Post your ideal bodytype!

Post your ideal bodytype!

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>>828074611more of her though?

>>828074611Same as you, love skinny with a B-C cup.

>>828074474>>828074611This actually.


skinny waist big butt

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>>828075137Yes. Perfect breeding material.

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>>828074474thanks ms skeletal

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>>828075421do you wanna ruin mankind?

chick on the far left

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Why would you wanna look like a girl?

>>828076055Fuck I CAME

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>>828076055shes divine

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>>828077258>>828074611>>828074474moar like this


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>>828077293Yes plz


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none can top this living goddess

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>>828074474It can vary a lot, I mostly go for slim cute girls like this one...

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>>828077464But girls like these make me lose my mind. My only requirement is for them to not be fat, and my priorities are: face >>> waist/ass >>> titsShe can be as flat as a board as far as I'm concerned, but a nice face is a must, and a decent waist/ass is a bonus.

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>>828077768moar maor moar

>>828074474is that eugenia cooney?


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>>828077868no, she's dead



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>>828074474Gimme something to hang onto but not fat.

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>>828078084her name's annie, she's been posted around

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>>828078605best body on Holla Forums imo

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>>828077186Carolina Neto. So hot.

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I love the petite latina body that this girl has.

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Tall, thin, and nice ass

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>>828079208Does she have a name?


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>>828079681She goes by Deertearss on twitter>>828079658

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>>828074474>>828074611Is her onlyfans any good?

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