Japanese Prime Minister arrives at Trump Tower

Japanese Prime Minister arrives at Trump Tower

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Is this where they make anime real?

Yes, and when they do Maya Ibuki is mine.

I can agree to these terms so long as I get my own little neko to cuddle.

what the hell is going on in here

Security looks nervous. What do they know?

Trump is telling Japan they can re-militarize as long as they help combat global (((terrorism))). League of Nations 2.0 soon.

we need a new national anthem for this shit, i feel so powerful
like russian anthem fucking M A N L Y


Witness my waifu.

Did someone say waifu thread?

Kek blessed /a/ with a 555555 get announcing your waifu is real and loves you very much. Shadilay brothers.


Best girl

Rei a shit

you're waifu a shit

Abe said he liked Trump

I will have faith

This wild ride seems to have really kicked off in 2014 with GamerGate. Did the second impact really happen after all?

Its fucking happening.


Thanks for gassing my sides, user!

Make it happen. Europe can join in too if it likes.

Did you see that stupid fucking article in Der Spiegel today about how America had "abdicated it's role as the world's leader" and how Germany should take it's place?

Real tough talk from the country spending 35$ a month on their military like it's a cable bill.

Who would you succ?

Trump isn't even sworn in yet. This salt train has only barely begun.
And there isn't a goddamned thing they can do to stop it.
Fucking hell the year of the Fire Cock is going to be a wild ass ride.

Nuke the chinks, gook removal now.
and everyone knows Yukari is best waifu

Your waifu a shit.

Behold mine!

You sure, faggot?1

The international response to the election has been hilarious because we can see they're still sticking to the "script" even though they globalist plot failed. Their tears are so delicious. German Federal Budget planners must be crying themselves to sleep every night because they won't be able to accept 1 million shitskins a month anymore now that their F16's need fuel.

Current Year +1 is such a wild ride.

I don't see your repeating digits, famshua.


imperial japan when

(checked, nice digits besides)
Is this your first time posting the image on the left? I'm trying to scry into the hivemind.

It's not.

same as it ever was.



So, what exactly are we supposed to be discussing here? How Trump is already making anime real, or how Nanking didn't happen but is going to?

He campaigned on a platform of "Make Anime Real", what's the problem?

Shit nigger, what are you doing?

So did he do it guys? Did he make anime real yet?

because all I see are a bunch of fat screaming marxists on my college campus demanding we let illegals hide in college bathrooms

I gotta admit, Shlomo; goon; newfag; or whomever you are - this board just wouldn't be the same without you. You provide us with a service you will never understand.

pls hide your autism m80, we can be rational adults about this.
oh and Suwako a best, yukari a shit

Just for you.

Claim your waifu thread? Claim your waifu thread.

Claiming waifu.



Renegade radio, die in a fire.


Abe is here to convince trump to loosten his TPP stance Japan Diet already passed it last week,don't let the WEEB faggots here distract you.

Current anima projection waifu

I love how much of a fucking power move this is. Cucks in the Media don't even understand whats happening. Last night, Madcow was kvetching hard as fuck because the media wasn't told who/when/where Trump was meeting with. And here Trump shows the world how much of a fucking big guy he is by flying world leaders to meet with him at the crown jewel of his empire while the media, for the first time in a LONG fucking time, finally feels what it's like to be left in the cold.


What a time to be alive.

How's it feel to be cuck'd by a motorcycle?

nah, you are being too optimistic, we will probably end up with something Gakuen Handsome tier….its gonna suck

Why does everyone hate Rei?

When Alex Jones is at a white house press briefing with Ann Coulter as press secretary, anime may become real.

My prediction will be that 3Ds see anime grills as the shining example of how they should behave.


Apparently Trump is already President. Obamawho?

With Trump making anime real, and the Japan PM being the first to visit our president-elect, I think this shows Japan and the US are strengthening their relations. What we need to do now is accept that Japanese and White birth rates are declining, and the solution is to create policies supporting the marriage of White men and Asian Women so that we can keep our countries strong together.



Catholic PING PONG

Catholic PING PONG

What if it doesn't turn out how you think.

Women start grinning smugly at everybody, throwing cute-ish tantrums and spamming their faces everywhere. Oh lord

You know how I know you don't belong?

Doubtful, Japan doesn't want it, Obama was strongarming them.

This. Holla Forums hates weebcucks.

They already do that.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Yeah, I know


Abe looks a bit low energy, I'm used to seeing people happier when taking pics with Trump. Also he's pretty tall for a nip.

