fuck out you retarded shill

It shouldn't really work, but it does if the people believe in it enough…

Also, the Rothschilds will be laughing all the way to the bank with this one. But it's not all bad for us, investing in gold in the next few weeks would be a bit smart.

So fucking what? The FED is going to drop to its knees because of an audit? That's funny.

he's appointed 3 people so far, bannon, flynn and preibus, 4 if you count pence

They'd be faster in jail than you can say oy vey

Reposting this bit about interest rates.

Its the Fed, they won't go down without a major fight. They have already taken out countless other presidents

I don't really understand how that works considering you can count all the presidents.

I can understand the part in which he would pay for the labor with the notes.

But what about materials for the public works?

Restrain your autism user

Do you mean like steel,bricks,wood, shit even small things like nails?
Im very far from an expert but i assume a set amount of any of those things = a "mark" which then can be traded for more of those things from a larger supplier or payment for a worker to create your materials in which you then sell them for marks at the rate you supply them. I dont know now, electricity/internet etc now may have to be supplied by the government which would get it from ???
But in theory, and at least hitlers germany it fucking worked wonders.
Although im but a simple retard who lays bricks for a living so please non ctr correct me where im wrong. Ive long been fasicated by hitlers economy system

If I had to guess, Trump will have dirt on major players and will be using this to get whatever he wants. What a time to be alive.

Meet your new Secretary of the Treasury (((Steven Mnuchin))). The Fed isn't going ANYWHERE. Besides how can he build the wall without running the printing presses?


Trump is very econ-savvy, I'm sure he won't end the fed. He could 'go to war' with it, sure, but it's in his bargaining interest to keep the negotiating table on the floor. Leave it to RonPaul 2.0 to flip it on them.

This is what I've been hoping for. Yes there is the concern that congress will try to block his agenda, but an investigation into Washington would find enough dirt to incriminate most if not all of Washington. The connections to Israel and Jews in general also would easily be found, and Trump could use that to end the taboo of going against Israeli and Jewish interests. Trump will get what he wants, and we will MAGA. This includes destroying the Fed and having the Treasury print debt free money

No reason to not have both, along with all the other types of money. All we need is the government out of the way.

Are you sure he has the authority to do that? Not according to greenspan he doesn't.

Central banks are not owned or ran by the government. It's private property that goes all the way to the Rothschild. You would play in the kikes' hands by getting "the government out of the way" since it means they would have 0 regulations over which way they can play with the economy.

He doesn't, the FED is private property. What he can do though is audit the fuck out of it and find legal recourse to force it's closure since the audit will prove the whole banking system is a Ponzi scheme.

Goddamn I love Nixon so much. Trump is Nixon 2.0 better, faster, and stronger. The fed is fucked.

Nixon took us off the gold standard though, which was something that benefited the Fed.

LBJ's massive out of control deficit spending made the gold standard an impossible peg to maintain.

The Fed isn't stopping other forms of money though. That would be the government.

what about land based instead?

When you buy materials you are essentially paying for the labour needed to extract or refine them.

Gold is the monetary commodity that has been chosen time and again, and since time immemorial, by the market economy.

Most of the gold in the U.S. is still in the vaults of the Treasury. All that's needed to restore the gold standard is to divide the gold in the vaults by the dollars in circulation, and make dollars redeemable for that amount of gold.

Why would you want to restore the (((gold standard))) though?

Nixon sold us out to fiat currency, how did he go to war with the fed? Are you thinking about Kennedy?

All the article mentions was him begging for some stimulus from the ZOG's teat.

Tieing the dollar to something physical that is in limited supply helps fight off inflation. You can print as much paper as you want, but you can't print gold, and mining more of it takes a fair amount of effort.

Ever since we left the gold standard, the Fed has tried to tell us that 2% annual inflation is a good thing and needed for a healthy economy. Bullfuckingshit.

The gold standard wasn't imposed by Jews or anybody else. Gold outcompetes other candidate moneys on a free and open market.

Once again entirely LBJ's fault. Between the Great Society, Vietnam, and the foreign countries hoarding the US Dollar (the Petrodollar) it was literally impossible to maintain the Gold Standard peg.

Last prestident who wanted to trump federal reserve was shot.

Never forget executive order 11110

Hitler circumvented the "judean trade war against germany" by simply trading goods for other goods, cutting out the kike middle man from the equation.

The federal reserve wasn't giving out its death rattle back then; it is now.

He could use labor backed current until the gold is back under our control. I'm not entirely sure labor backed current will work in a modern economy, but it would sure as hell work better than fiat currency.

Speaking of the "petrodollar", what about an oil backed currency? They did just find one of the biggest sources of oil ever found in Texas, it has an expiration date obviously, but it's an idea. Though, keep in mind any future currency debate would have to be post-jew and kebab removed, otherwise they'd fuck with everything.

It's only really a few years worth of oil, if that.

Remember the shitshow behind JFK and how many enemies he made on top of being popular? Fucker had the balls to try to limit the fed with the aforementioned executive order and was shot as a result.

Blame it on mob, butthurt conservatives of the time or pin it on Nixon if you really want to. If JFK wasn't kill federal reserve would be crippled today. Trump however upped the ante by pissing off globalists, Mexican drug lords, SJW and libtards on top of federal bank if he plans to go that route.

I genuinely worry for Trump at this stage, chances are that security and bodyguards is compromised to boot.

The federal reserve is crippled today, and set to be replaced. The Rothschilds aren't going to step out and just flat out tell us that they want to start over, it's much easier for them to frame the dismantling and reconstruction of a central bank through phony regime change.

I think Trump can be very unique in that he can tell them to fuck off. I just think he's playing their game is all, and we have to stay vigilant.

Donald threathens
I really fear for his life and the lives of his family, Holla Forums. People get assassinated for less. Is God Emperor safe? I know he's incredibly wealthy, but can he get a security team that's good and trustworthy enough to protect him from the most evil and powerful pieces of shit ion the planet?

As if globalist puppets would be willing to let go of their burger population. Burgers are cash excellent cash cows that are ruled and lured by materialism and culture of instant gratification.

Gassing the old fed before building a new one from ground up by themselves could be one option and making it DAMN sure that nosebirds can't infilitrate the new establishment.

I can imagine few ugly scenarios from this, welfare leeches and nignogs on gibs throw a shitfit once government tightens the purse things and god forbid force those luddites to educate themselves and work for once in their fucking lives. We'd have hordes of entitled materislistic libshits and dumb niggers throwing tantrums as they can't survive hard times.

Second being the issue with Roth family, middle eastern wars, NATO and other projected has been immensely profitable to the fed. I can imagine a assassination and installation of a puppet president if worst happens.

Please Kek do not let it be so.

I certainly hope so and hopefully presidential security staff is loyal enough to prevent another JFK from happening.

We have to pray that he will continue to lead us in a righteous direction and have faith God will protect him.
God protected Hitler. Too bad he offed himself.

Stream your suicide so we can all laugh as you die.

Really now, Bernie was the one who won the most from this election. He gets a fancy new house and a car, all thanks to his gullible supporters and their life savings.

Me too, mate.
Meh! The only good jew…

I hope he privatizes is, but for heaven's sake don't return to a gold standard. That would be a deflationary disaster, and through the process of usury, would give Rothschild even more power, because of the destruction of liquidity within the American economy.

The only possible positive solution would be for the Federal Reserve to be entirely dismantled alongside immediate replacement of all "Federal Reserve Notes" by a currency representative of a valuable, limited resource.

