Is there a biological explanation for this?

is there a biological explanation for this?

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Purely socieconomic factors user

>>828079427poorer countries have less access to education and the poor children usually work to support their families so they don't go to school

>>828079427>source: memes

>>828079427Africa = easy mode

>>828079427>china>more than 105yeah i somehow doubt this.mainland chinese literally shit in the streets of hong kong. how is that high iq behaviour?

>>828079432idk. but Chinese women are hella sexy. this isnt an iq chart these are sexy ratings

>>828079427>geography changes your IQ!consider for a moment that IQ was designed by yuppies. if you take it seriously and are not a rich white male, what are you even doing with your life? you value yuppie problems but can't even solve them? yikes

a genetic explanation? sure. different peoples are have different genotypes and those genotypes correspond to different phenotypes

>>828079434is this ironic?why wouldn't geography change your genes? different geography means different selective pressures

>>828079433>sexy ratings>america blueidk about all that now but I agree Asian women are hella sexy though.

>>828079431>Africa = easy modeThis is what Holla Forumsniggers actually believe

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>>828079438wooooo, that nigga high af

>>828079438africans never needed to start farming

>>828079427Blackbot here, I'll bite the bait. What's the endgame in the "niggers have low IQ" thing? What do you expect to happen if it were to be accepted?

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>>828079441it is accepted. no-one disputes that blacks have lower IQ

>>828079442I mean accepted as purely genetic and unchangeable and whatnot.

>>828079442i dispute it. these are sexyness ratings its the only explanation that makes sense.

>>828079427they wuz kangs and thats all that there is to it

>>828079427>wars >dumb people become cannon fodder and die >smart people who know how to survive end up not dying >dumb people die in the war and smart people come back home after it's over >you're left with a relatively smarter population>repeat a couple of times across a millennia

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best fighting game gamer in the world - blackbest warrior in classic wow - black (monkeynews)hip hop - made and produced by blacks (ultra high verbal IQ ballads)need i go on?

>>828079441>>828079443You will be sterilized/genocided. This is the end goal, segregation or even deportation would be nothing more than a cheap bandaid on a gaping woond. Getting rid of africa entirely will get rid of the world's problems.

>>828079443well, who cares? the truth of something is not dependent on the political or social consequences of that thing>>828079430>>828079433>>828079444>>828079447>this massive coping faggot

geography/climate argument - higher latitudes typically result in harsher winters. seasonal variability was a strong selection pressure on early humanity. This selection pressure rewarded those that are able to plan and manage resources for said occurrences, resulting in higher IQ. Equatorial regions or areas with a relatively consistent climate and little seasonal variability did not have a similar selection pressures. They could thrive throughout the year, ever unchanging in learned behavior. Ultimately, a biological adaptation to a geographical/environmental forcing.

>>828079448>Getting rid of africa entirely will get rid of the world's problemsnot really, superpowers will fight on African land and resources, it will be just the same if not worse

>>828079448>he says that while using a device that contain chips made out of metals extracted from African lands

>>828079448>The problems aren't with companies that enter war, fuck up ecosystems, and treat their own works like shit but people that don't even have running water

>>828079450evo psych is fine for hunting strategies but nigerians who move to america don't get a higher IQ score after a few cold winters. there are parts of america that are always hot, btw. the geography meme is based on a pattern of relocation and expansion, not climate. people who are prone to innovate were also prone to create a new home, and then genetic drift raised more innovative populations who would expand and find other new homes, which were farther and farther from africa where modern humans started out. it was an extension of curiosity, not reaction to the weather or food scarcity, that drove evolution of what western fags call intelligence. not that it matters to any individual. people don't frame their lifestyle or happiness on whether people on different continents have worse education or curiosity about geometry.

>>828079427If anyone actually believes this chart then they're proving themselves to be complete morons. Anyone who has actually traveled to China can tell you that Chinese people do not have a 105 IQ.

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>>828079455What's china like? I've always kinda wondered.

>>828079429>implying China and Russia aren't poor

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>>828079438Africans fuck so much that they can't feed their babies. Thats how easy life is for Africans.

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>>828079455They probably tested an elite school or something and used that as a result for the entire country

>>828079443Ethnic nationalism across the globe. The end of white genocide. The acceptance that homogeneous society is more conductive to a happy and productive society.

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>>828079458Then why don't you move there if it's so easy, user?

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>>828079455Chinese people have always had a much higher IQ though. Being a tourist in China doesn't change IQ scores.

