Guys I need your help badly. Please answer. So I am in the UK and have basically committed blackmail...

Guys I need your help badly. Please answer. So I am in the UK and have basically committed blackmail, but not explicitly, but the accuser is a woman so I know I’m fucked in this cuck country. She has gone to the police but the police haven’t contacted me yet, and I live in a different city (London). Should I flee to London ? Or another country ? She will leave the UK in 3 months and the police haven’t contacted me yet. Can I somehow dispose of my phone and know they won’t contact me or ? What’s my best course of action here guys. Really appreciate the advice.

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>>828077106How do you "basically but not explicitly" commit blackmail, exactly?

>>828077150So basically this chick gave me an STD by lying about her sexual history and I said to her ‘you need to make this up’ in an aggressive way and she just randomly started sending me like £500 that I didn’t ask for at all. Anyways I’m not taking the chance with this cucked police force and I read online that you don’t have to explicitly say I want X to be convicted of blackmail.

Definitely need more deets, Holla Forumsro.

>>828077373What details do you need ? I’ll provide anything

>>828077355Sounds pretty bad. I guess you should just an hero.

>>828077355You're fucked. Even if you dispose of your phone,, she won't dispose of hers and they can trace where the money came from.

Is there evidence?

>>828077413Yeah but the police have to actually ask you for an interview under caution but they haven’t yet so wondering if changing cities and therefore police forces will help.

>>828077106I'm a bit confused about a few things..>I live in a different city (London). Should I flee to London ?Explain.>>828077355>I said to her ‘you need to make this up’What do you mean by this?

>>828077106Oi! Where's your black mayul loicence!

>>828077106Are you a Paki?

>>828077521I’m currently in another uk city where I had this encounter. And I said to the girl you need to make this situation up because you gave me an std, by lying, but never did I say send me money or anything

It's not a crime to accept free money from someone. Why did she go to the cops after the fact? She's probably just angry she let herself get carried away and is trying to scare you. You have nothing to worry about.

>>828077589No I’m white and she’s fucking Chinese

>>828077591that's not blackmail you retard

>>828077626But I know for a fact she went because I saw her go.

>>828077355What? She sent you money without you asking and THEN called the police? What precisely did you say to her?

>>828077710I said to her I would tell other people about that she was lying about her STD status to protect them. I said this - but didn’t.

>>828077506changing cities won't help, while there's seperate forces, the jurisdiction is national the Police is national unlike the US. So if you're in the country you're fair game.

>>828077591>you need to make this situation up because you gave me an std, by lyingWhat the fuck does this even mean? Like make up for it by paying you?

>>828077779jesus christ your grammar sucks. you must be retarded

I'm reading but didn't understand anything, please explainshe gave std and send you money?

>>828077693You saw her walk into the station?

>>828077789My aim with this play was to run away such that I outlast the time taken to interview me as I said she leaves in 3 months and I’m not actually convicted or under investigation at the moment - this is BEFORE I’m even contacted by police

>>828077355Were the funds transfers traceable? If yes, do you still have the money, and can you send it back to her?

have you raped her?

>>828077867She's such a giving person! She's a keeper OP - you need to win her back.

If what you're saying is actually true, then you haven't committed blackmail, someone just sent you money that's not a crime. Even if the Police did question you given the 'facts' it's unlikely they would pursue it as it's unlikely to lead to a successful prosecution. You're clearly an idiot though.

Are your punctuation keys fucking broken or something? I'm having to do fucking gymnastics to understand this shite.

>>828077779Man you haven't done anything wrong. The police likely don't give a shit and don't have the time to deal with it. You fleeing or whatever is suspicious as hell though

>>828077106"you need to make this up"Could easily be interpreted as you wanting some kind of apology or some shit. If you didn't threaten that there would be consequences if she didn't make it up to you, then I'm really not sure if the police would have enough to go on.Like other anons have said, if someone sends you money, that's on them, if they misinterpret the situation and send you money, you should at least offer to give the money back (though don't do that now as the police will likely interpret that as you trying to give the money back so you won't get arrested/charged with a crime.Wait for the police to contact you, and when they question you about it (if they even bother, they're probably gonna tell her that it's insufficient for a charge of blackmail) just say you wanted her to apologise but would never dream of actually doing anything bad to her. With the current plague, I'm sure they've got more solid - and easier, frankly - cases to deal with.Good luck user.

>>828077965This. And this.

>>828077355use a rubber next time you fucking idiot

>>828078023next time? lel he already have aids, what are talking about

Listen you American morons, She lied about her sexual health and gave me an STD, and in turn I attempted to make her feel guilty and said ‘you need to make this right and right your wrong’. I don’t know why but she interpreted this as me wanting money, so she sent me money but I never rejected it or said anything. I never asked her for it or denied her money. Following me being aggressive on text that she lied and infected me, she somehow got anxious and went to the police saying I have blackmailed her I assume. I know this from a third source - but I HAVE not learnt this from police and haven’t been contacted by them.Can I dispose of my phone so I can’t be contacted on my phone, and then leave this city where I have no address, to my home in london. With corona and time delay, will this be enough to save my ass ?

>>828077890Blackmail is an indictable offense, Police can investigate this in 50 years if they want. 3 months won't do you any good, so don't bother fleeing.