"Restructuring," auditing, or imposing limitation upon the Fed would have little to no stabilizing effect upon the world economy in the long term. A fiat currency maintaining a growth dependent economic system is inherently deceptive at best and irrevocably destined for collapse at worst.

Growth based economics are limited by the amount of usable resources available within the system such policies are imposed. In other words, regular growth of such an economy can only occur so long as more resources exist to be commercialized and injected into into the economy over time. Until efficient industrialization and affordable transportation systems are made available for exploitation of extra-planetary resources humanity is limited by the total amount of commercially usable resources currently in residence on Earth. Once all available resource opportunities become either industrialized or made unavailable for commercial exploitation a growth based economic system grinds to an immediate halt and must collapse as no further viable collateral exists to support the loaning of currency and the creation of debt.

Even overlooking the eventual fatalistic result of such a policy there are other major issues that need to be immediately addressed within our monetary system. The fiat currency concept itself, in my opinion, being potentially the most impediment to establishment of a more fair economic framework. Without regulation by basing the currency's worth against a valuable, limited resource opportunity for manipulation of the market will always be a threat. I mean for fuck's sake our current system establishes the entirety of our currency's worth to the word of a private party (the Fed) that isn't subject to external regulation. That alone is mind-boggling. Literally the U.S. dollar is established to have inherent worth solely because the men and women whom currently occupy positions on the Federal Reserve Board tell you it has value.

You don't have any clue what you're talking about.

Returning to the gold standard would not cause any immediate inflation or deflation. It would prevent future inflation and the economy would settle into the same pattern of slow deflation that prevailed over most of the 19th century.

You've been brainwashed by Jews into thinking lower prices will somehow bring about economic disaster.

Hey, retard, money doesn't have to be backed by gold to work.

Just take it out of the hands of a privately owned and operated bank which manipulates the supply for their own private profit. It was the Federal Reserve that created the Great Depression and if you don't know this by now, just kill yourself.

The gold standard is as kike owned as the fed.

Currency has to be backed by something without something, precious metals haven't lost their worth in three millenia for normies.

Could back it with uranium or oil.

It's not that hard to find a useful substance our existence is based on.

A currency backed by labor would only work in a highly productive society. Maybe if we where in some type of industrial revolution or something. I doubt it would work now.

There is no such thing as "Money" because the value of every good is subject to change through supply and demand of the market.

The best form of backing for currency is by being backed by the countries labour since by doing this the economy runs smoothly and facilitates the exchange of goods and services.

Lincolns greenbacks and Hitlers Reichmarks are example of debt free, labour backed currency and they worked.

When currency is debt based or is based on a limited resource like gold it benefits no one but the kikes.

and this is why it's important to bring back industry to the home country through tariffs and tax breaks for buisnesses to encourage growth of industry.

Kennedy did too, through legislative terms, not just with empty threats…

NO. This was already a problem. The reason they took us off the gold standard is because of what I was mentioning above:
By signing executive order 11110, Kennedy allowed the use of Silver, other than gold, to back currency with and use to issue dollars - effectively breaking their monopoly (there is a whole lot more silver than there is gold - and besides, what stops future governments from using other resources such as Uranium or Oil to back currency with??).

JFK tried and got fugged for it, Reagan almost.
What Trump have that his antecessors didn't?

Are you trying to imply all Jackson did was throw empty threats at the bank you reddit browsing cuck?

From my academic studies of the option, a labor-backed supplemental currency is far-and-away the best way to bring an economy back to it's feet, but only if that currency can't be traded in aggregate, in high finance. The scheme could be electronic in nature, as opposed to a stamp scrip, and could thus be tracked, and could vary its value as it gets traded according circumstance, place, and time. This would make it a highly adaptive currency.

Simple analogs of such a system has already been tested at both regional and national scales and proven to work admirably, alleviating the worst of conditions: depression era Brazil, US, and Germany. The system would be easy to implement, and effective. And it's perhaps the biggest threat to (((internationalist))) rule that I know of. A number of politically-incorrect historians have postulated that most glaring imperative for WW2 was to eliminate any idea or remembrance of how effective the Bundesbank was.

Autistically, in the list of top creative, progressive options that would Make America Great Again, establishing a modern version of a Bundesbank is number one.

I know exactly what the future currency needs to be based on, but I ain't sayiing shit. I'm gonna get hella rich off it.

that's a good idea, but that's not the full answer.

you need a labor backed + investment backed currency

no, subject of discussion was Trump. I'm skeptical; suspicious of his motives and allies - in spite of being quite happy to support anything going against the MSM
Pls, stahp


Any value is arbitrary. 'Intrinsic value' is not an absolute concept. Whether it's gold, real estate, food, health, even life itself, all value is assigned. Currency is a assigned mutually-agreed-to values, which is how it can function in trade. For a currency to function, some community facilitation must occur; someone must assign values to the currency.

Realistically, I gotta agree with this.


You cannot assign currency to an arbitrary value as it can be printed in excess.

You cannot set currency to a limited physical resource, our economy is bigger than gold.

You cannot set a currency to infinite printing, government corruption will excessively print.

You cannot set a currency to debt, it will enslave all of the populace to Jews.

You cannot set a currency to simply land, as it will enrich and create a parasitic noble class.

You cannot set currency to labor, it will create a war and conquest dependent economy.

You can only set currency to investment, investment from rich to poor for development.

It used to not be possible even 4 years ago, now with smartphones it is.

Eventually, it will be a multi-hundred dollar trillion dollar economic boost to humanity.

Is it time to restart the armed Fed protests?


Investment from money simply sitting there to lower fixed costs which in turns goes to the people.

Investment to reduce carbon intake and pollution and to create energy off the grid.

Investment to create permanent, etho-centric hubs of economic activity capable of defending themselves through militia.

Investment into education, cheap off-the-site education to allow people to move up and create higher-end jobs.

Investment into lower-end automation and advanced transportation systems to free up time for education and better jobs.

Investment to create energy independent homes and cars, investment into the community.

It is the community hub which is the power and center of all things, not the family, not the race, not God, not ethno-nationalism, a community of alike peoples, race and creed.

Once implemented it will usher in the space age and we'll overthrow the Jews peacefully.

It's coming soon.


Read executive order 11110, post it here, and explain how it took any power away from the FED, because it didn't.

Bill Still, author of Money Masters, wanted that to be true when doing research and he found it to be false and disinfo from Jimm Marrs (a disinfo shill who also pushes ayylmao bullshit).
https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrWgi6JVsd0
http:// thirdworldtraveler.com/Assassinations_page/Israel's_Central_Role_FJ.html



Kennedy was doing a number of things (((they))) didn't like. His assassination served several purposes, and IMHO no one reason can it down.
For some it was his intention to 'break the CIA into a million pieces, for others it was his threats to expose something, and for the Zionists, he didn't want to play ball with their nuclear ambitions. The Kennedy silver dollars didn't help matters. Kennedy was the original modern American MAGA master, openly murdered on parade.


Read executive order 11110, post it here, and explain how it took any power away from the FED, because it didn't.


Well no shit, he missed out on quints.



The spacing makes it hard to read your comment. Let me fix that for you.

That's alotta things you can't do…

Methinks you're on the right track with this.

At least your dubs are nice.


