Trump considering ROMNEY for Sec. of State?

I don't buy it but it seems like Trump has met with Romney, even Drudge has it as his headline. Even if it's far from the truth (((they))) are trying to push this narrative for some reason. What are your guys' opinions on this?

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I want Rand Paul

I dont care who Trump picks or what Trump does in regards to anything. I have full trust in the God-Emperor's decision making abilities. After all, the ability to play 1488 chess is what won him the Presidency.

I would be okay with that if he hadn't acted like such a cunt during the primaries.

are you being serious? serious question, i cant tell anymore.

After the phony and fraud charges? I doubt it.

Are you trying to be satire for a blind Trump-worshipper,or are you really this fucking stupid?

completely serious. concern trolling doesn't work here, but you're welcome to try.

The media is lying about Trump considering all these idiots because they want it to be true. They are trying to use meme magic. But kek hates them.

He's not picking Romney for anything. Trump tends to remember people who stabbed him in the back

Holy shit no. This faggot shouldn't be within 500 miles of a Trump administration. Can't possibly be true after his pre-election conduct.


This is a lie, this is just media speculation just like the last 4 elections. They dribble on about nothing when the fact is they will know nothing about the transition until December.


Trump is not going to pick Romney for fucking anything.

kushner needs to fire you. youre too blatant.

Romney won't be the Sec of State. My guess is that Trump is enjoying the free press from this.

You people who pretend to speak Trump's mind crack me up the most.

Yeah I'm thinking this is more press fuckery as well. Even if not and if Romney is given some kind of position, I'm assuming it'll just be to consolidate support from some of the more stubborn members of the GOP

It's common sense. Which you seem to be lacking

Tbh I think this is Trump getting Mittens in the news so everyone can shit on him more. Hit those comment sections.

I think Trump is just baiting the media and the GOPe as well.
FFS he met with kissinger like that old kike has a snowballs chance.
Shuffle a bunch in and out and let the media go into a tither trying to figure out what he is planning to do.

It is commonplace for presidents to appoint their adversaries to positions of power in a new administration. It has certain advantages. Firstly, the pure ego trip created by owning a former opponent. Secondly, it keeps them under constant surveillance and allows the president to dictate their actions - to a certain extent. Some examples:

FDR choosing Henry Morgenthau for Secretary of the Treasury
Reagan choosing GHWB as VP
Wilson choosing William Jennings Bryan for Secretary of State
Obama choosing HRC for Secretary of State

It may not always be a wise decision, but it certainly conforms with precedent. Hitler was chosen by Hindenburg to be Chancellor., even though Hindenburg defeating him in the preceding election.

Trump is going to use the opportunity to laugh at the cuck, and for nothing more.

Interesting, but the SoS needs to be willing to defend Trump nationalism abroad, and a globalist like Mittens is not up for the task.


I think for this reason alone Trump would opt against picking an adversary for his cabinet.

Trump is just getting a little revenge on his loudest critics. Cruz, Haley, and Romney all bashed Trump hard and now Trump is making them embarrass themselves by groveling for jobs they have no chance of getting.

Romney would probably make a good secretary of state.

Trump, that absolute madman. He actually did it. This nigga has moved on to like full 1488D chess.

We need to get on Twitter and call Romney a racist and sellout.

Until it's officially announced by Donarodu-senpai himself, assume it's disinformation.

The MSM is making up a bunch of horseshit to make it look like he's cucking out.

Who the fuck is Haley?

Get out

Governor of South Carolina.

Yeah, Mitt called a press conference just to trash Trump. It would be odd from him to reward such a vile attack with a cabinet position. This is more likely a session to mend fences, get advice and make sure they fall into line.

Its difficult to trust anything the MSM says

The crypto street shitter of SC real name Nimrata "Nikki" Randhawa

And exactly THIS would be the problem.

We need change.

Real change.

He did give Cruz a job. He made him answer the phones.

Please, just stop posting these articles. Trump is going to send out a tweet saying this is another garbage article in a few hours.

A. If you're gonna post here mate, FUCKING ARCHIVE. Just do it once and see the amount of shit a link passes on– disqus, goybook, jewggle, a bunch of shit you never heard of–it's literally hundreds of lines. ARCHIVE.

B. Why is he there? If you know Trump from his days on Stern, he loves to rub shit in. Back then, he'd call in to spend two hours taunting a reporter about having stolen his GF. I would 99% bet he has him there to make him grovel and then tell him to fuck off.

Trump is probably just gathering information, he can always dangle positions in front of these snakes to get to the truth.

Is it 3AM already?

Agreed brother user. My dream candidate would be Pat Buchanan. I just think we should always remember Trump plays 4D chess. I trust him. Romney may be a terrible choice for obvious reasons, but a less terrible choice for more unobvious reasons.

