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e621.net/posts?tags=mother_and_child order:score

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Are the USA still online ?

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>>828066671Yes? Why?

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>>828066671nerds never leave the house anyway, they'll keep the internet running even if all the boomers die

>>828067103Amerifags ! Pliz post to keep the fur alive !

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>>828067304Shyte, yes, I'm a boomer. 1965 was a great year for the red Bordeaux wines...

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I dont normally dump my collection but eh

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>>828067979So every time an s/fur thread is posted, its always the same people in it and you guys seem to know who eachother are. How?

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To all : GO AHEAD ! The uncanniest, the better. I know you're able of the orst. To hesitate to post is a sin.

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>>828068064Sorry that one wasnt furry. I choose these at random

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>>828068064That's just the way it isSome things will never changeThat's just the way it isBut don't you believe them

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Feralfag. Please make your own thread kthx


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>>828068130Never apologize. NEVER !

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>>828068188OP does not mind.

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>>828068257thus proving once again that OP is a faggot

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Floof! Bored with work....

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>>828068130tbh I've recently been indulging the gay side of me more

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>>828068647I've been playing around with a dildo and then a big dildo

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>>828067483>when the dicking is so good your tits are shifting out of phase

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>>828069146put a tiger on that tank

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>>828069074you made me laugh

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>>828068589I'm not a faggot ! Like anyone here, I need a fryyyend !

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>>828068592Alas, poor Yorik

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>>828070612That's what an OP faggot would say

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>>828069146Nooooo !

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>>828070653Definitely. I started this post. I'll enlighten it !

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>>828069171>>828070759Close enough

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>>828070970OK, OK, have a true Tiger II...

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>>828071036Did you tongue punch Ethereals taint yet?

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>>828071102i told you that i'll only do it if you'll join me

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>>828071133What about Dash

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>>828071209what about him?

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>>828071209Nah, I'm only into femboys and trans girls

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>>828071236Who says Ethereal isn't a femboy

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>>828071358I know him well enough to say that he isn't. The femboys are all in gfur.

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>>828071414i'm a femboy

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>>828071452Post your butt

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>>828071533Do eet.

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>>828071533Then you'll never be a femboy. Real femboys always post their butt when asked.

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>>828071576no u>>828071583not true

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>>828071625It is, go to gfur and look for Snarf and you'll see what I mean. Femboys have soft smooth butts and love posting it.

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I'd post my junk. But a straight thread really isn't the place for that.

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>>828071716i don't care for what snarf does with his ass for i am not him

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>>828071777yes it is

>>828071777Posting junk is different than posting butt. Not everyone cares to see dick, but everyone can appreciate a nice butt.>>828071803True. You're still a femboy to me anyway :P

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>>828071834you first

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can this conversation get back to me and fursi eating out ethereal

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>>828071947I'm actually not into rimming. Especially dudes. NAWPWhere is Ethereal anyway?

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>>828071947I guess I'll be the cameraman and sell the video to horny gay men, the true winner

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>>828072014>Where is Ethereal anyway?

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>>828072014walking his dog like always

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Prostitution is legal. As long as you film it. Let's whore Ethereal out for some cash.

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>>828072346I'll set up an OnlyFans and manage it. Gay men do love really tall guys, I'd be fuckin rich.

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>>828072521How I feel right now. Not smoking cigarettes is tough.

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>>828072346I'll make sandwiches for the crew!

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Stinking ass bitches that need to wash up,Don't get mad if I don't want to fuck.You need,Soap and waterSoap and waterSoap and waterSoap and water

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>>828073641>Looks at all the pics>Isn't fappingYeah, the internet popo aren't going to believe you when they come to arrest you.

>>828073641What's up closetfag, here for your daily furry jerk session?

>>828073641love you

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>>828073698>>828073706im not into this degenerate filth >>828073710fag

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>>828073944y-you too :3

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>>828073987more momcest please

>>828073641My very one special friend, you keep being a disappointment to everyone that happen to know you or barely acknowledge your existence. Sad.

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>>828073944Could have fooled me Mr. cat girl rape enthusiast.

>>828073985>>828073987>>828074086>>828074090if you find animals sexually attractive then you need to kill yourselves

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>>828074044e621.net/posts?tags=mother_and_child order:score

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>>828073641I wonder, every time he does this...Does he actually click on every post manually, which is... lolOr utilizes some script, in this case why not reply to ALL of previous posts. I don't think there's a limit on reply links themselves, except on post char length.

>>828073944>im not into this degenerate filthYou're here aren't you.It's redundant saying degenerate on Holla Forums

>>828074166>cat fucker:if you find animals sexually attractive then you need to kill yourselves

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>>828074166Imagine taking the time to make this image because you get off to guro.Guro fags should submit to their own fetish and die.