The gold standard is fucking trash, you retard. It's just another method of kike control

I'm not fully understanding your logic here. If your response is framed within the viewpoint of "value" as relativistic numerical value then I agree with your statement. Such a statement reflects a more philosophical take on the definition of value coming from the perspective of the existential nihilist. In the context of this conversation the abstract nature of "value" honestly has little to no bearing on the structure of economic systems.

The reason I used the term "inherent value" in relation to currency backed by a limited, valuable resource is due to the concept of a resource's value emerging naturally as a product of its rarity set against its industrial applications and demand. Gold was a popular choice for currency for hundreds of years due to its rarity, malleability, and resistance to tarnish. In the modern era its value is further influenced by its performance as a high quality electrical conductor within electronic systems. Realistically however there are many resources on today's market that could easily outpace it as a reliably valuable commodity (ie. - platinum, petroleum, uranium-235, etc.)

The point is that the value associated with the material remains stable as a direct consequence of the consequences of demand and application.


And how exactly do you determine the value of labor? Is all labor the same? If not, how do you determine it?

God damned fucking niggers. Why didn't they ship them back to apefrica when they abolished slavery, for the love of god why?

What does he always say Holla Forums? Never tell your enemies what you are planning. While at the same time he is going to call out Globalist at every turn. He is setting up a situation where killing him would actually be worse then letting him live.

The currencies that make economies are multi-nodal, i.e.: based on more than just a single exchangable or fundable. In this manner, trades can be anything from tangible REIT stocks to the abstract political futures with which Holla Forums bet on Trump's rise. The most successful currencies are those which are most closely and directly connected to their economic areas of interest. When getting an economy working again, when jump-starting human capital applied in large community projects, the most directly connected currency is an arbitrary valuation of labor, i.e.: a labor-backed (supplemental) currency.

In other words: Cryptoil, making money from click power, promises to pay (labor) and our nation's domestic oil stocks/production capacity. Crypto. Toil. Oil. A nationalized "basket of currencies."

Also one more thing, imkampfy just bumplocked a high-quality worthwhile useful Holla Forums book thread.
unless you're a nigger who hate books

Physically speaking, nothing. Globally speaking, the internet. If we get a few more conspiracy theories popular in the world, like the pizzagate, and downplay some of the tinfoil theories like lizardmen, we could make it dangerous for them to strike at him. People already think Washington is fishy, we just need to get them sniffing the stench of rot coming from it.

Need an emotional figurehead. If people could play up the Monica case, a few witness testimonies, it'd be great.

Nixon was pretty based, all things considered, which I should have figured out given that in school I learned what a terrible guy he supposedly was. He was definitely better than (((Goldwater))). However, it was also Nixon who appointed (((Kissinger))), so I think you have to go further back to find a good president, honestly.
(Linked in the OP)

Personally, I think that General Patton (instead of Eisenhower) would have made a great president if he hadn't died under mysterious circumstances.

Bill Still's a great guy, but he's also a staunch Zionist. In that entire 210-minute documentary, did he once mention (((who))) is actually behind the vile sin of Usury and the Federal Reserve? I doubt it.

The Gold Standard may not be required, but at least SOME Standard is necessary!
I wish that we were back in the day where the debate was between Bryan and McKinley over Silver vs. Gold, before the Fed existed, and before the Panic of 1907. We really need to change the entire framing of this discussion.

Nice little scam you have going on here.

It would be a pity if someone were to…audit it

Nobody seems to realize that ==TRUMP TOWER IS LINED WITH GOLD==

Once the final shoah is over and Jew ashes rain from the sky, making it seem like christmas with snow, Trump and friends will invite everyone over and hand everyone chunks of gold from the tower. Newt will be swinging the pickaxe and Pence will be standing by the punch bowl, serving refreshments. Trump will be issuing the gold to everyone, and there will be some kids choir softly singing carols. Lastly, Obama will come crawling in, adorned in rags and covered in Jew ashes. He'll meekly ask for some gold to which Trump will reply "Sorry… we just ran out!" Which will be true. But everyone will laugh and the camera will pan out to show new york covered in ashes from the great shoah and it will look christmas-y despite it being October.

That's how the fed will end and how currency will come to be backed by gold once again.

I can't wait.


Nice honeypot m8

What are you? a Plebbitor?

Like any resource, the value of labor is dependent on supply and demand. Where the supply curve intersects the demand curve are the number of people who will be employed in any given field (x-axis) and the wage at which they'll be paid (y axis). Of course the more you aggregate it the less precise it will be because some workers will be worth more than that wage and some will be worth less.

If you set some arbitrary purchasing power value for what a single unit of a new currency is worth, it is viable to shift the economy to a new currency while keeping wages (in real value) in tact.

Did you forget about how archive links can be compromised?


Archive.is redirects to archive.fo, I'm pretty we contacted the owner of it long time ago and it was probably fixed.

Make a new thread and demonstrate.

That aside, good thread. I'll have to ask of anons to not suck Feder off too much. There's only the period of 1933 -1936 to go by and many of the public works projects, such as the autobahn, had already been envisioned before the Nazis as a political entity had any real say in economic policy.

Fundamentally, money is a social contract and as a such is a matter of trust. Money pegged to some arbitrary quantity of physical stuff is, as I see it, indicative of the lack of trust. Once trust has been established, the "why" of economics, can the "how" be determined.

>Loads henley-putnam.edu/Portals/_default/Skins/henley/images/loading.gif

Seems legit.


so what is the alternative archive site then? web.archive.org doesn't count

both archive.is and archive.fo loads exact same code laden picture before redirecting to the archive. I'll believe when I get to read a statement from the archive owner.

People are shit out of luck so to speak.Hard copies from people that bothered to hard copy relevant pages, those who were diligent enough to do so anyway.

They're going to try and hurt him, I can see this shit coming from a mile away.

That was what Abe Lincoln was planning.

Also I noticed every archive link posted on Holla Forums will be turned into a honeypot archive. I suspect the site owner doesn't give a shit and allows someone to fuck with links that are posted on Holla Forums. The archive link that I made three days ago was clean but after letting it cook on here for few days it suddenly started loading and run the script behind loading.png.

I don't like this in the slightest.

Donald has the strongest Dead Man's Switch ever.

Isn't that easily gamed just like the paper money and digital money today?


High Energy.

You bring up a good point, user.
Half the equation is coming up with good projects that add to the overall value of society, such as asteroid mining, public works projects, building factories, and improving the general environment to make it a more pleasant place for us to be in.

This is more a question of cognition than economics. An economy dependent on conquest via superior goods and services? Is this a bad thing? Beats a tanks & bombs based economy imho.

I like the parable of casino games. People like to play games, seems fairly natural. I like poker, horse racing, stuff like that. I detest roulette and slot machines.

One requires at least some skill, forethought, acumen, experience. The other is completely blind luck and can hardly be called a game, rather a Skinner box.


Look, unless you can get Ron Paul the head of the treasury or something, it's not going to happen. You should have focused on memeing Ron. The Fed for the longest time now has become the most Jewish thing next to the Treasury. Look at the heads.

He has the authority to do so every 14 years. Contrary to popular belief, the President cannot legally overrule anything any bureaucracy does. He can threaten to be underhanded and all that, but he cannot directly overrule.

The Fed is technically owned by the member banks, but it is a quasi-public institution. And, if he had the balls he could shake that place up. The problem is his (((NY friends))) would never allow it through all their connections within the Wall Street – Washington nexus

Will Jews ever learn ?💰

When you mention tying currency to labor I have to ask; what about a scientific currency? For example if you tied your currency to energy like the Calorie, you would have a currency that the government actually cannot produce more of but which the working class can. It is also a currency that translates directly; bread yields 100 calories but costs you 160 calories to buy. Probably not a great buy, though vitamins, and subjective things like flavor can be factored in.

