NEW YouTube Pedo Shit

I learned of this watching the Mister Metokur livestream. Some people in the stream chat mentioned it and Metokur confirmed it. I also tried it and confirmed it as did a friend of mine.

Go to YouTube (website or app) and type in 'How to have' (no quotation marks).

WTF is with these suggestions?

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Google knows you're a sick fuck, OP.

op it's just you

summer never ends

There's that
There's Elsagate
There's dark web
There's pic related (Tox)
There used to be this site

weirdos are everywhere

I checked with vpn with account and not account. Its real and spooky.

I wonder what it pulls when you click it... but I'm not clicking it

I also just checked it, it's real.

Youtube are some creepy fuckers.

Hello retard

wtf is the source to this

I think that's just a brony.

Image is something I made in like 15-30 mins in GIMP
screencaps taken from

threw it in there as a joke

Delete yourself.

Are you talking to me?
It's obviously not my site
Also why is namecheap jewish?

What if google purposely targets unleft wing activists and gives them those search recommendations hoping you accidentally click on it and NSA knocks on your door next day?

Yell out the door "aloha snackbar" and they'll go away, after politely excusing themselves.

Literally Who?


Google fixed it and claimed it was a "bug"

And of course all the shitty tech news sites are going with the "It was just a bug!" Excuse so normalfags can eat it up

Fuck this entire fucking planet

Isn't it funny how suddenly everybody calls for censorship after (((google))) started rubbing disgusting shit into everybody's faces. "Won't someone think of the children?", my ass.
Nobody would think twice about any of this shit, if (((google))) had not deliberately pushed it.

butthurt pedo detected

its censorship, but its censorship that meets google's rules and self-proclaimed purposes
technically that's ok, it's better than lying
gosh i wish used google cdns

Like it or not, CP is the best test for free speech at the moment.

namecheap was one of several companies participating in stealing stormfront's domain.

You really suck at damage control.

this, nothing like that coming up in the suggestions

Suppression of CP isn't even primarily censorship, since its circulation is almost invariably material support of criminal acts. Now, loli/guro/etc art on the other hand, is an excellent test of censorship.

Apparently the best test is actually the_dailystormer.

I haven't enabled cookies in years and my results are similar to this. OP is either trolling or there's a conspiracy. Either way I don't give a single fuck since i doubt any of this will affect the actual pedos who have been fucking kids for decades.

pedophobic >:(

Pedos are all sick fucks, but I actually have to agree. It's a waste of taxpayers money to eliminate CP from the fucking internet, when CP itself can be used as tools for tracking down actual predators IN REAL LIFE without having to prosecute people just for having .jpgs on their hard drive who do not actually produce the content. And pedos do not produce content just to entertain other people, they do it for their own enjoyment, so the argument that stooping people from downloading this sick shit will somehow stop child abuse is outright false.
Keep the CP online, keep it legal to view, and then worry about going after the people who produce it. Everyone is happy

We always knew it was the canary in the coalmine.

Well, stormfront that is. TDS was the supreme edgelord, stormfront kept it classy as they knew they were manning the Alamo and wanted people to see.

The same apparatchik responsible for dragging our Terry out into the town square like Quasimodo for the sake of “ratings”, which was probably the last push that sent him over the edge in his alresady fragile state? Kill yourself you fucking normie scum, or we'll do it for you.

Mister Metokur also claims Jim is selling user data and 8ch is a honeypot. He's just a retard who doesn't understand technology.

classic b8

Terry hasn't posted here for years.

And this is just all round embarrassing

It knows you're a fat fuck

your a pedo. don't be ashamed but maybe try using firefox canvas blocker or pale moon's canvas poison next time

No. It's just that bad people are using the internet. It's like shitting in the pool, that's what it is.

pedophilia is honeytrap and honeypot. Imagine how many politicians are blackmailed through it. they have recorded child sex from IRL honeypots while they let them do children in exchange of being a figurehead official.
CP is legal to view and smash in non-police states or third world cunts. CP files are weaponized so it's easier to discredit any 'good guy' government official or activist by slipping them inside their botnet devices. The rabbit hole is a lot deeper and I'm not in the mood to get into detail.

Does this mean terry is a cianigger/dead now? Where's your proof? This website has only been up for four years after all.

Yes. The proof is that he doesn't post here.

Nigger, this place is chock full of shills and idiots. Even 80's and early 90's BBS had a much better signal/noise ratio. That's probably why he stopped posting, because a bunch of them were wasting his time. Terry actually does stuff, unlike 99% of posters on the chans and modern web at large.

LMAO @ all the closet pedos in this thread.

apparently jewgle knows I'm a kissless virgin :(