FB/ IG social thread

FB/ IG social thread

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i know them

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REQ: More of her would be good from prev thread

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>>828075703Might have started as an innocent little getaway for them but then she decides to do some skinny dipping and sunbathing

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>>828075811>>828075840yeah? I saved a bunch of pics earlier too, feel free to share mate

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>>828075966Who is this little snacc

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>>828075985That's a face I could spurt all over

>>828075928she looks like a real sweetheart

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>>828076043some cumdumpster from a previous thread, cute huh?

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>>828076163>>828076119didnt mean to reply to your post sorry

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More OP

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>>828076119Mmmm yeah. Hopefully she'd hate it

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>>828076175She's delicious, and her friend

>>828076082Adds to her appeal to him. He could have an awkward first time having sex with her on the boat but she'll still love him like she aways did afterwards

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>>828076201im here kik is xsbfx

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>>828076117not the tight teens I had hoped for but they’re hot, I like 2 and 3

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>>828076175any nudes of one of them?


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>>828076273How old?

>>828076187more right?


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>>828075811The guy liking my sister still here?

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>>828076251Brunette is 18 and here’s a pic of her bod. Next one will be my last

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>>828076400I really want to face fuck her

>>828076275Don't have it. More here please. Need to see that body


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I’m starting a group to share snapchat wins from catfishing on Snapchat. Hmu on kik if interested in joining : jerrrjerrr


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>>828076480she have an ass?

>>828076443you bet and still enjoying her and she really needs enjoying too

>>828076303Not that I know of, these pictures were posted in a previous thread

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>>828076443What you have more? Hell yeah I saved them from earlier. Please share mate

>>828076194more of that ass pls

>>828076522What do you think?

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>>828076528Nice. She already posted some shit about being on the boat again this weekend so maybe I will get some fresh material>>828076589Aw hell yeah bro

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>>828076082>>828076253She'll be so engrosssed in feeling good that she only realises how weird it all is after he's cum inside her. After a while, daddy's dick is like any other

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>>828076251>>828076303Here you go bros it’s all I have. Glad you liked it

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>>828076661That’d be sweet, keep us updated bro! Her friend the petite brunette is very cute

>>828076643not giant but looks great. any storys? or more pictures?

>>828076661lets hope so user, good god those tits are almost busting out of her top, love it, those things bouncing as i fuck her would be a delight, and those tits would come in useful in plenty of ways

>>828076643pretty nice

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would u cum on her face??

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>>828076509Agent Johnson, what did we tell you about subtlety!?

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>>828076807What petite brunette tho? I dont remember showing any of that.>>828076812Yeah her ass and tits are the best stuff to stuff my face in

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>>828076874Is it only me who sees that she’s forcing a smile? Anyway she’s adorable


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>>828076974oh yea bury my face in her tits and ass for sure, and titwank, watching her ass while fucking her from behind, tits swinging would be insane too


>>828076983nice tight skinny slut, i approve of some fuckery happening

>>828076999god she must be so tight.. id pay so much to use her

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>>828077015>>828077061just have left

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>>828077015>>828077142she's the one that needs fucking for sure

>>828077130Their faces aren’t doing it for me, bodies however are quite nice

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>>828077051You are making it hard for me not going for her rn lolI also have a thing for her being all sweaty and smelly after she works out at home. Makes me hnnnng

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>>828077142>>828077209Leave her a mess after you pin her down and use her

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>>828076784Killer body

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>>828077254thats not JS is it???

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Smash or pass?Rate?

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Anyone got teens w big tits?

>>828077280it's like you read my mind, she does need pinning down, taking and using, she would be a quivering mess, as she should be, delicious

>>828077254hola chica, need more

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>>828077254I’d give toilet paper rolls to fuck her

>>828077257oh i'd love to make her very hot and very sweaty from a work out, that much is for certain :)

>>828077390waiting for more of her

>>828077254wow yes

>>828077280>>828077414Slut is asking for it

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>>828077406yeah, have you seen her already though? can make a vola

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>>828077404smash, sexy and after many smashes would probs wife

>>828077164Keep going. Need to see her face

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>>828077466teasing slut needs taking, thrown to the floor/bed/whatever dress pulled up, pinned down, hands over head and enjoyed to the full

>>828077530So sexy. Face?


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>>828077458Anything specific youd like to see? I will post until thread reaches limit then I will Go watch a movie or something

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>>828077466>>828077569Mm tear that outfit off and force your cock inside her tight little cunt as she begs

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>>828077474Here’s a vola for you: volafileDOTorg /r/ 19x77f3ar

>>828077528fuck yeah


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>>828077541Keep going. More of her body?



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>>828076485Kik or disc?

>>828077617Nice. More


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>>828077581With a funny face lmao

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>>828077662anything tits/ass/slutty and cool, i'll stay til end of thread to enjoy her


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>>828077729Wtf is wrong with her face? KYS user

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>>828077670mmm yes make her take it, force it in, pin her helpless and listen to then ignore those beggings


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>>828076101Stroking for her lips

>>828077756Stroking to her

>>828077783Hmm ok. I honestly cant decide if her tits or ass is better

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>>828077781Got Kik or disc

>>828077720Nice tiny tits can't even fill the bra. More!

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>>828077828Used until she’s dripping cum from both ends

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>>828076999need more

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>>828077798Yes! Perfect. Need to cum on that chest.