What do you think about an energy based system of currency?

A and B perform work. Both spend the exact same amount of calories and both of their work is indispensable to the economy. They both spend 1 hour doing said work. However, the work of A results in more calories added to the economy. This 1 hour is however equally precious to A and B.

Silver was the standard prior to 1870, gold standard is still too kikey because kikes love their gold. Silver is so common that it can't be monopolized and local banks can hold a vast reserve of it. The congress then sets the standards of measure and worth vs the dollar and currency is made. This is how it worked until the civil war.

He can start minting $20 COINS and undercut the fed

An economy like ours is built with multiple currencies, not just one. We shouldn't pick just one currency, whether caloric or otherwise, upon which to base the economy. To be facile, the economy should have multiple currencies to use, each for a particular purpose, but also inter-relatable.

Not an argument: the post.

This isn't an agrarian pre-industrial economy anymore, Dorothy.

That post should be an example of why one should think before speaking (posting in this case).

Assigning value =/= assigning arbitrary value.

A value agrees upon is the opposite of arbitrary. A value imposed without regards to reference to other valuables is what's arbitrary. A one-sided valuation is arbitrary. And so on.

You talked about 2 different things as if they were the same.

When you assign an arbitrary value to your house and try to sell it, you might experience an extraordinary market reaction. E.g. You price it too low and sell really fast, just to discover you won't be able to buy another, similar or equivalent house with the amount you gained; price it too hard and you'll have to wait too long or even never get someone to buy it at all.

That's because you didn't use any sort of referential to your pricing. Things do have an intrinsic value, and that's independent from it's numeric expression in whatever currency used.

The inherent value is how much people are willing to trade with you to have that asset. That can be measured in any sort of goods or any currency, but each and every one of those will have to be considered taking into consideration how much those are worth themselves (a house in regards to other houses, a measure of rice of certain quality in comparison to other quantities and qualities of rice, and so on, and the different species of goods in relation to each other).

An arbitrary price is something that is only viable if you are taking advantage of temporary conditions that would favor it (e.g. If you can use force or other form of submission to make the person have to agree, or if the person is in dire need of it, or if you yourself is in dire need of other goods than what you're selling, and so on).

The same applies to currency, only that it's value is based on different referentials, which always take into account the capacity of it's commissioner to pay debts.

I think he was low on the banking cartel's list of preferred candidates, which is as big a victory as one could hope for in 2016. That being said, it might be possible to really shake things up in ten years.

what do you think of this guys? Got that link from a anti trump person archive.is/7DSPE

We left the gold standard in 1933 under Roosevelt.

Nixon quashed the exchangeability of currency for gold fixed at $35 an ounce.

He did this because the (((they))) figured out a scheme to exchange US Notes for 1oz at $35 thereby taking advantage of a huge discount and fucking us over.

The chart you can see the prices were stable then they start exploding and we jumped off the train in '71 before it fucking killed us.

To expand and clarify this would entail government computation resources allocated to spawning new crypto. Regional banks would then lease large blocks of this currency and print exchangeable paper for distribution to local affiliated branches who would then facilitate exchange of the new, nationalized currency for existing frns while extending credit or paying-out to depositors. The value of this currency could potentially be derived from a number of sources, but conceptually at least from the computation power necessary to create and manage the currency blocks, income and other taxes on labor, and a legalized monopoly on trade in US sourced energy. Channel the government's inner money-changer.
I believe this solution would assuage the concern for 'some standard' expressed by user here . Concerning money as 'a matter of trust,' and furthermore public works as expressed by user here , the value of the currency could also potentially be derived from future ownership in large scale public works (ahem, "stimulus") projects like high speed rail along the border wall and new shale exploration/recovery endeavors. I'm curious how what I'm envisioning might differ from any systems user has in mind.

A perishable currency would be good

The same way you value any other good (like gold as well): by it's demand vs availability ratio, conformingly not just to quantity, but also quality.

As a currency though, it must take into consideration some common denominator with which you can standardize trade (e.g. how many hours of work from an average man of that country are needed to produce X quantity of Y product) to relate worth with (the good you're selling being worth 5x the work needed to produce Y product according to the attributed worth already mentioned, would make it cost 5 units of that currency). It would have to take into account as well, as time goes on, the amount of debt and the capacity of that currency to pay debt. Even if it's backed by labor.

Not surprised.

United States notes, debt free currency. Fiat, yes but a step in the right direction.

That's the pic that woke me up.

I think the problem is that gold can be set to have a universal value. One ounce of X carat gold is exactly the same as another ounce of X carat gold, and so prices can be agreed upon based on that knowledge. With labor, however, one hour of one mans labor may not be equivalent to one hour of another mans labor. For example, a dockworker and a surgeon. Assuming that I understand the idea of a labor backed currency, it essentially means that you can call upon the note to gain the labor of a person for a certain amount of time, correct? In the end, doesn't that essentially end up becoming the same thing as a fiat currency, except it's a credit for labor performed, rather than a debit?

This. And if there's good control on how it's issued. Any currency can become worthless if too much of it is printed.

This is an unreal proposal. You can't back currency on an uncertain future event. Not even if it's backed by previous investments in the real economy.

It beats the very purpose of guaranteeing the currency's value in that exact moment in time.

Do you have any literature on investment backed currency for me to read so I can understand better what may be your point here?

Yes, the tendency is to make land be worth too much for most people to really own any.

The argument that there isn't enough gold or land to make it the standard behind a currency is untrue, what happens is that the currency's worth will decline with time, as it's standard's worth increases (the same amount of land vs. increasing number of people and enterprises needing to establish themselves as time passes).

With gold this problem is a lot smaller in relation to land. You can mine more gold, and there's a lot of gold to be mined yet. Prices always take into account what's available in the market. As much as you can negotiate future assets and production, it's still priced according to present-day market conditions (and at most options, bets on future market conditions). So, gold has the present value because there's X amount of gold circulating in the economy, without taking into account how much gold can be mined - this one will only influence the price of gold as it's mined and integrates the then-present circulation.

Land, on the other hand, will remain the same. You can't "produce" land to the extent needed for it to accompany demand in any way. You can drain swamps, embank areas close to the shore, dig mountains, but obviously it costs too much to be viable as a means to maintain the currency's worth.

Well, how are wages fixed in a completely free market? By supply and demand. So labor would not be valued on a standard per hour criterion. It would be valued on what supply exists for labor.

The nominal amount of the currency should be established only for liquidity and availability purposes.

If the State call for a digging a river course redirection for farming irrigation purposes and provide shovels, you can pay 100 or 1000 per hour. It does not matter. Prices and wages will fix themselves when the currency is in circulation.

The problem here is that labor is a known quantity. One can make reasonable appraisals of the labor a person can perform, of what kind, the labor invested in being able to perform more complex labor, and how the demand for various forms of labor may change.

With gold or rare pepes, providence could have it that I find an archaic solid gold pepe pyramid under my house and this would not be a known or, if you will, a public quantity. The traded price of gold would instantly become incorrect and I would have the great privilege of knowing its true value and commit to exploiting it.

In the end it's always the same.
You can change the standard behind it, but it's uses are the same and how it functions is the same.