I'll point out again that the problem is Judenfetzen. If men want women to grant them a genetic legacy, then women want men to be their protectors and breadwinners, and I think that's only fair. But the kikes have us running on a monetary treadmill that means few single-income families are economically viable. This same phenomenon exists in Japan with the "herbivore" generation. Until we unfuck the economy and have something to offer women, they'll continue holding us in contempt as viable heads of family. It pisses me off because it's not them, it's not us, it's the fucking subhuman kikes D&Cing us through fractional reserve banking and financial fraud.

Abe is scum. He's totally owned by the jew financial bureaucracy that's run Japan since before the Lost Decade even started. Japan has been used as a money piñata by the filthy kikes - the most recent maneuver they pulled was strong-arming Abe into turning over their version of the social security fund to the hook-nosed financial engineers. He does want to expand Japan's military, but I think that has more to do with the ZOG wanting to use Japan as a pawn against China, and less about Tokyo throwing off the long-standing occupation of its lands and civilization by jew forces. Japan is in a truly bad situation. They're what we'd be if ten years from today there had still been no credible reform in finance and politics.

cant find the Holla Forums version, but you get the idea

Holla Forums hates race-mixing regardless. I'm a big fan of anime and I think it explores themes and develops virtues that pedowood can't touch. Still doesn't mean you should make babies with Nips.

That's why the Japanese women need strong aryan men to breed with. It would produce naturally redpilled children with a mixture of traditional aryan/japanese values. Not to mention that the Japanese are already honorary aryans.

polite sage
user, Look. A weeb is always a cuck by definition. He can only watch his 2D waifu be fucked by other 2D men or floating dicks. He can never touch his waifu. Holla Forums hates cucks. This means that, Holla Forums hates weebcucks.

I forgot to sage like the nigger I am. Please rape me.

because she's a doll

If you run into a nip woman who wants your dick redpill her and get her to seek out her own.



This. Staying separate is about diversity. The globalists want to turn us into a global homogenized monoculture, we must not let that happen for the sake of all our ancestors died for.

Checked and supported. Japan is fun and exotic because it's full of Japs. If they're all halfwhite it's not Japan.


I love these Jungle Nazis.

are you trying to make me lose my lunch user? Also dibs on Aisha

kill yourself yellow fever fag

Dolls aren't that bad.

So pretty much how they behave now, except in a feminine and cute way, instead of a pseudo-masculine cuntish way.

stand user: Trump

stand name: Another brick in the wall

It's been a good year lad

Why not though?
At least when it comes to nips halfies look preddy gud.

THIS!!! Absolutely this! I go to Japan to see Japanese, I go to Mongolia to see Mongolians, I go to Russia to see Russians, I got to Britain to see British, I go to Germany to see Germans, and I go to Greece to see Greeks. Not a bunch of half breeds that warp the culture.

No disrespect to the Japanese, as I myself find some of their women very attractive, one must do a service to their own race and stay with their own.

Hitler dubs confirms, NO RACE MIXING.



Absolutely agreed with. I know asian women are cute and attractive compared to our growth-hormone pozzed women at the moment, but there's a reason white women are the envy of all races. It's no coincidence that Jap/White hybrids are cuter because of their white traits. No coincidence niggers and Arabs wanna "black" white women.

Be eternally grateful God or Kek made you white so that when nationalism returns white women will see you as a potential partner as they shun the rest of the world's men.

Satan reminds us that genes are precious.

Satan is also a deceiver. He says these things while posting his mixed-race waifu.

Lol, let's be honest here Satan: nationalism returning won't make you any more attractive to women. At the end of the day you still need to lose weight and get a job.

Rei a cute but she's not my waifu because I like fiesty women.


No nigger we need to be single-income providers on working class wages. That's what our women need from us, and that's what the kikes have sabotaged. Well I mean Holla Forums users are the inappropriately excluded, a special social class, but that's what whites in general need. What Holla Forumsacks need is basically a state program to either give us political legitimacy, or a eugenics program that specifically mates us with high IQ females who can help us interact with everyday normalfags.

Idle hands are the Devil's playthings.

Not a weeb, but I'm beginning to feel aroused by this. Help.

Just fap it away.

Ivanka was at the meeting

I mean, look at that pic! European girls are already anime if they just try a little harder! It's the culture that they lead that needs to change. If we can get women to become more effeminate and actually take good care of their bodies, we'll already be half way there! Everyone can have an Asuka or a Rei, or Yukari without having to mix with a Japanese girl! There will be no need to have a 2D waifu if we actually just start red pilling the white women around us!