>>828077355>in an aggressive waythis is important>No I’m white and she’s fucking ChineseFuck yeah, post her nudes

>>828078149not all STDs are AIDS...

are you African?

>>828078255She can’t press charges if she’s not in the country genius

>>828078196stop worrying about nothing, there's not enough evidence... listen to what everyone else is saying in the thread and use your bran for 5 seconds

>>828077106>the police haven’t contacted me yetamerifag here, in these situations we talk to an attorney and don't say a fucking word to the police without them present

>>828078196Don't bin your phone you fucking retard.

Telling her potential future sexual partners she's infected is a fucking public duty. Especially when she refuses to.The Plods probably see her as a quasi-prostitute anyway, who's self deporting.In thecwords of the late Saddam Hussein: "Hey take a load off, you just need a rest, guy".

>>828078196Hi Londoner here , honestly dude you haven’t blackmailed her at all... I understand what you said could come across in that way but you didn’t definitely tell her to give you money. If you’re freaking out yeah fine ditch the phone but really you’ve got nothing to worry about ..

>>828078268but you don't know which one he got

>>828078322This also. Even tho this goes nowhere, if it got to court, the single witness would not show. Besides, nobody has the political will to deal with chinks after WuFlu.

>>828078322The CPS are the ones that press charges for indictable offences in the UK, not the complainant, dipshit.

>>828078196>said ‘you need to make this right and right your wrong’. I don’t know why but she interpreted this as me wanting moneyWhat did you want her to interpret that as meaning, exactly? And why did you keep the money? If you're accepting it with no reason you're adding support to the idea that you did actually want it in the first place?

>>828077106Lying about STDs, especially the baddies like HIV, when you KNOW you are infected, is a crime in many jurisdictions. So she is potentially in much more shit than you are

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>>828078349It's the same here, but look at the state of OP

>>828078196>saying I have blackmailed her I assumeYou don't even know she said this?

>>828078412That's also true. You demanded an apology. Her shit English, and Chinese obsession with money drove her to pay you. She's a fuckup on so many levels.Sorry I didn't read whole thread... Was she a good root?

>>828077355What STD? Some are reportable, some are not

>>828077779thats not blackmail you dry dickhead. the cops chuckled at her tale and promised to 'file away the report'

>>828078196you're panicking and being a fucking moron. IF the police decide to interview you over this, stop panicking think logically and just tell them the truth. Say she gave you an STD, you said she needed to make it right, assuming it would result in an apology, she sent you some money, you were confused as fuck so didn't do anything else, why would you she just gave you an STD get some fucking medicine and wear a condom in future, then heard that she had freaked out and called the cops so you had freaked out in return and done nothing with the money but are happy to be totally upfront with their enquiries, at no point did you threaten or demand money or payment. They'll say okay, that's fine no crime has been committed, possibly ask you to return the money although this is doubtful as she sent you it and it would likely be a civil matter. Job done.

>>828078633She gave me genital herpes for certain and pretty much that affects the rest of my life and sexual life, and I think chlamidya too. Currently having the genital herpes outbreak lmfao

Still waiting for her nudes ...

>>828078196I feel like that's not actually what you said, but what you think was the implication given by what you said. Pretty sure youre a piece of shit and the fact that you're this annoyed at getting called out means that you're not telling the whole truth

>>828078743Well then, if this goes anywhere, sounds like 500 pounds barely covers the suffering.I'll ask again, was she a good root?

>>828078743That's where yellow fever gets you user. Stick with the usual fat, white chav going forward. They never have stds.

Hearing a lot of conflicting suggestions guys. Are you guys factoring in how fucking cucked the UK Police force is ?

My advice would be to stop saying cucked as much. You sound like a daft test.

>>828078869Yeah ffs you’re right just thought it’d be funny to smash the corona

>>828078743Haha you fucking loser. This is why you don’t leave the virgin club baby

>>828078945the fuck are you reading, everyone's saying you're an idiot and relax. Surely if the force is so weak that's to your advantage, they won't bother their arse to try and hunt you down let alone take the case to the CPS

>>828077106have been in a simmilar situation dude, it's best you leave the country. I was blackmailing a low level celeb i had her sex tape. I got caught got sent to jail. I had to pay her for "damages" I currently own nothing

>>828079113The force isn’t ‘weak’ it’s just geared towards believing females and cucked in that sense.

>>828079221Mate that’s completely different hahahhahah

>>828077355that's not black mail. You should go to the cops and tell them what happened i think giving people std's is more worse then what you did

If the person who accuses you is not from that country, I think he cannot take legal action

>>828077106fook af ya noncecawl da constible an dis messin tossea

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>>828077106Tell them she was a whore and you were just claiming back your money.

The basic lesson of this thread is OP is clearly a total mong, always wear a condom if you don't know the chick. You're up £500 with no legal risk, but your evident stupidity means there's a high chance you'll end up killing any future partner with cervical cancer, swings and roundabouts really.

ayywatcher ere'

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>>828079233bullshit look at the rate of taking rape allegations to court if you even believe that for a second and you'll see it's bollocks. Any concept that they favour the 'victim' is massively outweighed by not having the manpower/will to go after criminals and the CPS not wanting to risk bad statistics.

and it also has to see what type of fraud it is because if you speak with such seriousness it must be serious but you must assimilate things and see your options

>>828079736in this context you are the criminal, give her the money back you're too stupid to deserve it.