Exactly. A person may borrow money from you, and be in debt, even in a labor backed currency model.
In that case, he may even borrow money from another person, worth in labor, to pay another person, and never work to pay his debt, rolling his debt to another person.
Which leads to the following:

That's why it must take as standard a statistical value, coming from averages. Nationally, when dealing with other countries, what will be taken into consideration is the whole work power that nation is capable of, and how much of that work force is already compromised by other committments for X amount of time in the future (due to debt). That's how it's currency can be viewed in regards to it's capability of paying debt - so you can gauge the risk of lending more to them or selling huge amounts of goods to them.

After all, any sort of currency is based on the principle of rolling debts from one person to the other. You work, the person you worked for owes you money; he pays you and you go to a store and grab a beer, you owe the shop owner money; you pay him and he pays the bill beause he owned the energy supplier money for what he used that month; etc. You can't get away of the concept of debt when you use currency as a means to make the economy circulate.

This is true, one can't impart in insider trading with labor backed currency, in what's related to the standard used.

Unless you're a government member behind a statistics organization, or private statistics organization that calculates such numeric valuations of labor, in order to inflate or deflate it.

Also, it doesn't change the fact that one can use privileged information as usual with other goods (any other goods) to gain more money (just like it happens with stocks, negotiated illegally by someone in a privileged position, as an insider trader - he's not manipulating the value of money, that's just a consequence of his manipulation of the value of the stocks he's buying or selling).

You're talking about labor as a currency standard, not just as a good available in a free market.
Labor does change it's value by supply and demand. That's how it works currently (with some forms of manipulation present though, as is the case for other goods and even for currency).
But as a form of currency standard, supply and demand won't suffice, because it'll not be used only for the strict purpose it's meant for, it'll be used as a general purpose common good in the economy.
It'll have it's worth compared to goods, to land, to other different types of labor (as an user mentioned, you'll pay someone for his work as a plumber using the same labor-backed currency you'll have to use to pay a surgeon), and so on.

Of course, that'll happen regardless.

Wait, hold on. What happened then? How did Hitler die?

I used to like arguing this stuff. Now I despair. These threads are more repetitive then the fedora v. christcuck v. larpagan threads ever were.

He lives on an island with tupac and biggie
Some people believe he fled to argentina or he got killed

To end all I've been writing about:

The great difference between work based currency and other types of currency is that a nation can only own so much work-force.

It's a more national centric currency model. Gold - you can buy it all over the world and concentrate it in your own nation or private entity. The same goes for most other types of currency (except land-based ones, but those are not viable for the reasons I stated before).

Yet work can only change with the following events:

- Growth of the work capable population
- Immigration of work capable people
- Gains in productivity (makes the same amount of work result in bigger economic gains)
- Disasters or epidemics, reducing the work capable population
- Emigration, reducing work capable population

And so on.

Labor backed currency isn't a silver bullter for an economy, since, as I've been saying, many problems such as debt and inflation will continue and depend on proper economic administration.

But it's benefic to the people, at least in a democratic free-market. It wouldn't be a good thing for the people in China, for example, since the government could simply demand everyone to work more in order to make the currency more valuable, and give them nothing in return (which would eventually reach diminishing returns though, so even this kind of exploitation could have reasons to be avoided at some point).

Inflation is not bad per se, except for the effect of loss of power for acquiring goods and services.

Inflation that does not cause loss of purchasing power is only a problem because the nominal values become inconvenient. Inflation can be easily fixed by culling zeros if wages increase in the same amount.

Monetary and economic policy is needed for managing the well being of citizens in economic terms.

I think what labor-backed currencies fix is they make harder for extraneous agents and factors to affect the economy in a negative way.

It is harder to start rumors of an imminent labor availability decline, or to hoard labor and dump it quickly. The State itself could do these things, though, but for this argument I assume the premise that the State would not purposefully damage the economy of the nation.

I will also use the premise that no national economic system is self-contained and that it is also, to different degrees, affected by cross-border trade.

It seems historically Hitler circumvented the cross-border trade problem with barter. Putin did the same recently, trading oil with Asian countries on a barter system to avoid the using the Dollar, thus reducing the effect of sanctions that resulted from the Ukraine dispute.

The cross-border trade situation must be fixed first with reversing the effects of international trade liberalization, including GATS, WTO, TRIPS, etc. and Bilateral or Regional Treaties (e.g., NAFTA). In other words, it is necessary to promote the internal market and internal consumption for internal goods and services (see Trump's internal economic policy). Second, the international reserves must exist not to be the basis of a theoretically redeemable internal monetary supply, but only to the extent they serve as security for international payments for goods and services imported. To receive payment for exported goods and services, the State must prioritize items that have are useful for maintaining reserves. The policy for items that constitute reserves should consider what is available to the nation and there is at least a semi and quantifiable demand in the international market. It could be a combination of oil and minerals. Since the price of oil and gold is fixed by international cartels, they should not be used exclusively, but in combination with a portfolio of items that make leave the state with a good degree of control over the protection of importers and exporters of the nation.


Currency is backed by the sum of the amount of commodities you can buy with that currency, So if you don't produce your currency loses value (and financial services are also a type of commodity). You don't need to back your currency with anything extraneous like noble metals.

Lad… inflation by definition is a problem, precisely because wages don't keep up, as per the design.

You are intellectualising a very obvious and straightforward problem; greedy Yids want more, to the detriment of the ordinary man (read: Goyim)

If you read the rest, I am attempting to defend the labor-backed currency and filling the gap of cross-border trade rules to avoid kike exploitation.

Wages will only not rise if (((economic policy))) is used to maintaining high unemployment.

We need to make a Trump dead hand switch, one where we have a public list of people who need to be executed upon the untimely death of Trump. And by untimely I mean ANY AND ALL UNTIMELY DEATH INCLUDING SUPPOSED (((NATURAL CAUSES))).

If we dont do this, Trump can be killed without issue and no direct threat to them. It needs to be public and it needs to be known

Oh, hell why not post again after not being a pepe the president worshipping faggot. Super drunk but I hope at least one of the less sophisticated posters get two points; "Gold" in gold standard is not a viable option at the moment, and it will probably never be viable ever again, along with any and every one of precious metal, BUT;


Money has to be pegged at something, anything that is not a vauge promise. Even fucking Soviet way of "just because it represents workers time spent on it and other workers need of it" is better at this point and I assume we all know how fucking impossible it is to quantify and "starving millions" sort of shit it leads to.

Just think about it for a moment, the fucktarded way commies did commerce and doomed themselves is preferable to what capitalists are doing right now. Shit is fucked beyond most of the posters comprehension, and no this is not to belittle any of you (I don't think I can emphasise this enough, you really don't get it and it is not your fault unless you have a PhD.), it really needs rigorous academic study to truly grasp how fucked it is.

And the second point is;

Whole fucking financial system has to go, kikes are a product the system not its originators

Most of this board is barking up the wrong tree by limiting their "hate" towards Jews. Jews are fucking nothing, it is a custom in every fucking culture on this planet to get indebted to Jews and then massacre them by thousands, if not millions, and the repeat the same flow of capital towards elite who just use Jews as a front (either because of centuries of financial exprience or because they are seen as expandable, the elite is even more racist then any of us can dream of being).

…but then again I'm fucking drunk, think 'murrica lost it when they couldn't produce a single candidate worth spitting on his/her/its face and firmly belivie Einstein was right about Fourth World War being fought with sticks and stones…

…its just the 3rd World War can't start soon enough.