Not sure this is a food thing. Shinzo Abe is a member of the (((Trilateral Comission))) and supports putting military pressure on china. I don't like chinks, but they're not worth starting WW3 over.

Seems like vaporwave is about to get real


>this tbh

Feisty bitches are the strong Aryan man's waifu of choice.

Interesting body language. Trump is relaxed, Abe is aggressive.

By the way, is that General Flynn?

wow that sounds like shit


Dude in the glasses is about to fall off the chair he's so far on the edge.

I have never seen that look on Putin's face before. My middle school orchestral band could have done a better job.


Don't be a dishonest kike, user.

Kek, his face a few seconds in..


she a thot

Kek, fucking Abe is a manlet.

Shitposter, go back to cuckchan.

Clearly they're discussing who is best waifu.

That wasn't Ivanka.

That was the first in a line of combat trained waifu Ivanka Gynoids developed by Section 9 which will stand guard along The Wall and protect America from Mexicans and kaiju.

SIEG HEIL my brother

I have been thinking about the 'honourary aryan' meme and what that truly means for how we should interact with each other as cultures and nations. Firstly we all understand that just as an honourary doctor cannot be allowed to practice medicine, there are things an honourary aryan should not do, miscegenation and subversion of the body politic are the most important of those. Some cultural exchange should be allowed but as we encourage our children and our people to love our own culture and values and the natural social conservatism of humanity will make sure our own culture remains intact.

Perhaps we should also have a category for people who act against aryan or honourary aryan interests (in addition to the jews), these people would be honourary jews or Psycho-Semitic as I like to call them

Doesnt this Jap want to still try to push the TPP through?

I didn't think Trump would be making anime real this quickly.

It's a nice room but I'm surprised they didn't hold the meeting in this room tbh

Ahahahahaha! Yes! Let's re-enact the outhouse scene from Schindler's List.

Shinzo Abe is a puppet of (((other))) powers. He certainly doesn't represent the interests of our honorary Aryan animu scribes.


I'm still waiting for the video that starts with the entire lugenpresse laughing at Ann Coulter for saying Trump will win, and then ends with Trump winning and cucks laying on the floor crying.

World leaders scramble to visit the throne room and pay tribute. Wonder who's next on the list of visitors.



I totally support the survival of white children and its race, but being commanded who you mix or breed with routinely, is one of the most annoying things you can hear.

It created the info merchant in pic related (he wanted to marry indian, KGB wanted him to marry russian, and thus started his revolt) it created Holla Forums (except command was to breed non whites), it even created the concept of romance outside of pre-arranged weddings.

I can understand your intention is good, but consider the dangers of how you're playing your information and points.



The part leading to the ending could be better tbh. Someone should fix it.




Worst girl in the history of every animation made.

I don't intend it to be something that gets you hanged. Just discouraged to the point where you understand why your own people would be disappointed in you choosing to mix. Like I said, I myself find some Japanese women attractive. But if I should decide to race mix, I would have a pretty hard time deciding whether or not I should return to the states to face my own people.

Except for Jews, Blacks, and Arabs there aren't really any races that Holla Forums actually hates. It's not like we get bent out of shape about Mongolians or Suomis. But we want our children to look like us, and we want our children to grow up in a homogenous, safe, high trust environment. That means racial homogeneity.

Like I said earlier when Satan took possession of my post, white women are the gold standard for XX chromosome humans and to throw those genes away because you want your kid to look like your waifu (highly gross by the way) is not something to be supported or encouraged.

Also Yuri escaped the USSR because he was a man of good conscience, and could not stand idly by while the Poles, Czechs, Slovakians and eventually Americans were subverted and demoralized. The woman is just an easy explanation for what I'm sure was a complicated moral process he went through.

It becomes almost schadenfreude after a while


what exactly are you trying to suggest here?

i like how people legitimately think like this

Well you will see that countries end up homogenous for a reason. There is natural atraction and easiness of understanding between same race people. Racial counciousness and homogenity are natural products. In a more natural setting, similiar raced people atract each other.

Simply the exotic has some effect. That's part of the same nature and same source that makes people wish for homogenous racial societies.

In short,
Telling people too much who to breed and marry with can backfire (see: divorce industry when not too many years before pre-arranged marriages were seen as 100% normal) even if correct on a big picture scale.

You can just recommend and make appealing. Cracking down on individuals can backfire. People feeling dissented on this matters often have a life-long revolt. It wasn't just CM propaganda to build up the court room divorce industry, but lingering resentment over arranged marriages aswell. Seeding this may risk being counter-productive to the cause.

