Jon Stewart: Kikes Are Scared

(((Jon Stewart))) aka Jonathan Leibowitz is scared that the U.S. will never be an (((ethnic multicultural democracy))).

You know what to do, goys.

JudeTube video embedded with Stewart and Charlie Rose embedded.

(I can't webm from where I'm at, fucking kikes.)

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Translation: the kike is afraid that whites will never be genocided.

kikes to a fucking tee.

always going against nature…

He's scared cause he likely diddles kids.





That comment section is fucking cancer

there needs to be a law that forces all public officials to use their birthname while in office.


But I'm in Cucknadia, we already are a multicultural shithole utopia. Oh well, works so here's the webm.

Doesn't work for that as well?

"I think he's trying to tell people that I'm a Jew. I thought my face did that." - Jon Stewart about Trump.

What was your question again?

Sorry, but I fell asleep while watching it.

Glad my OC is being used even if low quality. Wish I was better photoshop

Much appreciated.



I'll list a few even though I'm not American:

- Having world-class infrastructure again.
- Cities as safe as they were in the 1950s.
- A manufacturing and industrial base of some kind.
- A sense of national identity beyond just happening to hold a travel document that has "United States" printed on it.

Fucking slippery kikes. You need to be prepared for their chicanery Holla Forums!

Jon Liebowitz is 5'3"

First act of congress ever, you fucking kike.


Were they terrified that literal white male was going to gun them all down with his 1,000 clip magazine with enhanced child killing shoulder strap??

Surely people can't be as stupid as that comment section suggests… please tell me all of those profiles are Liebowitz sock puppet accounts.

Boy, this kike sure looks washed out ever since he lost his spotlight to a mulatto.

lmao look at the asian manlet looking on in envious awe of the aryan man.


Well no shit it will never be.
Harvard professor of political science Robert D. Putnam conducted a nearly decade long study howmulticulturalism affects social trust.[134] He surveyed 26,200 people in 40 American communities, finding that when the data were adjusted for class, income and other factors, the more racially diverse a community is, the greater the loss of trust. People in diverse communities "don’t trust the local mayor, they don’t trust the local paper, they don’t trust other people and they don’t trust institutions," writes Putnam.[135] In the presence of such ethnic diversity, Putnam maintains that
Even Harvard knows this is all a pile of feel good shit like religion and like religion it relies on persecuting those who dont agree to keep itself mainstream thought.
Full disclosure: After the study was released Putnam was intimidated and harassed because he was accused of helping racists with this study. He later came out and gave a very vague statement saying diversity "had problems but was worth it in the long run" to keep these morons appeased.
This statement gives no indication of the long run is and in fact is not quantified by anything.

60 million people voted for Hillary Clinton. The stupidity of people should not surprise you.

Ya, he was on those Podesta Emails

awfully somber for "just a comedian"


Filthy snake kike hypocrite.

Then why'd you change your name, Liebowitz?


not having to worry about your daughters being raped and killed by niggers, not bejng enslaved by debt to kikes, no mexican drug cartels, no marxist teachers turning your children into their foot soldiers against you, not having to walk on eggshells when ever you talk because some retard with a made up gender might be offended, not having to pay walking apes to commit crime against you and your people, white immigrants who came because they actually wanted to become American, no jewery and niggotry and faggotry in general. and many more!

better buy stocks in gas chambers, i suspect they'll skyrocket here pretty soon

You should be. We are pissed, very pissed off.

Another old man pushing old, failed ideas.


Manlets, when will they ever learn?

I guarantee at least 10 mil of those were illegals and dead people.

Holy shit, I didn't think it was possible for me to hate Leibowitz more than I already do. Once again, I've been proven wrong.


not enough
kikes will be scared enough when they die from fear alone

i one word: less kikes

Even though we're winning, this guy still manages to rustle my jimmies.

Manlets, when will they learn.


"america isnt natural because natural is tribal.". Out of the mouths of heebs

Then they shouldn't have a problem when whites go tribal on subhumans then right? It is just natural.

What is he saying ? I hear :

The amount of Jewery condensed in this second of video footage is impressive.

I'd estimate it to be roughly equivalent to about five Woody Allen movies or a particularly upscale residential block of New York City.

What the fuck is this mongoloid saying?



I hate charlie rose, he is the worst interviewer out there.

I would improve on that only with one addition:
No one with dual citizenship should be allowed to ever hold public office, or donate money to a political campaign. Or hell, even vote. Voting in two countries is is a massive conflict of interest.