Bloomberg has a great 404 page

I second this motion. This also needs to be publicized by the media so they have a bit of fear in them that ebil nasis from Holla Forums are going to come get them if something happens. like the boogie man.

That's incorrect. There's no denying there are non-Jews willing to sell out others for material gain, but the Talmud explicitly orders Jews to do it, as a way of life.

This, through years of inbreeding and learned behaviour has made the Jew a perfidious enemy of the common man, sociopathic and and unscrupulous to the core.

do you really need to ask?

No, don't do this to yourself.
Money has no religion. Financial power has no religion. Owning stakes at a company has no fucking religion.

Jews have found, or created, a way to keep themselves constantly in the spotlight. Call it victimhood fetishism, call it whatever you want, but they are always, and probably will forever, be on the chopping block whenever someone comes up with a quick way to solve their immideate financial problems.

Are they pyshcopath? Yes absolutely, the greater cancer on humankind are jews (perhaps after shared self-destructive tendencies everyone has). I'll recommend anyone to avoid 90% of the Jews they come across in business dealings, and in social life. But in the grand scheme of things are just fronts and doesn't "deserve" half the credit given to them…

..fuck I can't give a summary but, please do go over Orientalist studies. From a scientific perspective I'm obliged to tell you to take a grain of salt with obiviously racist ones (some of which really misses the point) but their literature partially applies to West as well. Especially "you can't force nations to do shit they don't accept at some level" parts.

srsly I'm too drunk to be insincere.

I'm not seeing this important comment here
By design, auditing the Fed will yield nothing. Because its evil is system-based, not event-based.
Only an audit that is designed to find something wrong will yield anything even close to what we want to hear.
An audit is ultimately irrelevant.
The more important thing is to simply destroy the Fed by whatever means necessary.



As I said, I am well aware that money has no religion, but Jewish religion is Mammon, and to disregard that (and the influence of the Babylonian Talmud; codified deception) is dangerous. I used to be like you, but then I realised it was counter-productive.

The war has gone on since 5000BC, because the Jews are not of us. Affording them any kind of reprieve is fruitless, as it is in their warped nature to be as they are. Granted, this doesn't mean 14/88 gas them all, but to deny them as a problem-bloc is foolish indeed.

This I dont get, if you look at history you will see them get punishment throughout the years yet they always worm their way back in. What else is there except for total annihilation? Sometimes the most simple solution is the best

Bitcoin is a currency based on computing power and by extension access to energy. Who can run the most mining servers, controls every new batch of coins. Superior to gold because it actually corresponds to real power/value in the information age.

You play right into their victimhood narrative if you do that.

You have to be smarter than that and use euphemisms to denounce the actions they commit. Let the public join the dots with regard to the proportion of Jews doing the bad things a society suffers from, so that they themselves can validate any kind of expulsion or reckoning.

And start the cycle again? Everything you suggest is disregard history and repeat it

lurk mora

"I again urge a revision in our silver policy to reflect the status of silver as a metal for which there is an expanding industrial demand. Except for its use in coins, silver serves no useful monetary function.

In 1961, at my direction, sales of silver were suspended by the Secretary of the Treasury. As further steps, I recommend repeal of those Acts that oblige the Treasury to support the price of silver; and repeal of the special 50-percent tax on transfers of interest in silver and authorization for the Federal Reserve System to issue notes in denominations of $1, so as to make possible the gradual withdrawal of silver certificates from circulation and the use of the silver thus released for coinage purposes. I urge the Congress to take prompt action on these recommended changes."


Shut your cunt mouth, you don't know a damn thing. Go back to shitting on people for no reason.

Good point. I can't counter it.

more importantly: we need to get baron to be friends / brotier with magnus carlson

donald should recruit the help of Peter Schiff to demolish the Federal Reserve.


We would lose a bit of PR and people will use it as ammo on the Don but frankly its more important that he lives past his first term then anything. Pence is based but hes no Don

God dammit, I wish the founders had an amendment in there to never have a central bank, or acting central bank.





Yeah, that's what I'm saying, But I belivie it is worth repeating; the guilty are because of the shit they do, not just because they are born as a Jew. That's why I kinda lashed out, that nuance is lost on most people.

Precaution when it comes to Jews is (though I still wish it wasn't) so fucking important especially in business relationships with Jews.

That's a matter of perspective. You have, let's say Soros, who could very well use his resources to get Isreal and Philistine to get their shit together. So that Isrealis don't use phosphor on kids, and Philistine kids don't cut throats of Isreali kids*. It is a sort of problem that can be solved by using money (not by throwing money at it, mind you I'm too drunk and I hope you know the difference of the slang).
What are the odds of that motherfucker actually doing that? It will be a service to the Jewish people.

You have Jews suffering the exact same shit we are (as whole damn planet) going through. Just can't just write all them off. What we all should be doing is taking this out of racial context and gas (hang, torture, fuckever) whoever is causing these things according to their contribution to the problem.
The kid who killed a sleeping kid, just fucking hang "it".
The motherfuckers who manipulated LIBOR to fuck entire planet? HANG THEM ALL, IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER IF THEY WERE ANGLO-SAXONS OR JEWS.

Ehrm… fuck, it looks like a reddit post but I'm drunk so I have an excuse to myself. So if you are still reading we have these jews getting fucked as hard as we all are. And worse in some cases. We have these Jews universally hated, divided along the lines of justified and unjustified. Make no mistake justified crowd really does deserve everything thrown at them (and then some more) and responsible for dragging rest of their kin to destruction (who really are victims never talked about; does anyone really belivie all Jews were behind the idea of communist revolution for Germans, by Jews, not asking what Germans thing about it? Which lead to forced labour camps (which I in my opinio is worse then mythical ovens")?). I hope I have established there really is a nuance between jews as with every other demographic on this fucking third rock from the sun.

So, it doesn't fucking matter the race of the people fucking over the financial system. It doesn't matter one fucking bit. The financial system… fuck financial system I'm doing my doctorate on it and I want to FUCKING KILL EVERYONE IN THE FINANCE SECTOR.
The glorious white race? They are fucking each other over such petty shit you wouldn't fucking belivie it even if I was sober enough to explain it. The popular Climate Change. It was pushed to limit Chinas production with carbon taxes, it had fuck all to do with real climate change we are going through. Now you have Europe taking that shit seriously without (real) scientific data and determined to fucked over what little production capability they have. Why because "Glorious White race" decided they can just outsource their shit and kill local "Gloruios White Race" competition with no Jews involved. Oh, fucking Chinese? Because fuck there is absolutely nobody worth a shit in entire Asia left I'll ramble about them (Japan is fucking done with they just refuse to die and Korea had always been overvalued thanks to Vietnam war). They don't even fucking know what they are doing. Shenzen? Fuck that city, it is just an open slave market, none of the know-how or earnings stays there. America? Fucking "Left" adopted what Reagan sharted on Liberalism and Clinton took up in his ass as Neo-liberalism. It was the conservatives fuck up defined American left. These are the last of "better days", Trump won't be able to accomplish jackshit and even more jobs will be outsourced (though if he even does half the shit he promised low-unqualified work may breathe easy for a while but it won't last).

I guess I had a point but… eh. We are all fucked, as convineant as it may be to blame some"one", the greater picture is… you know what, the greater picture is smeared with so much shit it is hard to tell whose dick is up whose ass. I can't really blame you for anything.

