How does Greta Thunberg make you feel?

How does Greta Thunberg make you feel?

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She's still a virgin so I feel like someone should take her virginity. She's legal

>>828072474Ya gotta admit, she's kinda cute...

She makes me feel less sorry about autists and more genocidal

I love that little potato head after she denounced Negroes.

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made for anal

Makes me feel like beating her parent's faces in with a rusty lawn chair.

>>828072474Despicablely horny

>>828072474She makes me feel like giving a shit about your planet is a futile gesture, because the vast majority of people only care about immediate gratification and don't take science seriously unless it will contribute to their habits (phones, games, etc.).

>>828072474Swollen in the man parts/10

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>>828072474Pity and sadness. Her parents stole her childhood.


She's a blonde swedish teenager yet she somehow manages to be unattractive

>>828072474>muh global warming is a lie i read it on 4chan


>>828072474Face more punchable than Mia Khalifa's asshole



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She's just speaking truth to ̶p̶o̶w̶ stupid.


>>828072680Get off the soap box faggot

>>828072865top kek

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>>828072680This plus all the contrarians who will denounce climate data because “it’s so mainstream” they insist on getting their info from some professional hack like Alex Jones instead

>>828072822An inexplicable paradox.

>>828072474She's changing my climate, I'm already getting hot.

>>828072938Yeah fuck this gay earth let’s just wrap it up. Fuck sustainability I wanna stick it to the libtards instead.

>>828073049The earth will be fine it's just life on it that's effected by anything. What do you care about, the kids and grandkids you'll never have or the poor animals and trees.Maybe go post vegan and le team trees shit on Facebook or Reddit.

>>828073026Me too

>>828072474ashamed to be human

>>828073049Not fuck the earth you mongoloid, fuck your autist theory that everyone else is absorbed on phones and games while you're saving the planet with your superior enlightenmentYou are sitting here on 4chan having a meaningless argument with me accomplishing NOTHING. Accept that you aren't shit and eat another dick

>>828072949That's actually a really hot pic

I wouldn't mine a cleaner way of living and cleaner environment. That being said, I'd put my dick in her ass.

>>828072474I'd love to see her dancing around a chrome pole while she is wearing a fluorescent bikini and pigtails.

>>828073557good taste

>>828072474shs irrelevant... what was that garbage the news used to bring her into the corona virus... oh yeah its transmitted through pollution.what a crock of shit, her brain is rotten and shes a puppet

>>828073049I'll do my part in making the grass grow greener when I shit on your grave

>>828072474she looks retarded, not even memeing rn

>>828073650good taste

>>828073700good taste

>>828072524How do you know she's a virgin

>>828073733She would make quality white babies.

I would love to fuck her

>>828073598>>828073733>>828073764good taste


>>828072474I wonder how her farts sound like

>>828073832thanks man

>>828072474>How does Greta Thunberg make you feel?Stiff

>>828073782because she is a virgin

>>828072938You're right. No one should express any concern about the environment at any time. We should merely consume product and not question anything.

>>828073826How would you do It

>>828072474I bet her pussy is balder than Telly Savalas.

I bet she has gorgeous retard feet. I imagine they are delightfully stinky

>>828074053Not on 4chan you virtue signalling bum. If you cared about anything other than meaningless fights you'd go out into the world. I bet you just finished jacking off in the trap thread and had nothing else to do so here you are

Like my pants are getting smaller

>>828074201My sexual views on Greta are so dark and disturbing that I will end this post early.

>>828074053>care about environmentyes>screech about co2 a perfectly natural and good chemical even at the current levelno

>>828074246not the guy you're talking to but how could you virtue signal on this anonymous shitty site?

>>828074417Yeah. I have this primal need to stretch out her hairy little asshole

>>828072474as a Norwegian ,i feel like taking back jemtland and herjedalen

>>828074475>She makes me feel like giving a shit about your planet is a futile gesture, because the vast majority of people only care about immediate gratification and don't take science seriously unless it will contribute to their habits (phones, games, etc.)Any argument on this shitty website about how you are better than the vast majority of people is invalid. You can't just hop into an environmental debate right after spilling a couple loads in the adjacent trap thread

>>828074475And to your point about anonymity, I think faggot is virtue signalling to himself to make himself feel better about his horrible life choices which is honestly worse

>>828072474Deep, and Hard

>>828074620حظا جيدا في ذلك

>>828074620Plz elabotare 4 non-norway-tards


>>828073352You’re the one sperging out because Greta literally exists.

>>828072474Horny and dirty

>>828072524>She's still a virgin so I feel like someone should take her virginity. She's legalDude, you'd jizz on her face and she'd be all like "how dare you!" Fuck that.