Here's what I would do if I wanted to publicly humiliate the press and set things up for public opinion to demand for them to be undermined and/or replaced:

Leak shit that would never happen, like this story, and watch the press run with it as if it were legitimate, over and over again :^)


This. If any of you think Trump would actually pick Romney for literally any position then you're not too bright. I bet Trump wants him to come just to see him grovel after all the shit he talked.

These were tactical moves designed to weaken opponents through supervision and direct oversight. Saying every example in history is bad because history is bad is poor logic.

THIS would be legendary trolling. Let Trump further destroy any shred of trust the very few have left in the media for the shit they tried to pull.

After what Romney said about Trump? LOL

Trump would rather have him drone striked.

fake news

Bichanan used to be a complete piece of shit. He's mellowed out a bit over the years ad turned into a grandpa figure, but fuck him. He is half he reason the US has been a tool of israel for decades. THINK OF THE CHIDREN! We has to buy shit for israel to allow us to kill a cow at the temple that needs built for jebus to come home and take us to the skyland!

Put someone who isn't owned by kikes!

I put archive links in the OP

The worst part of this is that in 2012 Romney BEGGED for Trump's endorsement and his money, and he was very proud to get them and to have Trump represent him.

Seems like a low energy attempt to make Trump supporters lose enthusiasm because they tried the same thing during the primary when the VP topic was floating around. We also keep seeing so-called potential neocon cabinet appointments which so far have proven to be bullshit.

if you believe anything the lugenpresse writes at this point you're fucking retarded

What the fuck are you talking about? Buchanan has been an America First paleocon his entire career.

Are you sure you're not confusing Pat Buchanan with Pat Robertson? Buchanan is the fucking man, one of the last of the real old-school conservatives. This is a guy who got called too similar to Hitler during the Reform Party primaries… by Donald Trump.

This thread somehow just got worse.

The idea is as laughable as Trump appointing Jeb! as the secretary of energy
sage for bullshit

I'd love it if he did that

Who cares who he picks as Secretary of State?

Emperor Trump has proven himself time and time again. To question him is heresy.

If he picks Romney he knows what he is doing?

if he makes a goddamn Mormon Sec of State I'm going to shit bricks


How much fucking longer do we have to endure that staff pick rumor-milling? It's gone beyond annoying.

Honestly, he had been probably camping in ah these chucklefucks to lay down the law and then feeding false info to the press to make them run in circles like chickens

Welcome to supporting the established president, user. I'm glad I didn't vote this year, T.B.H.

T.B.H., pretty much every Holla Forumsitician is too un-establishment to have been voting to begin with. There's only

For this thread and every single one like it: don't believe anything until its written in stone and announced by Trump or Trump's staff. Even then, it can change in a heartbeat. This period between the election and inauguration is traditionally very quiet. When you see some cuck "being considered for _" know that its likely that the cuck that is "leaking" it to the press, hoping to pressure the incoming administration into bringing them aboard. I don't think its going to go particularly well in this case.

Another point to consider: Trump doesn't look at appointments and positions the same as other politicians, even other CEOs. He has a habit of bringing a person on to accomplish one specific task before replacing someone more suited to the changing situation. Look at his campaign: he went through 4 or 5? different managers over the last year and a half, and every time he switched it was the perfect person for the moment they were put in charge. I think its possible Trump will do the same with his cabinet.

You mean exactly what you're doing by telling us who he's considering for anything?

Once again, Trump games the media. This time by going around meeting with the globalist power brokers face to face to talk turkey. I can only imagine the intensity of the conversations he is having with these fucks behind closed doors.

The man is pissed having to talk to these low-life pieces of shit, you can see it in his face having to rub shoulders with the likes of Paul Ryan and Barack Obama.

The only time he smiles is when he's with family and friends and when he conducts rallies with thousands of his fellow countrymen. I don't blame him for doing his upcoming Victory Tour to not only reassure his followers that he's in charge, but to feel real patriotism from us. And with Soros releasing the hounds on American society, merely showing up to one of his rallies will be an immense show of loyalty to a man who has sacrificed so much for us.

I'm ready to see him again.

You can bet that there's a filthy crypto cunt from Renegade in this thread.

Romney was much worse.

The Indian female governor that banned the confederate flag in South Carolina. Another anti-white.


NBC BREAKING NEWS: Butler seen going into Trump's penthouse. Will Trump appoint his butler as Secretary of Defense?

He's definitely thinking of the cuckvangelical fraud Robertson.

I didn't even know this was 4d chess.
He's still doing it.


Fuck Romney

I no longer trust anything that the media says about this shit.

I can't think of a worse candidate for Secretary of State.

Maybe a teletubby?