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>>828077902need to see more of left

>>828077885i know, i love both, i'd love to have the chance to explore and test both fully to find out, they're both amazing

This bitch is selling nudes, I would buy but I can't have anyone knowing, especially not her.She's asking people to dm her

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>>828077729>>828077843She looks like a space alien but her body’s insane!

>>828077951Ethnicity and name for folder


Who wants more?

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>>828077936pussy, ass, mouth, and over face, tits, to make sure she's fully soaked and used, then just start again

>>828077983I have often fapped to her used underwear and sweat drenched sportsbras and shit. The furthest I went with her besides her grinding on me one time, stuff was stellar

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>>828077936>>828078087Gtg, but enjoy abusing her user

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>>828078053Monica, she's italian

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>>828078069me go on full nudes?

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>>828078145oh i'm going to, thanks user

>>828078069Only if she has nudes ;-)

>>828077955Nice. Keep going user


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>>828078183>>828078207No nudes, but plenty of lewds ;)

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>>828078135i bet she knew exactly what she was doing while grinding against you too, and i would do the s ame with the underwear if she were my sis, gotta be done


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>>828076052More if possible please.

>>828078178Keep going. She is hot

>>828078294looks like a real whore

>>828078315Yes such a naughty girl! Age?


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anyone want me to trib their girl like this?

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>>828078238left for sure! You have disc? fuck her ass is making me crazy

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>>82807842619. Got discord?

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>>828078428never fucked a girl on a boat before but i'd fuck her anywhere



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>>828078443Yeah kik?

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Attached: 11212121.png (602x601, 647.31K)

>>828078135Why didn't it escalate???

>>828077665>>828077671>>828077474posting there now

>>828078446I don't, more Kelly for you though

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>>828078398Hot her tit

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>>828078523Hell yeah who wouldntYou jerking to her right now?

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>>828078483So she’s a tight teen? Love it! I don’t but can create an account. Give me a sec yeah?

>>828078615Fuck don't stop

>>828078443please, and thank you

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>>828078634yep hard af for her, i wanna fuck her so many ways it'd take me weeks, if i rushed

>>828078703Asked her for tits, got tits lmao

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>>828078619That's really so hot, any of her ass?

>>828078634jerking hard

>>828078693lol fucking disgusting

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>>828077928you have more of her body?

>>828078598Because it would get fucking weird really quick because she cant keep her mouth shut about stuff like that. She isnt my only sis and parents would disown me or some shit. Maybe im just a pussy but I prefer not finding out what would happen lol>>828078778Nice. Go shoot a big load for her then

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Attached: savannahpesante_90834873_519191982124492_3355851359732057621_n.jpg (1080x825, 197.66K)

>>828078443Want to cum on her?

Attached: Attach90944_20200108_105320.jpg (1397x1863, 379.36K)

>>828078804nice butt

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Attached: kerijharrisfit_83145215_1203883133115303_8617601126684034800_n.jpg (1080x936, 100.66K)

>>828078788I'm jerking off so hard, italian bodies are the best

>>828078483Can’t wait to see more of blondie, I’m prostitute-slayer#4097

>>828078799Damn where do you guys come from all of the sudden. I cant keep up the replying

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>>828078865big load for her is gonna be happening for sure!

>>828078788How old?

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>>828078923fuck yes love young bitches like this

>>828078613Sounds good thank you!

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>>828078972keep it up


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>>828079032>>82807894018, ass pics for you boys. She's glad she could help

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>>828078974Very nice>>828078958

Attached: Screenshot_20200401-183006.jpg (1080x1920, 802.14K)

>>828079082Man that thong is like floss. I’d love to rip that off with my mouth and go to town on her pussy.


>>828079108mmm don't stop

>>828078792>>828079157There you go user

>>828078615>>828078972Kelly is fap material

>>828079157damn dude dump all

>>828079161the deserves the biggest load i can give

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Shes getting ready to catch that load>>828079288

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Attached: 7020F2D3-9EF0-4136-ACE8-1C581EAFD9EA.jpg (1308x2840, 1.58M)

>>828078443Ok, how long will it take?

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>>828079157I wanna cum for her and slap that ass while i'm fucking her wet pussy. She has a perfect body. Never stop

>>828079099stroking hard to this girl

Which one do you think has the tightest twat?

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>>828079350mmm fuck

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>>828079157Any way to contact you privately? The thread will reach images limit soon

>>828079082>>828079323This girl is hot, I’d fuck her but wouldn’t want her parents to hear. How old?

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>>828079358>>828079228Jerk for her, you are making her wet

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Attached: 1588139257861.jpg (1268x2048, 285.8K)


Attached: Screenshot_20200401-183429.jpg (1080x1920, 729.04K)

>>828079578mmm just my type you have disc?

>>828079350Her pics are making me hard as a rod, what are you doing user? Haha




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>>828079635Her age?


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>>828079686she won't catch it, there's so much it'll cover her fa ce she'll have to scoop it into her fingers and eat it down

>>828079597I'll ask her if she wants to. Maybe I'll se you in the next tread user

>>828079782>>828079738>>828079628Mr FBI

>>828079750Fucking cutie

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>>828079082Don’t delete pics keep em up

Attached: E48D5AB6-302B-4B5C-909D-0E9FDE01E0C1.jpg (768x1024, 89.75K)

>>828079807Some of us just really enjoy knowing.

>>828079789>>828079817her name is Sophie

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>>828079720U saved the pic?


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