James Alefantis Law Suits Need Investigating

If you look into the lawsuit records of James Alefantis (owner of Comet Ping Pong) what comes up is a suit filed by Devoya Robinson and her co owner of Boas 5 Star Elite Cleaners. Devoya Robinson runs this cleaning company. The suit claims "abuse of process". We believe there are previous legal filing filed by Alefantis against Robinson but they are currently sealed. (We have the files)

What we do know: Boas 5 Star Elite Cleaners was hired to clean Comet Ping Pong. Sometime in late 2011 something occurred that ended the business relationship but began a legal one.

The theory: Boas Cleaners either found something they weren't supposed to or got too close and Alefantis is tying them up legally or threatening their business with endless litigation. At which point Robinson lawyered up and fired back with the Abuse of Process suit which is exclusively used in tort law. It's also entirely possible that it was a business falling out that isn't nefarious but I would love to see the full court docs. But like I said sealed. Turns out James Alefantis has a history of lawsuits under his other company Bucks Fishing. Including one with another cleaner as well as a AC/Plumber contractor based in DC

vitoservices.com/ contractors website

I also found out that the case with Devoya Robinson was very strange. It looks like she got out lawyered. She present her case and a judge ordered a summons. Alefantis lawyer immediately filed to dismiss the case. The case proceeded but it appears that Alefantis did not appear in court and ignored his summons as last warnings were issued. At least I think that's what it says dccourts.gov/cco/maincase.jsf

Maybe someone more legally literate could tell us exactly what's going on. The link there for the court records is the DC courts search system you can look up Bucks Fishing Cases as well.

ALSO: We have contact info for approx 10 POI who may have direct connections or at least be in relation to Devoya Robinson and her co owner Steve/Steven Bolas/Boas

I find it odd that this guy appears to go by the alias by either dropping or adding an L or N. you'll notice it looking him up.

Get Digging Anons. Someone out there has the dirt.

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the lawsuits are public record. could be hes just a shitface who fucks over his associates and vendors. but lawsuits are where the shit usually comes out so yes its worth a look.

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I can't help but agree, fellow. It's amazing how much truth and salt can be extracted through single-minded dedication to a subject. Some of us knowing more about some subjects than others.

To that end: This lawsuit *does* feel fucky. It might just be that my understanding of U.S. law is garbage. I'd love to see what more legally-minded anons think.

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I know how to read a legal pleading, but someone is going to have to go to the courthouse and pull the files to upload them.

Cleaning services have been found
to moonlight as underground prostitution rings. Would Bucks Fishing be involved in drug traffic?

Looking quickly at this I'll point out a few things I noticed:

1) Boas and Robinson are proceeding "pro se" which mean without a lawyer.

2) They file to proceed "in forma pauperis" which means they are too poor to afford counsel or pay any court fees. This is normally used in criminal law and is the mechanism by which one obtains a public defender.

3) A motion to dismiss happens in every case. It's the first procedural challenge one can bring and could end the matter with one document.

4) Abuse of process is something normally alleged for "malicious prosecution" or using the court to impose extremely burdensome costs on a litigant such as overly broad discovery requests.

5) Abuse of process complaint was filed at the same time as the scheduling conference which leads me to believe this was a discovery request that was going to be costly. They filed pro se to proceed in forma pauperis again so I'm guessing their argument was they couldn't afford to produce discovery.

When someone proceeds pro se the court usually more lenient on strict rules that would have gotten a complaint dismissed under a motion to dismiss, failure to state a claim, or other procedural defense. That this didn't make it to discovery seems like and Boas and Robinson were proceeding as civil suit plaintiffs without a lawyer seems like they didn't really have a claim to start with.

In the US lawyers for civil plaintiffs will usually take cases on contingency, the attorney pays the litigation costs and takes a portion of the award as payment. Since no lawyer took this case even based on just talking to Boas and Robinson seems like there wasn't much there. Normally a prospective plaintiff can get a lawyer if they have a somewhat viable claim. With the thousands of starving lawyers in DC it's probably pretty damning that nobody was willing to take a crack at it.

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Thanks for the info.

Is it possible no lawyer took this case because they didn't want to piss off a very influential lobbyist?

Sure it's possible but with so many attorneys in DC it seems unlikely. More likely would be that this cleaning crew got stiffed or there was some sort of disagreement over a small claim and the amount in controversy wasn't even worth the filing fees.

Lawyers typically care more about money than anything else. If you want to get further into conspiracy land it would make more sense for a controlled attorney to take the case and fuck it up or Alefantis would have just paid these people and there would have been no controversy.

Or no lawyer wants to have a weightlifting nailgun accident.


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