I-I'm not FIDF you're just paranoid

Possibly, and I don't wanna speak for others here, but I get the feeling the general consensus is that racemixing shouldn't be institutionally banned unless with blacks and or Jews, but that it should be highly socially discouraged. Like, if you wanna have a happa kid get ready for him to be bullied in school because we're teaching Aryan kids about how much their peoples have achieved.

True. Peggy is always ruining Hank's adventures or forcing him to solve her problems. def WOAT gril

Can confirm this, my mum was the blacksheep in a traditional jap family and went for my dan aykroyd looking dad.

blog post time, skip to bottom for my views as a happa.
They raised me well though, my mum was a nationalist and taught me traditional japanese ceremonies, and my dad took me camping and fishing.

At least I have a purpose in life, as a bridge for Japan and the West/Russia when the time comes for the Northern Alliance speak jap, english and learning russian, but I feel bad for the nigger/jap mixer kids; they really serve no purpose in the greater but as athletes and as performers.

>1st pic: Saya Ichikawa, otaku model, AmeriJap, part cherokee

tl;dr race mixing should never be promoted, but if it happens it's not the end of the race unless you mix with niggers, you fucking filth

I can't…fucking….comprehend this.

Why did he invest a massive amount of Jap pension funds in US Treasuries if he doesn't have 3 feet of circumcised kike cock up his ass?

I'm shaking with rage.
My entire family are so happy for her.
He's her boss.
What the fuck should I do?

I should have watched out for my reddit line spacing, but I've been up for a while now.
pls no bully ;_;

b4 Holla Forums: What? Ethnicity? Finns? What a weird question. Well, they're obviously white, I mean how do you get more white than Scandinavia?


Trump and Abe having a heated discussion on how to Make Anime Great Again, no doubt.

Fuck his daughter

asians look younger way longer and have the best texture for hair

I think I know the reason she is dating him user.

Because Obama's kike backers probably told made him strongarm Abe into doing it or we'd stop helping them clean up Fukushima or let more niggers from our military bases loose on the local populace.

Now that Trump will hopefully depoz the treasury those bonds will be worth more and maybe even actually backed by a real resource like gold (or, if he went full NatSoc, labor)

Oh he doesn't have one, see he's a "gangster" and a "player" who owns a bar. She's a bar maid and she dumped her boyfriend for him because he's got "swag"

I do too. but a fucking pajeet?
A fucking pajeet? Not even a nigger, not even an arab? A pajeet, the laughing stock of the fucking world


Well, it's better to try to make western women more appealing.

By nature people prefer other same race people's company. It's nature, and possibly also why Holla Forums memes feel so organic. History also confirms, Kingdoms, Republics, whatever, in most cases end up with similiar race population.

Point being, there are plenty of untapped and unexplored Natural forces that can make having life with western women more appealing. Points raised here, while correct, are too rational.

We have organically nature on our side. There can be appeals both emotional and rational to why same race woman. A man is a platonic dreamer, he needs some dream fuel to why he should marry this type person.

4th pic looks like some khmer chick with a tan

It'll have to be like the Rentenmark, because the US has no more gold, pretty much at all. The Obama regime shipped pretty much the last of it to the Chinks, like all Afro-nigger government gangs finally loot the last of the Treasury before fleeing the country.

wow so cute

1 and 3 are decent enough, middle is a wrestler so what the fuck do you expect

Agreed. There will always be people who are explorers in everything they do, and that means women as well. Personally it's not terribly offensive to me that a man might wanna go to the Orient and experience their women, so long as his feet are planted firmly in his own country.

If the "racemixing" portion of whites stays around 3% of lower than that's something I can live with. Everyone has their own degeneracy, so long as it's not acted on it affects no one but the bearer.

Racemixing with Jews or Blacks should be a literal death sentence though.

Glad you kept a positive mindset man. Most hapas I know are either very disturbed or really into the sjw part that hates white men.

I'm hapa as well but so were both my parents so I was able to avoid the white dad asian mom dynamic that ruins a lot of hapa boys. Though with both of my parents dying before I was 10 and before that with them being busy with running a business I didn't have much contact with them.

My Japanese grandma who kinda did the rest of my raising was pretty racist so that helped set me with a good worldview. Also taught me to be very polite which I am thankful for since I noticed even most of my white peers lacked that attribute.