>>828079461Because I'm white and I want to live among white people even if it would be more difficult.

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>>828079455Yet the ching chongs managed to build their own functioning societies while Africans did not.

>>828079463How much money do you make per annum?

>>828079447>if the really smart blacks exist, then the dumb ones don't matterYou're a fucking dumbass.

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>>828079460>end of white genocide.Getting rid of all the darkies might make you a higher PERCENTAGE of the country but if your birthrates keep falling the way they are then it's not going to stop the "genocide"See: Japan

>>828079457Russia and China actually force educate their people. It is not like you can just put your child out to work instead of study because you are poor there, the child will get confiscated. That socialism for ya.In Africa tho, nobody cares.

>>828079427That chart is fake. Next question

>>828079429 Any serious IQ tests do not measure the level of education

>>828079447>rap >ultra high IQ>fighting gamesAmazingly retarded. I'm going to start saving all the retarded posts you and others make and post them every time i see you.

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>>828079456Depends on where you are, but most of mainland China is a shit hole. Overly crowded and they have literally no concept of lines, queues, or order. Humanity and civility is lost on them and they live by a "me first" mentality. Just because you see a stop sign or a red light in China doesn't mean they'll stop. They'll hit you with their car and continue on because they believe that money = correct and righteous. If you're walking then you're clearly not worthy of living and if someone hits you while you're on the sidewalk then you clearly deserved it for being a commoner. Everything is cheaply made and there is this belief that it's only good if it's expensive. There is also the gutter oil that is made in China because it's easier and cheaper than just using vegetable oil. Having said that, not all Chinese are shit, just the mainlanders. If you're in Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc they're pretty awesome. I think the main problem with the graph is that they're probably conflating Singaporean, Taiwanese, and Hongkonganese people with the shitty mainland Chinese. Mainland China = literal shit-eating retards while non-mainland Chinese = pretty intelligent and awesome people.

>>828079432 There's a theory about language being the reason .If your brain develops through learning a Western language, your linguistic and mathematical skills are stored on opposite hemispheres of the brain, so you get the typical phenomenon of Western culture of a cultural divide between humanists and scientists since these skill sets are separate rather than integrated and mutually reinforcing. However, if your brain develops through learning an Asian language based on ideograms, your mathematical and linguistic skills are stored in the same hemisphere of the brain, where they mutually support each other. Ergo, you are "smarter".

>>828079467I'm looking at Japan right now and they are in no danger of extinction could you further explain your reasoning. Japan, despite low birth rates will remain Japanese in 100 years as opposed to Germany which will become German-Arabic within 100 years. The German people no longer exist while the Japanes do. Birth rates don't mean shit for the survival of your race and you're a dumb nigger if you think they do.

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>>828079460>dog breeds>evolved to our environment over hundred thousandslol wat? they were bred, hence why they're called breeds. there's been a lot of variation created though artificial selection of plants and animals. it shows the hope of what can done for human genetics but people just cry fascism and shut you down if you bring up any topic related to genes and IQ

>>828079468Why do American blacks still have a lower IQ than American whites despite being forced in education. Why do blacks in good neighborhood still have lower IQs than whites in that same neighborhood?Why do you find it so hard to believe that evolution did not stop at humans? Why do you find it hard to believe genetics determine IQ?

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>>828079468How did they create an education system to begin with? Who begins these schools, and who maintains them? If all human knowledge is at our fingertips, why does it seem certain individuals just cannot grasp that? It doesn't matter AT ALL how much someone gets educated, just look at the southern US, in particular, Kentucky and West Virginia. These states have an average IQ of 100, yet they're stereotypically "DUMBFUCKISTAN HEHEHHE", but here's the kicker... THEY ARE 98% WHITE IN MOST PLACES. Let's look at one of the most educated countries in Africa, Nigeria. Average IQ 85, still pretty fucking low compared to the "dumb states" in the US.Wanna know another epic funny fact?100 IQ to whites, 85 IQ to blacks.1260cc brain to whites, 1100cc brain to blacks (in the US) If 1260 is given a value of 100, 1100 becomes 87.5, which is coincidentally the difference in IQ between blacks and whites.Tell me right now, why does the IQ difference correlate nearly 1:1 with the physical brain its self?

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>>828079429map shows iq, not knowledge

>>828079474It does seem funny that white people have negative birthrates while acting like they are superior due to the fact that important men 500 years ago were white. They don't even have a culture anymore, it's just all focusing on working hard and arguing about politics or religion.