Have you all not figured out how vengeful Trump is yet? In another thread, was talking about listening to him on Howard Stern when I was 8 or 9 with my grandfather, and how he'd call up just to spend 2 hours tormenting a reporter whose girlfriend he stole after he gave him some bad press.

do any of you honestly believe that after all the shit Romeny talked about him in those speeches, he's going to get fucking anything, other than Trump making him grovel? I hope he makes him "drop to his knees" to beg for a post, videos it and tweets it out, and then still doesn't give him anything.

All these cunts who fucked him over (Nikki Haley, but ESPECIALLY fucking Romney who was actively trying to sabotage him…he's not getting shit. I'd bet money on it.

you have the fucking jüdenprese terrified that they have lost control of both the lemmings and have a president who owes them nothing and who they actively tried to subvert. they are going to try to "meme" neo-con filth onto his staff, and it isn't going to work.

the more the fucking media says NO to Giuliani or Gingrich for Sec of State, the more I think there must be a reason the Jews don't want either of them there. True, Jew-li-ani leaned toward the neo-cons, but was never a full blown one and is pliable.
I think the Jews strategy is to try to have him put forward candidates for things that will not get confirmed (AP is already saying Sessions will not get confirmed because he once called a nigger "boy." Oi vey the humanity!)


Trump is the Nimble Navigator.

He's humiliating Romney here, proving what a hollow shill this faggot is, how desperate he is for power.

And he's trolling nevertrump with this, forcing them to say nice things about him because he's being nice to Mitt.

And when he makes a consideration, he can say it was hard-fought and he considered Romney.

you are the most clueless user on Holla Forums, congrats

Roger Stone said in recent interview that it's a mass shilling now, and that these news are let out mostly by "considered" people.

Yeah, Robertson is a sack of shit largely responsible for spreading the pro-Zionist dual-covenant heresy among evangelicucks in America.

Yea, I never knew what a good friend Rudy could be. He's pretty much lost his old ties at this point, he's all in with Trump, make it or break it.

New Yorkers are thick as thieves. Doesn't surprise me at all.

Don't blame me for NY not going red, I left a long time ago. ;)

What Cuckservative said that? Why the fuck would Trump get someone who help campaign AGAINST him?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

That was a bad decision for Obama. Don't justify a Romney position in the cabinet. You just can't.

yeah no

No I can't. I think it would be a mistake. However, there may be reasons that are unbeknownst to me that may engender Trump to put his adversaries in positions of power. Romney is Mormon-Mafia. I wouldn't trust him for all the shekels on Earth. Still, I am fully aware that Trump is 10 steps ahead. If he does this, it will be for a very good reason.

Why Trump selected so many cuckservatives? i see the our when he point Rick Wilson as a Sec. extern relationship.

LOL. I wasn't advocating for Romney, merely saying why someone might consider it. Scroll up, I compared Romney to a teletubby.


Trump offers Flynn job of national security advisor


Going back to my original post, selecting a wide range of appointments can, and has been, very advantageous in the past. The President can play good cop/bad cop with the opposition by promoting or demoting one character over the other. The internal strife between factions of the cabinet can end up consolidating power within the actual executive and his coterie.


"Trump is a phony, a fraud" - Disgraced Mormon failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking about the God Emperor President-Elect Donald J. Trump in March of 2016

Maybe Trump won't hold this over Romney's head. I think if he actually goes through with giving Romney a spot it would say a lot about Trump's respect for his competence. But I kind of doubt it.

He is playing the media again. Funny, I think they know they are being tricked as they are being tricked. They just can't help themselves, he baits them too well.

Now they are dangling Petraeus as Sec of State. I think Trump is in it for the lulz.

Petraeus as SoS is definitely a troll move

He's just playing with Mitt Romney. Why would he hire a loser like Romney?



Then proceeds to say Obama's point about fake news has merit, and we should be looking into CNN and MSNBC.


Almost every one of these "considerations", especially fags like Romney and Bolton, are the guys themselves having their people feed their name to the press.


"So team… who thinks this is a good idea? I'm thinking about Nikki Haley and Cruz for either Supreme Court or attorney general. Bolton too."

Not to mention they're all spilling their fucking guts in the tower because he's dangling power in front of them.

He wants all their plans and is info auditing them and will humiliate them.

Trump knows how to play the media. He may already know every pick but as long as there is all this speculation and people coming in and out of Trump tower the MSM will keep coving him 24/7. This is Trump building HYPE. He is a master at this game.

Reminder that the media has no access to Trump right now and are purely trying to damage Trump in any way they can.

Trump is trolling the faggots with this, ,he won't pick Romney

Sounds legit. You can always trust a psychic.

The media never learn, and they are still as retarded as ever. I guess you can't teach old dogs kikes new tricks.