Russian is a real fun language as well. I definitely suggest looking for spoken poetry to help you drive you to continue your studies. Russian poetry imo is the most beautiful spoken poetry there is.

absolutely nothing


dont be an obstacle

Thanks user, I'm just angry that's all. I think understandably so as we are from a long line of pure russian stock.

The U.S. could easily start accumulating gold though. We can start some "humanitarian" projects in Africa and gold-jack them. Not to mention we can strongarm China into giving us a lot of gold back once they're labeled currency manipulators, under threat of having their incredibly vast USD assets frozen.

install a toilet in their bedroom, he will refuse to enter it

Kimura looks like she needs some foundation. Ikee looks nice. Yoshida needs to stop with the roids and call a plastic surgeon ASAP.

FUCK OFF KIKE. NO, WE CAN'T STOP SOME "HUMANITARIAN" PROJECTS IN AFRICA AND TAKE THEIR GOLD. For fuck's sake man have we really not been through this yet? All that does is destroy nigger countries and incite them to nig up whites. For once, let's make Anglo-Saxon laws, contracts, and promises mean a damn thing.

meant start

your sister is a vapid whore and is a lost cause. there's nothing you can really do. one day some time down the road she may come to you crying, regretting everything, but all you'll be expected to do is say "too bad, i fucking told you so, you made your choice." the end.

so on that note, be sure to explain your thoughts to her at least once, so that when the above happens you can legit tell her "i told you so."

Here is what the traditional solution to a race-mixing relative is. You gather your male relatives. Brothers, uncles, hell take grandpa he'd love to work his bones on a shitskin making moves on his descendants. You gather up your half dozen to dozen male relatives, armed with baseball bats, you beat the pajeet senseless. The only thing you say to him is that if he doesn't cut contact with sis, he dies the next time. Leave him in his bloodiness to ponder his next course of action. That is what white men have done when their female family acts retarded since time immemorial. Also I'm just kidding don't actually do that it's illegal.

pretend to be happy

if nothing bad ever happens and theres nothing ever for her to bitch about, she will most likely magically make up some bullshit to not be happy about

I really, really love how he's having everyone come to him at Trump Tower. It's a smart move, it's a very fancy building that probably projects more power than the WH in terms of its internal fittings. This is mostly Trump showing off, but it's a good move in terms of directly expressing his competence to these world leaders before they even get to his office.

Nigger have you seen Empire Of Dust? White man's burden has failed. All Africa is good for now is resource draining. Sorry if you feel bad for the niggers but they've had 50000 years to use the stupendously vast resources in their country for their own ends. I won't stand idly by while perfectly good steel, gold, diamonds, rare earth metals and uranium get flushed down the toilet by ooga boogas.

Also China has been expanding their sphere of influence in Africa since they collapsed Rhodesia. We need to counter it or else they'll treat the Africans far worse than us, you bleeding heart.

It's laughable, but compared to getting beaten by a nigger or converting to Islam for some Arab, her choice makes sense. She still is a whore for money though.

I've had it too, but that was due to anime being the first time I saw a woman being feminine. California is not a place to have an older sister. It still lingers to this day.

God damn it Anons…this is why I come here with my rage.

This is my plan. She's trash. Once you go black you can't go back but once you go pajeet you now shit in the street.

My brother is also dating a Sri Lankin and told him to call him his 'brudda' immediately. My dad is indifferent saying "he seems like a really nice guy" but trust me with my connections we'd be alright. Very good friends with a lot of the 88ers around the area.

Too true. She's also an incredible lib so I'm not surprised.

so it means you have to be happy

if you dont act happy she will blame you for trying to ruin their relationship or some horse shit

Yeah, I've got to laugh at the absurdity. We've all learned to do it this year, so I need to apply it to this as well. That's easy enough. I can do this.

You sound like a parasite, bro. Like… a kike, I might daresay. We need strong, healthy African ethnostates just like we need a strong healthy Mexico. All it will do is export eternal disease and degeneracy if we try to completely vampirize its resources like the kikes have been doing to Anglo industriousness and intelligence for the past 150 years.

Except that will hurt us too? You don't know how forex reserves work, do you? Not to mention how tradelocked we are with those commies. It's economic MAD.

that was lovely, thank you

are you atusitick?

The percentage of whites would increase bigly just by killing all the narcos.