>>828079462>Chinese people have always had a much higher IQ though. Being a tourist in China doesn't change IQ scores.Mao's great leap forward would disagree with you.>Yet the ching chongs managed to build their own functioning societies while Africans did not.Everyone has built a society. Comparing literal apes to apes that figured out how to make cooking oil from their own feces isn't the mark of an advanced society.

>>828079467general intelligence of whites is falling too LUL>>828079469okay, faggot

can i be Chinese? they have cute women!

>>828079475IQ would be a dumb thing to breed for though. Hierarchy wouldn't change if more people were high IQ, you would just have a bunch of over-educated losers. We need to breed for stronger and taller men and women who are sexier and better caretakers.

>>828079481The chart is literally faked you brainlet

>>828079475Its almost like its not actually about dog breeds. Dog breeds have were bred and within 50 years hundreds of different dog breeds with specifically different personalities and intelligence were created. Over the course of thousands of years, the same thing happened to humans through natural selection.

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>>828079479Its pretty funny that you have such a low IQ yet you think you are on the same footing as white people. Its also very amusing that you think the internet is white culture.

>>828079483you breed for many good traits, not just one>>828079484okay, faggot

>>828079486Who would want to be on the same footing as guys who commit suicide and never have kids?

>>828079482nah, koreans have the cutest women.

>>828079487Imagine taking a fake chart seriously

>>828079480>everyone has built societyThats factually incorrect. Sub Saharan Africans did not build any society. There were a few city states. Thats about it. Mostly Ethiopians which are in fact caucasion.

>>828079474Keep coping, Goyim. But just remember who stands above you.

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>>828079489Korean women are the ultra cutest! I love Korean women and Chinese women so much.

>>828079491>Mostly Ethiopians which are in fact caucasionnah, ethiopians are nergoes, they just happen to speak a semitic language.

>>828079483The men with higher IQ can simple design guns and satellite nuclear missiles to annihilate your entire race of apes like humans.

>>828079487>good traitsexactly. and in the modern world IQ is not even in the top 10 traits you would want in the general public. we could have a few wagecucks with high IQ i guess.

>>828079488>you guys have low birth rates>you guys are lame>you guys commit suicideYou're next line will be muh dick nigga

>all niggers are subhuman low IQ monkeys because of genetics>Us has an IQ of 100 despite it being only 60% white I'm no mathematician but there's some obvious fuckery here. Are you telling me the whites in the US have about an IQ of 120-13 to make up for the discrepancy. Kek

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>>828079495>high IQ>genocidal and completely useless after 1 act of terrorare you a virgin?


>>828079427It's the inverse for the graph about dancing-ability.

>>828079490imagine being a cocksucking faggot. there's always people of your ilk that come into fraught discussions and call things fake or say that no-one believes such and such or that some such thing has already been disproven without backing it up. just gtfo with your bullshit

>>828079497muh dick nigga. wow how did you do that? i guess being childless and angry gives you wizard powers.

>>828079494No they are caucasian. The structure of their school is distinctly caucasian

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>>828079496of course it is. if average IQ was the equivalent of 150 in today's IQ, the world would be much better off

>>828079427blue means country developed everything else probably means suffering

>>828079504Why is one skull african american for female and the male one just african?

IQ is a bullshit metric, coming from someone with a 160+ IQ.

>>828079498Actually yes. Whites in America have an average iq of 115.

>>828079505nah it would be gayer.

>>828079502It's literally fake. Sorry bud maybe do some research next time. I don't know what you want me to tell you.

>>828079491>Thats factually incorrect. Sub Saharan Africans did not build any society. There were a few city states. Thats about it. Mostly Ethiopians which are in fact caucasion.You fixated on a single point while blatantly ignoring my entire statement. Do you honestly think that literally eating shit is the mark of an advanced society?

>>828079509>Actually yes. Whites in America have an average iq of 115.I thought it was 100.

>>828079499What are you even talking about? Do you have any intention on debating further or are you just going to fling shit?

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>>828079509This is some next level cope. Thanks for the laugh

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>>828079511>Sorry bud maybe do some research next timethat's your job if you're making the claim that's it fake, retard

>>828079511Maybe show some of the research you've done. I don't want to be racist. I'd like to be wrong.

>>828079514i don't think there is a debate on whether you are a virgin?