Are you a Afrikaner

What about people with foreign ancestry but born on the soil ?

You mean anchor babies? Are you seriously asking that? If you want to be an American, fine. Be one. Renounce your other citizenship first. America has no room for hyphenated Americans. You're american or you're not. That's practically the basis of nationalism.

well, he's sorta' right there

No I don't mean the "haha you can't kick me out now !", more like a man or a female lives in a country for a while and gets married to a citizen and has a family.


His comments actually weren't that bad.

Sure he's a multi-culti shill (like every kike), but at least he's trying to compromise.

I guess he didn't get the memo that nationalism is literally hitler.

it's like they're taunting us.

As long as I remember he's always interviewing CFR types too


Again, that's fine. I just don't think that if he maintains his original citizenship that he should be able to run for public office or vote in our elections unless he renounces his original citizenship. If this still isn't clear enough, what I mean is that he could vote in our country for the benefit of his own country, or as a politition, dictate our foreign policy for the benefit of his own country.

Ya know, like Israel does.

No, he's begging. The dumber yids are still kvetching about Trump winning. The smarter ones are asking for compromise but they have nothing offer so in reality they're just asking for mercy so they can stab us in the back as soon as our boot is off their neck. Fuck that.

Interesting find, thanks

How can these fucks still say America is and "constitutionally always was" a multicultural democracy

Did they forget that the Constitution needed fucking amendments that said "No more nigger slaves" and "Ok, women can vote I guess"

He's compromising when he's losing power. When he thought he was going to win he was screaming that america doesn't not belong to us while Colbert sucked him off. Fuck him, he doesn't even have the decency to beg.

this is how mad this dingenious kike makes me

(just chekken)
It's pretty funny how he may as well have said that into a mirror, because that's how it turned out.

lol silly jews

(praise Kek!)
Dubs confirm the power of the double negative


Jesus, I knew he was short, but this is midget level.


3+4 = 7 (most powerful number)

77 (dubs of a kind)

The comments make me really sick, just, unbelievably so, I find it difficult to believe that this man has such a cult surrounding him.

Did he shoot anybody? No? Than what's the problem?

liberals flip out when a white man wearing an assault rifle shows up anywhere. It is a big event for them.

He actually did say that no, whites aren't 'monoliths'. Which is a problem, we need more group-cohesion instead of letting ourselves be divided.

He's not even allowed to say "my country". His country is fucking Israel.


There's not much else going on at the moment (in the US) besides media kvetching, low-energy riots, and world leaders praising Trump.

Trump is literally a foot taller than Jon



Wait really? Don't mean to be a lazy nigger but you got a link I thought I already read most of those emails.

They remember on a genetic level how close we were to wiping neanderthal out completely. Every time we stop short and they come back like strep. The earth needs a 1400 degree fever and a course of zykloncillin.

even that's gone now I'm afraid. or at least no one's talking about it anymore.

As ever, once the general public cottons on that the 'peaceful protests' are actually destructive riots, they mysteriously stop getting covered.


To be fair O'Reilly is 6'4"

They were pretty bad.

Liebowitz is arguing that most people voting Trump weren't really concerned about illegals nor national security, when those were some of the biggest issues this election.

Instead Liebowitz is pushing the idea that it was just because of concerns about things like insurance. He also is implying it wouldn't be strange for Bannon to be an anti-semite by bringing up Nixon, as though it's just a matter of fact that Bannon is an anti-semite.

He's basically going through the five stages of grief.

Initially he was in denial that Trump would have support or that anyone agreed with him.

Then he was angry that Trump had support or that people agreed with him.

Now he's bargaining, saying that Trump may have had people supporting him, but maybe it wasn't so much for these reasons so much as those reasons.

Liebowitz has not come around to accepting that Trump won because people wanted him for the things Trump said he wanted to do. Nor has he come around to accepting that a large number of people love Trump. He's doing like much of the media has been doing for a couple days now with trying to blame Hillary's loss on anything except her being a criminal with America's worst interests at heart along with the fact that Trump was a fantastic candidate that is going to be a fantastic president.

Notice that he's focusing on concerns about people just wanting to make ends meet. This has been a popular mindset of many Democrats in the media for a few days now that want to believe Sanders could have won against Trump. They're really just trying to come up with any excuse for Hillary losing that doesn't involve people actually wanting Trump himself.

just sounds like different flavors of denial to me. these faggots will never move on.


It's a brutal cycle for these people. As soon as they exit denial they become angry - but becoming angry while you are a leftist just means you end up back in denial.