Except if Americans just accepted a sustainable lifestyle, they could cut the Chinks off at the knees and let them choke on their 2 packs a day air and metals-contaminated rivers and soil. If we consumed 1/3 as much energy as we do now, like the vast majority of Europeans, we could live almost as well but with a fraction as much dependency on imported goods and outsourced labor. Americans need to accept and internalize sacrifice along with our newfound acceptance of white racial realism. There's no realism as long as we keep pretending we can mortgage our futures to Red Chinese in exchange for Shenzhen-made plastic junk. This is why we need an ideology as strong as fascism, internalized into our cultural identity, in order to dig ourselves out of this hole.

No man, we fucking don't. I repeat, it's been 50,000 years since humanity has inhabited Africa. If they were going to rise up and begin civilizing themselves they would.

It's not kikery to say "we're going to pay the African government their fair tax to export materials, pay all of our African workers an American wage, probably house them in company housing, use armed security to keep RUF niggers out, pay the entire cost to set up the operation, and maybe even have a stipulation that 15% of mined gold goes to the African country's treasury."

Whether or not the nigger get themselves together is their problem but non-exploitative mining op isn't "kikery" and not spending our tax dollars on a government doomed to fail sounds fine by me.

I'm not against sending the U.S. military in to murder the cartels though. They're destabilizing Mexico so more spics come here. I don't think we should spend money to keep them "healthy" though.

what universe are you posting from?

this webm triggers the Holla Forums

i'm going to remove you

I'm hoping some natural disaster like Mt. Rainier popping it's top happens so that Americans have to start rationing and cut down on their waste a little. Just enough to show the average Joe how much waste he has in his normal life and how much better off he is without it.

Some girls you waifu, some girls you fuck. As long as you don't make babies I mean uh kill all degeneracy



To be fair, that plan is never what the American government does. The American government boosts a handful of the most corrupt and disgusting niggers with a "massive" salary, and lets them treat the locals like less than dogs. If we stopped negotiating with the worst elements and started working with Africa's best, the situation might not be so entirely fucked up, and we might be able to start exporting our nogs en masse because they probably want to return to their respective homelands as much as we wish they would, if they were only decent places to go.


She does give excellent headpats I'll give you that much.

Still doesn't beat best girl though, sorry m8

meant to spoiler the image, hit "do not bump"

brb, killing myself

seems kinda weird that all the other countries the CIA fucked over 40 years ago seem to be doing alright right now

I am in favor of exporting all of our Nogs, but Apartheid is the best way to do that. A ruling class of whites managing the blacks.

The "noble savage" meme should've died in the late 1900s.

You know how many murders a year used to happen in South Africa? 250! A Year! With a huge black population! Just prop South Africa up and let them expand. That's all we'll have to do. Get them a few new Apache DakaDaka's they'll be ready to roll.

Like Iran? Cuba? Nicaragua? Let's face it - America is ruled by ZOG, and ZOG has devastated scores of other countries as badly or worse than it's devastated the American working class. It's okay for us to admit that our occupiers have wrecked generations of American potential. But it's done the same to a bunch of other nations too, and we need a kind of truth and reconciliation if we're going to fix the mistakes that have been imposed on us since before we were born.

I thought the consensus was that you could fuck them, but you had to settle down with a white woman to have kids.
Or am I mistaken?
I also thought Holla Forums hated Christians :^)


that's the twist at the end. Teflon Don and Mike "Homoshima and Fagasaki" Pence will make real women feminine again and better than our waifus.

I'm ready for it

does he have the 'tism?
I don't understand why else he'd be reacting that way.
Perhaps they're messing with a special needs child.

you seem to be avoiding the truth in relation to why africa is so worse shape compared to say chile, where we outright assassinate political leaders and disenfranchise their country

The same CIA that trained and protected the Mexican cartels in the 80's?

What the fuck did I ever do to you, user?
I post here almost every other day and generally try to add to conversations and you want me dead?
Fuck you, Washington is pure, have Jew York or Chicongo get glassed to teach the rest of the country to put down the burgers.

Africa is a continent, Chile is a nation. It's much easier to D&C a continent with hundreds of different tribes; conceptions of history; and ethnostates that don't match any UN-acknowledged borders, than it is to D&C a relatively unified nation-state which has a living memory of fascism. Look I don't want niggers here. I just think niggers have continually had their potential squashed within their own designated homelands, which has ultimately perpetuated unwelcome global chaos because they don't have a decent place to belong.

Rainier would wreak the least economic havoc, but in your defense my dream scenario is the San Andreas fault going and wiping out all of the Bay Area and leaving the North West relatively intact.

nigger potential begins and ends shaka zulu, the nigger smart enough to figure out the pincer manuever

I've read some manga with this theme. Forced marriages amongst otaku. I dunno, seems far fetched.