>>828074237Of course he does, he's actually that insane

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>>828074237>I don't think there's a limit on reply linksnewfag gtfo >>828074249nope because I don't find this shit attractive so don't compare me to them >>828074255Im into humans not fucking cats, stop spreading this bs >>828074338not into guro >>828074347you sexualize and rape animals and im somehow the crazy one?

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>>828074530>cat fucker:Im into humans not fucking cats, stop spreading this bs

Attached: 23b191d7fe55db1cc8fd4fd3c24c780a.gif (700x700, 1.93M)

Attached: b2cf2afb93180e8a1e57e8b28898ba79.jpg (1358x1050, 408.12K)

>>828074530you sexualize and rape cat girls and im somehow the crazy one?

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>>828074679>>828074767look at the first 2 in this picture, they are clearly human not furry


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>>828074911>cat fucker:look at the first 2 in this picture, they are clearly human not furry

Attached: 2e0c9faf507e04578bd499cd5dc0256c.gif (1000x567, 1.24M)

Attached: 2d44c2955bfefa7537d75888ffe7ac56[1].jpg (794x900, 315.25K)

>>828074961go jump off a cliff you mentally ill animal rapist

Attached: 1540052629558.jpg (700x695, 36.45K)

>>828074943>animal traits>not furryimagine being this retarded lmao

Attached: b2d3a5d2167ccaa3cbf67bcb41e30712.jpg (1844x2168, 1.17M)

>>828075046cat fucker:go jump off a cliff you mentally ill animal rapist

Attached: feed148d1cd6eab989e3bf31f58b0a5b.gif (540x540, 1.95M)

>>828074530You're into humans, but no human is into you, isn't it ? Not even yourself.

Attached: dimwitdog_d6f2bac0da6edbdeb718083bbf5c555f.jpg (1665x2595, 807.77K)

>>828074943ftfy btw

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>>828075167>>828075196>>828075230>>828075248what's your opinion on pic related

Attached: 1589947763272.jpg (500x614, 37.26K)

>>828075347cat fucker:what's your opinion on pic related thisstatic1.e621.net/data/07/75/07756df3b40e4621e3f47619cc8dcd91.webm

>>828075392not clicking on your virus link

>>828075046I agree with the pic. We should ban booze and make vasectomies mandatory until you can prove financial stability and mental maturity.

>>828075470cat fucker:not clicking on your virus link

Attached: e43de3fc0f3b97ee487cb579d9ce183e.gif (464x552, 99.87K)

Attached: b2d3b262100f770ffebcb1e6d996e5fe.jpg (798x1154, 485.28K)

>>828075347I think we need cat girls so I can have a companion to cuddle and tell me she loves me, but I don't like the idea of ownership. I don't want to own a living creature like it's my slave, I just want a friend and a partner.

Attached: b2d6d152092817c8ab964f77bb3b17e8.png (1000x1000, 900.43K)

>>828075545we should ban everything furry related so they don't see animals and rape them

Attached: 8988f86e8edeabfa3a87e0636c0bc5bcd525bd52c723a28b4f48b23ca4425724.jpg (1174x1066, 305.04K)

Attached: 9a5306f189866a2899d7926fd5e93c9f.gif (636x361, 934.44K)

>>828075766we should ban everything cat girl related so they don't see animals and rape them

Attached: b2d9df4a8fbbb659575ef477e4a74830.png (512x512, 335.99K)

>>828075766Oh, cat rapist. When will you be honest with yourself instead of lying on an anonymous degenerate board to make yourself feel better?


Attached: 687.webm (905x1286, 439.46K)

>>828075766>we should banYou lost me. I don't care what it is. Rekt/Gore needs to go before anything else if anything is going at all.>OmanFuck off mudmanMuhammud literally fucked a pig.

Attached: b2d56c066c1d0f3d5e53fec91ae915a4.jpg (1722x1477, 182.8K)

>>828075725why are you scared of owning/having slaves, you as a human are top of the food chain so you can do whatever you want and no one really gives a fuck>>828075794>>828075827cat girls count as HUMAN not fucking FURRY, get it through you damn heads >>828075914fucked up >>828076013society will never accept/normalize your degenerate furry filth, get over it nigger

Attached: 1540664075500.png (878x900, 132.71K)

>>828076142Honest question. Did you graduate high school?If so, what was your GPA? Have you ever had your IQ tested?

Attached: 1573486145982.jpg (2000x1500, 1.11M)

>>828076142if cat girls aren't furry then why are cat girls being posted on furry websites all the time

Attached: 447643862eb916d2d3e24de04d109282.png (1600x1570, 741.93K)

>>828076142I'm not "scared" of owning slaves, I just see all creatures as equal. I don't want to feel like I'm owning a living being, certainly not something that can speak to me. I don't even treat my pets as pets, they're practically my babies.Cat girls will always be furry btw

Attached: b2d670d0cf19f512d6d13ec577549946.png (650x841, 299.31K)

>>828076142Weebs just say cat girls aren't furry so they don't get reamed on multiple fronts for being both weebs and furries.So, closetfag, unfortunately for you. You're both a weeb and a furry.