I see you point. I really do, but please read up on "money has no religion" phrase. As I said, I think I did, before I'm too drunk to be insincere. That pharse directly attacks religious organizations hoarding earthly possesions and religions themselves.

* I don't like Jews, especially ones living in Isreal, as if that wasn't obivious enough, but that one made me mad;
and no, 19 year olds are fucking kids.

How are you people any different to marxists again?

The solution to that problem is We The People. We are now his friends. He doesn't need (((friends))) anymore.

We already have an oil backed currency anyone in the world that buys crude pays for it in USD$.
Why do you think they killed saddam selling oil for euros's. Why do you think they killed khadaffi planning on creating a gold backed african currency to bypass everything else. Everything else they report is just BS and Holla Forums should know that by now.

Don't fool yourself, none of the fiat currencies are backed with anything but an absurdly vauge promesi of the authority who issued the money. Just because oil prices are the cause confidence at the moment doesn't mean a lot.

if you can't into the difference between capitalism and collectivism then I don't see how…

That is the fucking problem, we have an idea about the solution for the last 6000 years, the ultimate "utopia" is always the same, the problem is getting there and keeping it functioning.




I am pretty sure he meant that what ultimately keeps the USD as a currency from hyperinflation is the enforcement of the petrodollar, i.e nearly everyone buys and sells oil in dollars, and if you ever plan on doing otherwise the US will be there delivering a fatal dose of democracy to your regime.

The actual oil price is not what's important, it's the demand for the USD it creates as every country/institution needs to hold reserves of the USD at all times in order to buy/sell oil, and then trade that in for their own currency.


Yes. I'm drunk.
And yes both you and that poster are 100% correct. But my point is petrodollar can be replaced with anything. "The faith in the promise" comes from the control petrol, but there is no absolute connection with it. If it fails if there is an equalivent or the next best thing will replace it.

Yeah let's have gold prices skyrocket, and prices of all electronics skyrocket as well - because guess what dickweed, all electronics is made of gold.

Didn't industrialization in the US start around the same time?

Donald will end the fed in under a decade.

kill yourself fagot

(hail hydra)
The serpent queen will crush the filth beneath her

Blaim Lincon.

He wanted to b ut was killed before he did and after he 'helpfully' won the civil war.

Idiot and Useful Idiot to boot.

Continued Slavery would mean no problem. They have no rights, their population *would* go down and White America woudl remain White.

He's been doing that since he won the Primary. The man is truly a legend.

Why not have nations default on their 200 trillion dollars of debt?

It's impossible to pay off and the only people who benefit are the kikes who make money off interest.



As explained by a not-expert on the subject

Something something we need xxx infrastructure projects here, yyy something something there.
xxx got zzz labor money bounty, whomever does it gets it
yyy got www labor money bounty, whomever does it gets it

extend this to every thing a government needs to build, like roads/bridges/trains and whatnot, and you get labor money.

the bill is worth 1/zzz of the work needed to make xxx. Since money literally translates to "power to command others labor", it is probably the most natural form of currency.

Germany would create money outta nowhere to pay for infrastructure, meanwhile Rothschild create money to debt enslave people. Even if not perfect, it's clearly vastly superior

Hate to say it but Ron seems washed up, he barely even tries anymore. and rand is a disaster. We need a new guy now.

A popular theory is that the SS drugged him when Berlin was falling and took him to live on the BMW estate in Argentina, at the southern tip I think. We know that the body that was supposed to be Hitler's had a female skull, but the soviets covered it up.

No, restrain yours. user is correct. Language is the tool we build everything else with. It should be used correctly, lest we begin to sound like the left with "literally shaking" and "I can't even".


If the dumbasses actually try to crash the economy. Couldn't that give Trump a "true purpose" to remove the Fed for good?

Free silver forever tbh.


Are you referring to debt-backed fiat currency, or algorithm-backed cryptocurrency?

WRT that second one: Peace means having the biggest cock around and making sure everyone knows you can assfuck them with it.

You haven't gotten a good response yet so here:
If you're implying D.C. has an ounce of gold, you're mistaken. Although Fort Knox is part of the treasury if that's what mean.
The rest of you post 100% correct.
Do you remember when you could go to the bank and redeem your dollar for it's value in gold?
That was before the Nixon years.

And as a side effect, it devastated every other non first world economy.

100% agreed.

Gas yourself

How did this turn into a "muh christians are evul" thread again?

Well to be fair the faggot Pope said he didn't want to live in the Vatican and is often outside fellating refugees n shit. That could be press manipulation though because the media loves sucking that guy's cock. I don't understand, how come the media hated the previous guy so much and the internet saw him as an emperor of darkness but everyone's so eager to suck this guy's balls?



the new pope makes socialism and diversity seem like something hip and trendy.

Stupid fuck reads "love your neighbor" and thinks it's talking about the 60 IQ woman-beating shitskin subsaharian, thus he washes some dindus' feet and gets praised by (((everybody in several media outlets))) because if the pope sucks a dunecoon's toes then other goyim should have no problem doing the same.

tbh popes shouldn't be that fucking old in the first place and actually go through some first-hand combat experience in foreign non-christian pseudonations to experience diversity.

But the "60 IQ woman-beating shitskin subsaharian" is exactly whom Christ wants us to love. The point is, God loves even the stupidest idiot, the lowliest slave, the worst sinner.
Matthew 5

The foot-washing controversy was about washing the feet of women and even Muslims in a liturgical ceremony that is supposed to represent Christ washing the Apostles' (read: bishops') feet, but the concept of loving unconditionally is famously fundamental to Christ's teaching.

The feet washing stuff is hugely misinterpreted dude. Thanks to all those painters that romantized the fuck out of it.

weren't they changing the 20$ bill from Jackson to Tubman or was that a troll?

Gold standard means very low inflation, which lets rich monopolists sit on their billions and do nothing with it because the value of their fortunes can't depreciate over time. Inflation forces the rich to reinvest some of their money into the economy.

that was blobongos nigger shit and jews hatred of the man that threw them out on their kike asses ending the fed.Will note that the US experienced prosperity since then all they way until a fucking yid rat bribed wilson into passing their stupid shit again on a holiday when no one was there to oppose it in congress that is how slimy those fucks are.We don't need their central banks fiat currency fractional banking scheme we are WHITE PEOPLE FUCK THEM!! they push all that ahhh it'll be muh disaster muh collapse muh end of the world BULLSHIT!! Jackson ended the fed so did Hitler and look what happened economically…mass prosperity!!! so as president you would have to be a fucking idiot not to end it.There has to be a transition though will cause shockwaves through out the world and WE will hold all the cards not((( rats ))).

I do finance. The fed is just a heist on american tax payers.
Which explains why they distract and sedate americans.

Israel is screwed, but ANY jews in US need to cut ties with their peers now or you'll be targeted.
Unless ashkenazi or pharisee - you're nicked.

The nation's people are always what back currency.

What we want is known as Social Credit. Where the Government actually prints money as its sovereign right to pay for all expenditures.

Here's a good primer:


Report: Donald Trump Connected to Hasidic Jewish Rabbi

Biblical Numerology Predicts Trump Will Usher in Messiah

Trump Victory Prophesied by Kabbalah, says Mystical Rabbi

Rabbinic Scholars weigh in on the Meaning of Trump’s Candidacy

Sanhedrin asks Putin and Trump to build Third Temple in Jerusalem

These Jewish Temple Mount Mystics think God helped Donald Trump Win

Rabbis: Trump Upset Victory Divinely sent to begin Messianic Process

Judaism's Greatest Mystical Text 'Predicts Trump Victory,' Israel GOP Head Reveals

Jewish Billionaire Henry Kravis being Considered for Treasury Secretary

November 18, 2016 4:30am

(JTA) — President-elect Donald Trump reportedly is considering appointing the Jewish billionaire Henry Kravis as his Treasury secretary.