What competence?

it's obvious that Trump won't appoint Romney

there are three consistent criteria that ALL of Trump's long-term appointments meet

1. clean: no corruption, no skeletons, no scandals
2. loyal: never spoke against Trump, never leaked information
3. competent

Romney fits 1 and maybe 3, but definitely not 2. so he's disqualified.

he might have played a Tyrion here. leaked several different names to several different people, and fired the ones that have talked



hm, that doesn't play correctly

You're a massive faggot, sources say.
The word of a single user has more weight than your whole MSM put together.


What can we conclude from the meeting ?


Romney will be appointed next week. Archive this.


Obama used hillary to create a degree of separation between his legacy and his middle east policy. What would president trump use romney as a patsy for?

Fox is reporting that Trump is meeting with Mattis for SecDef.

Fuck. Yes.

I think it is very likely that Trump is trying to extract from Romney who exactly it was that paid or influenced him to give that cucked "Donald Trump is a phoney" speech.

I've learned to never doubt Trump. Romney isn't going to be SoS.

Remind us why Mattis is a good pick. He is crooked and a psychotic war-mongerer.

Criminally unchecked.

I keep seeing faggots like you spin this FUD even though for months we were begging for Mattis as VP.

Romney won't make it.

Looking through the headlines all I'm seeing is under consideration and nothing further. I don't see how he could possibly choose him especially given the speeches he made. Hopefully he's just up there begging for mercy.

I seriously doubt that will happen, I mean why would he give it to such a backstabbing loser? He just met with him out of courtesy and maybe to privately rub his nose in his own shit, he isn't rewarding him.

Fresh asshurt.

Politico: White men dominate Trump’s early staff selections

Tbh I think Pence has been underrated here and has saved Trump from making a few mistakes during the transition. Pence may be a cuckservative when it comes to immigration, but he seems more dedicated than Trump himself to drain the swamp.

Forgot to archive

Secretary of defense doesn't get to set foreign policy if I remember right, they just fuck shit up when the President and Secretary of state order him to fuck shit up. He's there exactly to scare the everloving shit of other counries. They'll think that the US is a mad dog with only Trump and the SoS holding them back.

Peace through strength fundamentally is peace through fear and intimidation. And picking an insane dude that loves to murder to lead your army sorta fits with that doctrine.

Yep, just like a nuclear weapon. We probably won't use one anytime soon but it they just sit there in the silos, waiting for the order.

grrr, it should be they

Also yes Mattis loves the Neocons and wants to kill Iranians but I think that that has to do more with the fact that he's a mad dog that just loves to murder people. I honestly don't think he cares who, man just wants to war people.

Doesn't Mattis have ties with big defense contractors?
Pro-Mattis is pro-military industrial complex

Honestly I have no idea.


Here's how the meeting ended.

Never going to happen. The guy is a fucking blatant turncoat and Trump knows it.

Ditto, and I'd rather have a tall turncoat than a short one tbh.

Romney incoming:

I wouldn't bet on it.

Yes and worse. He’s on the board of Theranos. The so called “blood testing” corporation that turned out to be a billion dollar feminist con game. Not only would Mattis fail the vetting process, he might end up in jail. Busted.

Such an appointment would be an assurance that everything Trump was supposed to stand for was a lie, that it was all for nothing.

Call me whatever you want, its the fucking truth. You don't get more worthlessly cucked and close to the establishment than Mitt fucking Romney.


No shit. That's why he's not going to pick Romney.

Mit Romney and Paul Ryan have been at the fore-front of the movement within in the Republican party

A Romney Secretary of State would almost be as bad Hillary's tenure. Trump doesn't need this man for anything he's been hitting Trump since the beginning. He fucking hates Trump, why does Trump need to even meet the asshole.

Romney's people even tried to run a spoiler candidate in Utah to prevent Trump from getting that state.

Listen to this entire speech of Romney's, he makes Trump off to be a fool, even calls him evil at 7:35.

Trump is playing Romney and others here. By making it seems like Romney is being considered and circulating the rumors himself, he repairs Romney's reputation a bit. He will never pick Romney, but it becomes hard for Romney to hate Trump if he feels he was in serious contention. Mending bridges with some of the cucks to silence them. 4d chess mastery.

Or Trump could just be a brutal sellout controlled op.


If he actually does this guys I am going to give up on the 4d chess meme. This is actual cucking.

If he picks the mormon cuckservative, he's just another Bush republican. We'll continue on nation building and having sour relations with the Russians.

Criminally unchecked.

Sort of a ZOG modus operandi that sometimes there are big news happening at the same time the ZOG is also making a move and the big news attract away the attention. The SoS should be named the next few days probably, and note there are earthquakes happening in various places every day this week, or something.

zog must be running low on puppets

It's just more 5D chess.

Trump brings in Romney to lead the establishment Republicans into a false sense of security. Romney will suggest a whole team of players for Trump to invite into the White House. Then, after drawing them out, he'll pull a "Red Wedding" on them and expel them all from Washington.