And if they try to bargain, well now they're being left for being obnoxious, duplicitous cunts and they enter that loop once again.

In a sense, but I think it helps to understand how this fits into the framework of the stages of grief given it helps to understand how the media is going to be talking about Trump for a while. Though they may not actually get enthused by Trump ever

It's taken them nearly two weeks to get to this point, so it's anyone's guess how long it'll be til the media, and the liberals that listen to them, to realize that Trump is going to do what he said.

*Sob* You own everything, goyim.

what a fucking sheeny
(those digits)

your phrasing assumes that Leibowitz believes the shit that comes out of his mouth, which is dubious. He's one of the few propagandists they have left with a pretty good record, so it's safe to assume he's still peddling his wares.

Speaking of the daily show, anyone remember this?

ik I noticed that too at :31

"Your reaction?"

*makes stereotypical jew pose*

we memed a a jew caricature

Pretty sure you have that backwards user.
Its Johnathan Leibowitz aka John Stewart

Quads confirm



Christ user, wherever you are get your fucking teeth fixed and whitened. Then lift moar. A razor wouldn't hurt either

I think he may believe it at the moment. He's of course incredibly dishonest, but that dishonesty comes from thinking he is right regarding his arguments that are based in faulty logic.

Just because he's a propagandist doesn't mean he doesn't believe his own propaganda.

Amalek shall rule.


His best central point was that Trump was a reaction to the Democratic AND Republican party but the Republican are the real winners (by being put into power) not the people. The challenge for us though is to change the Republican party to an unrecognisable state. We have to essentially flip the parties again without established Repubs, neo-cons realising it.

Don't take the Lord's name like that, lightweight.

The incoming POTUS quoted a man saying 'Fuckface von Clownstick'. This really happened!
Best timeline.

Your body is a temple, cunt.

This is what the Jews believe.

I like how he admits that the natural state is tribalism.

he must really wish it wasn't the current year anymore

I keep fucking seeing this, people complaining that now they're scared as though that's anybody's fault but the liars' fault for lying and their fault for being gullible.

Here in Portugal, I constantly listen to denialfags claiming that Trump is going to be shot, that he is going to get tired of politics and leave office, that the Republican senate is going to block all of his policies and that he will be unable to do anything while in office, etc.

They were even gloating that there wasn't going to be any wall now that he was elected, and then came the 60 minutes interview.

Before someone totally ignores the rest of my post, let me say that I 100% am okay with tribalism in the sense of resisting globalization, etc.

However, don't just blindly fall for the "It's natural, therefore it is the best thing" fallacy. For instance, monogamy isn't really the natural way of being, and instead spreading your seed and knocking up every woman you can to perpetuate the species is. We can see though that this isn't really the best way to make a thriving culture when you take a look at Africans and how "muh dik" has worked out.

Very few people (specifically all of the white and Jewish elite [just look at all the 'progressive' celebrities acting as if they're in the slightest bit of danger]) are really scared. Liberals use "I'm scared" as a passive aggressive weasel-like way to get someone strong to pity them and give them an in to push their bullshit. It's like a child claiming "Daddy scares them" because their father is strict and won't let them have ice cream before bed; they claim that daddy is scary/mean because he lays down the law, then mommy uses her influence (nagging the dad, denying sex, threatening to just give them the ice cream behind his back, etc.) over daddy to break him down a bit, and then the child ends up getting what they want (even if it's not good for them, and even detrimental). Then everyone claps their hands together like retarded seals and proclaims that it's progress when all its done is inched everyone closer to the idiocy that made daddy become "mean" in the first place.

My work colleagues all wanted to see Liebowitz back on TV just to see his opinion about this election.

Now that he is kvetching, no one wants to talk about since their idol is not being smug.


Congress fighting him is a threat. Those retarded cucks might not have learned anything from this election. But with 2 years before an election, I'm confident he can expose them and get the public pissed off enough that they'll be worried about losing their seats. He can always go bush jr and king nigger style and make a bunch of executive orders too.

He's starting to look like Wolf Blitzer

This, fuck him. He's trying to walk back his (((this isn't your country anymore))) speech.

I understand that there is some fundament behind it, but just as you stated there are ways to go around Congress which have been used in the past few years, and they don't even try to consider them.


fucking skypes

He's still anti-Trump.

link to that speech?

He's right to be scared. Lets make sure he stays scared. Nothing like allowing the enemy to stew in fear for a couple of years before you break them.

come on feel the fire monkey