Trump spoke to Kravis, a private equity pioneer, following his Nov. 8 victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, the New York Post reported Thursday. An unnamed source told the Post that Trump had reached out to Kravis, 72, of Oklahoma, who heads the KKR & Co. equity firm.

Trump has named Kravis before as a possible candidate for the job.

In May, Kravis said: “While I’m honored to be mentioned, I love my job and can’t imagine leaving it” in commenting about speculation that he would be named secretary.

But in July 2015, Kravis, a longtime Republican who did not name a favorite in the primary campaign, said it was “scary” that Trump had mentioned him, along with Carl Icahn and former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, as a possible Treasury Department boss.

Trump adviser Steven Mnuchin, who is also Jewish, is also being considered for the position, according to the Post, as well as JPMorgan executive Jamie Dimon, who is not Jewish.

Neither Kravis nor KKR donated to any of the 2016 presidential candidates, official filings show.

Donation records show that Kravis, who is worth $4.6 billion, donated $32,400 last year to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

KKR in 2015 donated $5,000 to Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and smaller amounts to several Republican senatorial candidates, including $2,700 in August to Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H.

Kravis is close to former President George H.W. Bush.

If he does try to shut the fed down (((they'll))) JFK him. He'd need one hell of a bunch of loyal people around him that can't be convinced to turn a blind eye for a few hundred million on their account.


He is the only chance we got as he pisses a few 100 mill.Give the guy chance he is most likely really pissed off by what he is seeing right now Let him work our/his magic let it happen.

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wrong rat (((they))) back then aren't facing us ripping you rats out of your homes and executing you no oven.You seem to think we will just go along with jew narrative and I can tell you for a fact the reason why he was overwhelmingly put in the spot is because no one likes jews matter of fact you should be gassed along with your niggers and soros protesters.We will fucking kill you all.

Either Trump is conning the jews or is conning us. Or both. Now; What are the chance for him to be against jews? With jewish kids and soon grand kids?: ZERO.
This is your god and your god could jew you even harder than jews themselves.

Hitler was a half jew

He killed plenty

sadly not enough

Even if the fed was shoahed the stock market would still pose another problem wouldn't it? Just about every stock of consequence is Jewish in nature anyway isn't it?

another wrong contestant the entire jew power base is perpetuated with a lie wake up user we kill the fed and the assholes that created it very easily then after the stock hit we go after them physically and strip them of all wealth then throw them to dogs or pig and listen to them scream.

The speculative idea of stock markets was always shilled hard by the kikes, but without the banks i think it loses a lot of it's power.

You're only a Jew if your mother was a Jew.


I just learned that Trump supports Israel, his daughter, ~~Ivanka~ Yael converted to Judaism (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivanka_Trump#Religion) and came to say that I'm very glad to see that you've finally abandoned your silly hatred for Jewish people and support this beautiful family.

This entire thread filled with trash responses. Why is it sticked?

What's with these kikes supporting Trump, why would they do it? They must be suicidal.



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I swear if people can fuck up a word or saying here, they will. God damn loosers

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He is clearly making a joke, just accept the correctian and stop acting retarded.

I'm betting on option B ~ both considering the us in the above sentence is actually the tiny minority that want's all (((jews))) exterminated immediately if not sooner.
faulty assumption


all financial gain is based upon human labor and (((they))) have been scheming and plotting ways and methods to separate fools from money for millenia

Land will always be a root form of wealth. There's a reason it's called "REAL property" or "REAL estate".

That's getting blurry actually user.
Because land is only worth the resources on the land and the utility of using the land.

Those are price reflectively to the price in the markets.
And vice verse.

All things in the economy is tethered to another resources or service one way or another.
That's why people got rid of the gold standard according to the books :^)

Subjective Marginal Utility and an ecosystemic price mechanism.

This user gets it


what if there was a money backed by energy output of the coutry?

what would be the repercussions of that? the problem is that you dont store energy, you use it… unless it was potential energy? like dams, packs of batteries,

or maybe future exploitable energy, like the energy that a nuclear plant would produce the next 5 years

could that back up a currency? what would be the repercussions of this? it could possibly spur growth of nuclear pwoer into a post scarcity economy, with a very stable money

energy after all will always be useful, will always be required, and yet is very difficult to obtain, only through infrastructure investment (hints to hitler's labour backed currency)

haha le simplistic answer for complex issues meme

When Hitler took over Germany, he instituted a new currency that was not owned by the Jews, and the German economy soared once it was freed from Jewish corruption. America needs to do the same thing. The Federal Government (not the Federal Reserve) needs to be in charge of the currency. The Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. This is what I want to see happen no matter how long it takes.

I hope the God Emperor keeps his words. Just look at all these anti-gold shill in this thread. I bet all these fuckers own overprice real estate stocks in the market. They're all literally in suicide watch.

Bernie the jew literally jewed his supporters to the tune of a $130k Audi.

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Gold is also open to manipulation and often can prevent necessary liquidity to scale with economic activity. A commodity basket standard or a man/hour linked currency would be more flexible and less susceptible to manipulation.

how would a labor based currency work for those self-employed? honestly it seems commie as fuck.

People pay you for the service you provide? Just like handymen today?

The gold standard is shit, you fucking retard. It's just the other side of the shekel.

Exactly how is mining crypto different from mining real gold? Aside from the obvious thing that crypto is intangible. Instead of human labour mining gold, the computers under control of humans do the work. This requires capital to buy in (paying for a computer), then the computer does the work. This would be recursive capitalisation of needing computers to do work who in turn pay for computers to do work. Assuming a closed system without prior forms of currency available. How should money for the computers, needed to get paid, be paid? Assuming computers are essentially the money-printing back. Work of mining means using a tangible resource or work-performing entity (the computer, analogous to employing contracted ie employed humans to do work, with the computer owner controlling and profiting) employed to solve equations. When equations are solved, reward is given to the master (the computer owner, who is not quite the equivalent of the previously mentioned boss, but more slave master for this artificial resource produced by employees, employees meaning computers).

Are we not merely substituting computers for ditch diggers? And instead of controlling the value produced by ditch diggers, we literally own in perpetuity the ditch-diggers for life.

I just don't understand why cryptocurrency is ultimately good. It seems to favour those who already possess a resource and buy in early, rather than those who produce real-world value to create things like highways and produce agriculture.

money is money! how does a $1 silver certificate spend any differently than an ordinary feral reserve note ?

You mean Booth

His supporters and their families really feel'd the bern.

Those dubs speak the truth


Someone recommend me a book on Jackson that isn't written by a faggot/liberal

Steve Mnuchin who worked for Soros is likely going to get Treasury worked for Soros. He was finance chairman for his campaign and Trump has said Mnuchin would get the spot before election day. I voted for hiim and he is gonna do some great things but I highly doubt he's going to shut down the fed

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Universal credits in exchange for raw or processed recources

Essentially the work it takes to gather the resource and exchange it is the driving force of the economy.

Of course, we'd need to be spacefaring, or on the the way…

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What next, black holes exists and the aryan's future is to colonize mars with anti matter techs and sheit?

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