>>828075580She is so hideous that if I don't sperg out on a Greta thread I'll literally harpoon an endangered whale and 10 sharks. At least I know this about myself, oh enlightened one

>>828072474Before I learned her politics, I just thought she was a cutey potato, so a little chubThen I learned she's an idiot global-malarky-warming leftist shill, so a little annoyedthen Watched her spurg out, "how dare you", so a little angryfinally watched her trip up all over herself when asked an off-script question, so then mildly amusedhere I sit, half-chub, annoyed angry and mildly amused. time to find a loli thread.

>>828075258He said NORWEGIAN, you dumb cunt. He is not talking about fucking retarded third world muslim pedophiles.

>>828075877Greta is the supreme loli

She is iconic. The story of a generation. She perfectly represents the current combination of childish self righteous ignorance and rage. Offer no solution. Take no responsibility. Demand the world change for your feelings.It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

>>828072474If you don't want to plant a week's worth of your man-seed inside Breta's baby-chamber, you're obviously a liar.

>>828072884Listen I'd only fuck her for the environmental betterment of the planet.oh ya and to cum inside her not really an environment guy but I am a cum in a teen guy.just for reference/10

>>828072474With these same fucking threads every day, really pissed. There's nothing that hasn't been said.

>>828072474"I will see your penis now..."She says in a thick Swedish accent.

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>>828076426You type like a chink, I'm guessing you are if you are defending the rape and exploitation of our planet. Die, bugman.

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Greta Thunberg is a cover that hides a succulent business on account of climate change.The movement led by young Greta is neither casual nor improvised. There are great business and economic interests behind the activist.The Times has published a devastating article about the links between Greta Thunberg and various business and environmental power groups . Signed by Justin Rowlatt, a BBC correspondent for climate issues, the text calls into question the alleged spontaneity of the protests commanded by Thunberg and links the activism of the Swedish girl with the interests of different organizations.The rise of Greta Thunberg starts, a priori, from the anger of a sixteen-year-old Swedish girl who insists on demanding politicians to take action against the climatic emergency facing the Planet [...]. But the phenomenon starring Greta also involves to the green energy lobby , to publicity and public relations professionals, to certain elites of the environmental movement and to the think tank of a Swedish Social Democratic ex-minister who finance some of the main energy companies in the country.Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder of We Don't Have Time , the platform that has popularized Greta's various protest actions through social networks and other communication channels. Asked by The Times , Rentzhog acknowledges that he met Malena, mother Greta and opera singer, about three or four months before it all started. In fact, she also admits that the strike that the Swedish girl starred in her school and that catapulted her to fame was coordinated at least a week before, put that Rentzhog was informed of what was going to happen previously through an email from another climate activist, Bo Thoren, says Rowlatt.Rentzhog and his pr company called we don't have time, is responsible for popularizing

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We don't have time and his founder Rentzhog has gone through Al Gore's environmental organization, the Climate Reality Project.He and his partner, David Olson, have gone through funds and financial companies such as Laika Consulting or Svenska Bostadsfonden:Among the investors who have worked with Rentzhog and Olson is Gustav Stenbeck, one of Sweden's greatest fortunes.Now, in his role as an activist, Rentzhog directs Global Utmaning , a think tank linked to the wealthy former Social Democratic minister Kristina Persson, who inherited a great fortune and later launched into leftist politics, "details the author of the investigation.The Rentzhog organization also has the active collaboration of Anders Wijkman, former president of the Club of Rome , Petter Skogar, leader of one of Sweden's leading business organizations , Catharina Nystedt Ringborg, a manager with a long career in the sector of the energy ... That's the kind of people Thunberg has developed his career with, Rowlatt concludes.Greta's mother acknowledged that no one else wanted to support the strike , so that her daughter was left alone, but remained firm.Everything was coordinated , since that same week a book of her own parents went on sale in which Greta's parents claim that working for the Planet helped them save their family.The editor of the work, Jonas Axelsson, acknowledges that journalists immediately asked them if the strike was an advertising act of the book, said the correspondent of the BBC for climate issues.Part of Greta's work is being channeled through Daniel Donner , who serves as the girl's press officer. Donner works in the office of a Brussels-based lobby known as the European Climate Foundation, " funded by major business groups and financial, also concludes the research article, which expands the information advanced in its day by Standpoint magazine and casts new shadows around the climate activism campaign led by the young Thunberg.

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>>828072474I"m really just indifferent about her

>>828077755you wanna fuck her probably

She's an enigma. She's hot, but she's not. Maybe I'm just horny

Every time the weather is bad.. I blame her

Are there pics of Greta's feet?

I feel. Like her sister could sit on my fat dick