>>828076142>society will never accept/normalize your degenerate furry filth, get over it niggerI wasn't advocating it. I was on your side till i realized you were a mudman who wanted to ban things.We should ban you from breathing.

>>828076142catgirls are furry, literally.If it has fur it's furry.Better yet, if it has a tail it's furry.

Attached: 1580555890197.gif (200x293, 1.73M)

Attached: b2d73094f03041aecb563cd13e878126.png (555x1250, 677.53K)

closetfag is such a massive faggot

Attached: 310816d3bfa61aa325914a7b5fccc6ad.png (1280x1280, 1.7M)

>>828076177honest question. were you born a mentally ill furfag or did you spend too much time doing drugs and going to furry sites.>>828076236because they just want pics and its similar I guess >>828076340you sound like a cuck and its kind of ironic that you're against having ''slaves'' when if these furry animals you're posting were real they would either kill or enslave you.>>828076434you love to label shit and try to piss me off, its not funny and I aint mad >>828076488do you accept you will never be normal?>>828076576no the catgirls im into don't have fur only cat ears and a tail so thats not furry

Attached: 1540663949224.jpg (475x1000, 69.71K)

>>828076682im not fucking gay

>>828076692if these furry cat girls you're posting were real they would either kill or enslave you.

Attached: b2da163a84114f5c945ba86919f8a079.png (635x750, 197.12K)

>>828076692You didn't answer the question. I'm gonna guess that means you're a high school dropout.

Attached: 1579835801487.jpg (1280x1237, 282.64K)

>>828076142>society will never accept/normalize your degenerate furry filth, get over it niggerI don't think many of the people in these threads really are advocating for that. Nor do we really care.

Attached: 1579996346066.jpg (920x1300, 617.57K)

>>828076692>and a tail so thats not furryIf you fantasize about lifting the tail to sink into pink pussy then it's furry.If you fantasize about the tail tickling your thighs/ballsack as you sink into tha pussy missionary style then it's furry.If you fantasize about rubbing the furry ears gently as she laps at your face it's furr.You're a furfag.Cope.Seethe.Ree.

Attached: 1580932267370.gif (200x200, 2M)

Attached: 594af598513f613319d7f3888aabba1b.png (754x883, 648.84K)

>>828076864nope because its easier to tame a human than an animal >>828076921I gradded a few years ago, why does it matter >>828077004>>828077024get mental help thats all I can say

>>828075347Catgirls are for weebs.

Attached: iskra_b7b53e8c65d5d6060f41c8b027285de5.jpg (854x1280, 159.65K)

Attached: b2da2344986428611e5e93d3a12f5a0f.png (781x900, 654.69K)

>>828077102>get mental help thats all I can saySome of the people here probably do need a lil help mentally. I think that includes you, daily furry thread poster for many years, yet claims to not like furry.

Attached: 1580071238628.jpg (1280x1185, 143.43K)

>>828077102Cat girls are animals. They'd also have sharp teeth and claws and fuck you up. You wouldn't be able to rape one even if you wanted, they'd rape you with their barbed cat cock which we all know you love.

Attached: b2dbecec6130a417d52b3468158a2346.png (1500x1200, 853.28K)

>>828076576So, scallies, birds, sharks ? Not furries ?

Attached: autumndeer_eb057db7baaab2472ef11df32b2f98609af06f1c.jpg (1220x870, 131.56K)

>>828065173Any stats on how the term furry is used and understood?

>>828076682Love this one !

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tl;dr just looked at the pictures

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>>828077327>>828077327Furry qualifies anything furry fans consider as "furry". And... this thread is done.

>>828077512You didn't miss much just everyone calling out a closet furry faggot.

anyone got furries with lingerie ?

>>828077102>get mental help thats all I can sayI'm not even a furfag mudman. I just came to see you ree over catgirls.You literally cannot refute anything i said can you?You're so busy coping that you're suggesting i do the very thing you need so badly.All these other furfags know they aren't normal, don't care and don't try to push but you want to push catgirls on regular people like it's a normal kink. It's not even mudman. What would you Imam say?Seriously, check yourself into the nearest center. Say you don't believe catgirls are furrys and so you're not a furry but furrys need to die. See what happens next. Everyone normal will section you immediately.>>828077267Tail = furFeathers are just a proto-hairScales are just proto-feathers

Catgirls are furries.



why won't closetfag just come out of the closet already?