>>828079510yeah, this is the level of argument of race deniers. just saying some stupid bullshit like it's gay lol to bring the tone down. that's literally all you can do: argue like some bitch ass woman. "hehe user why are you taking the topic so serious lol" is a woman tactic when confronted with something she said or did that was wrong>>828079508explain why it's bullshit, you dumb fuck

>>828079512Because I don't care about your statement I care about the point. Chinese eat their own shit? that would be gross but I don't actually know if they do that. I really don't care either because they have shown the possibility of higher intellect historically and still do have a higher intellect than Sub Saharan Africans.

>>828079511prove it is fake. burden of proof is on you

>>828079519>race deniersi think everyone accepts that white privilege is real and that white guys have the most money and have no right to complain about hardships in life.i was just saying breeding for high IQ would just make society gayer. both literally and figuratively. gay guys have higher IQ and we know that having "muh IQ" for white guys means becoming a total loser with no friends or ability to function in society.

We all have different skills that we need on an evolutionary basis. Blacks need strength, agility, and dark skin in order to thrive in their biome. Asians need high IQ, less body mass, and slanted eyes to thrive in their respective biome. And whites need high IQ, ability to invent things to survive out of Africa, and a medium amount of strength to survive in their respective biome. It's all to do with what was needed for our ancestors to survive under their individual circumstances. Not racism. Nothing systemic. Just evolution and science.

Reminder that fellow blackbots need to watch out, there WILL be a black holocaust soon. It's not going to just end in segregation or deportation. Africans will be sterilized, Black americans will be sent to camps. MANY WILL DIEand it won't end with niggers ether. Spics, chnks, fags, etc. will also be on the chopping block.

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>>828079522>Gay guys have IQIs this true. Interesting, please provide a source i can't find anything other than anecdotal articles on trash drama websites.

>>828079524This is why Black Lives Matter is so important and why we need to stand up against institutional racism. They will have a hard time succeeding in this holocaust if all their women have switched sides.

>>58249791Nothing will stop them from coming to africa and sterilizing citizens. Africa as a whole is viewed as a drag on humanity.

>>828079519How am I a dumb fuck? Look how high my IQ is! That means I'm superior, end of discussion.It's a measure of puzzle solving ability at best. It says nothing about general "intellect.">>828079524Nice larp

>>58249806>Maybe stop being niggers and stick to your own business instead of chasing white women to feel better about your racial insecurities.I can't control the actions of other people but I've never been convicted of a felony and am more into latinas/mullatos than white women

>>828079528IQ doesn't test intelligence its a meaningless number that doesn't mean anything.

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>>828079522>i think everyone accepts that white privilege is real and that white guys have the most money and have no right to complain about hardships in life.well, happiness is subjective. once you get something you desire, you are happy for a bit and then your happiness level returns to normal. and black people in america are some of the most privileged people ever so by your argument they don't have much to complain about either>i was just saying breeding for high IQ would just make society gayer. both literally and figuratively. gay guys have higher IQ and we know that having "muh IQ" for white guys means becoming a total loser with no friends or ability to function in society.fair enough. i know smarter people breed less. maybe i jumped the gun a bit>>828079528IQ correlates with salary, dipshit

>>58249806Racemixing is rare across the board dumbfuck

>>828079520Then your assertion is fucking pointless and your statement is rendered to a meaningless conjecture that has no end goal or purpose other than infinite argumentation.

>>828079531american privilege is almost as strong as white privilege, correct. it's a bit awkward to assume happiness is so valuable (it's not) but ignorance is bliss so you should argue that lower IQ is better.

tfw race slang becomes more meaningless as i grow stronger

i can smell the asians reeing atm

are we oppresed by africa??? I think so

who /limitless power/ ?

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This has been discredited many times already as fake. The colors on the map don't even correspond to the actual numbers from Lynn's pseudo science """study""". For example, Sierra Leone was found to have an average IQ of 91, so it should be blue, along with several other African countries.

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>>828079531The only thing we know for certain is that nutrition during the first few months of life and lead exposure has very bad effects on IQ. And black people in america have been living in asbestos houses with lead pipes for 50-60 years now, intentionally placed there. It doesn't surprise me that Africans in UK have much higher IQs than blacks in America.

