Beat-down squads when?

When, Holla Forums? When can we start going out in gangs and beating the everloving fuck out them for sucking our air? This shit has to have an endgame, and the more I hear their shrill, lispy voices spouting off weapons grade ignorance, the more I want to wreck shit.

Hi FBI how's it going?

Not FBI. Just a regular guy who's had it up to Pluto with the bullshit. It stopped being funny around the 30th time or so that they appeared on any given news show trying to defend their garbage.

go ahead and start it faggot

this. dress up as a leftist and beat them for not voting or being left leaning enough.


Whenever you want OP. Plan it though or you'll be dealing with the consequences hahaah. Which is why you haven't done anything and probably won't. You think about that and get hung up on it. But if you have no associate with your target and have half a brain, it's really quite easy to do.

Hello FBI.

if you want to brawl. crash an antifa rally and brutalize those faggots.

user just go no fap and no whore and build a super weapon in your home. Then unleash it. Meme it first though.

Yeah, I'm just letting off steam. Thing is, I have a job and responsibilities. Two things these fuckers lack. I want to keep them both.

Probably for the best.

The leftist faggots will fire the first shot, until then organize a small group of people you can trust with your life an prepare. Once the shot is fired then go and destroy any leftist or leftist sympathizer you can get your hands on. I estimate this will happen within the next 45 days

Threw his backpack in the river. Checked for cash first. Felt so good. I'm actually kinda happy now. The high hasn't worn off yet

inb4 things that never happened

run up on a #notmypresident protest with a go pro and battle axe

Nobody talks like this.

You can always go to russia, the ruskies love beating homos

Violence should have a mindful purpose within a civilized society and it should generally be of the consensus that it should be used to seize power. Beating people up because "they're retarded" or because they have views that conflict with yours is reactionary knee-jerk tripe. Antifa, neo-marxist (to a lesser extent) and progressive groups do this. Now we're starting to see their figureheads being pushed out of decision making forums because no one wants to associate with the violent and aimless supporters.

Violence should only be used to take control and to protect yourself. Any other dis-purposeful violence because you disagree with what they have to say will only serve to promote a "group identity" rather than any legitimate political movement. The thoughts and ideas behind the movement that motivated the creation of the "beat-down squad" will become diluted and corrupted.

As long as you don't get caught, live like there is no tomorrow, but make it entertainment for us.
Post some vids next time

Sure they do broskie now lets meet up and organize, ya dig me? Im an average joe but I am so fed up I am becoming violent lets build dirty bombs together! Now who were our thought leaders again? I always forget their names age and locations.

requesting webm of anti communist guy talking about how violence is what the communists want

why are you comparing antifa marxists (who are wrong about all of their beliefs) to right wing death squads (who are right about all of their beliefs)?

your pseudo-drivel doesnt have a cohesive point besides the baseless assumption that violence dilutes your idealogical resolve. do you even brownshirts faggot?

You should get out more. There's a wonderful world out there full of metaphors, colloquialisms, and other figures of speech.

You sound like a SJW.

Trips confirm


Exactly. Whites have excelled at warfare for the very reason that we are thoughtful and meditative about how we battle. We're not niggers that just go around clubbing random people who we perceive as the enemy. Whites are strategic fighters with surgical precision. European wars are fought in a matter of years if not months. Niggers, spics, etc… they will just have feuds that last forever until they forget about why they're beating the shit out of each other.
There's absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose if the media can push this "violent right wingers" narrative any further.

IB4 "Op talks like a fag"

tell me more moishe

soon enough i imagine the power will start going out in random areas in the USA. For the cities this will cause a massive panic and looting.

ultimately you will be able to brutalize lefties with no consequence at the point when people call the police and no one shows up.

I sure love Jews

No one is stopping you,OP.
Go out and make us proud.

Way to be a nigger. Faggot.


They do if they're utter and complete faggots.

This isn't even FBI, it's low IQ CIA Niggers.
I hope you like circles.

you called?

Kek confirms they are broke.