Oh there's this too:Twin studies of intelligence have reported high heritability values. However, these studies are based on questionable assumptions. When used in the context of human behavior genetics, the term "heritability" is misleading, as it does not convey any information about the relative importance of genetic or environmental factors on the development of a given trait, nor does it convey the extent to which that trait is genetically determined. Arguments in support of a genetic explanation of racial differences in IQ are sometimes fallacious. For instance, hereditarians have sometimes cited the failure of known environmental factors to account for such differences, or the high heritability of intelligence within races, as evidence that racial differences in IQ are genetic.I'm pretty sure nobody here is intelligent enough to understand heritability. I doubt anyone in this thread has worked in a lab, published a paper, or presented a scientific project in an academic setting.

>>828079541I'm just lurking and trolling but I actually did work in bioengineering labs and helped publish papers before starting a real job.To be fair, racists exist in academia and there are many published papers with terrible methods and biased assumptions. But yeah you're right, even the top geneticists in the world don't really understand if intelligence is tied to any gene variations or if there is any meaningful measure of intelligence in a world that is constantly changing. IQ is worthless to geneticists, and even modern psychology just sees IQ as a reflection of acquired knowledge, not inherent skillsets. Although it is sometimes still debated in psychology classes.

>>828079470>>828079478Aren't IQ tests for logic and problem solving? Everything it tests for can be trained you brainlets.Ask yourself who has better logic/problem solving skills: An 18 year old high schooler who plans on studying programming in college, or that same guy after he's completed his degree?

>>828079539Yeah, I'm sure those countries are actually super smart. Just look at them!>>828079540A 7.6 ug/dl difference in blood lead levels leads to a 3.9 IQ difference. The difference between black and white blood lead levels is 0.5. That's less than 1 IQ point.Also, blood lead levels depress IQ in children, but studies have shown no significant effect on adults; or prenatal lead exposure, for the record. So, how long it's been going on doesn't matter, and it doesn't explain IQ differences in adults which is what people actually care about.

>>828079544>Yeah, I'm sure those countries are actually super smart. Just look at them!But he's not lying SL DOES have an average IQ of

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>>828079441people think that iq correlates the inherent value of an individual because they're autistic and worship puzzle solving tests

>>828079541You said nothing to refute the hereditarians.>>828079542IQ tests do not usually test acquired knowledge and psychologists know this. IQ is the most statistically validated human construct ever conceived, despote how much (((academics))) would love for it to go away.

>>828079524You're right, desu. If ethnic cleansing were to ever happen, it's not gonna be "Excuse me, black people, would you kindly leave to Africa? Thank you" Violence will absolutely happen. Anons don't want to admit it, mainly because it would reveal the reality of their intentions/beliefs.

>>828079547>do not test acquired knowledgealmost every category if IQ tests is about acquired knowledge and the speed of recall and recognition. the geometry/rotation problems can arguably be linked to inherent knowledge but if the shapes aren't found in nature then it's bunk. >statistically validated human constructwhat do you think this means? IQ is used for academic exercises, so you should listen to what the academics say about it, big shot.

>>828079524Blacks are NOT the enemy; JEWS are the enemy. All these other interracial conflicts are merely SYMPTOMS of the problem of JEWISH SUPREMACY around the globe...When Blacks and Whites fight, the only winners are the Jews!True Nationalists are ANTI-COLONIALIST just like the Axis Powers were in WWII. Japan and Germany helped spur the LIBERATION of much of Asia and Africa from European colonial oppression.

>>828079448if you legitimately believe this you need a lobotomy

>>828079547Hey, I think I'm on the same "side" as you in the current conflict that we are all in, BUT I think you are making some big mistakes and there is something you must hear:Worshipping IQ as the single best predictor of human worth is fucking retarded.If you hold to that then you would LITERALLY say that ASHKENAZI JEWS should rule the world and make all of the decisions--they have the highest IQ on average, right?Actually, it's possible to have "too high" of an IQ... It's possible to be "too autistic"... It's possible to be "too tall" or have "too much testosterone" as well... There is value in BALANCE and DIVERSITY.And if you push this dumb man-made construct of IQ as above everything else, you are literally just playing into the Jewish agenda!So what would you actually propose?Sterilising those with lower IQ's? How low? Below 80? 90? Why not everyone below 120? Who gets to decide? How is it enforced?And isn't IQ just a proxy for 'reaction time' or really the speed of neuron firing, which is affected by resistance, tissue density, etc. ?Again, under what assumptions should "IQ" be the single defining measurement upon which human worth is determined???And even assuming that it would be the case NOW, why couldn't a different metric be invented that is 'better' that would supplant IQ? What type of metric would it have to be? What would it measure?In other words, I am basically asking you:TL;DR - WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS, and WHAT ARE YOUR UNDERLYING ASSUMPTIONS?

>>828079455seething envy

>>828079448You have to be a Jewish agent aimed at making true National Socialists look like genocidal maniacs. Only a Jew would support something like this.I'll ask you a question:Do you think that all non-human animals (that presumably have 'lower IQs') should be 'genocided' as well? Or does it only apply to those you happen to have a personal dislike for? Who made you God? Who gave you the right to decide such things?You remind me of the Jewish man behind the creation of the atom bomb, Julius Robert Oppenheimer, who infamously said,"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

>>828079455I am sceptical of using IQ as a 'one-size-fits-all' measurement of human intellectual capacity, but maybe you should look at statistics for Math Olympiad results and academic achievement, and not rely on anecdotal evidence.

>>828079555watch him reply to you with>muh inventions>muh nobel prizesthese kinds of people need to look at their unis published works section and notice how many names are chinese/korean/japanese in origin

>>828079556I guess I think he needs to realise that it's very inconsistent to complain about Jewish nepotism and dominance over society (which is a real problem) and ALSO advocate for 'White supremacy' or whatever based on 'higher IQs' when Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs of anyone, and they are also one of the most sociopathic, parasitic, amoral, and disloyal groups around...But there are MANY downright EVIL Whites as well who probably have really 'High IQs'... I'm talking about people like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos... I don't want them ruling over me any more than I do Mark Zuckerburg!I think sometimes people just don't even stop and consider the implications of what they're saying, which is annoying.

>>828079457Let me tell you some statistics user: the minimum wage is higher in China than it is in most south/central American countries. The same works for Russia as well. They're not as poor as you think.

>>828079450This comment was based on voices inside user's head.

>>828079477You can't simply post a gif like that. Skull shape has nothing to do with neural connections at all. If you're to post such a idiotic gif at least provide us with some real works other than the voices inside your head

>>828079429What about super rich oil countries like Qatar with an average IQ of 84?Or poor ass China with that high IQ?Maybe IQ is at least partially genetic?

>>828079440Harsh winters never killed off the retards who declare too stupid to plan ahead.Once you go agrarian, your society starts controlling for dumbasses and weeding them out.

>>828079485I suspect it happened quickly. The Fad for Germanics to prefer big foreheads was during the high middle ages. Now it is common for all of them. Meanwhile slavery in the US dates back a mere few hundred years, but they were bred with the same eugenics as cattle. For the same reason by the same farmers. Oddly, American blacks tend to be taller, have more muscle mass, and have higher IQs than African Blacks. Almost like farmers ensured that the best suited farmhands bred more than the weak ones.Within a few hundred years, traits change permanently due to breeding patterns weeding out what that culture sees as flaws.

>>828079524and thats a good thing right?

Eurasians should rule the world, change my mind

>>828079564If you're white yeahIf you're nonwhite it's just the start of the slippery slope. Only the asians that make anime are safe. MAYBE.

>>828079561not every middle-eastern peasant has oil money you tard

>>828079566If Africans get yeeted, will everyone else think it will just stop with Africans?This is jut like how leftists help commies get into power, and then they get purged for not wanting to send people into camps.Hell You can make the arguments only white people noth(not too much north) western eruos .But no one will help you get into power.So you just need to create small enemies and one by one exclude your allies.I really need an answer from anyone, how can you yeet blacks without other groups thinking you'll yeet them.

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>>828079457>implying russia is poor

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>>828079477literal cope holy shit.

>>828079568>If Africans get yeeted, will everyone else think it will just stop with Africans?Yeah, that's the thing. It absolutely would not stop with blacks. Hispanics, muslims, (middle class) jews and probably some asians will also be fucked.

>>828079543They test for abstract pattern recognition, which no, cannot be trained for. Education has been shown to have virtually no affect on IQ. The only thing that affects IQ is extreme levels of abuse, and even then usually only by around 5-10 points.

>>828079572>The only thing that affects IQ is extreme levels of abuse, and even then usually only by around 5-10 points.10 points is pretty significant, though. The average gap between black and whites is 15

Why did superior whites only get ahead as a civilization in a tiny timeframe of human existence?In fact middle eastern civilizations have been at the top for a much longer period than european ones, even counting greeks/romans.What is your justification for that?Lemme guess, in THAT case it was environmental factors right?

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